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Modern day science was incredible. Engineering just about every field had been advanced and new discoveries made. For instance, in recent years, the number of male pregnancies in the world had dramatically increased from zilch to the point where they were now nearly as common as female pregnancies. The revolution of male pregnancy had a positive effect on the female community. Many women were satisfied that men would now have a much better understanding of what they had to endure when carrying and birthing a child. Of course, male pregnancy only occurred in male/male couples or whenever two males did the deed. And despite the increase in numbers and rarity to common occurrence status, the idea of being pregnant had never even occurred to one Kurt Hummel-Anderson.

The twenty-seven-year old fashion designer and performer was currently in the kitchen of the eight million dollar mansion he shared with his husband Blaine making tea. They were perhaps the only rich couple in the neighborhood who simply refused to hire any staff so regardless of having this massive house to themselves they still did everything independently. It was fifteen minutes after six in the morning.

Kurt checked his watch and walked slowly out of the kitchen, coming to stop in front of the stairs. "Blaine!" he called up in as loud a voice as he could manage. He coughed slightly and frowned at the strange sudden wave of nausea that stirred in the bit of his stomach. The teakettle in the kitchen started to whistle. "Blaine! If you don't hurry up we're going to miss our flight!" he called, traipsing back into the kitchen with a hand pressed lightly to his stomach. Within seconds, the nausea subsided and Kurt thought nothing more of it, shaking it off as an odd occurrence.

He was just pouring himself a cup of the steaming hot tea when his husband entered the kitchen straightening the bow tie that he was wearing and pecking Kurt on the cheek. Kurt gave him a sort of half grin and Blaine helped himself to the tea, picking up the paper and glancing at it before tossing it back on the counter. He crossed his legs and leaned against the island in the middle of the kitchen. "What's been up with you lately?" he asked in a concerned voice. Kurt just looked at him for several long moments. "You're really tense Kurt. You need to relax. Our flight isn't due to leave until twenty after ten. That's four hours yet," he said, trying to keep his voice calm. He sipped the tea.

"Yes, and it will take us at least an hour to get to the airport. I'm sorry Blaine, but you know I want to be at the airport at least two hours before departure. There's no telling how security is going to be," he said, plucking the toast that had just popped up from the toaster out and handing a slice to Blaine who wrinkled his nose. "Don't look at it like that. Dry toast is good for you. Besides, my stomach's a little upset this morning." The concern returned to Blaine's face and he opened his mouth to protest Kurt's condition but the taller man gave him one of his famous bitch glares and Blaine said nothing.

Both men devoured their toast and tea in silence and headed out to the entrance hall where their suitcases waited. Kurt felt a fresh gurgling of nausea in his stomach but kept quiet. He didn't want to give Blaine a reason to think they should call the trip off. The older man went to start dragging the luggage out to the car but Blaine shook his head. "No love. Let me handle that. You call your parents and let them know that we are heading to the airport now," he said. Kurt looked ready to protest but Blaine shook his head and he gave in.

The twenty-seven-year-old tightened his coat around his slim figure, pulled his cell phone from his pocket, and headed out the door. He quickly speed dialed the number of his parents' house back in Ohio, knowing that it was three hours later there as the couple currently resided in Los Angeles, California, both having made a breakout scene in Hollywood. Not exactly what Kurt's dreams had covered when he'd been in high school but who was he to complain? And with Rachel in New York on Broadway, he didn't really have to compete with her anymore.

"Hello?" said a voice on the other end of the phone and Kurt was surprised to discover that his stepbrother Finn had answered. For a moment, he stood there slightly puzzled. Why was Finn answering the phone? He and Rachel weren't due to fly in to Ohio for another day yet. They were all flying in to celebrate Burt and Carole's wedding anniversary. Kurt was just glad he and Blaine had found the time. He shook those thoughts off and tried to remain unconfused. Good thing he could act.

"Finn?" he asked, surprise etching his voice. His stomach churned again and Kurt placed a hand over it. "What are you doing there? I thought you and Rachel weren't flying in until tomorrow?" he went on. Finn's sigh on the other end of the line told Kurt immediately that something was wrong. "What happened?" he asked as concern filled his voice. Blaine came out of the house just than and proceeded to place their suitcases in the trunk of the car.

