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Chapter One

Deep in the Ministry of Magic, below the Department of Mysteries, were the court rooms of the British Ministry. In one of the largest rooms, the Wizengamot, the jury of the Wizarding World made up of mostly old Pureblood families, sat. At the center of the room, sitting in a chair with chains on its armrests that would tie a prisoner in place most of the time, was the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

Today, the day after the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland returned home, was the day the Wizengamot voted on whether or not Minister Fudge kept his job. Of course, everyone knew the answer including the man himself, but this was a formality that had to be kept.

After spending an entire year after being given true evidence denying that Lord Voldemort had returned, Cornelius Fudge was forced to admit he had been wrong as Albus Dumbledore had dueled the Dark Lord himself in the Ministry of Magic Atrium right in front of the Minister. That was a year that could have been spent preparing for war, but instead, it had been spent discrediting Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts among many other positions and titles, and Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived and the one who had seen Lord Voldemort come back at the loss of a friend's life.

No, there was no doubt of the outcome of this meeting in the courtrooms.

"Cornelius Fudge," Albus Dumbledore called as Chief Warlock, the head of the Wizengamot, "it has been unanimously agreed upon that you are no longer the Minister of Magic. The vote of No Confidence has been passed. Now, Mr. Fudge, it's time for you to leave so that the Wizengamot may vote on your replacement."

Ex-Minister Fudge slowly stood and left the courtroom, his shoulders slumped in his defeat.

"Do we have any nominations for someone among our own number?" Dumbledore called to the assembled group. One person raised her hand. "Yes?"

An older woman known as Augusta Longbottom stood and called out in a strong voice, "I nominate Amelia Bones."

"Is the nomination seconded?" Dumbledore asked.

"Seconded!" another man called from the group, not bothering to stand.

"Very well, are there any other nominations, both in and out of the assembled?" Dumbledore asked, looking around. Not a single person spoke up. "Very well, all in favor of making Amelia Bones Minister of Magic raise your hands."

Every single hand in the room besides those of Amelia Bones and Albus Dumbledore went up. Dumbledore looked as if he had expected the outcome while Amelia Bones was just shocked by the popularity she hadn't realized she had.

"Unanimously voted by the Wizengamot, Madam Amelia Bones is now Minister Amelia Bones!" Dumbledore told the group, and there was clapping from most of the group as Amelia stood to accept her new position.

The rest of that quickly eventful day was full of action brought about by Minister Amelia Bones. She was among the few to know the true damage that had been done over the years by ex-Minister Fudge, and now she was going to expose it to the rest of Magical Britain.

Within hours of ascending to her new post, Minister Bones had over fifty people arrested on the charge of being Marked Death Eaters, most from within the Ministry and the rest from the Wizengamot itself. Over one-hundred-and-fifty workers from the Ministry were fired for supporting the Dark Lord while another hundred were arrested for working towards being Marked or helping him. Those fired were to be watched, arrested at the first sight of helping the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Money was instantly transferred from the less-important departments to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, where Amelia Bones had been the Director just hours before. Letters were sent out for new recruits to the Aurors, though only Amelia Bones, Auror Samuel Davis, and Auror Nymphadora Tonks knew that none would be from the seventh years fresh out of Hogwarts as those students were being recruited elsewhere.

Minister Bones put great thought into her replacement as the Director of the DMLE, talking to a few close and trusted friends, before deciding that Auror Samuel Davis would take her place while Auror Rufus Scrimgeour would do better to keep his place as Head of the Auror Corps. Very few recognized the significance of giving Samuel Davis this new position, but quite soon the reasoning would become obvious.

The next few hours after those decisions were made, Minister Bones and Samuel Davis were locked up in her office with files and books full of the laws of the Ministry of Magic. Their discussion centered on the laws that disgusted or horrified the pair as a special pile was quickly made. That pile of laws would be very quickly discarded, most likely within the next two or three days at the most.

When the clock struck eight o'clock in the evening, newly made Minister and Director shrunk the books and files they had yet to go through along with the special pile and their list of a few extra laws before using the Minister's Floo to head out for the night, both going to the same destination, though very few knew that.

"You both are home late," Daniella Davis commented as she gave her husband, Samuel, a kiss while Amelia Bones used her wand to get the soot off of herself.

