Assassin in the void

By psychored1911

Disclaimer: I do not own Assassin's Creed or Familiar of Zero

If anyone might not follow, this takes place at the very beginning of Familiar of Zero and near the end of the Original Assassin's Creed.

Also most weapons, items, and people are based on the canon of either Assassin's Creed or Familiar of Zero or real life.

Chapter 1: Enter, the assassin

Tristain Magical Academy

In the courtyard, the second year students were performing the Familiar Summoning Ritual. Everyone summoned amazing Familiars, from owls, to snakes, and someone even summoned a dragon. Louise, one of the students stood nervously.

"And last up," her teacher, Colbert announced "Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere, please perform your summon."

Louise gulped "Um, yes sir," Louise pulled out her wand and started chanting "O, Pentagon of the five elemental powers, heed my summoning and bring forth my familiar!"


Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Italy, September 7, 2012

"Is everyone here?" Several assassins started planning their infiltration "I don't know how long until they finish the memory," William Miles, the leader of the Assassin Order, said with worry "But from the E-mail that Lucy sent me, it's going to be soon."

While William Miles spoke, a couple of the Assassins were whispering amongst themselves about the operation.

"It seems like a bit of trouble to send out most of the Italian Cell out for one guy, don't you think?" One of the Assassins said whispered to the young man sitting next to him.

"I believe that it's not our call to say that," A much younger Assassin, one of East Asian descent, said calmly "Besides, if Abstergo is after something in his genetic memory, then it's definitely something important."

"Yeah, well..." The elder Assassin glanced at his companion. "Wait a minute, aren't you a bit young to be in this?"

"Being young has its benefits." The younger Assassin admitted "If I had to, I could disguise myself as a foreign exchange student and apply for an internship in Abstergo. I could become a mole for our Order and those Templars would be none the wiser."

"No, I mean aren't you a bit young to be participating in an operation that can potentially kill you?"

In response, the young Assassin tapped on his belt holster, one that held a suppressed H&K USP, as well as activating two hidden blades before retracting them "Don't worry, I believe I can handle myself."

The elder Assassin said, his worry not waning "Well, if you say so..."

"By the way, name's Hiraga. Saito Hiraga." The younger Assassin presented his hand, waiting for his elder acquaintance to shake it.

"I'll be sure to remember it." the elder Assassin said "You can call me Frank."

As the two Assassins continued talking, William Miles started wrapping up his little debriefing.

"You all know our objective, now go out there and commence the rescue operation, NOW!" All of the other assassins saluted and ran out the door. Saito shrugged, put on a red and white Kevlar hoodie [A/N: think of the original Saito's hoodie, but with a white base and a red stripe], and put the hood on, a smile on his face.

Several minutes later, in the Abstergo research Facility

Saito came out of an air vent and found himself in a broom closet. He slowly opened the door and saw a lone guard holding a Steyr TMP. The guard quickly noticed him "Hey, who are-" he couldn't get anything else in as Saito quickly dashed at him and stabbed him with one of his hidden blades.

"You don't mind if I borrow this, do you?" he joked as he took the TMP from the dead guard.


The alarm sounded throughout the entire building. Saito picked up his radio and pressed a button. "All right, who set off the alarm?" Saito sternly asked.

*We're all at our posts, what about- wait, where the hell is Frank?* Someone yelled over the radio.

*Sorry, I had to use the bathroom.* Frank said sheepishly.

"Damn it Frank! What the hell were you thinking?" Saito yelled into the radio, not realizing that he was attracting the attention of several guards "How the hell did you set the alarm off by going into the bathroom?"

*Um, I fell and a guard noticed me with my pants down.* Frank said over the radio, embarrassment present in his voice.

"What the- how did- you know what, never mind. Mr. Miles is gonna deal with you if we ever get out of this alive." Saito yelled before turning off his radio. "Seriously, idiots like that going to be the death of us!"

"They probably are," One of the Abstergo guards commented. Saito turned around, seeing a large group of Abstergo guards, assault rifles ready.

Saito paled. He noticed a grenade on the dead guard. Before the Abstergo guards could react, he quickly grabbed it, took out the pin and chucks it at the group before making a run for it.

