Percy sat in the back seat of Mr. Chase's hummer, while listening to Zoe and Thalia argue up front.

You're driving to slow! Thalia yelled.

It's not my fault you modern day humans can't drive fast without cramming at the very worst moment. Zoe said.

Can you two please stop arguing for five minutes? Percy said.

SHUT-UP! They both squawked.

When they were a few miles up they crammed up again in traffic.

Oh my Zeus why is this happening? Thalia said.

Perhaps thou should either do something or shut thee damn mouth! Zoe said.

Percy tugged at his ears when Thalia grabbed the wheel.

The two girls wrestled for control of the wheel when the hummer slid and crashed through a wall in the free-way then down a ditch luckily Percy used his powers to build a water wall to stop the hummer with minimal damage.

Well another fine privy thou has gotten us into. Zoe said.

Oh this is my fault, you said do something and I did! Thalia screamed.

Why does all thee half-bloods look up to you I shall never know. Zoe said.

And why all the hunters look up to you and how you became lieutenant I shall never know miss fussy bitches. Thalia said.

Zoe and Thalia began fighting when Percy broke them up by holding a bloodied napkin.

You know what this is? Blood I dint need to lose because two people can't get along! Percy said.

Well it's always about you isn't it? Thalia said.

Selfish boy. Zoe said.

Look we need to save Annabeth and this is slowing us down if not her what about Artemis or the world? Now both of you calm down or else! Percy said.

What are you gonna do spank us? Thalia said.

Haw I would like to see that. Zoe said.

That's never happened to either of you princesses has it? Percy said.

No. They both said in unison.

Well thanks for the idea. Percy said.

He took out a huge industrial sized water bottle and dumped the whole thing on his head.

He then grabbed Thalia by the wrists and pulled her over his lap.


His hand came down hard across her jeans.

OW! Hey you're not my dad! Let me go! Thalia said.

No you've been acting like an ungrateful brat for the past few months. Percy said.

Percy slapped down on her rear several more time each time Thalia tried to suppress the pain even though she was wearing thick black jeans.

I don't think you can feel this. Percy said.

He stuck his thumb down Thalias waste line and began pulling her pants down.

Oh no you don't! Thalia said attempting to get up.

Percy took a large branch and cracked it down a few times causing her to cry out and get back down.

Percy pulled her jeans down to her ankles revealing her thunderbolt patterned purple panties.

Whap! Slap! Slap! Smack!

Percy smacked down on Thalias rear several more time.

Thalia looked up to see Percy's stern expression and how he looked like he dint want to do this.

She could feel the cold air stinging against her rear and the painful smash against her sitter making her cheeks feel really uncomfortable.

It's almost over! Percy said.

He pulled down Thalias underwear exposing her naked pink rear end.

Ah! Percy please not bare! Thalia said.

I'm sorry but just brace yourself. Percy said.

She looked up to see Percy's hand arched to come down and her face grew red with fear and embarrassment.

When Percy brought his hand down it hurt like a lightning bolt.

Thalia screamed out in pain and squirmed and kicked to get away which only spread the pain up as Percy slapped down a hundred more times on her rear.

Were done here. Percy said standing the crying teen up.

You're next Zoe. Percy said.

Thou are kidding. Zoe said taking out her bow and shooting it at Percy.

Percy caught the arrow and snapped it; he then took out another Water bottle and dumped it on himself.

He then grabbed her wrist and pulled her over his lap with a loud smack.

How dare thee! This is most inappropriate! Thou aren't my father! Zoe yelled.

I don't care you need this for being a smart ass arrogant princess. Percy said.

Percy brought his hand down on Zoƫ's rear several more times before revealing her pale silver panties.

You inappropriate whelp! Just wait till I get up! Zoe yelled.

Percy took some water from the river and used it to dampen her bottom and make it more sensitive to the air.

When he brought his hand down it felt like shattering ice against her.

Zoe cried out in pain as her panties provided little protection against Percy's hand.

Percy slapped her ass for a few more minutes before pulling down her panties and exposing her hot pink bottom.

I beg thee please stop. Zoe cried.

Percy responded with five hard hits to cheeks.

He spanked her cold bottom for ten more minuets holding down her legs to keep her from kicking and squirming.

Were done here, now I want you both to bend over that boulder and stick out your bare rears. Percy said.

They did what they were told and Percy uncapped Riptide and cracked it a few times against their bare rears.

Ow! I thought we were done? Thalia cried.

This is a reminder. Now I want you both to count these. Percy said.

Whack! One Whack! Two Whack! Three Whack! Four.

Percy stopped to see how their bottoms had become bright crimson and saw them both holding hands.

Smack! Five Smack! Six Smack! Seven Smack! Eight.

The two powerful teen girls had been reduced to crying children by the son of Poseidon and waited in fear for Riptides blade to come down.

Slap! Nine Slap! Ten Slap! Eleven Slap! Twelve.

The hard celestial bronze and the cold air around their bare flesh was a sign to come of many nights on their stomach.

Crack! Thirteen Crack! Fourteen Crack! Fifteen Crack! Sixteen.

You both are doing just fine were almost done. Percy said.

Whack! Seventeen Crack! Eighteen Smack! Nineteen Slap! Twenty!

Zoe and Thalia finally cracked down crying.

Percy put his sword away and pulled the panties and jeans over the crying girls.

He then sat them down in his lap and stroked their hair shushing them.

They looked at Percy's face and even though his eyes were closed there were tears strolling down his face.

The girls were touched by this.

We're sorry Percy. Thalia said.

Yes we dint mean to hurt you Percy. Zoe said.

Its okay I'm sorry too I will rub lotion across your sore rears when the mission is done. Percy said.

Can you drive I'm a little tired. Zoe said.

Okay Ill wake you when were there. Percy said kissing her and Thalia on the head.

He tucked them both in the back and drove smoothly all the way to Mt. Doom.