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Tayuya was still cuddling with Shikamaru. 'when did I become such a fangirl! I mean I'm on top of this guy and liking it!' She looks up at him, he looks back at her. 'he's looking at me! Damnit! I'm being such a fangirl! I hate it! Don't blush Tayuya, don't blush!"

Though she tried to suppress it she still had a light blush that dusted her cheeks. "Something wrong Tayuya?"

'what do I say! I can't say I'm thinking about him I just met him!'

"um nothing, nothings wrong at all. Why are you asking? Does it look like somethings wrong?"

'damn that was weak!' Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"no you just look embarrassed. You want to get up? It's okay if uncomfortable." This just deepened her blush.

'I'm not that weak to be embarrassed by this! I'll show him!'

"no its okay. It's just." She brought his face towards his. "I'm really hot."

'ha you are gonna freak out aren't you! Wait why is he bringing his face towards mine too?' she was then captured into a kiss. 'ohmygod, ohmygod he's kissing me! Shikamaru's kissing me!'

Shikamaru was kissing her. 'her lips are so soft and is that a blush? I guess she isn't such a tomboy.' Then something happened Shikamaru didn't predict.

Tayuya was in overload. 'he's, we are, Shikamaru's so.' This was too much as her face turned completely red. She jumped off him and fainted.

Shikamaru walked over to her and bent down checking her forehead. "I haven't known her very long but still she fainted? She didn't seem like the type." He then hears her say something.

"fuuuck." He smiled that was the Tayuya he knew. "faster, faster fuck me harder." She said quietly. He sweat dropped.

"is she having a wet dream right now?"

"shikamaaaruuuu" she said an content look on her face.

"I take that as a yes." He picked her up and carried her off.


Naruko went to the training plaza to see the three ninja and saw something that got her in the heat.

5 minutes before

Anko Had decided to take a nap on the porch while they waited for someone or another to show them to their new room. The two other ninja were Kurenai and Yugao.

Kurenai sighed. "whats wrong?" asked Yugao still in her ANBU gear minus the mask.

"Nothing really… but Asuma has been ignoring me lately."

"Are you guys even dating?"

"Are you and Hayate?" she looks down and shakes her head disappointed he hadn't even noticed her. "well there's your answer. Anyway I'm getting tired of waiting around for him."

"Same with me and Hayate."

"I wish I could find someone who's kind, caring, loyal and hot. Someone like you." Yugao smiled.

"yeah me too but all the guys out there are either too weak or taken by civilian girls."

"the damn sluts." They hear Anko says while she was drifting off to sleep.

"If I were lesbian or bi I'd date you." Kurenai said.

"yeah me too." Then there was just an awkward silence while they looked at each other. Then there faces came close together and they kissed. They wrapped their arms around each other.

Anko sighs in frustration and sits up "I can't get to sleep Damnit!" she stops talking when she sees her two friends kissing. "wow." The broke occasionally for air then dived back into it.

Anko hands started to drift down to her skirt. Then she hears a voice.

"well you don't see that everyday." She looks behind her to see a guy with a sword strapped to his back and metal shoulder plates on, hooked to a black sleeveless shirt so you can see his toned muscles on his arms with scars all along them; he had light black ANBU style pants with wrappings at the legs and ninja sandals he also had gray fingerless gloves.

"why are you watching! You pervert!" she said to him.

"I'd say the only pervert here is the one with the bloody nose and halfway to masturbating." She then noticed her hand was halfway down her skirt and a small amount of blood coming from her nose. She removes her hand quickly and wipes off the blood.

"What do you know and who are you anyway!" she yelled at him.

"Kaien of the Flames"

"pfft. What kind of name is that? Of the flames." He sighed

"It's the title given to the best swordsmen in the land of fire."

"and how is that measured?"

"hell if I know they just gave me it after the civil war in the north. Apparently killing three hundred ronin by yourself at once is a big deal." Anko just stared at him blankly then it clicked.

"wait you're the guy I heard about, the one who turned the tide of the uprising just by going through the entire rebel army to save some friends."

"that would be me." He looks past her. "there still at it." Anko looks towards them and see's that Yugao was now squeezing Kurenai's left breast.

"wow that's hot." They both turn to see Naruko. Kurenai and Yugao finally break apart panting heavily. Realizing they just gave everyone a show.

"I take it you're the one who's showing us to our rooms." Naruko nodded and smiled that he was able to stay calm and focused unlike the women.

"yes I am" Anko stares at Kaien.

'how can he stay so calm after that? And no boner, he's either gay or has a really small stick. I remember the meeting he was mentioned though.'


