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High above the world, a lone satellite drifted in orbit around the planet, taking readings and images from the surface. Several lights came on, as parts began to re-arrange, cables disconnecting, and entire sections detaching. As the now powerless satellite began to drift down, picking up speed as it fell to earth, the other parts began to take shape, reorganizing itself into a humanoid form, before beginning a much slower descent, severing connection with the rest of his brethren. He couldn't let them discover what he planned to do. He found the coordinates for what he was looking for, and set his course.

"...Allspark located...Locating Megatron for immediate re-activation.. All Hail Megatron! All Hail Megatron!"


Karin, though having grown considerably since her transformation, was still small enough to ride Arcee to the outside of the Arc, which for the most part was still buried quite deeply underground. The former human was impressed. The sheer size of everything plus the hidden, subterranean location made it far more than anything Orochimaru could devise. As they reached the surface, Karin leapt off the motorcycle, which shifted back into her robot form, though it was different than it had been previously.

Whereas before, Arcee had been using the wheels of her alt-mode as feet, she had instead decided a new approach and reconfigured herself into a more human-like appearance. Her wheels had moved up and acted as a sort of back-pack, and her armor had reconfigured around her interior frame to giver her a far more streamlined look. From what she had learned from Naruto and Karin, the more lithe frame and feet rather than wheels would give her a more shinobi-esque look and make it easier to traverse through different terrain in her regular state.

"That still kind of freaks me out," the proto-form announced, and Arcee just shook her head.

"Trust me, you'll get used to it." the Cybertronian female replied in amusement. Hell, to be honest, she was pleased to have another girl around, even given the circumstances. "That's why we're up here. Not a lot of good vehicles to choose from, so we need to find a good alt-mode from the wildlife, or something." Looking to the trees, Arcee noticed a few squirrels, and a sparrow. Nothing really for the new girl to choose from. A cry from above, however, drew the attention of both girls, who looked to the sky to see a large hawk circling above them.

Arcee watched as Karin's optics glowed brightly, zooming in on and scanning the features of the hawk. Watched as the girl's proto-form body began to reconfigure and take shape, pre-programming it to be ready for quick-changes. As if on instinct, her whole body began to morph and rearrange, taking on while a larger, more metallic form, the shape of the hawk, more or less. Unlike the hawk, she also had thrusters on her back for high-speed travel. The wires that made up her hair had shifted to become a streaming tail, arcing with electricity.

Again, acting on instinct, the thrusters in her back roared to life, and locking on to the real bird, Karin launched into the air. The hawk realized it was being followed, and began to launch several evasive flight patterns, but the transformed girl mirrored each almost perfectly. Though amazed at her new ability to fly, Karin knew she should probably return to Arcee, who the being known as 'Optimus Prime' had designated her trainer. Looping up and around, she launched into a roll towards the ground, spreading her metal wings and hovering precisely three feet off the ground before gracefully touching down.

"Well, looks like you have transforming down...let's see what you have for basic weapons..."


"You actually met Primus? The Primus?" Sideswipe asked, he and the rest of the Autobots being debriefed on what exactly had transpired inside Naruto's mind. "What did he say? What was he like?"

"Calm down, my friend," Optimus said, placing a hand on the smaller bot's shoulder. "He'll tell us in due time." Naruto palmed his face. He had only just mentioned Primus and the entire group had gone into a uproar.

"I don't get it," he said. "You guys know this 'Primus,' guy?" Optimus nodded, confirming that indeed, they understood who he was speaking of.

"It is said that the power of the Cube, the Allspark, is what gave life to our planet. Our race. But it was the hand of Primus who shaped us, created us by his own design."

"So, he's kind of like a god?" Naruto asked, receiving a nod from the Autobot leader.

"The God of Cybertron. And he now exists...within you." Naruto's optics widened. He had only just gotten used to the idea of having a demon inside him. Now he had the God of another race sealed in him instead. This was all too confusing. "I'm placing Arcee in charge of your training, as well as our newest addition. But she cannot teach you to utilize the power of Primus. Nor can I, or any of us. You will have to learn to use it on your own. But when you will have a power beyond what you have already shown." Naruto nodded, silent, thinking.

"Optimus, the repairs are coming along smoothly," Ratchet announced, trying to get the subject moved along. "And with Naruto around, they will be sped up exponentially. But we still have the problem of digging the Arc out from the ground. We'll have to find some way to remove it." The Autobot leader nodded, listening to his old friend carefully. Even with all the Autobots working together, it would still take at least several weeks to get the massive ship out of the earth. Looking down at the human-turned-transformer, an idea struck him.

