Deep into the realm of Usagi's Oasis, King Kazma stood idly with his arms crossed as he watched Usagi fly about her Home with the most glee he'd ever seen on her face.

"Oh come on, Kazma," she shouted from above. "You can't still be bitter at me for beating you again! I'm starting to think the renowned white rabbit is losing his game."

"I'm not losing my game. I'm just going easy on you because it's your special day. Besides, you were pulling tricks."

"What tricks?"

"You know, like when you kissed me!"

The she-bunny stopped and tried to remember that day when she first raced King Kazma in her Home. "… Oh, that? That wasn't really a trick. I just wanted to tease you a bit. But that sure set you back, didn't it!"

King Kazma scowled at her as she laughed at his embarrassment. "Whatever. Those tricks aren't going to work this time. No more playing nice. I want a rematch!"

Usagi smirked. "That's fine with me. As long as you're going to take this seriously, I hope you're fine with me seriously kicking your ass!"

"Hey, I thought profanity was prohibited."

"One of the many privileges of being the commissioner of the OZ Security Task Force," a familiar friend said. Kei, the rambunctious five-tailed fox, aka CEO Kenta Takeuchi, floated down in front of the two OZ-ecutives. "You get to make your own rules. I'm surprised the prominent Usagi hasn't broken more so far." The she-bunny shrugged innocently. "By the way, why are you two still in OZ? Is this really how you want to spend your birthday, Yuri?"

"How'd you even get in here?" Kazma asked.

"I'm the CEO; I'm all-powerful."

Usagi shrugged. "Normally, I don't do anything for my birthday," she replied. "It's not usually a happy celebration."

"What about spending it with your family?"

"I don't know… I'm sure they wouldn't want to make a big fuss over my birthday, not when Lady Sakae's birthday is less than 24 hours away."

"Then you really don't know my family that well, Yuri," King Kazma said. "Everything's a big deal when it comes to family."

Usagi thought considerably. "… One more race, and then we'll log off for breakfast."

King Kazma smirked. "You're on."


Once Kazuma signed off of OZ, he stretched and yawned, feeling the stiff affect of staying since eight in the morning. He rubbed the back of his head as he left his room. Next door, Yuri came out of her room stretching her arms and yawning like he did before. "How long do you think we were on OZ?"

"Five, six hours tops."

Yuri stopped stretching and groaned. "That long? We missed breakfast." A gurgling sound suddenly came from her stomach. She clutched her arms around her waist. "Ow. I never thought hunger could hurt so much. I've never gone this long without food."

Kazuma chuckled. "Come on. Let's get something to eat before we get in trouble with my mom, again."

Kazuma took Yuri's hand as he led her to the kitchen. It had been two weeks since Yuri became a part of the Jinnouchi clan. She had already become accustomed to their labyrinth of a house, but the feel of Kazuma's hand intertwined with hers had already turned into a great comfort. And throughout those two weeks, she was also getting accustomed to other things, like waking to the smell of a delectable meal, being surrounded by people who always wore smiles on their faces, and especially being with Kazuma.

The tan boy had also been enjoying having his girlfriend living with them, and he was especially keen on having her in the room next door. Now everyday he woke up, he would know Yuri would also be starting the day with him.

Once they were both in the kitchen, the whole family jumped out and shouted, "SURPRISE!"

Yuri nearly screamed out of fear and delight—but mostly fear. Everyone from Mariko to little Chiyo was there wishing her a Happy Birthday. Above the kitchen entryway, she saw a banner with her name on it and next to it her family symbol. On the kitchen table of a cake that also had her name on it. No one had done anything this nice for her on her birthday, not since the last time she was with her parents. That was the day of their funeral. But now, seeing all these smiling, warm faces, and seeing everything they'd done, Yuri couldn't help breaking into tears.

She looked at Kazuma. "Did you know about this?"

He shrugged indifferently. "I had to give them time to set this up."

Yuri replied by swinging her arms around his neck and kissing him fiercely. "Thank you," she mumbled against his lips.

Once again, the aunts from the peanut gallery were cooing at the teens in the background, and Kazuma couldn't help grimacing. "Alright, you two," Kiyomi said. "Not in front of the children."


Chi was the first to toddle over to her, and the ashen-haired teen immediately lifted her into her arms and hugged the squealing toddler. Slowly, the rest of the family began to give her their own birthday wishes.

Kazuma stood by as he watched the party get into full swing. Kenji and Natsuki went up to Kazuma after they talked to Yuri. "So, what do you plan to do for Yuri on her special day?" Natsuki asked nosily.

"None of your business," he said.

"Come on, Kazuma," Kenji urged as he elbowed the younger boy. "What did you get her?"

"… Nothing."

Kenji and Natsuki gawked at him. "You got her nothing?" they said in shocked unison.

"All Yuri wanted was a family, people she could rely on so she wouldn't always be alone. I'm not really good at finding the perfect gift, but I'd say that's perfect enough."

"Aw, that's really deep of you, Kazuma," Natsuki praised.

"Yeah… and I also planned something for later on."

The older two made dumbfounded expressions.

"Again, you two should see your faces." Kazuma walked away, leaving them to gap.

Kazuma stopped by the veranda when he caught a glimpse of Yuri talking to Naomi and Rika. When she caught sight of him, she smiled and blushed. He waved at her and smiled back. He couldn't believe how the beginning of his summer, a chance encounter with this gray-eyed wonder, led to these current events.

During these past two months, he met an extraordinary girl who turned out to be a hikikomori, an avatar as powerful as King Kazma who turned out to be the same hikikomori, and in the end, this hikikomori, the most incredible girl he'd ever met, was adopted by his awesome family.

As far as Kazuma knew, this was the best summer ever.

I hope you all enjoyed this ending! When I was started writing this story, I planned for the ending to be a little different, so I decided to add all those things into a brilliant sequel! We're not ending this story with a boring summer fling, people! Watch out for the sequel, "Konton"!