There was silence and another sigh before Finn replied. "Rachel and I are having problems Kurt," he said. Kurt frowned. They were having problems? Blaine gave him a concerned look as he shut the trunk and came around to Kurt's side of the car to open the door for him. "She decided that it was more important for her to stay and do her show than miss a few night's to help us celebrate. We got into a fight so I finally called the airline and canceled the original package. I got a one person round trip flight instead and left earlier. I got in last night."

Kurt could feel the anger start to mix with the nausea in his stomach as he climbed into the car. "You're kidding? Is she that obsessed about being a star that she can't give her understudy a chance to shine?" he spat, biting his lip to prevent himself from growing at the uneasiness in his stomach. Yelling was not doing him any favors. Blaine had gotten in the car and was putting the key in the ignition. He stopped and looked over at Kurt who waved a hand at him and pointed down the long drive to the gate, indicating to get going. The shorter man sighed and did as his husband indicated. "Finn, she's being selfish," Kurt said into the phone.

Finn let another sigh drift from his end of the phone. "I know Kurt. But this is Rachel we're talking about here. I don't know what to do anymore." Kurt frowned on his end sure that Finn was probably shaking his head right at the moment. "I'm just glad that the kids have already been here since we sent them here a few weeks ago." Kurt nodded and realized that Finn couldn't see him.

"Don't worry Finn, we're there for you," he said. Finn muttered a thank you and see you when you get here and the two of them hung up. Blaine quickly glanced over at Kurt who merely said, "Rachel bailed," and shook his head, turning out of the driveway and onto the busy street, making headway for the airport.


A few hours later, Blaine and Kurt were seated comfortably on the plane. Normally, Kurt would have taken the window seat, but given the fact that he was feeling slightly nauseous and had actually thrown up in the bathroom while they were waiting to board – a fact Kurt hadn't bothered to tell Blaine – he opted for the aisle seat instead, allowing his husband to sit beside the window. Blaine found this curious but Kurt wouldn't elaborate. He didn't want him to worry. He was just glad first class didn't have three seats to a row on each side of the aisle like coach did.

After take off, everything seemed to be going quite smoothly. That was until an hour into the flight. Kurt had his hand resting on his stomach and his eyes were shut. He was trying to will away the nausea but told Blaine that he hadn't slept as well the previous night and just wanted a little extra sleep. A part of him was sure that his husband didn't believe him but he didn't protest and let Kurt be, placing headphones in his ears and turning his attention to the little screen on the back of the seat in front of him, indulging himself in the plane's collection of television shows and movies that passengers could purchase to watch, long as they had a credit card.

But after that first hour of the flight, Kurt's eyes shot open and he hastily unbuckled his seatbelt, clamping his hand to his mouth and rushing to the bathroom located at the front end of the plane. Blaine caught every second of his husband's urgent movements and immediately paused the movie he had been watching. Pulling the headphones out of his ears, he unbuckled his seat belt and made his way to the front bathroom door. He raised a hand to knock when he heard the unmistakable sound of retching coming from the other side of the door.

"Kurt?" he called. Inside the bathroom, Kurt froze, lean body bent at an odd angle to fit in the small confines of the airplane bathroom. He was embarrassed that he'd gotten sick on the plane and didn't even want to think about where the contents of his stomach were going to go when he flushed. He took several calming breaths, swallowing hard and hoping that he didn't retch again. "Kurt?" Blaine called again. A moment later, before Kurt could answer, a new voice joined him at the door.

"Is everything all right Mr. Hummel-Anderson?" It was one of the flight attendants. Kurt took the distraction to flush the toilet and wash his hands, rinsing out his mouth, which tasted horrible due to being suddenly sick. He couldn't ignore this anymore. Something was wrong and it wasn't just an upset stomach. He leaned against the door and shut his eyes. He could hear Blaine and the flight attendant speaking quietly on the other side of the door but he tried to tune them both out. What was he going to do? He had a bad feeling that this wasn't going to be the last time he got sick and he didn't want to keep running back and forth to this little bathroom the entire flight.

