Well, this is it! Your New Years surprise: Hikikomori! A Summer Wars fanfiction.

"Summer Wars" is an awesome movie! I love this movie so much, I got it for Christmas! I especially love Kazuma because he's just so cool! So made I made another OC for this story. And as a New Year's resolution, I will finish all the stories I have and will publish this year!

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King Kazma stood in his reigning glory in the world of OZ. If no one knew him before, everyone knew him now, and they didn't dare challenge him after what happened with Love Machine, the AI that nearly destroyed the world. But there were a few takers that were willing to challenge the King, if not for glory but for the fun of meeting a challenge such as him. And was King Kazma was real a challenge.

As always, King Kazma was undefeatable. Everyone forgot about that one moment when he was beaten and devoured by Love Machine because no one else stood a chance against the new and improved Kazma 2.0, especially with his knowledge of MMA. Not many gamers took fighting seriously, which made it easier for him to defeat them. And it was too easy. Despite all the time he spent online, this annoyed him very much. Was that all OZ was good for? Just playing games? Wasn't that the mistake people made when Love Machine nearly killed them all? It was getting ridiculous.

Three years since Love Machine was finally destroyed, and King Kazma stood on his pedestal still awaiting a new challenge. However, every challenge offered to him was denied. They were all the same: stupid gamers who just wanted to pass the time challenging a pro, which only wasted his time. Didn't these people have anything better to do? Obviously not, since they dying to have their butts handed to them. They were practically mocking his general profession. And it was extremely tedious, King Kazma thought. He knew there were many other capable players out there. He'd face them before, but for some reason, they were hiding from him. Maybe the Love Machine incident really got to them. So now instead of fighting, once and a while King Kazma would watch other tournaments from the sidelines to see any good fighters as he awaited this year's Martial Arts Championships to come around. But he doubted anybody had the power to take away his championship belt.

The King sighed, a digital puff coming out of his mouth. He was starting to feel like a real king this way—watching, but having no action. King Kazma only did this for the thrill of the action, but so far, he had none. These people were depending on him for protection, but what did that get him? Boredom.

After waiting for so long and denying so many people (one hundred and fifty-two exactly. He was bored enough to count), the King decided to leave and return to his "Home." Before he hopped off the pedestal, another request came up.

USAGI wants to challenge you. Do you accept?

At first, Kazma wasn't going to hesitate to deny this new challenge. But then when the challenging avatar appeared, he took a moment to scrutinize its appearance. It was a tan girl in a short yellow summer party yukata with a blue obi wrapped with yellow and blue ribbons, a blue leotard underneath, and yellow bow tied on the front. Sandals were the only things covering her feet. Her short ashen hair was covered with a yellow cap with a blue badge with a yellow star and two straps with buckles on each side. Two droopy, ebony bunny ears protruded from her cap. Her eyes, which were the same gray shade as her hair, were impassive, very sullen and relaxed. He'd never seen this person on OZ before. He would've ignored her like all the others if it wasn't for her rigid glare. Did she not realize that she was standing before the renowned, unconquerable King Kazma? But he wasn't completely deterred until he read the private message Usagi sent to him:

I've heard you won't take a challenge. If you don't accept, it's okay. I understand if you're scared. After fighting Love Machine, I wouldn't be surprised if you lost most of your eminence.

Ouch. That was insulting. That got to him. That really got to him. Anyone who had the gall to bring up that AI would certainly pay for it. Usagi wouldn't get away with this.

However, that didn't mean this bunny would be anymore of a challenge than the other players. Usagi sounded like all talk, but how good was her action? Kazma hoped he wasn't wasting his time with this one. He gladly accepted the challenge.

Surprisingly, this challenge was different from all the others. For one, everyone else who challenged him wanted to fight him. The setting was Tokyo night, a setting he was very familiar with. This was going to be a race; anything was allowed and the first one to the finish buzzer was the victor. So much for a good fight, King Kazma thought as he prepared for a running start. Usagi just stood next to him, the same leaden shadow darkening her face. Her pink nose winkled as they waited impatiently. The ticking went off, making their rabbit ears twitch.

5... 4...

Many different avatars from across the world came to watch the race. This would be the first challenge King Kazma had taken in a while, and they couldn't wait to see what would happen. They wondered if this person even stood a chance against the legendary rabbit himself.

