Title: Bloody Red Roses

Rating: T

Summary: he wasn't the only person who thanked you, was he? Written for the Paint It Red December 2011 Challenge.

Characters: Red John, Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon

Spoilers: Set after 4x10

Word Count: 323

Author's Note: I want to thank frogster for the title for my new collection of one-shots and drabbles. :)

When Patrick Jane remembered his tragic past via your hand; he wasn't the only person who thanked you, was he?

Your precious team, of course, was extremely thankful for the return of the so-called "better" Jane. They didn't hear the full story from you of how he was returned to his old self, because you felt horrible—almost as if you had killed an innocent, happy creature and had thrived off it—so, you merely accepted the gratitude with a thinly veiled smile, and you bottled up the truth.

Patrick Jane, on the other hand, applauded you for your manipulation—for you did learn from the best— and for the week after his memory had returned, you found little trinkets of appreciation on your desk; origami animals, bear claws, warm coffee but it didn't stop the guilt—you remember his last words to you about being "happy", what kind of a person (let alone friend) steals happiness?—so you brushed off his many thanks with a simple "no problem".

Out of everybody who thanked you—you never quite expected the man who had caused so much heartache and pain, to thank you either.

For one week exactly, after Jane had remembered, you found a vase of blood red roses on your desk and attached was a simple white card.

The white card held his signature; the bloody smiley face, too small to be drawn in blood—probably sketched in red ink—and you do not need to be Patrick Jane to understand that his intended message isn't death.

His message is thank you, and suddenly you feel less guilty—less horrible.

You quickly dump the flowers, but keep the card for yourself—just to remind yourself that if you hadn't manipulated the game, if you hadn't killed his happiness by taking him back to Malibu—one of you could—would—have died.

And you would do anything to keep him alive, wouldn't you?