"Grenade!" One of the guards yelled as they scrambled away from it.


The grenade exploded, taking the lives of several guards.

As Saito ran, he saw more and more Abstergo guards obstructing his path "Oh come on!" he yelled, firing the TMP at the guards in front of him.


All the guards looked at the bullet holes in their clothes before falling on the ground. "Hmph, easy." Saito said as he tossed the TMP aside. He searched each of the bodies for anything useful and found a keycard and several 9 mm rounds. "This could come in handy," Saito said to himself.

"Freeze!" One guard pointed a Desert eagle at his head, though fear was present in his voice. Without even looking, Saito stabbed the guard in the foot with one of his hidden blades and stabbed him in the chest with the other as he fell down in pain.

"Jeez, these guys are everywhere." He said as he took the Desert Eagle from the dead guard. He looked around "Where are the other assassins?"

As he spoke, one of his fellow assassins was being chased by a guard "Help me!" she yelled as she ran. Saito quickly drew the Desert Eagle and started aiming at the guard. "Don't shoot, don't shoot!" she slid behind Saito "Okay shoot!" she said as Saito pulled the trigger.


The guard slowly fell down, dead. Saito helped up the other assassin up "Thanks Saito," she smiled as she ran back.

"Don't mention it Alexa." Saito put away the desert eagle and started running after her "Where's everyone else?"

"I think Frank is dead." Alexa said.

"No surprise there," Saito thought out loud "Anyone else still alive?"

"I don't know, call your radio," she said as they ran.

Saito stopped and pulled out his radio "Hey, are there any other assassins out there?" he called into the radio.

*I'm here Saito.* one voice yelled

*Loud and clear Saito.* another yelled.

*You called?* another yelled.

*What'cha need?* one last one said.

"Where's everyone else?" Saito called into the radio.

*That is everyone; the rest of us are dead!* one of the others yelled through the radio.

Saito stopped in his tracks, thinking about the other assassins. "We have to retreat, head for the rendezvous point,"

A few minutes later

Saito and the other assassins met at the rendezvous point. "Here's our plan; you guys are going to get out of here on the van, and I am going to act as bait and draw their attention, understand?"

"…" The assassins stayed silent. They did not want to leave anyone behind, especially if the one they left was younger than most of them.

Before anyone can complain, a large group of Abstergo guards armed with various assault rifles and machine guns "There are only six of them. We have them outnumbered." One said to a radio.

"Make no mistakes. Now go!" Saito yelled. He watched as the other assassins left. He turned towards the Abstergo guards and took out a flash grenade. "You want me Abstergo bastards," he tossed it at the group "Come get me!"


As the grenade flashed, Saito quickly scaled the walls and climbed onto one of the lights.

The Abstergo guards looked around "Where the hell did he go?" One of the guards yelled in outrage. As he was yelling, Saito pounced, assassinating both him and another guard.

Several Abstergo guards swapped their assault rifles for their asps (Batons) and started swinging at Saito.

One lunged at Saito with his baton. Saito sidestepped and slashed him in the neck.

"Bastard!" another Abstergo guard swung at Saito. Before it can connect, Saito ducked and stabbed his chest.

Realizing an opening in the Abstergo guards, Saito tackled through them "Can't catch me you assholes!" he yelled, provoking the guards to follow him.

As he ran, pulled out the Desert Eagle and shot several rounds behind him until the clip was empty. As he dropped the handgun, he kept running until he faced a door locked with a keycard. With haste, he took the keycard he got earlier and swiped it.


"Oh come on!" Saito yelled. He turned around, finding the Abstergo guards cornering him.

"Okay kid, if you give up quietly, we will think about sparing your life." One of the guards said, aiming his assault rifle at Saito.

"…" Saito stayed silent 'I guess this is it for me.' He could either die or be kept alive and get subjected to human experimentation. Either way, his life was going to end right there, not fulfilling anything for his Order. If only-

O, Pentagon of the five elemental powers…

Saito blinked "You guys heard that, didn't you?"

The Abstergo guards gave a look of confusion.

