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The New Year

Chapter 3; What Happens In The Closet

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With two more days gone, only three remained until New Year's. Everyone around Bullworth Academy were going around as usual with the typical routines, and the unlucky group of four continued to try to decorate the entire school grounds. But all in all, there was no deny that this party would bring a little excitement. That was what this school needed and everyone knew it.

In these two days, Crabblesnitch decided to send a couple of prefects to stalk Gary, Pete, Algie, and Pinky after noticing that they were slacking with their jobs. The two chosen guys secretly watched them with keen eyes from their ever-changing hiding places and made sure they did their tasks.

Pete could hardly speak to Gary, he was growing more and more nervous around him. And it really began the minute they were ever assigned to do this together. Always being at his side, basically forced to stand there and try to take his mind off of him but he couldn't. And it was really showing that he was unfocused, he kept trying to look at Gary at calculated moments and would hardly work. He couldn't keep his mind anywhere else but him and the party; which was so unlike him.

He could have been worrying about things like running out of cash, getting bad grades on his schoolwork because his mind was so much revolving around Gary Smith, he could have been worrying about the party being a disastrous event after all of the manual labor they had been going through.

Finally having finished a little bit early today, and knowing that everything would finally be ready by the next day, the team was allowed to disperse by the prefects. And so they scattered to various parts of the school grounds.

Pete had just finished up with English class, he left the classroom, feeling kind of bad because he just knew that his mind was not on that lesson. It was centered around Gary. But it's not like he had been having any stupid fantasies about him or something like that, he felt a bit worried that he wasn't in there today. The teacher announced in his same slow and basically drunk voice that Gary claimed he was feeling too bad to attend class after all of that work and managed to get an okay on that one, so he was back at their dorm room resting.

Pete could not swallow that incredibly fake story. He knew that the teacher was really drunk today to actually believe it. But he had checked almost all over the school building and he couldn't find him at all. Gary didn't go into town, did he? Maybe he could skip the next classes and risk getting into trouble to look...

Walking out into the spacious hall, Pete froze up and his eyes widened a bit. Was he actually just about to skip classes and risk bad grades just to find Gary Smith of all people? Really?

Damn, his head was really messed up if he actually considered that!

He rounded a corner and gazed around to see that Derby and Pinky were leaning against the wall chatting. Well, it was probably a chat in a one-sided way on Derby's part, as Pinky was smiling suggestively as she tried find some kind of way to flirt with them. And these two were the only ones around at the moment he could ask...besides, Pinky may know where Gary is because they're all in the same group...

"How is that terrible manual labor with those other guys coming along?"

"Oh...it's, ah, getting very exhausting and I'm not sure if I will be able to last any longer. Now, Derby, about the upcoming party...I was wondering if we could be a coup-"

"Tell Crabblesnitch that you don't want to be with them anymore and maybe he will take you off the group."

"Ugh, I really wish that were possible. That old man doesn't listen to me! It is especially frustrating when I make a good attempt to-"

"Hey, Pinky," Pete interjected into the conversation, lightly tapping Pinky's shoulder for her attention. She and Derby paused and turned their heads to him. "I don't mean to break up the conversation, but have you seen Gary anywhere after we all split?"

"Yes..." Pinky tapped a finger to her chin, trying to remember when she had last encountered Gary. She could vaguely remember seeing a flash of him as she was passing by the janitor's closet to get to the bathroom. "The last time I saw him was a few moments ago before English class finished. He, for some stupid reason, sneaked into the janitor's closet. If you ask me," Pinky placed a hand on her hip and shook her head in a more or less disapproving manner. "Gary is always doing the stupidest things I strongly wonder what's wrong with his sanity-" Pinky cut herself off as a curious expression passed over her face. She smiled as she went off on another topic. "Wait a minute, Peter, since when do you care about where Gary is? You've been trying to avoid him ever since we started doing that work together."

"I know, I know. It's just..." Pete thought for a moment, refusing to meet both Pinky and Derby's curious gazes falling on him. For a moment, he actually wondered if he had pistol shoved at his face with the blinding light of a spotlight pouring down on him and his answer affected the whole human population of the world.