The white rabbit quickly glanced at the audience before glancing back at his opponent. Usagi's fingerless-gloved hands stayed at her sides. She didn't even look like she was going to try. Looks could be deceiving, he knew, so he stayed on his toes. Usagi also took this moment to look at the reigning champion. He had that same look on his face; he stood there, ready to lunge out, as if she wasn't a challenge but a mere obstacle that he could simply cross. Oh, would he be in for a surprise.

3... 2... 1... BEGIN!

The two flew off in a flash. None of the spectators could keep up with them. King Kazma was actually surprised at how fast Usagi was. She ran like a breeze. This must've been how it felt to watch him, he thought, watching something so fast your eyes couldn't keep up. However, this was just the beginning. The race was going to have a lot of obstacles, which meant they were going to be slowed down by other creatures and avatars who were allowed to interfere.

The first obstacle suddenly appeared 100 meters into the race. A few samurai decided to show their faces and try to shred them apart. King Kazma stopped to take the first samurai's sword and swung it under him. He used the hilt of the sword to put the other one into submission. While he was doing all of this, Usagi used this opportunity to leap over them smoothly and continue the race on her own. The rabbit noticed this and finished them off as quickly as he could to catch up with her. This one was good, Kazma thought, maybe even clever, but he knew the she-bunny wouldn't be able to avoid anymore obstacles as long as she was ahead of him.

This came true when another obstacle landed right in front of Usagi. A bulk warrior pulled a broad sword from his back and pointed it at her. She glanced back at King Kazma before returning her attention to the oversized man in front of her. She pulled out a scythe from her sleeve. The King nearly stopped in his tracks when she saw the weapon she was wielding. It was a black dragon scythe, one of the most potent weapons in OZ. Only someone as highly ranked as the King himself could acquire something so lethal. He finally realized Usagi was no ordinary opponent.

Usagi quickly brandished her scythe. It was a swift move that rendered the bulk man into digital debris. That didn't even take five seconds. The scythe disappeared into her sleeve and she continued forward.

More and more creatures continued to appear and hinder the two competitors. For some reason, these things didn't want them to finish, but that wasn't going to stop them anytime soon. With each obstacle, they both quickly disposed of the creatures so they could continue the race—King Kazma with his Shaolin Kung fu, and Usagi with her scythe. As the race went on, Usagi proved to be a very crafty and slick opponent. She not only was she dexterous with her scythe, but she also used a unique form of martial arts that he didn't recognize. When she was confronted by a crustacean-like monster, she didn't even need her scythe. The she-bunny expeditiously ran through the beams it was shooting at her and she jumped on its hard surface. It cracked and shattered into virtual pieces of nothing. This amused King Kazma; he was glad he accepted this challenge.

The buzzer was only a few meters away, and they were both at a draw. After all they'd been through in this race, Usagi still held that stoic expression, as if those obstacles were nothing. Where was this girl when Love Machine was running rampant?

The buzzer was insight and the only thing getting in their way was the bridge of ninjas that was going to attack them. King Kazma was ready to get rid of them all when Usagi suddenly jumped in front of him and used her scythe to clear their path. With one swift motion, every ninja was blown off the bridge. It took the rabbit a moment to get out of his stupor before he realized that Usagi was still ahead of him and she was getting further away as he continued to stand there. This she-bunny was just full of surprises.

Kazma was able to catch up with her when she suddenly stopped in her tracks. The buzzer was merely ten feet away from them. There could only be one victor, and neither of them was going to let the other succeed. The only way to win was to fight. King Kazma took his stance and waited for Usagi to pull out her weapon. However, Usagi continued to stand there. So it would be hand-to-hand combat. The King wasn't bothered by that at all. This made it simpler for him.

The two continued to stand there for a while. The spectators watched in awe as their King faced his counterpart. In between them was the buzzer, the one button that would claim their victory. King Kazma stared into her stiff eyes before lunging at her. He observed her tactics when they were racing, so he already predicted her first move before he could reach her. But before he could even touch her, Usagi took his shoulder and jumped over him. She landed like a feather and pirouetted to return his blow with a roundhouse kick in the neck. He didn't predict that move at all. Kazma stumbled back a bit before recovering and running forward to return her kick. However, he wasn't able to land a single blow on her since her kick. What was going on with him? She was literally dancing around him and he couldn't even fight back. And her relaxed expression didn't change a bit. He was quickly getting annoyed. If he didn't finish her soon, then he wouldn't win, and King Kazma was not going to lose another battle again, especially not in front of all these people.