"Is everyone here?" Amelia asked, ignoring the comment.

"Yes, everyone is here and waiting for news," Daniella said, her brow furrowed in confusion and worry.

"We have some very important news, Dani," Samuel Davis told her as he led the way to the living room of Marauder Manor, where they all lived under a Fidelius Charm for safety.

In the living room, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Daniel Greengrass, Samantha Greengrass, Augusta Longbottom, Xenophilius Lovegood, Fleur Delacour, Nymphadora Tonks, and a group of teenagers sat around on the various couches and chairs as well as the floor. The teens were many in number, and most of them had three-fold books in their laps or on the various tables of the room, Muggle pencils in hand as they wrote.

Harry Potter sat on a couch next to Tracey Davis, whom most viewed as his twin in everything but blood, while Tracey's boyfriend Theodore Nott, known as Theo to his friends, sat on her other side. Neville Longbottom sat beside his grandmother, a small smile on his face at something he was reading in the odd book in front of him. Susan Bones, Amelia's niece, was sitting with her best friend, Hannah Abbott, on the floor.

Daphne Greengrass was sharing a desk with Blaise Zabini; their friends were all waiting for the pair to finally begin dating as they had been walking around each other for years, even after going to the Yule Ball together their fourth year. Daphne's younger sister Astoria had her head on the shoulder of one Draco Black, formerly Draco Malfoy until the summer prior, both looking at Draco's silver book; they had been dating since Christmas Break, though Daphne was often heard commenting that she was thankful they rarely showed it in public.

The final teen, Luna Lovegood, sat cross-legged on the floor by her father's feet, staring up into the air rather than at the book in her lap, pencil sitting behind her ear.

More teenagers were expected to be joining the group within the week along with their families, but the number already there was plenty for the adults at the moment. Except for Luna and Astoria, all of the teens had just finished their fifth year at Hogwarts and were either sixteen or would be by the end of the summer, going into their second-to-last year at the magical school. Luna was a year younger than the eldest while Astoria was a year younger than Luna.

"You're finally home," Harry commented as he looked up from his emerald-green book known as a Journal, the first to spot the newly-arrived adults. "What happened at the Wizengamot?" he asked, putting aside his Journal and looking a lot more attentive. His main goal for after finishing at Hogwarts was to accept his seat on the Wizengamot and do some good in the Wizarding World, so any news interested him.

"A lot more than we were expecting," Samuel said as he collapsed onto a couch, Daniella joining him while Amelia had already taken an empty armchair and had an arm over her eyes. "Fudge is out of office."

Samuel was forced to be quiet as the teens all cheered loudly. Ex-Minister Fudge had been the cause of most of their troubles that past year at Hogwarts, so to hear justice being done was just what they wanted to hear.

"And," Samuel called over their cheers to quiet them, "Amelia is the new Minister."

Silence fell over the room for a moment before everyone began congratulating Amelia, Susan jumping up to hug her aunt. It took many minutes for the room to quiet down, most of that time spent commenting on how she would do great and that they now had a competent Minister and more congratulations.

"One of my first actions was to give Samuel my old position as Director of the DMLE," Amelia finally said, and that started the noise all over again, this time Harry and Tracey joining Daniella in hugging Samuel.

"After allocating a large sum of money towards the DMLE for Samuel, I spent most of the morning finding and arresting Death Eaters, use of Veritaserum permitted and mandatory," she continued once there was quiet. "Fifty Marked Death Eaters were found in the Ministry and Wizengamot while over a hundred and fifty others were arrested with another hundred fired with a close watch being kept on them."

There was a stunned silence at these words, which allowed Amelia to continue easily.

"Samuel and I then spent the next few hours working together to go through the newest laws and work backwards through them. Every single law made in the past year will be thrown out tomorrow along with many made in the five years prior to that. Before then only a few met our approval since Fudge came to power, though his predecessor was not much better. We'll be spending the next two or three days just going through the laws to find the ones that are good."

"A few can be changed to be better," Samuel added. "The basic idea behind some laws is sound, but others added to the original content over the years and made them just horrific to look at, like werewolf laws." Samuel nodded in Remus's direction as he was their residential werewolf. "We'll get many of the laws on werewolves revoked and set up a few extra clauses to them until after the war when we can really sit back and work on the various laws."

