Revenge of the Whirlpool

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Chapter 1 – The Betrayal

'Finally!' Naruto thought

Naruto has been jmping from tree to tree carrying Sasuke. Having defeated him in the Valley of End, he quickly used his reserve chakra to carry the Uchiha heir and quickly ran back to his home.


He never really thought of Konoha as home until Iruka told him his brotherly feelings for him. The villagers made sure he never felt at home in that village. Always overcharging, bullying or messing up his apartment. They would do this every year on his birthday. He didn't know what the reason was until Mizuki-teme told him. Well he beat him up for lying to him anyway.

Now it's time to go home.

He thought about his friends who he left to fight the Sound Four.

'Hope they're safe' he thought.

As he was approaching the city gates, he spotted several ANBU waiting for him.

'Wow they are here to escort me' he says to himself as he approached them. That was when Sasuke woke up. He takes one look at Naruto and glances at the ANBU waiting fo them and whispers to Naruto

"Your gonna pay for this baka"

"You'll be in so much trouble now teme, I didn't want to do this to you but you left me no choice" answered Naruto sadly. He the picked up his pace towards the gates. Just before he arrives at the gate, Sasuke yells out

"Help! He's deranged! He tried to kill me when I asked to go back to Konoha!"

After Sasuke yelled out, 3 squads of ANBU quickly tackled and restrained Naruto before he can even react. Sasuke was then carried by another member and quickly taken to the hospital. The ones restraining Naruto then said

"By the Hokage and the Council's power, we arrest you, Naruto Uzumaki, for attaemp murder of the last scion of the most honorable clan of Uchiha."

He was then escorted to the ANBU holding cell before he could even react.

ANBU Holding Cell

Naruto couldn't believe it. He captured the traitor, completed his mission and saved the village from certain doom for not letting Orochimaru getting the body of Sasuke-teme and he gets arrested for crimes he didn't even commit. He then remembered what Sasuke yelled out and cursed himself for having compassion for the teme and not gagged him.

He paced inside his cell which was covered with marking made by nails and sharp stone that littered the ground. There were small dent on the mall and small cracks that indicated that the former occupant must have tried punching through the wall. He then says to himself

"Well at least I'm not stupid enough to try breaking the wall."

He sopped pacing and sat down trying to think of a way to appeal to baa-chan and the council. But before he can even start thinking, he hears two people coming towards his cell. He look through his bars and saw two ANBU members with Cat and Tiger masks opening his cell. Then Cat spoke

"We are to escort you to the council hall for trial with your attempted murder of the last scion of the Uchiha clan."

Tiger continued

"Should you resist, we have orders to restrain and take you out if necessary."

Cat took his hands and bind then with chakra restraints to stop him channeling chakra around his body. Tiger then escorted him through the building towards the hall ith Cat lagging behind to make sure he does nothing.

Council Hall

Everyone was angry. The civilian council was furious that the demon brat had somehow defeated the last Uchiha and beat him to a pulp even with him begging for mercy. They didn't like the brat and had voted for his execution even before he learned how to speak. Now they will get their chance at last to execute the demon that has walked their village.

The ninja council was both astonished and scared. No one can beat the Sharingan, the ultimate doujutsu. And yet this demon child that was a drop out suddenly was able to subdue, defeat and crippled the Uchiha scion. They all concluded that he was able to do it with the help of the monster that he housed.

The Godaime came in and everyone settled down instantly. Then she began to speak

"Monkey, Dog please bring Sasuke Uchiha here for the hearing of Uzumaki Naruto."

After Monkey and Dog left, Naruto was escorted in. Like before, everyone was giving him glares while he walked past them towards the middle of the hall where Tsunade Senju, the fifth hokage, was staring at him with pity, hate and disgust. After an intense staring match she began speaking

"Uzumaki Naruto, you have been brought here for your crimes against your fellow shinobi. You did not stop attacking and crippled Uchiha Sasuke after he begged for mercy and asked to come back here to explain why he left. How do you plead?"

Naruto then looked around and saw everyone was starring daggers at him. Even his godfather, Jiraiya.

He then spoke loud and clear "Not Guilty"

That was when all hell broke loose. Everyone except for the ANBU present and the Hokage were shouting for his head. Even the shinobi council was angrily staring at him. He knows what those faces were telling him. Disgust. Then one of the more prominent members of the civilian council shouted

"Execute him! If the demon could do it once, he could do it again and next he may do it to all of us!"

