In the brief few minutes, before a convenience store trashcan landed almost a foot behind me, there was the slow and sudden recognition of an enemy on the street. The man who had spotted this enemy, or adversary to some, let loose a great bellow of anger, the name of this enemy. His name? Heiwajima Shizuo. The adversary to which he held great anger? Orihara Izaya. Of course, I wasn't there to witness what happened. I was minding my own business, walking out of the store front to clean two smears off the large glass window left behind by two questioning high schools girls on their way home with a third girl who had stopped inside the shop.

The reason I know what happened during the few moments it took me to get the cleaning solution and a rag, and to go outside, is because of two high school-ers on their way to the bakery. One dark blond haired first year dragging his black haired, blue-eyed friend along in a quest of the flirtatious kind. This is the story of what happened in all of three minutes from several different people I had asked, along with the two boys, pieced together into a somewhat understandable story.

The blond haired man, dubbed as "The Strongest Man in Ikebukuro" was following his dreadlocked boss, hands stuffed in his pockets, on the way to a man across town, in the pursuit of collecting money from the poor bastard, I mean, client. Just as they passed an alleyway, a man in a fur trimmed jacket, with straight black hair stepped from the mouth of the alley and in a playful voice called, "Shizu-chan~"

The anger was immediate at the sound of this childish name. His back straightened from its lightly hunched over appearance. His hair at the back of his head, bristling like a cats in silent hostility. From the view of the people on the street, time seemed to slow ever so slightly, as the blond turned around and, in seething hostility towards this man, let a growl like that of an angry dog or wild animal out ending in a bitter snap of the black haired man's name. "Izaya."

For the few seconds that time seemed to have slowed down, it sped up twice as fast, and maybe faster, as the blond yelled in mal contempt and ripped a yield sign from the concrete ground, swinging it at the raven haired man. The dreadlocked man who was formally in front of, but now behind him, backed up a few feet and then some, knowing full well that there was no way to calm him down now. The man called "Izaya" easily dodged the swing of the sign, seeming to dance out of the way as it swung back again. Laughing at his attempt to hit him, Izaya turned and ran down the street.

"Come back here you bastard!" the blond man, Shizuo, yelled, immediately running after him, sign in hand before throwing it at him, only for it to wiz past him and hit the middle of the pavement, before the black haired man took a sharp turn left and ran down the street. But not before saying a quick remark, that resulted in the blond yelling Izaya's name, dragging it out as he ran down the street. Only when he saw a convenience store trashcan, did he stop momentarily, to grip both of it's sides, hands curling into the metal and tore it up from the ground through the layer of concrete, and hurl it at the receding back of the black haired man. While the precision was straight on, the target was free moving, and unpredictable, especially when screwing people over. This I heard from Masaomi when Mikado left briefly to get some drinks from the refrigerator situated on one side of the wall at the bakery.

He ducked out of the way, narrowly escaping the trash can, letting it fly past him and crash onto the pavement behind me. The blond, in obvious agitation, yelling a mix of words and profanities, ending with a long, drawn out name. "IIIZZAAYYAAAAAAAA!"

Now, this day was tiring. The shop, while it was not the total rush hour, it was still busy, and with an hour left on my shift, I was about ready to hang up the yellow-trimmed, pink flowered apron of my workplace, and go home. But, of course, when life hands you two lemons who pissed you off for one reason or another, what do you do? You squish them and make sweet satisfying lemonade.

"Oh~ Amai-chan, is this where you work?" Izaya asked, walking towards me as if nothing had happened. He stopped before, giving a casual glance over his shoulder at the seething blond man, almost a block down the street, wrap his hand around a stop sign at the street corner. I didn't see what happened after he did, because Izaya, stepped into my view, probably trying to gain my attention.

"How many times have I told you not to get overly familiar with me Orihara-san?" I said, a little irritated at his presence. I'll never say this out loud, but it was agitating and uncomfortable, to be under that scrutinizing gaze of his. Like he was picking you apart and seeing what made you tick with his eyes alone.