"Maybe by then Neville, Draco, Theo, and I will be in the Wizengamot and can deal with those," Harry commented, and the three boys mentioned nodded in agreement.

"That may very well happen, Harry," Amelia said, "which is why we want all of you kids planning on going into law to help us with this. It will allow you to have a basic understanding of what you'll have to work with."

"We should wait to do this until Hermione is here in two days," Tracey stated. "She's most definitely going into law in some way after Hogwarts, so she really needs to see this."

"We'll leave those laws until next week to change at the Wizengamot," Samuel decided as he and Amelia shared looks. "That way we'll have most of the teens here to help out when we start in three days' time. For now, Amelia and I will concentrate on getting completely rid of some of these, like the Educational Decrees made this year."

As the teens applauded at that news, the adults shared looks that very few of the teens caught, though Harry was one of them. It obviously spoke of their feelings at how grown up he and his friends were along with how much they were trying to be part of the future of the Wizarding World, already helping with laws and the Wizengamot. Harry knew none of the adults liked it, but it was something all had come to resignedly accept.

"Samuel, have you met with the seventh years?" Amelia asked suddenly, stopping most of the happy chatter between the teens.

"Most want to continue formal training with the Aurors and will join until only at the end of the war, though many asked if it could be part-time so that they could pursue other jobs. Some said they would continue training on their own, but want become Healers instead. All wish to help in the war effort, though, and a few are offering services in different ways such as providing supplies for the Weasley twins at lower prices or for free or by spending a few hours a week working with those who need it, even agreeing to train new recruits not from Hogwarts."

"That means we'll have another forty Aurors along with another fifteen or so others willing to help in other ways?" Amelia asked to be sure, but Harry knew her math was correct. He had asked the seventh years himself near the end of the school year if they would be willing to join a special Auror force or help in other ways, hearing suggestions for how they could all help.

"That's about right, yes," Samuel agreed.

"I'm sure the Weasley twins will find plenty of ways to use supplies and helpers both for their joke shop and for creating new ideas," Remus mused with an amused smile on his face.

"Oh, the twins will have their classmates making their pranks for the shop while the pair use that extra time they'll suddenly have to invent new ideas, both for the war and their shop," Blaise stated. "It's what they'd do along with their third member," he added, pointing at Tracey and Harry, referring to Ginny Weasley. Tracey and Harry just shared a look before shrugging, unable to deny it.

"Well, the extra Aurors will help in the long run," Daniel Greengrass commented, "as will the twins' products. For now, though, I believe we should let Amelia and Samuel find some food and perhaps something strong to drink after such a long, trying day."

The grateful pair stood and went with the other adults into the kitchen before going into the dining room, where Harry knew they would continue to talk. In the living room, however, teens quickly claimed the abandoned couches and chairs, Journals in hand.

Looking down at his own Journal, Harry had to smile slightly, running a finger long the silver lining on the outside of the Journal that marked him as the Slytherin leader of his year. Susan and Astoria also had lining on their Journals; Astoria's lining was emerald green and silver while Susan's was black and yellow.

Placing a finger on the leftmost fold of his Journal, Harry watched as it activated. About half of the school was using the Journals at the moment, though Harry knew that, except for his closest friends, the other Journals were all black, some with colored lining.

Peeking in on various conversations told Harry that the discussions varied from homework to Quidditch to plans for the summer to the happenings at the Ministry. Very few knew of the news, but tomorrow the Journals would be teeming with conversations about Amelia Bones and Cornelius Fudge, many most likely asking after Dolores Umbridge as well.

Oh, it seemed the students of Hogwarts were all looking forward to the day when Umbridge reaped what was coming to her after all she had put them through that year. Everyone knew about the Blood Quills she had been forcing various students to use, most of them Muggle-born after Harry had scared her by recognizing the quill, throughout the year for detention. She had been torturing the students for detention.

Unfortunately for Madam Umbridge, she had absolutely no idea that Amelia Bones had been collecting evidence against her all year in the form of memories, sheets of parchment, pictures, and even Blood Quills from the detentions along with many other things she had done that year. None of this was even mentioning the things she had done before arriving at Hogwarts.