All of the civilian council and some of the shinobi clans began nodding their heads in agreement to this statement. Then Shikaku of the Nara clan spoke up. He and the Akimichi and Yamanaka with the Godaime Hokage had a secret meeting an hour before the council had been called and they knew that the civilian council may call for an execution. What they didn't know was the consequences of the jinchuuriki being killed.

"We cannot risk an execution on the boy."

"And pray tell why not Nara?" asked one of the shinobi council representative.

"Because Hyuuga, if the boy was killed, the demon inside of him may be released and ravage our village once more! And his time, we do not have the Yondaime to save our sorry asses!" retorted Shikaku.

The whole council became quiet and thought about what the Nara head just said. They know that if Kyuubi attacked once more, they will be helpless and without the Yondaime's seal jutsu, they were doomed. Just then Sasuke was escorted in and what the council saw would only spur their anger once more.

Sasuke's lower jaw was covered with bandage because of the broken jaw Naruto gave him. His body was also covered in bandages from the Rasengan that went through his right shoulder. His had crutches to support him because of his broken leg. All in all, he was a mess. AS he entered he glared at his old teammate before lowering his head to look frail. He had wanted revenge for the damages done to him by the dobe. He still cannot believe he was defeated by the last placer of the academy and when he heard Naruto was to be punished, he quickly knew he had to act frail so that the council will more likely reprimand him. Then one of the more outspoken civilian shouted

"If we cannot execute the demon, banish him from our land! He does not deserve a second chance for doing this to one of our elite members! I say we vote for his banishment right now!"

Of course, the whole civilian and some of the shinobi clans agreed to this. If they cannot kill the brat then they can make sure he be exiled and labeled as a missing nin to be slaughtered by their ANBU. It's the only way for this matter to be dealt swiftly and without complications.

Tsunade Senju, the Godaime Hokage, was seething. She was the one who specifically told Naruto to bring Sasuke back but he over did his mission. Based on the report, Sasuke had pleaded to be brought back to face his crimes but Naruto still beat him up without remorse. She knew that the Kyuubi inside Naruto may have taken control and this simply cannot be left unpunished and this beast cannot be left in Konoha where it can rampage at anytime. So she made a decision that will affect Konoha and the whole Fire Nation for the rest of its days.

"Voting will commence now. All those in favor of banishment?"

All except one hand rose up. They all looked at the one who didn't raise his hand and was surprised to see Teuchi who was the representative of the food regulations staring at them in neutral expression. He then looked at Naruto and saw him staring at him also. He smiled at the and he smiled back. Tsunade then called out

"All those against the banishment?"

No one raised their hands. They all looked back at Teuchi and he rose to his feet. He looked at Naruto and spoke out loud.

"I commend Uzumaki Naruto for completing his mission without much injury and bringing back the fallen Uchiha without resulting to more violent measures."

At this, the Uchiha looked at the man with disbelief.

'He is with Naruto on this?' he thought

The council also made an uproar. How dare the old man commend the demon brat! They were already standing up and shouting for the resignation of Teuchi when the Godaime stopped them and told him to continue

"I also know that even if I voted for Naruto to be pardoned, I would not win so I extend my help to him if he needs it before he is sent away."

He looked at Naruto and he sadly smiled at the boy before returning to his seat. Naruto looked at the old man with happiness in his heart. He knew now that there were people still supporting him, even in his darkest days. He nodded to Teuchi and looked at the Godaime, waiting for her to pass her judgment on him. She then spoke up

"Uzumaki Naruto, the decision of the council through majority votes that you are to be banished from Konohagakure village and the Fire Country. You are given twelve hours to pack up and leave this village and another twenty-four hours to get out of the country." she paused for a moment when another parchment was handed to her and she continued

"You will also be placed in the bingo book as a class A criminal after the allotted time for you to leave the country. You will not be allowed to set foot in this country every again and if you do, death will be your punishment." she finished speaking.

Naruto then looked around him to see all the council, civilian and shinobi, looking at him with contentment and glee. He looked over to his old teammate and saw him smirking at him. The Uchiha then whispered to him

"That is what you get for humiliating me. You should be happy its not a death sentence."