He watched her timing this time instead of immediately reacting. Jump, spin, kick, punch, knee, kick, spin—it was like some impromptu dance routine combined with Kung fu. He finally caught her when she was on her toes. He caught her leg and twisted it a bit before sending her flying back in the arena. When she got up, she fell again. He was able to debilitate her. Now was his chance.

Kazma walked up to the buzzer to take his victory. He reached out to press his hand against the surface, the taste of victory already sweet upon his lips…



The 16-year-old boy grimaced when his little sister jumped on his back. He couldn't allow her to break his concentration, but it was too late. The she-bunny already recovered from her disposition and was slowly approaching his frozen avatar. The rabbit's hand was hovering over the giant button.

"Chi, get out of here!" he hissed. He didn't have to time to reach his keyboard when he took his sister off his back. Usagi had already kicked him off the arena by the time his fingers were working again. A giant glowing sign shown over the winner. King Kazma was returned to his Homepage and the screen went black. Kazuma froze in pure shock. He lost. This was the first actual challenge he had in who-knew-how long, and he lost. And it was all because his little sister chose the worst time to bother him.

He clenched his teeth and tried to take deep breath before glaring at his sister. The little girl was only two years of age, yet she was running all over the place, getting on his nerves, and basically getting him into all sorts of trouble. This being one of the times.

"Chiyo*! There you are!" Their mother Kiyomi couldn't have entered at a worse time. "Kazuma, what are you still doing up?"

"Me? What about Chiyo? She just ran in here and made me lose this match!"

Kiyomi glanced at his laptop's blank screen then back at the two siblings. She took a deep breath. "Kazuma, take your sister back to her room and come into the kitchen. I need to speak with you for a moment."

Kazuma nodded and waited for his mother to leave before scolding his sister. "I told you you're not supposed to be in here. I know you can understand me, and I'd wish you'd stop getting me into trouble."

The little girl could understand her brother clearly. She was clever, but at such a young age, she had the advantage of looking innocent whenever she didn't follow the rules. As far as she was concerned, she could do whatever she wanted, and all she wanted to do was get her big brother's attention. But apparently, Kazuma didn't want to do anything but play video games and practice his Kung fu. So Maiko tried other ways to get his attention, even if it meant getting on his nerves and getting him into trouble.

Chiyo climbed into her brother's lap and snuggled into his chest. Then she make a squeaky yawn. "Seepy," she murmured into his chest.

Kazuma sighed. "Whatever. I'll yell at you tomorrow." Chiyo held an invisible grin.

Even though she was a pain in the butt and nearly a spoiled brat, Kazuma had a special bond with his little sister. Chiyo was very attached to him for some reason, so he tried to play along with her little antics, but it was very hard since she was so good at her job: being a baby.

Kazuma carried his slumbering sister to her room. He walked among the stuffed animals littering the floor to get to her crib and tuck her in. He ran a hand over her dark locks before heading towards the kitchen. When he saw his mother's face, he knew there wasn't any good news.

"What'd I do? Chi's the one who came into my room—"

"It's not about Chiyo, Kazuma." She put a sheet of paper on the table for him to look at. However, he didn't move from his spot. "Can you explain these terrible grades of yours?"

"What terrible grades?"

"That's exactly what I'd like to know, Kazuma." Kiyomi took the sheet of paper back. "I don't know what's going on, if it's your Kung fu practices with Grandpa or these overnight online sessions—"

"It's nothing. I don't even know what you're talking about. I don't have bad grades." Kiyomi handed the piece of paper over to her son who reluctantly took it. It was his progress report. Kazuma skimmed the slim piece of paper quickly and was shocked to see such a terrible score. Three 'D's and an 'F'. He couldn't believe what he saw. These couldn't be his grades. He had much better markings during the period, he was sure of it.

"Your grades used to be so much better than this, Kazuma… Do you remember our deal?"

Kazuma glared at his mother. "Mom, no." He remembered the deal: as long as he kept his grades up, he could stay up and go on OZ as long as he liked—at a reasonable hour, of course. But if his grades began to slip up, then his parents would confiscate or limit his laptop rights. So far, he kept his deal, but his progress report apparently thought otherwise. "Mom, that isn't fair."