Hope came in an unexpected place. Derby. He sighed and said to Pinky, "Maybe we shouldn't pry. He obviously doesn't want to talk."

"Oh, Derby," Pinky turned back to her cousin and gave him a flirty smile. "You're so concerned for other people~!"

Pete wanted to just gag at seeing this display before him. But he was grateful for Derby, whom had apparently caught on to how nervous he was and offered some rare help. He gave the prep a nod of approval before walking off to the janitor's closest to find Gary.

Still, he couldn't help but wonder if Pinky realized that Derby was not a caring person and he probably would never even admit that he helped him in the first place. But, this was a brief thought, as he made his way through the halls and brushed past the students and prefects bustling back and forth.

. . .

Pete arrived at the janitor's closet. He glanced around to make sure that no one was passing by to ask why the hell he was about to go in there of all places. And seeing that the coast was relatively clear, he opened up the door and stepped in.

The sight he was greeted with, was Gary and Jimmy talking. Neither seemed to notice him, as their tones were lowered into whispers. This was a bit suspicious, as this usually meant the sociopath was up to something when he spoke with Jimmy alone like this. And he had to be the sane one and interfere to make sure that nothing chaotic happened.

"What are you guys being so secretive about in here?" Pete managed to ask, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning in the open doorway. His presence was finally noticed by his other two friends, they paused the discussion to turn around to view him.

Rather than getting annoyed by the interruption, a very wicked smirk passed over Gary's lips. "Ah, Petey, perfect timing! We were just discussing something I have planned for the New Year's party!"

That was all Pete needed to hear. He sighed and struggled to say, "Not some elaborate prank again..."

"That was my reaction." Jimmy interjected, obviously approving of Pete's typical reaction. The smaller boy glanced a him for a moment, before looking back at an annoyed Gary.

"You two know that Halloween prank was so damn awesome! But, it was not enough for me..." Gary began to pace around the small little closet, going off an some ramblings about that aforementioned prank last Halloween and about how awesome he was for staging that. Jimmy and Pete could only exchange equally exhausted expressions. "As some of the most unpredictable guys at this school, we need to establish our rep as this. So, my plan of course, is to make everyone realize that at the party. We will have the attention of everyone and it will so be remembered for a long time! Whoa, haven't felt this pumped up since the last time I forgot to take my medication!"

"Listen man, I tend to be one for causing chaos..." Jimmy spoke up, walking over to the happily plotting boy and speaking firmly. "The prank you were telling me about earlier before Pete came in, I don't really think that will be too remembered."

He really shouldn't have decided to ask this, but Pete did it regardless of his own fears. "Jimmy, what kind of prank is he talking about?"

Jimmy, obviously reluctantly, went into detailing about this prank Gary wanted to stage at the party. It sounded a bit strange, but he was confident it would be original and quite unexpected for their public. It would all begin sometime at night after the party would be going for a few hours, to make sure that the teachers were drunk as hell and the minors were calm and actually having fun. Gary intended to make sure that the students didn't get into any alcohol, they would need to be fully sober to remember the awesome prank.

What would kick things off would be Gary pulling the both of them out of the crowd and into the school, not explaining his motives. But he intended to act suspicious as possible, so that all of the nosy people (just about everyone at this school was nosy anyway) would decide to follow and see what was going on. He would toss them into this very closet and they would all fake doing something sexual, sounding very suggestive and lusty, saying things with double meanings, and providing an occasional bang on the wall to seal the deal. But in reality, nothing of the sort would be happening (Gary rose a brow questionably when Pete blushed noticeably at that comment and tried to hide it).

This would be to make everyone be so confused, expecting there to be one hell of a threesome in motion in here. But no one would dare walk in, as there would be no fun in that. After they were positive that everyone were convinced, they would wait until they all backed off and then take in some of the talk that would spread among everyone. It would be hilarious, Gary assumed at least, to see everyone get so surprised especially considering how all three of them probably would never, ever have sex together or even at least develop strong feelings for anyone of the trio.

Gary didn't notice that Pete had been glancing at the floor as if in thought, but Jimmy did. And the troublemaker's curiosity began to spike as he noticed that. But he dared not to acknowledge that now.