"I'd think we'd know each other a bit better after last week, wouldn't you agree? Amai-chan~" he said, leaning in close to whisper in my ear. I flinched away from him, and looked over his shoulder again at the blond bartender making his way towards us, long strides and a stop sign swinging back and forth as he carried it with malice.

"Keep your opinions to yourself Orihara-san," I said, putting as much emphasis on his family name as possible.

"And speaking of last week, give me the keys to these things!" I said, holding up my wrists, still clad in the metal cuffs, as well as badly bandaged with small spots of red. "Despite what anyone says, I'm not a masochist!" I said, thinking back to the time I spurred a small group of gang members into attacking me. Not my most shining moment.

"Of course Amai-chan. But right now, watch your head," he said, grabbing my shoulders and turning me around with him, before he let go and disappeared into the bakery.

"What?" I asked to myself, before turning back around to see if the blonde was still behind me.

He was. Along with his stop sign, already swinging, aimed for my head. I ducked quickly, and the sign ended up hitting a parking meter, sending it and loose change flying across the street. "Dammit!" he growled, looking around the area for a sign of the informant.

"Dude! What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled, straightening up from my crouched position, tilting my hat back a bit to look at him.

"Huh?" he looked down at me, the anger subsiding slightly, before flaring up again, at the sound of a certain name.

"Shizu-chan~ trying to hit a woman? That's awfully low of you isn't it?" said a smug voice. I turned around slightly, keeping the bartender within my peripheral vision, and saw Izaya leaning against the doorway of the bakery. I looked behind him and saw Miss Yuumi peering around him, a worried look on her face as her eyes darted from Izaya to 'Shizu-chan', to me. I snorted at the name and began to out right laugh as I turned back to 'Shizu-chan'.

"Shizu-chan?" I laughed, wrapping an arm around my middle and putting a hand in my pocket, gripping my 'bat' incase he tried to do anything funny.

"How many times do I have to tell you that's not my name!" he yelled, holding up the stop sign to swing it at him. However, before the sign was halfway to its mark, my bat had already left my pocket, straightening from its collapsible state, and locking into place. I held the bat with both hands, and braced myself as the sign came into contact with it, a sharp metal ring coursing through the air.

"How many times do I have to tell you, there's no fighting here?!" I half asked, half yelled. Gritting my teeth against the force he was putting into the sign.

"Kid, I don't have time for this. And it's not 'cause I'm busy," he growled at me, glaring at me behind his sunglasses.

"I'm not a kid Shizu-chan, and besides, your friend's long gone," I said, looking behind me to where only Miss Yuumi stood, taking the place of Izaya.

"He's not my friend! And don't call me Shizu-chan," he yelled, putting more pressure on the sign.

'What the hell's up with his strength?!' I thought, my foot slipping a bit against the force.

I chanced a glance up at his eyes, seeing the blue glasses slip a little down his nose, only adding to the intensity of his rage. 'This guy's like a beast!' I thought, tightening my grip and pushing back a little on the stop sign turned weapon. 'I'm gonna run out of adrenaline soon if this keeps up. And if that happens, I'm gonna go flying through the window. One shot, and I cant mess up. Here goes nothing.'

I released my grip on the metal and set it against my thigh so the bat wouldn't slip and let the stop sign hit me. My hand shot out at him, reaching up to grab his ear around where the pressure point was He flinched a bit, barely noticeable if someone was paying attention, when my hand shot out at him, but paid no mind when he felt me grab it. That is, until I pinched the point on his ear. And like every other time I had done this, on myself, or brothers or whoever, the change was, like last time, noticeable and instantaneous.

His eyes became unfocused, and heavy lidded. His hunched shoulders drooped as his body physically relaxed and his grip and pressure on the stop sign loosened up until the stop sign dropped with a clang on the concrete. His arms swayed to his sides and he stared at me with incomprehension. "Okay Blondie, lets just calm down. The scary informant is gone now, so there's no reason to be angry anymore right?" I asked, letting go a little on his ear. He nodded slightly, and continued to stare at me.

It was quiet for a few minutes, with the whispered murmurs of the people surrounding us. Point is, it was starting to get uncomfortable with him staring.