"I'm sorry, Kazuma, but I'm afraid I have to take away—"

"Mom, these can't be my grades. I haven't been flunking. I do all my homework, I study—this had to be fixed or something!"

"How am I supposed to know that?" Kiyomi pinched the bridge of her nose. "Okay, maybe it's not you. Maybe this is hard because it's your first year in high school. Has anything happened? Are you being bullied again?"

"No! Mom, I swear, I've been giving it my all. I don't know what happened…"

Seeing the sincerity in his eyes, Kiyomi began to reconsider their deal. "Alright, how about this: you can continue to go on OZ if… you can find a tutor to help you with your summer homework."

"A tutor?" he spat. The three most impossible things happened to Kazuma on this very night: he was defeated by another opponent on OZ (for the second time in his life), he was flunking school, and now, his mother was suggesting for him to get a tutor. "There's no way in—"

"Fine, fine. We don't have to find you a tutor. We could ask one of your cousins."

"No!" The sound of his sister crying suddenly echoed through the hallway, and Kazuma silently cursed for accidentally waking up his sister.

Kiyomi frowned at his son. "Well, either you find yourself a tutor, or I take away your laptop privileges." Kiyomi left with the last word to attend to her youngest.

Kazuma sat down at the isle and put his face in his hands. How was he going to find a tutor outside the Jinnouchi family? He had plenty of relatives who could "help" him, but he didn't want any of them to know about his predicament. He also didn't want to risk having his laptop privileges taken away and no longer being allowed on OZ. The masses of OZ citizens would go crazy if their King suddenly disappeared. They depended on him so much after what happened with Love Machine. If he suddenly didn't appear one day, they'd probably think the worst. OZ didn't need anymore chaos. Losing that race bruised his ego enough, and this definitely made it worse. But he had to do it for the good of mankind.

When he returned to his room, Kazuma stared back at the black screen of his laptop before closing it. Thinking about that battle wasn't helping him sleep. That tan she-bunny wouldn't leave his mind. Whether it was her exotic fighting style, her weapon choice, or even her appearance—the 16-year-old boy had no idea why she enthralled him so much.

Later that night, when he was finally able to drift off, he dreamed of a white rabbit with gray eyes giving a personal dance to him, King Kazma…

Kazuma wasn't a fan of school. He didn't talk about it, he didn't think about; he just did what he parents told him to do and went on with his reclusive life. However, now that he had to look for someone to help him with his summer work, he actually had to talk to people. It wasn't like he never talked to any of his classmates, but he tried not to talk to them as much as possible. The bullying was still an issue. For some reason, he attracted trouble. He managed to keep that a secret from his relatives, including his parents, and it gave his classmates a reason not to talk to him, either.

Also, Kazuma didn't know any of his classmates. After all those years, he still didn't even have someone he could consider a friend, except maybe Kenji, but he was long gone at Tokyo U with his second cousin Natsuki, he heard. But even after he was gone, he still didn't hang out with anyone other than his family and the people he met online. Then again, he didn't know any of those people, either.

Once he was seated at his desk, he decided to observe some of his classmates as he waited for his teacher to arrive. There was a group of girls giggling over something frivolous. He never really understood girls, even after his sister was born (but she was only two, so he had yet to understand her simple mind). There were also three boys discussing video game cheats, something Kazuma didn't see the point or need of. Using cheats was another way of saying you couldn't handle the game, he always thought. How you played the game was based on knowledge. There was also group of students he assumed were the "populars", which immediately disinterested him. So far, he wasn't amused.

Five minutes passed and the teacher still wasn't there. Great, Kazuma thought. His teacher was usually on time. Why he chose the last day of school before summer break to be late, he had no idea. The tan boy decided to use this time to escape his jungle of a classroom and get a drink of water. Just as he was walking through the door, someone bumped into his chest. It was a girl about his age, probably another one of his classmates. She rubbed her practically white hair and looked up at him. The shock of running into one of her classmates was hidden beneath the lenses she was wearing. She quickly bowed and apologized before moving past him and into the classroom. Kazuma never noticed that girl before; of course, he never really paid attention to his other classmates, either, until he needed a tutor.

As he continued through the hallway, he saw his teacher coming towards him. Finally.

"Back to class, Ikezawa."

