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"Before time began, there was the Cube…We know not where it comes from. Only that it holds the power to create worlds, and fill them, with life. That is how our race was born. For a time, we lived in harmony. But like all great power, some wanted it for good…others for evil…And so began the war. A war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death. And the Cube, was lost to the far reaches of space."

"We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find it, and rebuild our home. Searching every star…every world…and just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery, drew us to an unknown planet called…Earth…But we were already too late…"

"The Earth became the newest battlefield in our age old war, bringing its inhabitants into the very conflict we were attempting to end. Risking his life to keep the Cube from the hands of those who would use it for evil, a young human destroyed the Decepticon Leader Megatron, and the Allspark along with him…or so we thought."

"The power of the Cube could not be destroyed. Two fragments of the Allspark were recovered, each with power nearly as much as the Cube itself. The vessel had been destroyed, but the power remained in the shards. And the brave human who helped defeat Megatron was once more pulled into our war, as Megatron rose again, and with him, a bigger threat, known only as, the Fallen."

"In the struggle that followed, I was defeated by my enemies, but the humans proved yet again, that like us…there is more to them, than meets the eye. The other Allspark shard granted the young human with a special knowledge. A map, to a powerful artifact. An artifact that would prove to be the Earth's salvation…as well as my own. Through this artifact, the Matrix of Leadership, I was revived as well, and managed to vanquish the Fallen."

"Although Megatron escaped to fight another day, for the moment, we had won. The two fragments of the Cube, having transferred their power and information to Megatron and the human, were finally rendered powerless, diminishing the Allspark forever…but as we would learn time and time again, things are not always what they seem. One other fragment of the Allspark remained, and hid itself deep within the Earth, where we could not detect it."

"For ages, we have made Earth our home. Through invasion, and disaster, we have done our part to keep the planet safe from harm. But we are not immortal. In the remnants of our ship, we all decided that it was time for us to rest. Time for our final reward. And so, we slept in stasis lock, never expecting to awaken again."

"We slept through earthquakes and volcanoes, through floods and drought. The Planet as we had come to know it faded into ancient memory, as new powers emerged, the world shifted completely, and our ship was swallowed into the Earth. There we rested, until we were found by a new oddity, and our story began anew."

Looking up at the moon, Naruto lay on the ground, breathing heavily. Sweat dripped from his forehead, as he pulled himself back up from the ground. Looking up, he counted how many slash marks he had created on the tree before him.

"I'm gonna show Sasuke up, even if it takes me all night" he thought, dashing up the tree yet again, kunai in hand. Focusing the chakra to his feet, he continued running up, reaching the point he had reached before and passed it. Feeling himself begin to slip, he quickly slashed the trunk of the tree, leaving a mark for him to make it past the next time. Connecting his left foot to the tree one last time, he didn't see the strange electric spark, or see that the chakra sticking him to the tree had managed to pull something out with it, as he flipped backward to the ground. The cool air on his sweat-covered skin made him shiver, but he wasn't about to give in yet.

Taking his kunai in a back-handed grip, Naruto channeled chakra to his feet once again, before launching himself up the side of the large tree. He neared his last point, smirking as images of praise from his sensei and scowls from Sasuke flashed before him. In the moonlight, something glinted, catching his eye, but he couldn't stop himself and stepped on whatever was sticking out from the tree, and it stabbed into his foot, making him lose his concentration and fall some thirty feet to the ground below.

Naruto was dazed for a moment, before he grunted and looked at his foot, which was leaking blood over what looked like a very old piece of metal, covered in many strange symbols. Gritting his teeth, he made to pull it out, but was hit with an electric shock upon touching it with his hands. Waving his hand around to try to get rid of the tingling, he was shocked as the metal shard seemed to liquefy and absorb into his wound, which healed instantly once the piece was no longer holding it open.

The same feelings he felt in his hand spread from his foot all over his body, and the sensations intensified dramatically. His body shook and convulsed, and his eyes rolled back into his head. Red energy began flowing from him, but would be hit with bolts of electricity, somehow eradicating it.

Deep within the recesses of his mind, the bane of his existence, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the dreaded Nine-tailed Demon Fox, howled as though in pain. In front of the bars that represented the seal keeping him imprisoned, was a shining ball of pure light. The light rays emitted by the orb were so intense, they were actually harming the great beast, as though the light itself was tearing him to shreds.

"What is this power?" shouted the Fox, not really expecting an answer. However, he indeed got one.

"I am Primus" announced the orb, shifting in a form that was in some ways humanoid, but not entirely. "You do not belong here." While the Fox emphatically agreed, he didn't like where this Primus being was going.

