A/N: This is my first Doctor Who fic ever (scared face). I just started watching the show recently, so I obviously don't know everything yet, but I am a huge 10/Rose fan! I'm feeling inspired and it was either this or English homework…yeah. Please R&R for the sake of a new writer to the fandom! Takes place whenever between Christmas Invasion and Doomsday.

"Rose, are you coming or not?" The doctor called after her as they nimbly climbed the stairs to reach the top. It was a mad dash; hundreds of other people surrounded the two as they darted across the concrete as quickly as possible.

"As fast as I can," she replied sarcastically while rolling her eyes. In the background they heard the beginning of the countdown. This was it. Landing the TARDIS in the crowded city, sprinting up the steps, and going there in the first place could have all been a waste of time, and time was precious.


They reached the desired floor


They burst through the doors, hitting a drunken couple in the back


They clawed through the sea of people to get a good spot


They stared each other in the eyes, both of their lips trembling from cold and desire


She says that her hand is cold


He takes it


He snakes his arm around her waist and pulls her in close, brushing the snowflakes out of her hair and off her shoulder


She leans in closer


He leans in closer


They make contact, eyes shut, but still light

The fireworks go off, confetti sprays the crow surrounding the heavy looking metal sphere and manages to blow up to the floor the two stood on. The happy couples everywhere show on the largest screen possible, Rose and the doctor are the center of it. Their lips fight for dominance before their tongues get involved, heating the snow around them enough to melt. When they finally pull away breathless, he leans in to her ear and whispers the phrase everyone is cheering around the vast city.

"Happy new year, Rose."