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Part 3 Orihime and Uryu

Orihime and Uryu were walking through the store and make it to the men's department. Orihime wanted to get Ulquiorra a sweater that suits him just right. Uryu ,on the other hand, was more or less there to accompany his friends and to get away from his dad. They haven't really got along for a while so they wanted a little space but agreed to see each other for Christmas. So both of them are looking around when Orihime spotted something in the corner.

"Oh my gosh! Uryu-san, you think he will like this?" Orihime said happily

He looked at it and was slightly speechless. The sweater had a puppy sown on it with a lot of bright colors that screamed "Im a happy child!" He imagined Ulquiorra wearing it and the image cracked before it could stay for 5 sec.

"Um…Maybe not that sweater, It's uh it just uh…"

"What wrong with the sweater Uryu-san?" She asked a little disappointed.

"Well…I just don't think it suits him well."

She drops her head for a while but then brings it back up with a smile.

"Alright, if you think it doesn't suit him then I guess you're right. Come on lets go look some more!"

"Okay" he sigh a little relief that she didn't cry or fought a little about it because he couldn't think of anything else to say after that much less think of anything.

Ulquiorra you owe me one

They look a little more and she found another sweater. This one was green with a Santa Claus on it that said "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" on it. When she put it up for opinion, he shook his head and she put it down to try something else. This kept going for about 15 minutes when something just hit Orihime.

"Hey Uryu-san What are you gonna do for Christmas?"

He looks at her for a while then just sighed.

"Im going to my dad's for Christmas."

"Oh well why not give him something for Christmas."

"No thank you no offense Orihime but me and my dad don't have the best relationship so Id rather not."

"But Uryu-san, it's Christmas! Everyone deserves a gift on Christmas it's the season of giving."

Uryu sighs a little and thinks about it for a while but sighs again

"I just don't think I should but if you insist so much then maybe I could a keychain or something to give him."

Orihime squeals a little and jumps up and down a little while.

"Oh Uryu-san, I promise you, you won't regret it now help me find a great sweater for Ulquiorra-san"

"Okay but I also wanted to ask why you are getting him a sweater so badly?"

She pauses for a while to think.

"I wanted to get Ulquiorra-san a sweater because I wanted to give something he can wear every day. That and he said he would not like me to cook him something like I did last year." She says happily

For a moment, Uryu felt slightly bad for Ulquiorra because he was able to live through her cooking. Everyone who is friends with Orihime knows she can't cook the best foods or rather things that she thinks are good to eat. The only person who can withstand her food is Matsumoto and that's because she has the same taste buds as her. While Uryu was in thought of how Ulquiorra survived her cooking he failed to notice Orihime left to at more sweaters. It took 10 min. for him to realize she was gone and started looking for her.

"Orihime, Orihime Where are you?" he all but shouted


He turned and saw Renji with Grimmjow in toll.

"Dude what's up with you? You look panicked." Grimmjow asked.

"Well, for your information, I can't find Orihime. Have you two seen her?"

Renji and Grimmow looked at each other and laughed hysterically. Uryu was being pissed because the two guys were acting like a couple of buffoons. It took a minute for them to compose themselves.

"She was heading to the register with a sweater but before she went there she asked us what we thought of the sweater she found." Renji started.

"We looked at it and tried not to crack up laughing because we thought that would be the most outrageous sweater that Ulqui would ever wear." Grimmjow finished giggling a little.

Uryu was staring at them like they grew two heads. He knew that if that sweater went to Ulquiorra that he would castrate him for not letting Orihime gets him any bad showy sweaters. So he had to ask even though he had a feeling that it was his doom.

"So what did it looked like?" Uryu asked a little horrified

Renji and Grimmjow both looked at each then agreed to say it at the same time.

"It was a sweater that had bells on it…"

"Well that's not so bad so why is it funny" Uryu was being a little hopeful. Maybe it wont be so bad

"Oh no it wasn't the bells that had us laughing, it was the thing that was with the bells" Renji said

Then Uryu paled a little again "So what was next to the bells"

"it was a Santa Claus riding on a reindeer with bells all around. What was so funny about it was the fact of how Santa was riding the reindeer. It looked a little dirty that it had us cracking up." Grimmjow said with somewhat a straight face.

That was it? That was the sweater that he thought would end his life for the good of it. He had no idea how much he wanted to kill Grimmjow and Renji for freaking him out like that. He just sighed said his goodbye to the two and made his way to the register. On the way to the register he found a archer's bow on a shelf with a few arrows. He looked at it and remembered that his dad usted to be an archer in high school and remembered how his dad told him it broke a while back. It was the one sport that they can both agree to disagree and have a father-son bonding. So with a little thought process, he grabbed to the bow and arrow and went to purchase it before he could talk himself out it. After purchasing it Orihime was waiting with the others that each had a gift bag in their hand. Once there and everyone was walking to get themselves something to eat Orihime had to ask what was bothering her.

"Hey Ishida-san what is in the bag? Did you finally decide on getting your father a gift?"

He sighed first then looked to the sky before answering her.

"Let's just say that this may be an interesting Christmas that I guess I couldn't help myself"