"I could say the same for you" growled out the demon. "The boy and I are bound. If I go, he dies. So if you plan to purge me, I would rethink that idea." The Fox's eyes widened and he roared in protest as the light grew even more intense.

"The boy no longer needs you" replied Primus, holding out one of his shining hands. "If he requires a higher power to augment himself, than it shall be I who gives him such power, not you. You are no longer needed, Beast." Having said that, Primus sent a blast of light at Kyuubi, merely being near it would eradicate a lesser being. On contact with the Kyuubi's cell, it shattered the bars, connecting with great demon and causing it to let out a bloodcurdling howl of pain. From down on the ground, unable to pull himself up, Kyuubi looked back up at the figure of light, and saw the last thing he would ever see. Rearing back his ethereal fist, Primus sent one more blast of light at the Fox, destroying it completely.

The light that illuminated Primus became ever brighter, as the remains of Kyuubi's energy absorbed into him and was purified through him. Sending the light outward, he illuminated the entire mindscape, letting his energy flow through the boy. Throughout his body, several changes began taking place. His internal organs began pulsing, before they seemed to melt away, revealing what appeared to be an odd form of metal, and made up of gears and cogs. Where his heart used to be filled with more gears and metal skeletal-structure, while the center of his chest formed a small chamber filled with a bright, electric current.

Outside, his skin formed the same strange symbols from the shard of metal, and depressed into his skin, which became another metal, turning into something akin to full body-armor. Every cell in his body had changed, and the energy had subsided, along with the flow of chakra. While his body still seemed to produce plenty, it wasn't nearly as much as he had before.

Finally able to move, he got up, and found that his entire perspective had changed. His vision seemed glossed over and when he looked at the tree he had been climbing, a small box appeared in his vision that seemed to contain information about the tree. It was written in some sort of strange language, but his mind was somehow able to process it. Staggering over to the small pond near the clearing, Naruto placed some water in his hands and splashed his face. He could feel the cool water, but the sensation seemed slightly different.

Looking at his reflection, he jumped back in fright at the monstrosity that looked back at him. Putting his now metal hands to his face, Naruto noticed that he could still feel, but everything was different. His head was normally proportioned, but sharp at points. His teeth had become somewhat bladed, and his eyes were now bright blue lights shining from sockets on his metal face. Around his head seemed to be some sort of cross between a helmet and a crown. Looking at his hands, he saw his fingers had become long and blades, like knives, and had been extended slightly, and were heavily armored. He noticed his legs were also armored heavily, and his feet were large, but flexible, and he somehow knew that that was in order to allow him to keep his balance, even when standing on things that were never meant to be stood on. They had two toe-like appendages in the front, and two in the back, also as a way to grip the ground and keep balanced.

His upper-body was the most heavily armored part of his body, the entire form was covered in a black, armored-plating, that he had a sneaking suspicion was once his skin. Seeing his broad shoulders, he noticed that besides just his actual body, his entire structure had changed as well. How he stood, how he carried himself…it was almost as if his mind knew exactly how to move, and his body did so unconsciously.

"Naruto?" The now metal boy heard the voice of his female teammate, Sakura, and he panicked. Not knowing what else to do, he leapt into the water, just as the girl entered the clearing.

"Naruto" called Sakura. "Kakashi-sensei wants you back at Tazuna's house. You have guard duty on the bridge tomorrow, so you should get some sleep." Looking around, she noticed the tree with his slash marks, as well as the shredded remains of orange material on the ground, as well as a scorched Konoha forehead protector.

Waiting down at the bottom of the pond, Naruto held his breath, hoping Sakura would leave soon. Somehow, his eyes picked up on her even from where he was submerged, but she seemed frozen in place. Granted, the water wasn't deep, as it was a fairly shallow pond. Eventually, he ran out of air, but being as stubborn as he was, he refused to return to the surface. Gasping for breath, the boy thrashed around until he realized, he was just fine. Apparently, he no longer actually needed to breath. However, the breath he released let out a large bubble, which floated to the surface, and managed to catch Sakura's attention.

Walking over toward the water, the girl peered down where the bubble had come from, but the water was still rippling and it was already dark. Still, she looked into the water. "Naruto" she announced, her voice a bit shaky. "This isn't funny." Looking as deep as she could, she saw some movement, before two glowing blue lights entered her vision. Crouching on her knees, she let her face get right next to the water's edge, and looked at her reflection cast on the water, behind which were the two blue lights.

Another slight movement brought the lights closer, and she jumped back and screamed at the monstrous face that appeared, the two lights being the thing's eyes. The girl jumped back and dashed over in the direction of the house.