Naruto whispered back

"This isn't the last time I defeat you. Watch your back traitor" he spat the last word in his face. He then looked back at the council and addressed all of them except Teuchi.

"You will all regret this. I did my job and you reward me with this sentence?" he shouted.

He turned to the shinobi council and said

"You guys owe me you know that? I defeated Ichibi no Shukaku! I brought back the old woman for Godaime! And most of all, I brought back your precious Uchiha! You all sicken me."

To say that the shinobi was surprised was an understatement. They were stunned. They contemplated on it and they knew that they really owed him that much. But still, the demon ran through their mind and overshadowed all his good works. Just then one of the civilians who looked like an older version of his other useless teammate Sakura spoke up

"You have no right to flaunt your deeds demon! All those deeds that you achieved were not without help! You defeated Ichibi with the help of our very own Uchiha, you brought back the Godaime with the help of the Toad Sage Jiraiya and most importantly, you did not bring back the Uchiha, he wanted to come back but you channeled your jealousy and beat him up with the help of the demon inside you!"

Naruto just shook off the comment, looked at the direction of Teuchi and nodded. He then started to walk out, not minding the glares and smirks they sent him and went straightto his apartment to pack his limited supplies of clothes and his Gama-chan wallet. After packing everything, he started going out and walked through the streets before stopping at the front of the Hokage building. There, he saw people were beginner to trickle in and wait. He saw the Rookie 9 there and all the Jounin, Chuunin and Genin of the village.

Just then, the Hokage with Jiraiya, Homura and Hokaru stepped up the ledge. Tsunade scanned the crowed and saw everyone was assembled so she started speaking.

"Citizens of Konoha. It is my duty to inform you that one of our shinobi has been banished for endangering a fellow shinobi and attempt murder of said target of the mission. He will be given twelve hours to leave the village and twenty-four hours to leave the country before he is placed as a missing nin in the bingo book."

Everyone quickly started whispering with their friends trying to figure out who the missing nin was and what he did. Everyone except the Rookie 9 who were already told by their friends and sensei's. After a long pause, one person asked loudly

"Who is the person Lady Hokage?"

She paused for a moment, knowing that everyone will celebrate and cheer for the kids banishment. She took a deep breath and spoke

"The one I'm talking about is Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko."

Everyone paused for a minute before the cheering started. By the time the Hokage stopped everyone was jumping, hugging and cheering for the demon's banishment. Everyone except a select few which were Teuchi, Ayame his daughter, Konohamaru Corps members and most especially Hinata Hyuuga. They all stood there, angry and confused as to why they would all banish the hero of Konoha. The one who keeps the Kyuubi at bay and the one who did his mission.

It was this that will be the parting gift of the village for Naruto. Not pity but joy that he will leave once and for all. He stared at them with a mixture of hurt and rage. He observed them all until he spotted Hinata, the members of the Konohamaru Corps and the owner of the ramen shop and his daughter. They all look angry at the crowd. At least he knew there are people still supporting him. He turned and started trudging towards the gates of Konoha. While walking he heard a voice address him

"Don't worry kit, we'll survive and get back at them."

He looked around and saw o one and thought

'What the hell was that?'

He got a reply saying

"It's me kit, your tenant."

'Why the hell do you want to talk with me? You are the reason for my problems! If you weren't here, my life maybe wouldn't be this awful!' he ended up shouting in his mind.

The fox was silent for a moment before speaking in a sad voice

"I know kit, I know. And I am sorry for what I have brought to you. Trust me, I didn't attack Konoha willfully. And I'm sorry for all this has caused."

Naruto then thought for a moment and asked

'Then why did you attack this place anyway?'

"It was that blasted Madara!" the Fox shouted "He controlled me by using his special sharingan and caused me to attack the village! The worst part is, I was used as his tool for revenge!"

The fox was seething. He never felt his tenant this angry before and now he could literally feel the heat emanating from his tenant. He thought for a moment before asking

'Aren't you supposed to be a demon? And aren't demons supposed to be rampaging the world and destroying things?'

The fox laughed and spoke

"That's what you humans think. We, the nine bijuu, are the balance of the world. We were the first to walk these lands and carved all that you see before you. When humans started populating our lands, we retreated back to our sacred places. That was when you humans tried to tame us and seal us inside people so they can use our powers."