"Just getting a drink, sir," Kazuma replied

"Don't take long."

He nodded his head tersely. "Yes, sir." Kazuma did just that before returning to the classroom. Everyone was already in their seats by the time he returned, and he ignored the looks he received as he walked back to his desk. Just as he was walking, he noticed the girl who bumped into him earlier sitting in the corner of the front row near the doors. She didn't turn and watch him like the others did. She just sat there and waited for class to begin like he was doing not a moment ago.

As the duration of class went on, Kazuma kept his gaze on the girl in the corner. He saw that she wasn't taking any notes. She listened and watched as the teacher lectured and put notes on the board, but she didn't pick up her pen. But then at one point in class, she finally picked up a pencil and started scribbling something down. From where he was sitting—a row and three seats away—he could see from the fluid motions of her hand that she wasn't taking notes like she was supposed to. He didn't blame her; it was only the last day before summer official began. But then she didn't see the teacher standing over her.

"Miss Takane?" The girl froze when she heard her teacher's strict voice but she didn't look up. She didn't even look embarrassed. Kazuma watched her intensely. "Would you like to answer the question?"


Everyone was astounded by her abrupt answer, even Kazuma, even though he wasn't paying attention to what the teacher saying at all. He didn't think she was paying attention either, but by the look on his teacher's face, he assumed she was correct. He went on with class after that and didn't bother asking her anymore questions. Her participation in class didn't improve, though, but as long as their teacher knew she was paying attention in some way, she could continue to do whatever she was doing without disturbing the class. Kazuma couldn't even tell if she was still paying attention or not.

He was impressed. Now that was the kind of person he needed as a tutor.

Before anyone knew it, class was over and summer had officially begun. Before the teacher could wish them a good summer, most of his classmates went out of their way to rush out of the classroom. Kazuma, and the girl, had the good sense to wait for the crowd to clear before leaving. Kazuma planned on talking to the girl before heading home but the girl was already gone. He sighed. Oh well. He had no choice but to ask one of his cousins now.

Kazuma's trips home were usually elongated. The Jinnouchi manor was farther away from everything else: school, stores, even the neighbors. Since school was the closest thing nearby, he walked. Sometimes he ran into potential bullies when he returned home, but since today was their last day of school, Kazuma figured bullies wouldn't want to waste their freedom picking on inferior students when they could be on OZ right now.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case. Just as he was going to turn a corner, Kazuma saw the girl from his class—Takane, was it?—walking her bike home. He didn't get a chance to talk to her today. What better time than to ask right now as she was going home? That is, unless those boys got in his way.

He recognized those boys. They were the ones who usually waited for him to walk the corner he usually took to go home. The boy in the front, the ring leader, threw something on the ground and front tire suddenly went flat. Kazuma growled under his breath. Were these boys so bored they had to bother other innocent students when he wasn't around?

Kazuma stepped out of his hiding spot to help, but when he saw the situation, he stopped mid-step. The girl kicked the leader in the gut and sent him flying past his fellow peers, a move the young man recognized from his years of Shaolin Kung fu experience in reality and the virtual world. But then she did something he didn't even fathom. When the next boy lunged at her, she took his shoulder, jumped over him, and pirouetted like a ballerina before kicking him in the neck. Kazuma watched in awe as the girl continued to pick off each boy, moving in such smooth motions; he'd never seen anyone make Kung fu look so graceful. When she finished off the final one, her glasses fell down nose and on the ground. When she picked them up, she cursed.

"Damn," she murmured, but Kazuma could still hear her. "My parents won't be happy about this."

The girl stuffed her glasses in her pockets begrudgingly. She stepped over the pile of unconscious boys to grab her bike and began walking home like the incident didn't happen. When she was gone, Kazuma stepped out of his hiding spot and gawked at the scene. He'd never seen a girl do that before. Most of the girls at his school weren't really into this kind of stuff, but this girl—how the hell did he manage to not acknowledge her existence this whole time?

A groan erupted from the pile of incapacitated boys and Kazuma laughed at their misery. Served them right for all those years of torture they gave to him.

As he began to walk home again, Kazuma replayed that wonderful moment of time. He wouldn't forget that moment, and he definitely forget that name.


Chiyo - child of a thousand generations.

I thought that name fit Kazuma's little sister perfectly because there are so many members in the Jinnouchi family and she's the youngest member.