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"Kai!"They all screamed out.

The still trapped boys looked at the girls in confusion, until they heard 10 loud screams of pain and cheers from the villagers. The girls let them go with smiles on their faces.

"Before you ask we will explain everything once we get to Hokage tower." Ino said

"Oh, and Sasuke, if you want you revenge I suggest you go to Itachi now, he's not completely dead yet." Sakura said

"Che. To easy of a win, I'll let one of the Anbu, Finish him off."He said surprising all of them.


'Same old Naruto' They all thought.

Once the village had been cleared of the Akatsuki's body's and the injured villagers had been healed. The entire konoha 12, sai, and the sensies stood in the hokages office awaiting the girls explanation, when the hokage nodded her head the began.

"A month or so before we left konoha, some members of the Akatsuki approached us and told us we had the potential to become greater ninja, we were planning on ignoring there offer, forgetting it ever happened, but when that "incident" happened we were heartbroken, we knew we had to prove we were strong not just to others, but to ourselves as well." Hinata started

"So we came up with a plan, to join Akatuki and let them train us, then when they trust us the most, we poison their food, since we took to making them dinner every night."Sakura continued

"We knew they would attack konoha eventually we just needed to gather enough shakra during a fight to release the seal on the poison in their bodies and kill them." Tenten went on

"And we took our chance." Ino finished.

"So you did all that to prove you were strong?" Kiba asked

Hinata gave him a 'Duhhhhh' look "I really don't see why you should complain, I mean we did take out the biggest threat to ninja ever."

"Something could have gone wrong, you could have gotten yourselves killed!" Shikamaru said getting kind of angry at the thought they would do all this to prove something to them.

"But we didn't we had this all planned out from the start, and if your thinking we just did this for your respect your dead wrong, we did it for respect from everyone in this stupid village that has doubted us since day one!" Ino said back

"EVERYBODY QUIET!" Tsunade yelled, they all stopped fighting and stood at attention, that woman was scary. She rubbed her temples with her fingers, trying to ease her headache. "I agree that what you girls did was reckless, but it worked and I understand why you did it, so I will only give you a minimal punishment." She paused and smirked "None of you will be able to leave the village or go on missions for a month and if you must leave the village you will have to have a guard with you, oh and no shopping for a month."

"Wahhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo!" Ino started crying and everyone sweat dropped.

"Well then." She paused for a second so Ino could stop crying "Give me my hug then you can all go rest." The girls laughed and hugged her.

"See-ya shishiou(sp?)!" Sakura yelled while walking out the door.

The boys followed, everyone besides the four (UK WHO).

"Hey Ino can I talk to you quick?" Shikamaru called after her.

She nodded and followed him to his favorite could watching spot she knew what this was about.

The others watched them leave, before the girls broke into a fit of giggles, they knew what was coming.

"Hey Hina-chan wanna go get some Ramen i'm starving!"Naruto whispered to her. She nodded and followed. Both Sakura and Tenten smiled 'bout time!" they thought.

"Sa-ku-ra" Sasuke whispered in her ear sending chills down her spine. "Come." he ordered

She follower obediently, she knew this was coming. Neji started walking and Tenten took her queue to follow, he would always be a man of few words.


He sat under a cherry blossom tree and she sat next to him. It was silent for a few minutes until Ino got impatient.

"You know lazy, I have better things to do than sit here watching you fall asleep."

"And here I thought you liked looking at me." he smirked

She blushed a little "yeah right." she said.

His smirk faded a bit "you know you really scared me for a bit." he said seriously.

"I know...i'm sorry" she looked down, she knew the apology didn't make up for what she did.

He cupped her chin with his hand and pulled her face up to his. "But I can forgive you if you promise to never to scare me like that again." he said before covering her lips with his, it was a sweet and loving kissed, one that reveled all of their feelings at once. Once they broke apart he took her in his arms and they watched the clouds, until they fell asleep in each others arms.


Naruto ordered ramen for the both of them but neither really felt like eating, after they each finished only one bowl they walked around the village in silence until the got to hokage mountain and sat overlooking the village.

Finally Naruto spoke up "Hinata?"


"I-I wanted t-t-to-" she cut him off by doing the one thing she never had enough confidence to do for years, she kissed him. Giving him the answer to his unasked question, they both melted into the kiss and when they broke apart he whispered in her ear the three word she had always wanted to hear "I love you."

She giggled "I love you to, Naruto-kun"


She followed him to their old training grounds, it brought back lots of memories for the both of them. He turned around and faced her, then locked her in a tight embrace, she hugged him back and smiled.

"always a man of few words" She said

"Hn." and he captured her lips with his.

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He took her to the same field they fought in, you could never tell it had been the sight of a battle a few hours ago. Suddenly he turned and pinned her to one of the trees and kissed her. Letting go of every emotion he had been hiding since she left. She melted into the kiss, for the first time in a long time she was truly happy, no regrets or guilt just pure happiness and love.

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