While having his conversation with the fox, he didn't notice he was nearing the gates and what he saw was an image he didn't think he would see. All the rookie nine and their sensei's, Tsunade and Jiraiya were waiting for him. He thought that they were here to at least say goodbye and wish him luck. He didn't know how wrong he was.

When he reached the gate the first thing he heard was Kiba, the most outspoken one speak

"You monster! I knew there was no way I lost to you in the chuunin exam!"

Then Shino

"It's the best you leave Naruto, you will not like what my insects will do to you."

Then Shikamaru

"Troublesome demons..."

Then Ino

"You Demon! Look what you did to Sasuke-kun! ! I hope you never come back!"

Then Chouji

"I never thought all the meals I shared with was a demon boy."

Then Sakura

"Why did you do that you baka! You could have killed Sasuke-kun! Ino was right, don't come back! We don't want your kind here!"

This hurt him the most since she was his teammate and she was the one supposed to support him. He didn't know that it would be worse

Then someone spoke out

"Remember what I told you when you passed my test? You are worst than scum Naruto. You beat up your teammate just because of your jealousy and now he has to be confined in the hospital for six months for healing. You disgust me. You should never have been a shinobi!"

Naruto looked around and saw his sensei, the one who abandoned him to train the Uchiha, reading his orange book and not even looking at him while he spoke. It was like he was not worthy of his attention.

He felt useless, depressed but most of all, he felt betrayed. These were his comrades and yet they betrayed him for things he can't control. He never knew that if he told everyone that he was the container of the Kyuubi that they would turn on him.

He looked at all of them and saw contentment that he was going to be banished. He slowly made his way towards the gate when two hands reached for him. One hand on each shoulder and the male spoke first.

"Naruto, since you are not part of Konoha anymore and have been terminated as my apprentice, I will have to terminate your contract for the toads. Please summon Gamabunta now.

Naruto looked at his godfather cooly and replied


He bit his thumb and began making the seals and then slammed his hands on the ground. Fox knew what he was going to do so interlaced her chakra with his and released it just before he slammed his hands. What happened next stunned everyone except Tsunade and Toad sage.

Gamabunta rose with Naruto on his back and asked him

"Why did you summon me here you brat!"

Naruto coolly replied

"Ero-sennin here wants me to terminate my contract to you. Since he holds the contract, he can do it."

Gamabunta then looked at Jiraiya with one eye and asked him

"Are you sure about this Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya put on a determined face and said

"He is not a shinobi of the leaf anymore and he is not my apprentice any longer due to his crimes."

Gamabunta was shocked. The kid he knew would never go against the law. He looked at Jiraiya questioningly and asked

"What are his crimes, we need to make a file for this if he is to be terminated from being our summoner."

Jiraiya then told him the whole story again. He told him about the mission. About how he hurt his friends. About what he is. To say Gamabunta was shocked was an understatement. He was was more than shocked, he couldn't believe that the kid would do that. Hurting his comrades was one of the last things he would do and Bunta himself would bet his sake that the Uchiha kid was lying. He glanced around the assembled so-called friends of Naruto and saw only envy that the Kyuubi brat could summon so powerful. He noticed a girl wearing cream jacket that was looking worriedly at the boy. He knew that this girl was the only true friend of the brat and took note of her before turning to Jiraiya again saying

"Ok Jiraiya, since you hold the summon scroll, you have the power of terminating the contract. Although, what I see is the Uchiha kid lying and Naruto did his job well and truly." he paused seeing the surprised and angry faces of the assembled crowd and continued

"The contract with Uzumaki Naruto has been voided since it is the will of the holder of the summon scroll. But, it will be your last will since I, the leader of the toads, revoke your being a sage and holder of the contract." before he could say anything else, Katsuyu also appeared next to Gamabunta. Tsunade was shocked that her summon is also here and got a bad feeling.

"Tsunade Senju, I have heard everything that has happened through one of Bunta's children and am sad to say that we are also canceling your being a Slug sage and a holder of the summon."

Katsuyu looked at Bunta and nodded.

"As of now, the toad contract will be destroyed and a new summoning contract will be made."

