Note: This is a Sagi x Palolo II story. Don't like, don't read. Flames will be burned.

One moment during a hot summer's afternoon, a group of teens can be seen. A girl with brown hair and brown eyes wore a white tank-top and brown short shorts with flowered sandals. A machina, though revealed as an afterling killer, and was in fact a GIRL stood arguing with the other woman.

"What did you say wench?" she yells, eyes only visible as stars.

"You heard me! Stupid. Tin. can!" The other girl yells back.

Among the boys were a blonde and a brunette. The blonde had long hair and a jacket was draped around his shoulders. He wore a blue t-shirt and a white bathing-suit. The brunette had shorter brown hair and tan skin. He was shirtless and wore a brown bathing suit. Both looked 14-15.

The other two males had blue hair and red hair. The redhead was laying on his side, lounging. Even with the hot weather, he wore a purple t-shirt and matching shorts with straw sandals. Around his neck was his normal purple scarf.

The other one wore a red t-shirt and blue shorts. He had black sandals on his feet and he sighs at the arguing females. The redhead laughs before turning to the bluenette.

"Hey Sagi, do you have a wish?" He asks, looking at the other. Sometimes he could act naive.

"Hmm? No, I have everything I would want," He answers, "How about you?"

"I wish I had wings. Like you! So I could soar in the sky!" He grins back. He could be so childish sometimes.

Sagi chuckles. For the Master of Mischief, he was easy to please. In a quick motion, he lifts the redhead and unveils his Wings of the Heart, taking to the sky. Said Master of Mischief clings to the older male.

"D-don't drop me!" He cries out, eyes wide.

"Don't worry Palolo, I won't," The other promises.

The two fly high above the Sheratan clock tower. The bluenette sets the other down gently on the top before landing next to him.

"W-…. wow," He stares at the setting sun, "It's…. beautiful."

Sagi smiles, a hand snaking around the other's waist as Palolo stares at the sun. The teen, only the age of 16, blushes lightly, trying to hide his face. He was never one for physical contact and avoided it as much as possible.

All of a sudden, Palolo slips, clumsy in the face of adoration. He falls back first, his right hand reaching out for the other. His loose red hair, barely reaching his shoulder blades flew out around him as his crimson eyes widen.

For Sagi, the moment went slow. He lunges and his right hand catches the other's wrist as the other arm supports Palolo's back. He pulls the redhead close to his chest, the both of them floating in the air.

Down at the ground, the rest of them happen to notice the scene in the sky and let out in cheers, the airborne two turning red.