Heed my summoning…

"I'm serious; you did hear that; there's some girl's voice speaking into my head!" he yelled, his voice akin to hysteria.

One of the guards whispered into another guard's ear "I think this kid has a few loose screws; we should kill this guy."

The other guard nodded "Agreed." He and the rest of the guards readied their rifles.

And bring forth my familiar!

A portal formed directly behind Saito and started pulling him in. Saito struggled against it, but it sucked it in as he and the portal disappeared.

The Abstergo guards stood there, dumbfounded. One of the guards reached for his radio "Um... all Assassins neutralized sir." As he turned off the radio, he turned towards the other guards "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that." he looked at the other guards as they nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, back at the magical Academy


Louise, Colbert, and the other students coughed and blew the smoke away.

As the smoke cleared, several of the students gasped. In the center of the blast, there stood a young man, wearing a white and red hooded sweater, standing there with a confused look on his face; well the visible part of his face, as his eyes and hair was hidden underneath the hood. He wore 2 strange bracers on his two arms; each with a strange emblem that looked like a stylized "A". He also had some strange leather case sticking out of his belt, and there was something inside it.

The students burst into laughter "Ha! Louise the Zero summoned a commoner!" one laughed.

"The strongest familiar my ass!" another jeered.

Louise blushed "It was only a mistake!" she turned to Colbert "Mr. Colbert, please let me do the ritual again!"

Colbert shook his head "I cannot allow that, Miss Valliere, it is a sacred ritual that must be followed."

"But-" Louise tried to protest.

"Please finish the ritual, Miss Valliere." Colbert sternly ordered.

Louise pouted "Fine!" she approached Saito, but he backed away from her. She approached him again, but he backed away. "Get over here!" she yelled.

Saito blinked 'Are these guys speaking French?' he started to speak "Excuse me, but what are you doing?" he asked in French.

"I'm finishing the ritual, now hold still!" she yelled.

"Um, I don't have any idea what you're talking about, so no."

Louise grabbed him "Get over here!"

Saito quickly breaks free of her grip and started running away.

Louise blinked, and then started chasing after him. "You get back here you stupid familiar!"

'Where the hell is this place?' Saito thought as he kept running. "Excuse me!" he yelled as he jumped over one of the maids that were in his way. He kept running until he went in a full circle around the building. He stopped in front of the students "Wait, wasn't I here before?"

As he thought, Louise tackled him into the ground "Hold still so I can finish the ritual." And with that, she gave him a brief kiss on the lips.

Saito quickly got up "What the hell is going on? Why did you kiss me?" before he could ask any more questions, he felt a burning sensation growing in his left hand.

"Don't worry; it's just the runes getting transcribed into your skin." Louise explained.

As the runes were finished transcribing onto his skin, Saito slowly stood up. Colbert approached him" Do you mind if I see your runes?" Louise nodded as Colbert copied down the runes onto a piece of paper.

Afterwards, Saito stood up, emotions of anger, confusion, and annoyance filling his mind. Before he can think of anything else, Louise dragged him by the ear back to her room.


"Was it really necessary to tie me up?" Saito asked, tied up in rope.

"I had no choice, you might run away again!" Louise yelled "Who are you anyway?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you the same thing?" he asked, though he wasn't paying attention as he was cutting the rope with his hidden blade "Where am I anyway?"

"Fine," Louise introduced herself "I am Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere. And you are in the Tristain Magical Academy. You were summoned to be a familiar."

"A familiar, what is that?" Saito questioned, but he was more occupied with freeing himself.

"A familiar is the loyal and personal servant and bodyguard of a noble such as myself." She declared.

"So I have to serve you and do anything you ask?" Saito inquired, not liking the job description already.

"Of course!" Louise proudly declare

"Do you need someone killed?" Saito asked.

"Well actually…" Louise thought about Kirche, but shook her head "No! Why would you say that?"

"Is there any corrupt officials that need to be, um taken care of?" He asked, almost free from the rope.

"NO! Of course not!" she screamed

"Well then, I'm of no use to you then," he cut himself free from the ropes with his hidden blade "By the way, my name is Saito Hiraga, and I'm out of here!" and with that, he dived out the window.