"It will be so damn hilarious to see everyone's reactions!" Gary said through his laughing, and he eventually just couldn't restrain any of them and reeled against the wall clutching his sides.

Pete and Jimmy were far from amused, contrary to Gary's belief.

When his friend's laughter died down, Pete managed to hold back some anger that had been developing from the kind of signal he had been giving him. But he still had to snap, "What's so funny about that?"

Immediately, Gary shut up and leaned against the wall for support. He and Jimmy set their eyes back on Pete, apparently bemused by that rare outburst.

"Geez, femme boy, what's got you so pissed off?" Gary stood back up, balance returned from his laughing fit. One of his dark brows arched as his gaze became fixed on Pete. "It's funny because we would mess with their weak minds and cause one hell of a scandal; chaos!" Pete didn't look too convinced, in fact...he appeared to be more furious by his explanation. Still, Gary decided to push it. "These people are weak and believe anything, so they would totally buy the act! If you consider it deeply, it's very obvious how ridiculous and scandalous it would be...and fun."

"How is it fun?"

"Tch, you're getting all offended over nothing. Look, Petey, you don't have to be such a prude." Jimmy glanced at Pete, and back at Gary afterward. He felt as though he should leave, God knows he hated being in the middle of these kind of situations and he really had no willing interest in the prank; it seemed very idiotic. "If everyone isn't convinced that we were really banging each other, I will ensure they are convinced by pulling in one of you guys for a big-"

"I'm not going to do something that stupid, Gary!" Gary and Jimmy still glanced at each other, their expressions becoming ones of honest confusion at seeing Pete suddenly becoming so pissed off about something. But, deep down, Jimmy really didn't blame him at all; he didn't want to play a role in this either...but Gary was too hellbent on the prank.

"What's gotten into you?" Gary countered hotly, taking a step forward. It was just so annoying when people rejected his amazing plans and refused to take part. Besides, Pete has been acting completely weird lately and it was getting under his skin!

"Gary, just listen to me; you're never going to understand! But if you want the truth, I'll just say it right now! It's all because of you and what you've done to my mind!"

Gary's pissed expression faltered to one of utter confusion and he stood in silence before looking over at Jimmy for any answers to what that meant. Obviously, the new student didn't really know either because he just shrugged his shoulders in response.

Unable to take any more of this, Pete turned on the heels of his feet and walked as fast as he could away from out of that closet. And above all: away from Gary himself. He couldn't believe that he had previously wanted to find him so that he could try and work up some nerve to say all that weighed and haunted his mind. But now...now he was pissing him off again.

All he knew was that he needed to get away for a while, to be alone. Regardless of what Jimmy and Gary probably thought after seeing such a strange display of mood swings before them.

"What. The. Hell. Is wrong with him?" Gary wondered aloud seconds after Pete left in what appeared to be an angry rush. He turned once again, to meet Jimmy's face. Obviously, Jimmy didn't have much of a theory.

"I don't know. Look, I'm usually all for a good prank or two," Jimmy shook his head, as if disapproving with the idea. "That one was going too far. Seriously, none of us like each other in that way and if so...what's the point in that? Would it just be funny to watch the confusion or something?"

"Pfft, I wouldn't say we don't like each other in that way..." Gary murmured thoughtfully, looking off into the distance for a moment. As soon as Jimmy heard that comment, he raised a brow and gave him a questionable look as if urging him to expand.

"Uh...Gary? What the hell are you trying to say?"

Gary scoffed, but didn't turn to look at the confused boy almost burning through him with that stare of his. Would he have to finally admit this aloud? Apparently... "Isn't it obvious, Jimmy? You haven't caught on to this little fact yet...?"

"No, not really. Geez, I don't even know what you're trying to imply." Jimmy replied bluntly. It was fairly obvious that he didn't know what Gary was saying, but the scheming boy liked this anyway. It was amusing to see confusion and that was one of the big reasons why he was arranging this prank!

"Jimmy, jimmy, Jimmy...you are so naïve, aren't 'ya?" Gary released a sigh, fully turning to dramatically answer his perplexed expression. This guy seriously needed to get a better understanding of his actions, otherwise this was going to lead to some very awkward moments in their so-called friendship. "Despite the way I treat femme boy...bashing, abusing, humiliating, and overall treating him like crap...I sort of..."