"Kakashi-sensei!" she shrieked, running out of the clearing as Naruto leapt out of the water, looking back at his teammate running away, saddened by the monster he had become. Reaching down and picking up his Konoha headband, he clenched it in his fist, before a noise drew his attention back to where his teammate had run off, and where he could hear her coming with others. After frightening Sakura as he had, he couldn't bear to even try to explain to his squad that he was himself, and not some monster.

He took off running through the forest, his metal feet leaving unfortunate impressions in the soft ground, and he knew that his Sensei, at least, would think to follow them. Circling back to the house of their client, Naruto used his bladed hands to scale the wall, before entering the window of the boys' temporary bedroom, and collected anything that he might need, weapons, scrolls. Searching a closet, he found an old, brown cloak. It was worn and ragged, but he didn't care. He quickly threw it over himself, and leapt out the window just as the client's daughter rushed into the room, having heard the noise, and knowing that her father and the Shinobi had all gone out.

Hearing a strange thud outside, she quickly ran to the open window, watching a strange figure, wearing her father's old cloak, run into the forest. Quickly locking the window, she went to her son's room to make sure he was ok.

Looking around the clearing, Kakashi noticed strange indentations in the soft ground, which led away from the site. After checking the pond and finding nothing but a few fish, he saw the strange marks leading out of the water and the clearing. Although he had no idea what would make such marks, the spacing and line they made, told him that they were some type of foot-print.

Following them, the whole group didn't like the fact that they led around toward the house. Nor did they like the strange puncture and scratch marks on the outer wall. Seeing that the tracks then led away from the house, Kakashi summoned a ninja-hound to follow, while they made sure Tazuna's family were safe.

Creeping up to the door, Kakashi carefully opened it, before ducking in, his two remaining genin following. Hearing someone coming down the steps, they tensed up, before Tazuna's daughter came into view.

"Oh, you're back" she said. "You missed it."

"Missed what?" asked Sasuke. "What happened?"

"About ten minutes ago" said the young woman. "I heard a noise up in the boy's room, and when I got there, something had jumped out the window. I checked, and saw something wearing dad's old cloak, running back into the woods."

"Is Inari alright?" asked Tazuna.

"He's fine" said Tsunami. "All that was taken was your cloak and some of Naruto's things…hey, where is Naruto?"

"We can't find him" replied Tazuna. "The kid disappeared. Damn I hope the kid's alright. Annoying he may be, but he's a good kid."

"What about the thing I saw!" shouted Sakura. "Maybe that's what took Naruto and made those tracks."

"It's possible" said Kakashi. "But we have absolutely no idea what it was that you saw."

A puff of smoke erupted behind the group, which dissipated to show Kakashi's nin-dog. "Did you find anything?" asked Kakashi, the dog nodding.

"Yeah" it said, freaking out everyone but Kakashi and Sasuke, who already knew about summons. "But I have no idea what I found."

"Explain" said Kakashi, his tone leaving no room for debate.

"It wasn't human, whatever it was" replied the dog. "It was some kind of monster. It was made completely of metal. In fact, had it not been moving on its own accord, I would have thought that it was some kind of advanced form of ninja puppet."

"What happened?" asked Kakashi, waving his hand for the dog to continue.

"I'm sorry Kakashi" said the dog, looking down in shame and letting out a pathetic whine. "I don't know how, but it saw me. It has to have eyes as good as a Hyuuga. It came toward me, and I got the hell out of there. I didn't know what I was dealing with, so I ran."

"You did fine. You're dismissed" said Kakashi with a sigh, and the summon hound went up in smoke.

"Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura. "What do we do?" Kakashi just sat in thought, barely registering the girl's question.

"We continue the mission" said Sasuke. "And if that thing comes back, we take it down. Whatever it is, it took down Naruto."

"We don't know that, Sasuke" said Kakashi. "We will finish the mission. Even if Naruto isn't dead, he wouldn't be one to abandon the mission. We all knew the risks, and we made our choice. If we do find this thing though…we capture and bring back to the village, for either study, or punishment." His two genin nodded, as he passed them and went up the stairs to find out what had been taken. Finding that aside from the cloak and a few weapons, only Naruto's things had been taken.

"Is it you Naruto?" he whispered quietly. "Is this the Fox's doing?..." He sighed and shook his head. He just hoped the blonde would show up.

The next morning, Naruto found himself waking and walking. His body had continued to work somehow, even though he had fallen asleep. As he looked around, he noticed that he wasn't in Wave country anymore. He had entered a mountainous region. He had no idea where he was going, but he continued walking. Looking over, he noticed a valley between two of the mountains. His new vision allowed him to see all over the valley with enhanced clarity, and another box with the strange symbols appeared, indicating a point in the middle of the valley, and he realized that that was somehow his destination. He groaned. His body somehow didn't tire easily, but it was going to be a long walk none-the-less.

