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Chapter eight

The CONVEE landed on the island once more and the doors opened. Siri and Kyra stepped out as the sun's last rays were dying and looked at their home happily. It seemed that once the hunters got the clouded leopard and the striped cheetah, they had left the place alone. Turning back to the family in the vehicle they grinned.

"Thank you for all your help." Kyra said, moving forward to embrace Eliza. "If not for you, who knows how long we would have been in that zoo."

"If not for us, you wouldn't have been in the zoo in the first place." Marianne said guiltily. "We're terribly sorry for the trouble we've caused you."

Siri sighed. "It's alright. It seems the hunters have left now since we're the only ones of our kind. Just, be careful what you film because we may be the only ones of our species, but there are others like us. Just be careful, alright?"

The family nodded and rode away. Siri and Kyra climbed the mountain to their home and collapsed on the furs.

"It's good to be home." Kyra said, snuggling into Siri's side.

Siri chuckled and threw an arm around Kyra's waist. "I know. Do you think the animals missed us?"

A sudden cheer from the cave entrance answered her question. "You're back!" all of the animals on the island shouted, running over and hugging the girls.

Alexander grinned down at them. "How did you escape?"

"Eliza and her family helped us get out of the zoo." Siri replied, rubbing noses with a chipmunk.

"Well, good. Did you forgive them?"

"Yes, I did. They weren't meaning any harm; they just wanted to inform the world on new animals. Everything else was collateral damage." Alexander nodded and the animals soon left so that the girls could get some sleep.

"That was nice." Kyra murmured.

"Indeed." Siri agreed, yawning as she and Kyra curled underneath their furs. "Have sweet dreams Kyra."

"I love you too Siri." Kyra murmured, falling into sleep with Siri close behind.

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