"in other news a S-rank soldier of the fire is coming here as I told you before, Kaien of the flame but more recent news has come up about him" the Hokage said. "It seems by the civilian populace in the village he's been staying in has gave him the title "The Thunder Humper" because of his "Giant lighting rod" whatever that means… strange the only ones saying that are young beautiful women." The guys had confused looks on their faces while all the girls licked their lips.

Flashback End

'damnit' thought Anko as she licked her lips.

"we have the rooms prepared for you please follow me." Naruko lead the four away.

Kaien had a smallish room he looked around in it. "in the boxes in the corner are all your personal belongings." He nodded and they left him there. Next were Kurenai's and Yugao's rooms. They were medium sized and next to each other. Then Finally was Anko's.

When they opened the door Ami was on the ground in it with her maids outfit on. She had in her hand a movie called attack of the civilian sluts, a porno. Naruko looked and it seemed she was unpacking a box labeled movies and in it were more porno's.

"wow Anko your into some kinky stuff." She started to list some of the movie titles and read out load the backs of a few. "Futanari orgy, Anal obsession, dominate females hmm. It says watch as this shy girl turns to slut. Wow your really kinky Anko."

"Well I'm sorry, don't we all have fantasies!"

"true but most live them instead of watch them." She blushed again. Naruko lifted Ami up and carried her out. "see ya Anko!"

Naruko had also heard that apparently the priestess of the demon country was coming to the leaf. Naruko thought about going to see her arrive then deiced to go see Shino. So she went looking for him he was probably in the forest.

She had found him by a river she was going to say hi but then she noticed Shino was undressing to take a bath out here. 'Might as well see what his stick look like.' First he took off his coat Naruko noticed he was slimmer than she thought he'd be.

Then he took off his shoes followed by his t shirt. This whole time Shino's back was turned. He then took off his pants Naruko gaped at the underwear he was wearing. 'Pink panties? He's not like that is he?' he then took off the panties and turned around to put them in the pile. Naruko's mouth was agape once more.

He didn't have a penis, Shino was a girl! She then took off her glasses and grabbed her hair and pulled it off. it was a wig then black hair flowed down her back and she opened her eyes and Naruko saw they were chocolate brown ones. Naruko eye's then locked onto her chest, she had c-cup breasts.

'no wonder she wore that coat it's hard to hide something like that!' Shino then went to the water and started to clean herself. Her hand went all over her body then eventually down, down, down till her right and was at her entrance.

She slipped two fingers in herself pumping in and out. "Naruko!" she moaned. She grabbed her left breast with her other hand and started to play with it squeezing it and moving it around.

Naruko stepped out from behind the tree she was hiding behind. "Shino?" Shino jumped at her name.

"Naruko! What are you doing here!" she tried to cover herself up.

"You're a girl?" She blushed.

"yeah I meant to tell you I just didn't get around to it."

"were you just masturbating to me?" she looked to her feet.

"Y-yes I was."

"why did you hide being a girl?"

"Because all of the females in our clan are always made fun of we are called freaks and usually social outcasts. They also have a tough time finding people to be in relationships with."

"that didn't really answer my question."

"I did it because I knew I'd be cast out and also I never found guys attractive so I figured if I hid as a guy then no one would think I'm strange for looking at girls." Naruko nodded and then noticed on the inside of her coat were seals.

"what are those seals on your coat Shino?"

"well you see I don't have bug implanted inside me like the rest of my clan." She said with shame.


"because I inherited the blood on my mom's side more so I can't wield them."

"what about the bugs you use in combat?"

"those come from the seals, their my dad's they only listen to me because that's his orders. I can only give them general orders."

"if you don't have the bugs in you why did you hide?"

"because they think still think the same. That I'm a bug freak no matter what."

"You're not a bug freak Shino and I'll prove that no one will think that! We are going to the hot springs today!"

"What! but then people will see me!"

"that's the point come on Shino follow me" she said.

"that's not my real name."

"then what is?"

"it's Ryu"

"well Ryu lets go." Ryu nodded a was about to put her clothes on when Naruko stopped her.

"I can't go to town naked."

"that's why I have this." Naruko unsealed an outfit. It was a fishnet shirt with a vest to be decent and a skirt and plain ninja sandals.

"but that's skirt to short! There's not even any shorts!"

"that's the point. People can see your smooth legs then. Oh and one more thing." She unsealed a red flower and put it in her hair. "that will complete the look." Ryu just blushed.


Shion had snuck away from her guards so she could relax she had decided to go to the hot springs. When she got there. She quickly undressed. When she did that she then looked down at her breasts. "why can't you be bigger."