. . .

The door to Gary and Pete's dorm room opened quickly and collided with the wall noisily. It wasn't seconds before it was slammed right back and making some of the light pieces of furniture and the school's sociopath's medication on the shelf tumble over. A figure rushed forward onto his bed and draped himself over it, wrinkling and messing up the covers.

Tears threatened to spill from the boy's eyes, but his face contorted to a grimace and he tried to blink them away. Now was not the time for any emotions to come out, he didn't need to be reminded that he once again overreacted in front of those two again and created more of a scene than he should have. After he furiously left the closet, various students walking through the halls stopped to stare at him. Oh, that was just so damn great...

Gary was such a bastard sometimes...the way that he constantly tormented him whether he knew it or not! And about ninety-nine percent of the time, he knew exactly what he was doing...he knew all too well and strove to be even better at it the next time.

This prank was just wrong, but also tortured Pete just to even think about what this was really doing to him. The reason he reacted so furiously was that him, Gary, and Jimmy were all going to pretend as if they were...that they felt that way about each other! And were doing...

Then he had to go and blatantly state that it would be crazy if any of them really felt that way about each other and seriously considered doing that kind of stuff! Gary spelled out that he really didn't care about either of them and never would, the only reason that he was arranging this prank was for the thrill and getting to watch people go into chaos from within! Obviously, he didn't return his feelings and never would in this lifetime...

Oh God, he was such an idiot for even falling this far! Gary. The school's plotting sociopath. Returning his feelings? The mere thought of this did not compute. Now after that little announcement of his, his hopes of this ever getting to be his wee officially crushed beyond belief.

Why was he even crying over this? Gary would probably laugh and tease him in that same dark manner of his if he were to see him in this state, there was no way he'd feel sorry for him or at least provide comfort. But still...even if he should just try to move on from this, Pete couldn't let go. His grasp was weakening but desperate but at least his sense of reality was returning. That was more than enough.

Pete raised his head for a moment and looked down at the small stain the tears had left. He furiously muttered a curse and pulled himself back onto the bed, this time in a proper sitting position as he glanced down at the old wooden flooring. Before he knew it, he could feel teardrops falling to his hands that rested over his knees. Oh great, now he couldn't stop.

This would make for an awkward situation if Gary or Jimmy, or anyone opened that weak door and noticed him crying. For such a stupid reason at that. Possibly overreacting like he always did when it came to the scheming boy.

Did Gary even have any good qualities about him? Was there even much of a reason to fall this far?

He didn't know...he didn't know anything at the moment. If by some miracle, he survived this day, Pete would probably just have to go back home and discuss moving somewhere else with them. At least this way, it would be easy for him to avoid Gary.

Wait a second... "Avoiding Gary..."

Pete immediately shoved himself off of the wrinkled, tangled mess of covers that was now his bed and began to pace the floor of the room. Considering that idea. Avoiding Gary...

"Why not do that?" Pete wondered aloud, not really caring at the moment if anyone was outside and could easily hear him due to these crappy walls of the dorm. "This could get back in order, I won't react this way ever again if I can just...avoid him whenever he's around or insists that we hang around each other for any crazy ideas of his."

Perhaps avoiding Gary was the only thing he could do right now. And even if it would kill him in the inside to stay away purposely, this may end well in the long run. Pete wouldn't have to be a part of any of his crazy plots and he could save himself from abuse. Whenever he gave him mixed messages like he lived on performing, he could save himself the heartache and move away from it. And as far as basically living in the same room with him...well...perhaps the headmaster could be swayed to change that if he gave a good enough argument.

The tears were beginning to lesson. That was a good sign. But still, Pete paced the floor and refused to force a smile and leave the room. "All I have to do is avoid him..."

"Avoiding him won't work, Pete."

Astonished by the sudden appearance of another person, Pete's eyes widened and he gradually turned to his visitor leaning in the opened doorway with a knowing look in the eyes.

Ugh, why did he have to say all of that stuff aloud?

To Be Continued In Chapter 4

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