Madam Umbridge would never see the light of day again once Amelia Bones was done with her. That much Harry knew was fact.

Her first full day as Minister, Amelia Bones called a meeting of the full Wizengamot. The members supported striking an enormous number of prejudicial laws from the books so quickly that the Minister was able to call for the trial of Dolores Umbridge to be held in two days' time.

Various people from the Wizengamot could be heard muttering about the new Minister, but none were upset because she was making amazing progress in just the first two days. They could all see that Amelia Bones meant business as she tore away the mess Fudge had left behind for her, cleaning it up as she went.

Many departments of the Ministry found themselves with new goals or gone that day and the next, the workers given a week to either leave the Ministry or find another department to work in. Some departments suddenly received more workers and money while others lost part of their funding as it could be better used elsewhere.

Supporters of Fudge quit their jobs in protest at the new Minister while others tried to fight with Minister Bones until she fired and replaced them.

Muggle-borns were suddenly given better jobs rather than the low-end stuff like secretarial work or other jobs that they shouldn't be doing as they were more than qualified for the higher jobs. It seemed to Amelia that the Purebloods had used their power and money to get other Purebloods and Half-Bloods jobs over the Muggle-borns where they could, and she was anything but pleased.

By the morning of Umbridge's trial, the Ministry of Magic had already been cleaned up more than most believed could happen in a decade, let alone four days. A few new laws had been implemented, mostly about how to fight the Dark Lord and his followers, while mostly laws had been completely scrapped, found to be worthless or just horrendous.

As the Wizengamot settled down for the trial of one Dolores Umbridge, they were shocked to see that most of the public audience was students of all ages from Hogwarts, all proudly wearing their school cloaks with their House seals obvious on the left side of their chests. The glares and dirty looks being shot at Madam Umbridge worried the Wizengamot, making them wonder what she had done during her tenure at the school that made even eleven-year-olds detest her so much.

Near the front of the students watching, sat Harry and his friends. Maya and Graham Pritchard, Natalie MacDonald, Hermione Granger, and Justin Finch-Fletchley had joined them at Marauder Manor with their parents, except for the Pritchards and MacDonalds, who allowed their three children to stay with the group as long as they wrote letters to them each day.

The large group of teens was sitting there, just staring at Umbridge with blank faces, only their eyes showing how they felt about her with their icy stares.

Samuel Davis was the one chosen to lead the prosecution against Madam Umbridge, so he was sitting at the front of the Wizengamot with all of the evidence, Professor Albus Dumbledore next to him to control the trial while Minister Bones was on Professor Dumbledore's other side.

"This is the trial of one Madam Dolores Umbridge," Professor Dumbledore announced to bring about silence to the room. "As the accused is already here, we may begin. Madam Dolores Umbridge has chosen to defend herself. Director Davis?"

Samuel stood and looked down upon the woman whose arms were pulling slightly at the chains wrapped around them to keep her in her chair. His eyes were hard, and those that truly knew the man could tell he was absolutely furious with her.

"Madam Umbridge, you have been brought here today because you have been charged with use of illegal of dark objects, use of dark objects on minors, abuse of positions, accepting bribes, and purposely causing trouble, among other, lesser charges. How do you plead?" Samuel began.

"Not guilty!" she yelled, looking angry.

"Now I will present the evidence," Samuel informed the room. "The accusation of the use of dark objects is the most severe, so we will begin with that. First, we have the accused objects, brought to Minister Bones when she was still Director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement by many students from Hogwarts throughout the most recent school year."

Samuel pulled out his wand and a bag from inside his cloak, waving his wand to send the contents of the small bag floating above and in front of Madam Umbridge, visible for all to see. The black quills were quite recognizable to those who knew of them, and many students watching the proceedings looked as if they wished to pull out their own wands to destroy the offending objects, but they held themselves back.

Members of the Wizengamot cried out in outrage as they figured out what Samuel was insinuating had occurred while Madam Umbridge was heard denying the quills were hers and that the students were nasty little liars.