"In the days of old, assassins dived off a high structure as a means of escape." An assassin teacher told Saito "it used to be part of an assassin initiation. This move is called the Leap of Faith."

Flashback End

Saito dived out of the window, and landed safely onto a pile of leaves.

Louise just stared, then screamed "get back here, you dog!" she stormed out of the room and down the stairs.

Back with Saito

Saito emerged from the pile of leaves, completely unscathed. "Wow, I can't believe that worked!" Now all that he needed to do was figure out where he was and how he could get to the nearest assassin hideout. He looked at the sky "Okay, there's the North Star, There's the moon, there's Andromeda, there's the other moon…" He paled "Wait a sec, that can't be right," he looked at the sky again; there were two moons. "Okay, this either that girl drugged me or I am in another world." As he pondered, he overheard a conversation from a couple that was standing on another.

"I must try your soufflé sometime Katie," A male voice said, a hint of seduction in his voice.

"Of course Lord Guiche," A girl's voice –Whom Saito guessed was Katie- giggled.

'Oh please,' Saito sweatdropped. He immediately thought that this Guiche person wants something out of her, though he needed some proof to prove his theory.

He quickly scaled the walls and got in through an open window. He quickly jumped onto the chandelier and climbed on top of it. The two looked up, and saw the chandelier swinging.

They thought that it was nothing and continued their conversation "Well, I have to go now, ta-ta Katie." And with that, Guiche left the hall as Saito followed him. As Guiche started to walk upstairs, Louise ran towards him and grabbed him.

"My familiar, have you seen it?" She growled.

"N… no…" Guiche stammered. Louise let him go and stormed off.

'I should avoid her; she seems really mad now.' Saito thought quietly to himself before jumping off the chandelier.

As Saito tailed Guiche, he saw him flirt with a blond girl with two torpedo-like pigtails. Saito approached the couple "Excuse me,"

The two looked at him "You're the commoner that Louise the Zero summoned." Guiche exclaimed "You know that she has been looking for you."

Saito nodded "I know, I know. I just wanted to ask you two a few questions; nothing more, nothing less."

Guiche shifted his position into a mature one "Very well commoner; but why?"

"Just out of curiosity," Saito took out a notepad "Who is the blond girl you are talking to right now."

The girl introduced herself "I am Montmorency Margarita la Fere de Montmorency."

Saito wrote down her name "What is your relationship with each other?"

Montmorency gave a justified response "We are boyfriend and girlfriend." Guiche responded by trying to wrap his arm around her, but she ducked right before he could make contact.

Saito raised a brow "Do you two get along often?"

"Why yes, of course." Guiche said proudly.

"Then who is the person making you a soufflé?" he asks with a smirk.

Guiche flinched, and then started diverting eye contact with him "What… what? I have no idea what you're talking about commoner."

Montmorency raised an eyebrow "What is the commoner talking about?"

Guiche started to stammer "He must be joking."

Saito finishes writing his notes "Yes, just a joke," he snickered "thank you for giving me your time." He put the notepad in his pocket. "I should be going now," He said as he walked upstairs, but not without quickly swiping a stack of letters from Guiche's pocket.

As he placed the stack of letters in his pocket, Louise came running up the stairs "There you are!" she yells, her wand drawn. Guiche and Montmorency ducked as Louise quickly cast a spell.

Saito did not understand why they ducked, and looked at Louise as he cast her spell. He did not know why, but something in his gut told him that he should duck. As Louise finished chanting he immediately ducked.


Saito looked behind him; the wall behind him was completely obliterated. 'Holy shit!' he thought before breaking into a run, with Louise following shortly.

"Get back here, you stupid familiar!" she screamed before casting another spell at him.


Saito kept running and running until he stopped as a busty redhead and some other guy were sitting on the steps, making lovey-dovey motions with each other.

'Oh, for crying out loud,' Saito thought before Louise finally caught up to him.

"There you are," She snarled "What the hell are you running for?"

"Why are you following me?" he asked, much to the annoyance of Louise.

"You're my familiar, you're supposed to stand by my side; not jump out the window like a psychopath!"she yelled.