As he thought and wished he could get there faster, a new window appeared in his vision, showing a strange picture. It looked like a kunai with wings, though there were some big differences. For starters, it was heavily armored, similarly to himself. Secondly, it was somewhat streamlined, and narrower, as though to cut through the air better. Seeing the window flash, he felt a strange shock run through his body, it was an almost euphoric feeling. Looking at himself, he saw his entire body beginning to change, and fold, including his head. Once the feeling had ended, he realized he could see at almost all angles, and somehow he knew that he had become the picture from the window.

Somehow, he felt he knew what to do, and he willed himself to move, and flames began to shoot from his back, which had converted into some sort of thrusters, rocketing himself out into the valley. It was exhilarating for the young Shinobi, experiencing flight, especially from the particular perspective in which he was. He closed the distance between his location and his destination within minutes, and focusing, his body shifted back to the new form it had taken the night before, and he slammed into the ground, his feet gripping the earth and ripping it up as he skidded a few feet. Still reveling in the feelings flight and his transformation, he looked around, but didn't see anything. The strange windows in his field of vision showed that there should be something there, but there was nothing but trees and rocks and dirt. Taking a step forward, he heard a metallic sound, and looked down. Pulling his foot back, he noticed that there was some sort of metal beneath the ground. The information window popped up again and showed that there was even more metal beneath his feet.

Kicking and clawing at the ground, Naruto unearthed half of the small clearing, revealing a large sheet of metal. Crouching down, he got on his hands and knees and tapped the metal with his finger a few times, seeing how solid it was. As he did so, a spark flew from his fingertip and absorbed into the metal, which began to shift beneath his feet and reconfigure, just as he had when he had become that flying form. As it finished, Naruto noticed it had formed an opening or entrance of some sort, and it sloped down far into the earth.

As he descended into the darkness, he found that one thing he couldn't do was see in the pitch black. Feeling the wall for support, another electrical charge was sent from him into the wall, causing several lights to switch on. Naruto gaped at what he saw. The passage he found himself in was massive. The ceilings were incredibly high, leading him to question just what made them, and made them so large.

Following the labyrinth of passages, Naruto got his answer, and he nearly fell over in shock. Sitting in what seemed almost like massive thrones of metal, were beings that were similar in structure to his new self, but different. One major difference being that they were giant. Standing next to them, he was only about the size of one of their heads, maybe bigger.

As he gazed up at them, he noticed that the largest, who sat in the center, had one arm outstretched, as if holding something. Climbing up the throne, Naruto stepped into the massive hand, to pick up the strange object. It was strange. Like two pyramids put together at the base, and twisted up.

"The hell…?" asked Naruto to himself. Taking a step to climb down, his foot caught on a ridge in the metal hand, and he lost his grip on the strange object, throwing it on accident over, hitting the metal giant in the face and slipping down into its chest cavity. Suddenly, a spark shot out of the object, flowing completely over the metal giant, causing it to quiver, and its eyes lit up as a bright blue color, like his own new eyes.

"Uh oh" said Naruto, as the thing began to let out an audible groan and moved, shaking him out of its hand back onto the floor. The thing put its hand to its head and shook it as it stood up, all the while groaning as if having just been woken from a long sleep, which unknown to Naruto, it had been. As it stood and plucked the strange object from its chest, Naruto got a good look at it.

The thing had a similar structure to himself. It seemed to have a helmet over its head, and was armor-plated, just as he now was. Unlike his feet, which had structures on all sides for balance, this thing had feet more similar to boots, with two longer toe-like extensions. Between the armor, he could see gears and circuits, and even what appeared to be wheels. The armor itself was mostly blue and red, and had flame-designs on it.

The giant looked down on him, as though seeing him for the first time, and crouched down close in order to get a better view. And in the deepest voice, and a strange language that Naruto could somehow understand, it spoke to him.

"Who are you, Small One?" it said, and Naruto looked back, sensing no ill-intent coming from the metal being.

"My name is Naruto" he said. "I'm confused. Who are you? What is this place?...What's happening to me?" The being merely stood, and placed its hands behind his back.

"I know only the answer to your first two questions, Naruto" said the being. "This is an Interstellar star-ship, used to carry me and my kind across the galaxy. We call it, the Ark. And as for who I am…My name, is Optimus Prime."

Chapter end.

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For reference, Naruto's form is a human-sized equivalent to Megatron, from the first Michael Bay Transformers Film, including his alt-mode of the Cybertronian jet. The only major differences are he has blue optics, is smaller, and like Optimus, has a face-plate that can extend over his mouth.

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