Once Professor Dumbledore had returned order to the courtroom, Samuel continued, "We have sheets of parchment written on in blood by various students, some with only one line and some covering it completely. Over twenty students turned in evidence, many more than once."

With another wave of his wand, scrolls of parchment joined the quills, magically unrolling and spinning around slowly so that the red words were visible, even if they couldn't be read from that distance. More outrage came of this, but Professor Dumbledore restored order quickly.

"Pictures of red skin, obviously from a Blood Quill, taken from each student. Some Muggle-born students even have faint scars of the words written as they did not know what the quills were until told by friends raised in our world." The pictures quickly joined the rest of the evidence above Umbridge.

"Auror Tonks has a Pensieve that will project above rather than requiring us to go into it," Samuel continued before more cries could be uttered. "Please, bring it out, Auror Tonks."

Tonks was quite easily visible with her pink hair as she brought out the stone bowl and placed it on a conjured table before walking towards Samuel, who passed her multiple vials of silver memories. She then walked back to the Pensieve and deposited the memories into it and waited.

"These memories were personally drawn by Minister Bones when she held my position, and all have been checked by the Department of Mysteries and have been found to be authentic. Since being checked three days ago, I have not let them out of my sight. Let us see only five people being forced through a detention with Madam Umbridge this year."

Harry knew that his memory of being forced to use the Blood Quill would be last as it had already been decided it would make the most impact. He also knew that a few Muggle-born first and second years had agreed to allow their memories to be shown at the trial as long as their parents didn't find out about it; they wanted to stay at Hogwarts, after all.

The viewing began with the second years, then a couple of first years, and finally Harry's memories. Many people were screaming in outrage from the first and second years alone, but the moment they saw Harry in the final memory, almost the entire Wizengamot was on their feet in outrage, which only got worse when they heard he had been forced to write "I must respect my betters" when it was obvious Dolores Umbridge was anything but his better.

"Those children were misbehaving and needed to be punished," Umbridge protested. "Many were telling vicious lies, and how else were they to learn? The Minister ordered me to Hogwarts to bring about order! The students weren't doing what they should have been, so I was teaching them their places and a lesson! I was only following orders." It appeared Madam Umbridge didn't realize that her own words were just digging her grave that much deeper.

Samuel had Tonks add memories of various other things Umbridge had done at Hogwarts to the Pensieve. In addition he showed the various Decrees she had used her position to make which only added fuel to the fire that was being figuratively set beneath Umbridge. The woman who had gone pale and silent as the evidence was made known. It did not help when Minister Bones stood and spoke of other injustices that had been brought about by Umbridge's actions and decisions.

In the end, the decision was unanimous: Guilty. Her sentence? A trip through the Veil in the Department of Mysteries.

Not even the most peaceful witches and wizards on the Wizengamot disagreed. They believed she earned nothing less than that after all she had done, most wishing they could do worse.

Before the toad could be led from the room, though, the students of Hogwarts in the audience were asked if they wished to have a single person speak for them all, both to the Wizengamot and Umbridge. Every head turned to Harry, who sighed but stood, jumping over the wooden banister in front of him to drop to the floor where Umbridge was, his knees bending to break his landing. He heard a few cries from the adults throughout the room until they saw he was perfectly unharmed by his short fall.

Once he was standing in front of Umbridge, Harry spoke to the Wizengamot, "Thank you for your decision. Believe me when I say you would be hard-pressed to find a single student from Hogwarts this past year not pleased with her punishment." He then turned to face the woman who had made Hogwarts a nightmare that his fifth year.

"Madam Umbridge, you took Hogwarts, a place that is like a second home to so many people in Magical Britain, and turned it into a prison. Our lives were full of anger and fear as we were forced to survive detention, docked points, a horrible Defense class, and you. It would not surprise me if many of the first years do not return after their experiences this past year. You made a place of dreams into a place of nightmares.

"I hope you're pleased with the results of your actions."

Harry then moved away from the woman, but then stopped and looked back at her, an odd gleam in his eye that only the students and his friends recognized. A slight smirk appeared on his lips before he spoke once more.

"By the way, did you enjoy your gifts as Headmistress?"

As Harry walked towards the stairs leading to his seat, a smirk on his face, he heard Umbridge scream in fear and outrage behind him.

The message had been received.

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