"Umm, are you…ok-ow!" I started to say, until Miss Yuumi hit my head with a rolled up newspaper. It didn't hurt or anything, it was more out of surprise.

"Amai! What are you doing?!" Miss Yuumi said, the newspaper clenched in both of her shaking hands.

"Huh? I'm dealing with Mr. Bartender," I said pointing at him. I looked at him again. The focus had come back to his eyes, and his body wasn't relaxed anymore, but it wasn't rigid either. 'The physical effects should have worn off by now, but why isn't he moving?' I thought, waving a hand in front of his face.

He blinked in surprise, then scowled and turned away. The people who had gathered to watch, including Mikado and Masaomi, moved away and made a path for the frustrated blonde. "Well that was pleasant," I said sarcastically, watching his receding back until met up with his dreadlock friend and turned a corner.

"Come on Amai, he's gone now. And you've got a shift to finish up," Miss Yuumi said, grabbing my arm and pulling me back inside the bakery.

Mikado and Masaomi followed us inside and sat at one of the few tables while I swept the floor. They told me about what had happened before the small scuffle. At about ten minutes to the end of my shift, they left for home. For the last ten minutes, I busied myself with cleaning the counter and tables, and staking the chairs on top of them. Then I remembered that I still needed to clean the spot on the window. I grabbed the bottle and rag and headed back outside, but I stopped in the door when I saw the tall blonde standing just to the side of the window, leaning on the wall, just barely noticeable from the outside, smoking a cigarette.

I stood still a few moments, until I let the door click shut behind me. He looked over at me briefly, before letting his eyes face forward again, taking a deep drag off the cigarette. 'Ugh, smoking. Glad I'm not down wind,' I thought, walking to the spot, and spraying it. When I started wiping it, I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. Even though the spot was gone, I sprayed the window again in a different spot and decided to start up a small conversation. "So, what are you doing? Stalking me now?" I asked only slightly curious.

"Tch, no," he said, turning his head slightly towards me.

"Huh, well, hope your having fun leaning against a wall doing that," I said, with one final swipe on the window and a small twinge of pain on my wrist. I never really was very good at conversing with people my age. I turned and walked back into the bakery. I came out a few minutes later, jacket and no apron, with my hat off the rack. I gave him one final glance before I turned away from him and walked down the street. Almost a block down the street, I got an idea, and, and, pinching my ear, turned around, backtracking my steps.

"Hey, umm…Shizu-chan," I said, reaching him. The cigarette, which he had then held between his fingers, snapped in half, his jaw tightening.

"That's not my name," he said between clenched teeth.

"Yeah, yeah, listen Blondie, how 'bout I cut you a deal," I said, watching the broken cigarette fall to the ground before he stepped on it in shiny shoes, putting it out.

"I don't do 'deal's'," he said, taking out a semi-full box of cigarettes.

"It's nothing illegal Smokey, I just need you to get these cuffs off, and I'll give you anything you want in the bakery," I said, holding up my wrists for him to see. He paused a moment, glancing inside.

"Anything?" he asked placing an unlit cigarette between his lips.

"Yeah, just get these damn things off," I said, holding my wrists out for him. "I know your strong, so there's no stopping you," I said. He looked around the inside the bakery, chewing on the end of the cigarette.

"Alright, deal," he said, stepping away from the wall to stand in front of me. I held my wrist closer to him, and placed his hands on mine and pried the metal away from my skin with little to no effort, he did the same with the other and handed me the now useless, twisted pieces of metal.

"Thanks," I said, rubbing my wrists to get the flow of circulation moving faster. He grunted in response and moved around me, and opened the door of the store. "You know, it's considered rare for me to be nice to people, so at least take knowledge of it," I said irritated, moving through the open door, he entering and letting the door slam shut.

"Give me a minute, I'll be out to help you," said Miss Yuumi from the kitchen.

"It's me Miss Yuumi," I called back, nearing the counter and leaning back against it while Mr. Bartender looked through the desserts.

I was a little surprised that he went straight to the desserts. You wouldn't expect it from a grown man. "Amai? What are you doing back? Did you forget something?" she called, her foot steps, from the sound of it, nearing the door.

