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(10, 9)

Louis was running. Nobody noticed. Nobody cared, for they all were too caught up in their own business, on this night of nights to worry about one other, no matter how desperate. Families with children were heading home, having seen the children's show early in the night. If it were any other time, Louis would have been awestruck by the view in front of him. (Have to find her, have to tell her.)


"Let's play a game, Lou. Close your eyes, Lou. You can open them in a minute, Lou."

"59, 60." The note fluttered in the wind, only weighed down by a stray stone: 'Find me, Lou.'


Looking down on the mass of people, with pop beats blasting through hundreds of speakers all throughout the city, there was a ripple through the blackness, barely visible, unless you were looking for that something in particular. (Luckily, that girl on the hillside knew exactly what to look for.) Liza started to smile.



"So. Wha- What now?"

"Well, Rose and Scorpius will get over themselves, and we'll have to suffer the PDA, because Lucy will take refuge in the library, due to OWLs, the silly girl, who studies nowadays? And you and I? Well, what do you think?"


"Tag, you're it."

To her credit, Liza didn't even flinch or turn around. She already knew that voice. "Only took you two hours, Lou."

Louis didn't miss the sarcasm. "You ran a long way away. But I found you. I'll always find you."

"Because that's not creepy a-"

"You left. Why'd you leave?" The confusion in his eyes was evident as he helped the girl up.

She turned to face him, away from the iconic harbour.

"Because I hoped you'd come find me." She turned around just in time to see the first bright colours against a midnight sky.


All around, declarations of love were being exchanged, but a pair linked arms, sat back, and watched the colours explode among the stars.


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