"I do not believe in hurting or enslaving people." Saito said, starting to get annoyed.

"That does not matter to you; a familiar has no right or free will of his own." She screamed.

"Every living thing has a free will of its own." Saito gave off an air of intimidation "open your eyes; that arrogance you carry shall get you killed."

Both stayed silent, not sure what to say. The redhead and the other guy, who were standing there the entire time, started to speak "What's wrong Zero? Can't control your familiar?" the redhead laughed.

"Shut up Zerbst!" Louise shifted her attention to the redhead "I was just getting it to go to sleep." She aimed her wand at Saito and cast a spell.


"S… son of a…" Saito fell down to the ground, unconscious.

Character Bio

Name: Saito K. Hiraga

Age: Born December 9, 1995 (16 as of early 2012) in Osaka, Japan

Political affiliations: Assassin Order

Rank: Assassin Fifth Rank (rank 14)

Personality: An Assassin through bloodline and by choice, the Order means everything to him. He always acts according to the Order, although this usually causes him quite a lot of trouble. He also is known to have an independent streak, which sometimes makes it hard for him to follow orders. Despite his aloof and supercilious behavior, he is quite easy to talk to and is known to have a refined sense of humor.

Hobbies: reading old scriptures, using old weapons.

Special talents: Assassination, investigation, free-running, close quarters combat, playing the piano, fluency in several languages

Likes: Assassins, children, Kevlar, dogs, antiques

Dislikes: Abstergo industries, Templars, playing the piano in front of people, people who try to hurt others, knockoff antiques

Notes: He is very old fashioned compared to other assassins his age, to the point he has actual experience using the hidden blade. It was his elder sister who oversaw his training, placing an emphasis on melee combat and reconnaissance due to Japan's gun control laws severely hampering the likelihood of his usage of firearms, though his knowledge of firearm usage is satisfactory. He has a tendency to befriend those in society's underground for some reason. He is the only "minor" back in his cell in Osaka, and despite having finished his training, is still treated as a child by the rest of the Japanese Assassins.

Weapons: Hidden blades, Heckler and Koch USP

Hidden blade: An iconic weapon of the Assassins. It is rarely used in the modern times, but Saito treasures the ceremonial hidden blade that he was given, and always puts it to good use. He asked another assassin to make him a modernized version of the hidden blade, as having only one threw off his balance. He wraps them and bandages and passes them off as splints when he's not wearing bracers

Heckler and Koch USP: or universal self-loading pistol is a high-quality German handgun that was designed so that it could be modified in several different ways. Saito uses the Suppressed (SD) model, modified to take 9x19mm Parabellum rounds and attached a silencer so it would be suited for stealth. Having this kind of gun is illegal in Italy; he must have smuggled it in when he entered the country.

Equipment: Kevlar hoodie, Old and modern Bracers, notepad, Assassin notebook.

Kevlar hoodie: A new, high grade Kevlar fashioned into a white and red hooded zip-up sweater. The Kevlar used to make this article of clothing is a relatively new development in military technology: reducing the impact of most high-velocity bullets to nothing more than a strong shove while being as flexible as fabric. It's generally assumed that the European Underground managed to get a hold of some of it, with Saito trading for some in exchange for some secrets on some of Abstergo's more dubious deeds. Saito (somehow) stores most of his equipment in its pockets or underneath it whenever he isn't in combat.

Health: ******

Resistance: ******** (unbreakable)

Old and Modern Bracers: the two bracers that came with Saito's hidden blades. Though mismatched, Saito really doesn't care about fashion so long as they protect his arms during melee combat. The old one is made of leather plated with steel, and can be adjusted with a drawstring. The modern one is made of Kevlar, and could be adjusted with Velcro straps. Both sport the assassin insignia on them. Whenever he takes them off, which is usually when he is in a civilian persona, he usually hides his hidden blades with splints and bandages.

Health: **

Resistance: ******** (unbreakable)

Notepad: a regular notepad that Saito uses to take down investigation notes. He often archives his notes in his journal after an investigation.

A/N: well, I guess the first chapter for this project is done. Please review! Also, I will reflect on Saito's history much later in the story, so stay tuned.