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Ladies Vs CDC

Chapter 1 – Meeting With Miss Munroe


The strong aroma of coffee overwhelms me as I walk into Starbucks. I flop down into one of the couches at a small table, waiting. It's been a long walk! Just a few minutes ago, I got a call from my best friend, Tawni, asking me to meet her here. To this moment, I don't know why I agreed; I'm not usually one to just agree to something so quickly. I'm more of a planner – but right now, I'm just curious!

"Hey, Sonny!" I hear Tawni's voice call out. I smile as she walks over to me, followed by two other girls I don't recognise. Well, she is a famous supermodel, so these girls are probably her new assistants or some part of her uncountable entourage – I'm used to people like that hovering around whenever I meet up with her. The three of them sit down around the table, staring at me.

"Hi!" I say cheerfully, in an attempt to break the silence.

Tawni grins, and begins to speak. "Sonny, I'd like you to meet my new friends. This is Penelope." She gestures to at the girl on her right, who has long brown hair, and an angry glare on her face, along with a lot of make-up. She's dressed in denim shorts and a tank top, with massive heels.

"Hello," Penelope says simply.

"Hey; nice to meet you!" I smile, being my usual happy self. I hold out my hand, but she just stares at it, so I give up. Meany.

"And this is Chastity," Tawni says, looking over at the girl on her left. She has lighter brown hair, and looks like a simple person. She's wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and ballet pumps. I say hi to her, and she says hi back. She seems much nicer than Penelope. "So, you're probably wondering why I called you here, aren't you?" Tawni asks me.

"Yeah…" I nod. I really don't know, and I want to find out!

"Well, we need your help," she replies. She has that evil look on her face – I wonder what help she wants from me!

"With what?" I ask, curious.

"We want you to cheat the cheater. Play the player. Crush the crusher," Tawni says, still smiling evilly.

"What?" I ask, confused.

"We need you to be a target. Basically, the three of us know this guy. He's dated and dumped us all in the past, and now, we want revenge!" she replies, obviously proud of her plan. Interesting…

"They talked me into it…" Chastity murmurs, looking down at the table.

"Shut up! No wonder he managed to fool you so easily. You're so naïve," Penelope sneers at her. I feel sorry for the poor girl – Penelope seems really mean. But really, Chastity does seem even more innocent than me! And I've been told I'm very innocent.

"So, what exactly do you want me to do?" I ask curiously.

"We want you to be his next target," Tawni replies.

"Oh. But, why me?" I ask. I'm not lazy or anything. It's just that, Tawni's a supermodel! She has a lot of devious friends who can probably pull off this plan much more easily than I can, so why is she asking me to help? Besides the fact that she knows I go out of my way to be helpful, I'm still not too sure.

"Because you're Sonny! And how many guys have asked you out in the past month?" she argues. A lot of guys do ask me out… I don't know why – there's nothing that great about me. I'm a boring, average girl: average looks, average style; just, simply, average. What do they see in me anyway? I don't understand how guys' minds work.

"I… I lost count," I say sheepishly, and Penelope starts glaring at me again. If looks could kill, I'd probably drop dead right now.

"Exactly! People just love you! So, please, can you help us get revenge on him?" Tawni asks, pleading.

"I don't know… How long will this take?" I ask.

"We don't know. We don't even know where the hell he is, now. He dumped me last week, and then ran off," Penelope explains quickly.

"I'm not usually the kind of person who expects something in return for her help, but what's in it for me? I mean, if you guys need to find him and don't know how long this'll take, I'll have to take time off work and stuff…" I say unsurely. I hate taking time off work – even though I only work in a small clothing store (and somehow manage to become employee of the month, every month), I do love my job.

"We'll pay you double, to compensate for your time off work," Tawni says. It obviously wouldn't be a problem for her, since she's rich. And they just aren't going to give me a chance to refuse, are they?

"Just out of curiosity, who was this guy?" I ask. I might even know him; I do know a lot of people, you see.

"His name was Chad Dylan Cooper. And he was the worst boyfriend ever," Tawni replies, angrily. The name is unfamiliar, which is probably good for me.

"We've all had our separate encounters with him, and they've all ended in disaster. And that's why we need your help to crush him like he crushed us," Penelope adds, also sounding angry.

"He made me think he loved me, but then he broke my heart…" Chastity says. She, however, sounds upset rather than angry. I'd actually forgotten she was even here, seeing as she was so quiet.

"Honey, he did that to the rest of us too," Penelope says, glaring at her.

"What did he actually do, though?" I ask, still curious. If I'm going to help them, I need to know all the background information beforehand!

"Chastity, since he met you first, you should tell your story first," Tawni says.

"Okay…" Chastity stutters, and we all listen carefully as she starts her story.

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