"No, I kind of made a deal with someone, so I'm letting them pick what they want in the bakery on me," I said, as the door opened.

"Oh, well that's-WAH!" she shouted, piercing my ear drum.

"Owww, no need to shout Miss Yuumi," I said, rubbing my ear.

"Wha-wha-what is he doing here?!" she said, backing away into the kitchen.

"That's the guy I made with a deal with. See? He got the cuffs off!" I said, showing her my metal free wrists. The broken cuffs stuffed away in my pockets.

"Amai, are you all…" Miss Yuumi said, trailing off, when she noticed my mood, knowing I had already taken a disliking to the blonde smoker.

"Pressure point," I explained, pointing to my sore ear.

"Ah," she said, and looked away towards the blonde, and then freezing like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

"Hmm?" I hummed, looking at the blonde. He was looking at us holding a small strawberry shortcake in one hand. "You done?" I asked, pointing at the cake. He nodded once with a bored look on his face. "Ok, bring it here so I can check the price," I said, waving him over.

"Hmph, thought I wasn't paying." he said, slightly amused as he walked over. Miss Yuumi backed away until she was behind me, peering over my shoulder at the tall man as he stood before the counter, hands in his pockets, the unlit cigarette dangling from his lips.

"You aren't, it's coming out of my pay," I said, reading the sticker and getting out my wallet.

"Hey, umm, sorry about…almost hitting you…and everything. You're not mad…right?" he asked, rubbing his neck and looking away.

"Oh, I'm mad alright. In fact, I'm freaking pissed as hell. But, using the pressure point guarantees at least ten minutes of calmness, more depending on how angry I am," I said, all this with a cheerful smile on my face, getting out 1200 yen and placing it in the cash register.

"Pressure point?" he mumbled, as I placed the cake in a small cardboard box.

"Yup," I confirmed, looking at my watch. "By the way, you have about twelve seconds before I start insulting you," I said, walking around the counter and handing him the box and pushing him towards the door.

"What? H-hey! Stop pushing me!" he shouted, stumbling slightly onto the sidewalk.

"Yeah yeah yeah. My shifts over, I'm going home. You got your reward, so just go already. Unless you want to try swinging a stop sign at me again," I said, closing the door and turning away to walk down the street. "Thanks for stopping at Sakura Bakery by the by," I shouted over my shoulder, hands shoved in my pockets, and taking the long way home, hoping to bypass the 'shops' on my neighborhood. I thought I heard a 'weird kid' remark, but I ignored it and continued on my way.

~DRRR~ (signifies time skip)

'So all in all, I met Rio again, almost suffered brain damage from a stop sign, and got the metal cuffs off. It's two out of three, all in all a good day,' I thought, entering the lobby of the apartment building. 'This lobby's like an oxymoron,' I thought, looking at the nice furniture and stain free walls and ceiling. 'but maybe it's just my apartment that's run down,' I thought, opening the stairwell door.

'It's probably just mine though, 'cause Taka-chan's apartment is cleaner than…than what? A slightly used whistle? Gross,' I thought to myself, walking up the to the top floor. 'What should I make for dinner? I had instant ramen last night. So I should make curry tonight. Curry rice or karē udon? I'll check the pantry and see what I have. Depending on if Moo-Moo got rid of all the rodents, the boxes should be intact.'

'Maybe I should have got some curry bread for breakfast tomorrow at the convenience store on the way home. I can always pick some up on the way to work though,' I thought, stopping outside my door and reaching into my pocket for my keys. 'Stupid lock. Come on! Before he shows up. Come on! Open Sesame!' I thought in a rush, trying to unlock the door before he saw me through his peep hole like the perv he was.

Through the continuous jingling of the keys, I ended up dropping them. "Shit." I said aloud, bending down to pick them up.

"Mmm, if only I could get you to bend like that over a table." said a husky voice behind me. My eyes narrowed and I quickly turned around to see Hotaka Mitsukanei leaning in his open door way, clad in an dirty under shirt and gray sweatpants, smirking at me.

'Oh shit. There goes my day.'

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