After Bunta said those words the contract behind Jiraiya burst into flames and the slug contract in Tsunade's home also burnt to crisp. Everyone was shocked. To lose two powerful summons was a big damage to the villages power. Tsunade looked stunned while Jiraiya looked accusingly at his former pupil. But the knew that speaking out of turn with their contracts revoked will only result to termination by the summons. Bunta glanced at Katsuyu and gestured towards Naruto and she nodded

"Uzumaki Naruto, we of the toad and slug summon would like to be the new holder of our contracts. Do you accept?"

Naruto looked stunned. He thought that the toads will terminate his summon which was sad for him because he liked playing with Gamatatsu and Gamakichi. Now, not only did the toad and slug cancel their allegiance with the leaf, they also wanted him to be their summon. Before he could respond, a shrill voice shouted from behind him\

"WHAT! Why do you want the demon to be your summoner? Why did you cancel your contracts to the two most powerful shinobi in the elemental countries? Are you blind or are you-"

Sakura never got to finish her speech because Bunta had drawn her sword and pointed it threateningly at the brash girl. Bunta puffed a smoke and spoke to the girl with an angry voice not even Jiraiya had heard before

"Do not finish that sentence girl! You will soon find put who trained the two most powerful shinobi in the elemental countries."

Quckly, Sakura backed away with eyes full of terror. The others also looked with fear as Bunta puffed another smoke and asked Naruto again

"Do you accept our allegiance?"

Naruto looked between the two former Sannin and saw disgust in their faces. They knew if Naruto had both summons he can defeat both of them. They were also angry that they lost their summons and sage status because of the brat. There will be hell to pay when they can hunt him down after the allotted time he was given to leave. Naruto met their gazes and bowed low before speaking

"I, Uzumaki Naruto, accept the burden of being the summoner of both the slugs and the toads."

Bunta laughed out loud before summoning one of his subordinates and gave him a brand new scroll the size of the old scroll. This one had gold on its margins and had the word Gama of the front. He wrote his name in blood and told Bunta

"Hey Bunta, can you keep the scroll for me, I think its too big for me to carry around for now."

Bunta laughed and gave the scroll to his subordinate who brought it and turned to Katsuyu then released one of her slugs and gave Naruto her scroll which was of Blue color and had the word Slug in the front. It was the same size of the toad scroll. He filled it up and gave it back to Katsuyu and bowed to her, showing respect.

Katsuyu then spoke

"Naruto, you can call upon the slugs anytime you want. We specialize in healing but if you need us for battle then we will help you the best we can."

After that she nodded her head toward him and disappeared with a poof. Then Bunta told him

"Naruto, you can still summon us anytime."

"Thanks Boss!"

Bunta chuckled and turned to leave but before he poofed out of existence, he turned back and gave him one last piece of advise

"Hey brat, if you want to summon between us summons, just specify who you want to summon by thinking who it is before you slam your hands for the summon. Oh and one more, summon one of my toads if you want a faster transportation towards anywhere you want to go."

Bunta then nodded towards Naruto then poofed out of existence also.

Naruto looked towards the gates and started doing the hand signs again and yelled

"Kuchinyose no justu!"

A frog the size of a big tree with red body and a coat with the speed kanji on his back. It croaked and said

"Yo boss! I'm here to take you anywhere you want to go!"

He quickly sat on top of the toads head and it turned around. Just when he was about to order the toad to go, someone hugged him from behind and quietly said

"Naruto-kun, please come back for me."

He looked back and saw it was Hinata hugging him and silent tears streaming down her face. He only recently knew that she loved him and he did not have time too try and think about his feelings for her. Now, he knew that she really loved him and he may be falling for her as well. S/o that's why he made another promise, a promise that he will never break.

"I will Hinata-chan, Count on it!"

He lifted her head and gave her a chased kiss. He was electrified. He never knew love and now that he experienced it, he was leaving. He turned back and told the toad to go.

Hinata was left stunned there. Naruto had given him a kiss. A chaste one but a kiss no less. From then on she knew that he will really come back for her.

After Naruto got a mile away from the village, he quietly asked himself

'Where am I going to go now'

A voice from his head then said

"Let's go towards the border of the elemental countries. ANBU do not pursue missing nins going through the borders."

He pondered upon it then made his decision.

"Alright then! Speed, take us to the borders of the Elemental Nations! Run fast, we need to get there before the day is out!"

"Speeding Up!"

The toad blurred from view and will reach the border before sunset.