After what seemed like an eternity, he heard Blaine's voice again. "Kurt?" This time Kurt responded with a loud groan. He was no longer interested in keeping this from Blaine. "Kurt honey, an ambulance is going to pick you up when we get to Ohio," he said. Kurt's eyes shot open. No, no, no, no, he couldn't have that. He didn't want an ambulance to pick him up but he also knew that Blaine would be stubborn about this and Kurt didn't have any idea what was wrong.

"Blaine," he croaked out, finally opening the bathroom door and throwing himself into his husband's arms. He didn't have the words to say anything else. He didn't even have the strength to protest, which he normally would. He felt terrible. A bit dizzy and definitely very sick. What was going on with him?


Kurt was lucky that he hadn't thrown up the rest of the flight. Though that was probably because he really had nothing left to throw up. He'd spent the rest of the flight slowly sipping water and running to the bathroom only to come up with a dry retch a few times. He refused to eat anything, fearing that he would only end up purging it up later. And as Blaine had said, there was an ambulance at the airport in Ohio when they landed. They'd immediately taken Kurt to the hospital and Blaine had called Burt and told him and Carole to get there as fast as they could. He heard Finn protesting to let him come too but in the end, he was made to stay to watch his children. Apparently, Burt and Carole didn't think it would be a good idea to bring them to the hospital.

Now Kurt sat on an exam table, his arms wrapped tightly around him, a hospital gown covering his thin frame. A doctor had just finished running tests and examining him and now he and Blaine were meant to wait. He was not allowed to get dressed again until they knew whether he would need to stay in the hospital or not. All the while, his stomach churned its unease. Blaine sat in a chair beside him, his hand clutching Kurt's. Kurt's parents were out and waiting room, likely pacing and waiting for news. They hadn't been allowed back to the examine room.

"I'm scared Blaine," Kurt whispered. His husband squeezed his hand tightly and kissed the back of it. "What if something is seriously wrong with me? What if I've got some disease? What if I'm dying?" His words were choked with fear and Blaine didn't know how to respond to them. He just took his finger and lifted Kurt's chin, leaning up from his chair and kissing him gently. The feel of his husband's lips, warm against his own made Kurt shiver slightly and the melting feeling he got every time Blaine kissed him made him feel just a little better. Blaine pulled away.

"Don't worry Kurt, everything will be all right. We just have to stay positive," he said, trying his best not to cry. He wasn't going to lie. He was worried sick about his husband. What if those terrifying things Kurt mentioned were actually the truth? He stared up into Kurt's eyes, hazel melting into those beautiful blue-green orbs that he had fallen in love with ten years earlier.

"I don't want to die yet, Blaine," Kurt said. Those words made Blaine's heart break and he reached up and brushed some of Kurt's hair out of his face. The frantic purging had left his hair slightly tousled and out of place, a fact that for the first time in his life, Kurt was completely ignoring.

It was then that the doctor returned, carrying a clipboard with all of Kurt's information on it. There was something else both men noticed almost immediately. A very wide smile was plastered on the man's face. That could only mean he had good news. Kurt felt a little relieved. At least he wasn't going to die. Honestly, what doctor would be grinning like a mad man like this one was if Kurt was going to die? He glanced at Blaine, who although somewhat relieved with the expression on the doctor's face, was also very confused. How could anything that caused Kurt to be retching his insides up so suddenly be good news?

"Well Mr. Hummel-Anderson, I am going to prescribe you two things," he said. Kurt and Blaine exchanged glances and the doctor went to scribble away on a pad of paper that was probably a prescription pad. "The first is going to be nausea medicine. It should help your stomach feel better," he said. Again, Kurt and Blaine exchanged glances. That didn't really tell them much.

Blaine raised an eyebrow. "Nausea medicine? Really? We could've gotten that over the counter," he said, unimpressed. Why couldn't the doctor just tell them what was going on. The man was still grinning as he ripped off the prescription and handed it to Kurt.

"What's the second thing?" Kurt asked, ignoring Blaine's sudden frustration. The doctor's smile only increased at his question and Kurt became even more confused. He went back to work scribbling on his pad and said nothing for a moment. Finally, he ripped off the second sheet of paper and handed it to Kurt as well.

"Pre-natal vitamins," he said finally and both Kurt and Blaine stared at him with their mouths dropped open. "Congratulations Mr. Hummel-Anderson," the doctor went on. "You're going to a baby."

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