She went in to the hot springs. And just relaxed she noticed there was another girl in there with orange hair.

Sasame Fuma was here to see her friend Kin. She had heard a lot about Naruko from her and wished to meet her but first she needed a nice hot bath. She saw a girl with sliver hair come in to the bath too. She was enjoying solitude. Then she heard too more voices and out came a blond and behind her a girl with black hair. They both had c-cups.

'what's with the girls in the leaf why are they always bigger?' she looked down at her Bs.

Shion blushed at seeing the black haired one. 'wow she's really cute.' The two of them sat in between. Shion and Sasame. Sasame was looking at the blond's breasts but she caught her staring,

"Hey you okay?" she touched a hand to Sasame's head.

"yes I'm fine!" she said she felt her body heat up down there.

She noticed Shion face turning red too and touched a hand to her head. Shion also felt herself heat up down there.

"we are fine really!" they said together.

"okay" Naruko sat back down next to Ryu and grabbed her hand now it was Ryu's turn to heat up.

'great now just a few minutes till they are all in my hands.'

It took about ten minutes and Shion was the first to break and she jumped on Ryu and forced a kiss upon her. Ryu because of this broke next and sank into the kiss. Sasame was just watching in shock.

He hands drifted down and she started to masturbate. Then Naruko groped her breasts.

"ah! What are you doing!" She then moaned.

"you seem to like it fine." She pinched her nipples.

"what! No!" She moaned again and started to rub faster,

"really because your body is saying otherwise. Now what do you want?"

"I, I want you to fuck me!" she said as she reached her high.

"very well." Naruko Stood up and formed a hand sign. "this is the Futanari jutsu" she held her eight inch in hand. Every one stopped to stare at it. "now anyone who wants this line up with asses towards me. They all scrambled.

Shion was the first up. "whats your name?"


"I'm Naruko. Now ass or pussy?" Shion thought about it she was the priestess so she wasn't supposed to lose her virginity.


"very well." Shion had forgot a moment about her size but when she lined up she remembered.

"wait!" But Naruko slammed in. she moaned loudly drool coming from her mouth. Naruko started to pound her ass. Shion did not last she orgasmed multiple times and fainted. Naruko thrusted into her and used endless pool to fill her up. Once her stomach was swelled to Naruko's satisfaction she pulled out.

"now the ginger your turn." Sasame's eye's were wide open when she thrusted into to her entrance.

"It's to big!" she said as it got stuck at the five inch mark.

"I can take care of that." She backed out and slammed all the way in. she now was resting in her womb. "wow you're so tight"

"just, just fuck me!" she said and Naruko started to pump in and out slowly. As she sped up she decied to use another one of those jutsu's. she used to reform jutsu and she made her dick three inches wide.

"oh god!" Sasame said as she was spread.

"you like that?" she started to pump in her faster and faster. Nearing her climax she tore herself out and flipped her around. She then used her endless pool jutsu and sprayed her with her cum until she was completely covered.

She then turned to Ryu she canceled the jutsu. "Ryu I want you to do the jutsu I just did can you do that?" she nodded and preformed the jutsu what came made Naruko gape a fourteen inch long dick.

"did I do it right Naruko-Chan?" Ryu said shyly

"um… yeah!" Naruko bent over. "fuck my pussy with that thing!" she said and quickly used the relive jutsu.

Ryu lined up and plunged in and strated to pump in and out. "AHHH!"

"are you okay Naru-Chan" Ryu said worried.

"yeah I'm fine just go slower and gentler with that thing its huge."

"okay." Ryu started to give Naruko a slow fucking constantly touching her g-spot. She started to speed up though.

"oh kami!" Naruko said as she climaxed and Ryu came into her. Ryu pulled out and canceled the jutsu.

"Naruko that was great I never felt such sensations."

"Thanks Ryu. That was my biggest dick I've taken." Ryu nodded all the girls cleaned up and headed out.

"wow" said Shion. "just wow"

"you liked that huh? Figures your kinky." Sasame said.

"There's nothing wrong with anal sex Sasame, you should try it!" said Naruko.

"no thanks it's an exit only for me."

"don't knock it before you try it." Shion said in a mocking tone.

"that's not funny, if Naruko had came in me I would have had her kid."

"I don't think any of us would care." Ryu said. Shion and Sasame stopped and thought it about it.

"yea your right." Shion said.

"Yeah I would definitely want Naru-Chan's kids." Naruko smiled and stepped up to Sasame and ran her hand down her back to her ass.

"well I can make that happen right now." She said in a seductive tone. Sasame turned red and fainted.

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