Revenge of the Whirlpool

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Chapter 10: Epilouge

The Elemental Empire

Peace. Everything was in peace. The hundred year reign of their mighty Emperor has made them all prosperous and happy.

Naruto looked down on his capital of Ba Sing Se. Everyone was bustling along the streets. No more pain. No more sorrow. He felt at peace here on this. Well, the peace part was true before a woman shouted at him

"Naruto-kun! Your wives would like to see you!"

Naruto looked at Konan. She had not grown older. Ever since she pledged her services with her husband, Itachi, they never grew old. Naruto nodded at the woman and Hirashined towards his room.

When he stepped in he saw all his wives there all waiting for him. They all had expectant faces that was pointed towards him. He looked at all his wives and ran through all their lives in quick succession in his head

Azula. She had been influenced greatly by her former father. But with his help, she was restored and now she had a son with him. His name was Roku and is now ten years of age.

Katara of the Water Tribe was a sweet and gentle woman even in her old age. She had been Naruto's friend when he went to training in her village. She had been a very close friend and now one of his wives. She had two girls who are now both eleven and training in the southern village in water bending.

Hinata. She had been her only source of support when he was little and now she was his. She had been saved by Naruto from her arranged marriage and now living with him as one of his empress. She had a son and daughter who are both fifteen and are training with their Byakugan. Funny, both twins have blue eyes but have no pupils. A very rare occurrence in the Hyuuga family.

Toph Bei Fong. A very resilient and tough girl. She had been blind but was cured by Naruto with his chakra manipulation coursing through her eyes. She had been thankful and married him wholeheartedly. She bore Naruto a daughter now seven years of age and training to be one of the Seiei.

Temari. She had been going back and forth from her home in Suna but finally stayed put with her husband. She had bore Naruto a girl who was now six and a boy who is still three. Both just started their training.

Mei. She had retire being Mizukage when she married Naruto five years after the Great War. She had stayed in the palace and helped him with his duties. She had bore Naruto's second child who was now fifteen years of age. They named him Gyatso after the late air monk who died a peaceful death while playing Pai Sho. He seemed asleep but later was found dead.

Lastly, Yukie. She had been the closest to Naruto. Ever since he saved Spring, she had retired from being the Daimyo and went to Ba Sing Se to help help Naruto with some of his duites. She bore his first son. They named him Minato and he was now sixteen years of age.

Naruto smiled at his wives and they all smiled back. Then Azula started

"Naruto, is our coach ready?"

Naruto nodded and replied

"Yes, we will be ready to leave soon, Hime."

Naruto looked at all his wives. They have not aged one bit. Since he merged with Kyuubi, it enhanced his cells to never grow or die without his consent and remained stasis. His wives looked just like the day he marked them by biting on their necks.

-Two Weeks Later

Everyone was rejoicing. It was the day their prince, Minato will take over the throne. Their First Emperor was retiring after almost a hundred years of service.

Naruto stood on the ledge of his palace with his son. His son, Minato, looked like the carbon copy of his dad without the whiskers. Yukie stood by him smiling. Then Naruto said

"My people! It is my great honor to serve you all these years! Even though I physically have not aged."

Everyone laughed at this. They knew their Emperor had a power that stopped his aging. So does his wives but not his children.

"But we must all step down for our next generation. It my once again my great honor to present your Nidaime Emperor, Minato Namikaze!"

Everyone applauded hard. Some were whistling and other clapping as hard as they can. Minato looked down his people and smiled. He had trained for this day. Now he must take on the hardest task. He looked to his dad who nodded at him. Minato smiled and addressed the people.

"People of the Empire! I will gladly take the throne of my father and serve you just as he had served you all, with equality!"

Every person clapped and smiled at the new emperor.

"My father will leave tomorrow. Let us make this day a day my dad and moms will remember!"

Everyone cheered loudly. Hey all loved their Shodaime Emperor and will do anything to keep him happy or safe. They owed it all to the man who united all the nations. Now he was leaving, they would make it a memorable last day for him.

-Next Day

The partying went on and on until day break. Although Naruto and his wives slept early for trip. They now all stood on the outskirts of the city. A carriage and all of their subjects were there to see them go.

Naruto smiled at his wives as they entered one by one towards the carriage. He then looked at his son and his subjects. He then said

"Good luck to all of you. We will see each other again."

They all nodded and bowed in respect as Minato came over and hugged his dad

"Stay safe dad, let me know if you ever need anything."

Naruto looked at his son and said

"Take care of all your siblings. Make the whole empire proud!"

Minato nodded sincerely as Naruto let go and went in the carriage and closing the door. Naruto then gave the signal for the driver to start leaving.

As they left, a council member asked

"When will they return?"

Minato looked at the retreating carriage and replied solemnly

"When the world will need them again, they will return once more."

Everyone assembled nodded sincerely.


It has been a thousand years since the Shodaime Emperor ruled. Peace still reigned and will always reign until the time comes where evil will try to seep back in to the lands of the living. Until then, the Shodaime stayed away, hoping that evil never prevailed in its path to seep back in to their world.