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The Denali coven walked through the ball room doors. I first saw Kate next to Garrett, then Irina and Tanya behind them, and finally Carmen and Eleazar in the back. They all smiled broadly, with shimmering teeth.

"Greetings, Denali's. We have truly missed your elegant company." Aro said and I looked at the ground. 'At least they can't see me yet'.

Next, the Egyptians arrived, then the Irish. More and more covens showed up and finally, Sulpicia looked down to me and whispered something in my ear.

"The Cullen clan is next." She whispered and I smiled back. I felt the slightest unease. I would always love the Cullen's dearly. I heard the doors open again and the honey lilac scent called to me like a scream in the dark. I looked up slightly but not enough for anyone to see my face. I saw Carlisle with Esme in the front, next was Jasper and Alice, then Emmett and Rosalie. Finally, the sweetest creature graced the room. Edward…

"Greetings Carlisle, It is so wonderful to see you and your coven again." Aro said and walked over to the Cullen's. The men wore tuxedos, and the woman wore long, elegant dresses. Alice was wearing a purple lavender dress with white stilettos. Rosalie was wearing a dark purple strapless dress with a slit up the leg. Esme was wearing a cream lacey dress with a flowing skirt to the floor, and diamonds on the corset.

"Thank you, old friend." Carlisle said and his eyes shifted to me, and so did Edward's. They exchanged curious glances. "May I ask who you have here?" Carlisle asked and motioned to me. Aro smiled and shook his head.

"At the same time as the other covens, this happens to be now. Take a seat." Aro showed them to the table and walked to stand next to me and Sulpicia. I took a deep, unneeded breath at a petty attempt to calm myself.

"I'm sure you are all wondering who this is. She is the newest guard to the Volturi and holds brilliant abilities. She originally was acquainted with the Cullen Clan but joined us. We introduce Isabella Marie Volturi." Sulpicia pulled down my hood and my mahogany hair flowed out to rest around my heart-shaped face. Aro handed me my almost black cloak and I smiled brilliantly. I heard a menacing growl erupt from the crowd and turned to see Edward being held down my Emmett and Jasper.

Every vampire in the room stared at me without words. I was the newest fascination, the girl who left the Cullen's for the Volturi. Caius rose and motioned for Alec and Felix to remove Edward. Esme stared at me tearfully, and it felt like I died again. Rosalie looked betrayed and Alice was just shaking with anger and frustration. 'I'm so sorry Alice!'

Carlisle held a mask of calm over his angelic face. He looked perplexed, and struggling to understand. Sulpicia placed her hand reassuringly on my shoulder.

"Please don't do this, Bella!" Edward begged and Caius repressed a growl. Aro glared at Edward.

"It was her choice to be changed and join us. Respect her wishes, young Edward." Marcus said wisely and calmly. Edward just kept growling. The room of guests watched this unfold with entertainment. Tanya stood up and growled at me. Her butterscotch eyes held a vivid flame of hate.

"I cannot believe you could do this, Bella. Edward loves you!" she growled. Caius scowled at her and she cowered back the slightest amount. Edward nodded in agreement, but Irina and Kate urged Tanya to sit down, but she shrugged them off.

"I loved Edward but he left me alone to die. He left me, and so maybe I have finally been able to move on. I love the Cullen's and I always will, but I'm a part of the Volturi now." I said and all perfect eyes were on me, but l stood poised. 'Good thing I could no longer blush, for it would have flushed my cheeks in crimson'.

Jane and Bree came to stand on either side of me and stood in a shielding manner. They both remained utterly calm as Alice shook with rage and hate to the Volturi.

"You are a part of us, dearest Bella. Do not fret." Aro said calmly. The Amazonians smiled softly at that, and Senna and Zafrina stood up.

"Edward, if it was her choice, then you should bear no ill will towards the Volturi." Zafrina said and the understanding and compassion was evident in her softly accented voice. I swiftly nodded. Edward looked at me with sorrowed eyes. He nodded weakly and sat back into his seat and the others sat as well.

"Now that this is settled, perhaps the ball could officially begin?" Aro asked and went to Sulpicia, and they danced as if they were lost in their own world. Couples stood and made their way to the dance floor. I felt a presence behind me and turned to find Demetri.

"Care to dance, my lady?" he asked with an alluring Italian accent. I smiled and nodded. He placed his hand in mine and I placed my hand on his broad shoulder. We moved swiftly and melodically. Once the song was over, he bowed and walked away. I stood next to the thrones alone and caught sight of the blond king coming towards me.

"Hello Master Caius" I said respectfully and dipped my head. Jane mentioned to say master and bow your head when in the presence of the kings. He shook his head softly.

"Would you care to dance, Isabella?" he asked with the same mesmerizing tone. I nodded weakly and placed my hand in his. He led me to the floor and we swayed to the rhythm. I saw Athenodora out of the corner of my eye, as she stared at me with a sharp glance of hatred.

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