"Naruto," he announced. "Once Karin has a decent grasp of her new body, Arcee, her, and you will return to your village. If you can find some way to enlist help from your home, we can have the ship out and ready to fly much more quickly." This worried Naruto.

"And what then? Are you just going to leave? What about me? I can't go. My place is here." Stepping forward, Ratchet replied to the former blonde.

"We need you, Naruto. With the Allspark's power, we can not only reform Cybertron, we can restore it to life." Optimus placed his hand on the medic's shoulder.

"Ratchet, we cannot force him to do something he does not wish to do. It's not our way. Perhaps some day, he will decide it time to help us. But until then, Earth can remain our home." The rest of the Autobots appeared somewhat crestfallen, but nodded in acceptance. Looking at the still small, but definitely still growing new member of the ranks, he continued. "Prepare to roll out." Naruto nodded, heading outside.

The moment he had exited the ship, he was forced to duck as a blazing projectile sailed passed right where his head had been. "Whoa!" he shouted, looking up to the sheepish Karin and the chuckling Arcee, who he shot a deep glare at. "Laugh it up. We got a job to do, ya know." Arcee looked at the newly-minted Prime curiously.

"What job?" she asked, readying her weapons. "And when do we roll out?"

"Optimus wants us to head to Konoha, see if we can't get them to help you guys get your bearings." Karin seemed to perk up at that, and raised her hand after reverting back to her humanoid form.

"I can help..." she announced. "Orochimaru is considered one of the biggest traitors to Konoha. I'm sure we could exchange some info for possible protection for the Autobots. Can we fly?" She was practically bouncing from one foot to the other. Naruto couldn't blame her. Flying was an incredible experience. Arcee merely crossed her arms.

"Great...except I can't fly..." she deadpanned. Karin's optics glowed for a moment, before the newly created techno-organism leapt at the motorcycle Autobot. Surprised, Arcee attempted to throw her fellow female off, before it became apparent what she was doing. Naruto took a few steps back in surprise. He didn't know that cybertonians could...combine. Arcee flexed her arms. And Karin's wings. Naruto seemed impressed. The fusion between the two was almost flawless. On each of her arms, Karin's bird-form talons protruded, giving Arcee both a close-quarter's weapon, as well as housed a blaster. The rest of the once-human girl protruded from Arcee's back as though it were some form of winged backpack. Thrusters ignited, and the female autobot began to hover a good five feet off the ground.

"...What else can we do..." Naruto asked, almost inaudibly, looking up at Arcee as if she were some form of angel.


Soundwave descended to the ground gently. No need to alert anyone who might be monitoring the area. Giving an unspoken command, a smaller being separated from the large Decepticon, dropping to the ground. Rumble began digging immediately. His companions were the only ones he could trust now. Soundwave knew for certain that Rumble was only loyal to him, and he himself was loyal only to Megatron...whose body was buried deep within the earth. Hidden from prying eyes. Now that the Allspark was recreated, Megatron could be revived once more. However, he needed to be careful around the Autobots, and especially around his fellow Decepticons. Loyalty was incredibly hard to garner among the conquering faction of the Cybertronians. Currently, Starscream had the most experience in battle, and the most experience with his silver tongue, but nobody ever united their race like Megatron.

Just the same, he knew Starscream too well. The weasel would do everything in his power to keep Megatron's resurrection from occurring, to keep their true leader from retaking what was rightfully his. How Megatron would reward his loyalty. How he hoped that he could watch as Megatron tore the spark from Starscream's chest, before blasting him into oblivion. Oh, how he waited for that day. As the ground beneath Rumble began to collapse and break away, revealing a massive cavern below. This didn't bother the larger cybernetic organism, who simply used the thrusters in his feet to remain in his relative place as Rumble continued his excavating. Once the subterranean cave had produced an opening large enough for him to move through, he activated his external lights, before slowly descended into the pocket within the planet.

Cutting his thrusters, he dropped to the floor of the cave, resounding as an echoing thud around him. Soundwave listened, his audio-receptors interpreting the sound, using his processors to create a map of the underground location. Trying to narrow things down, he released a series of high-pitched pinging sounds, using his echo-location to track down anything that did not seem like rock.

There! Directing Rumble to their master's location, the smaller transformer eagerly began to break away the dirt and rock. It wouldn't be long now, until Megatron was brought back.

"Soundwave!"Starscream's voice transmitted directly into his mind. If he was capable of it, Soundwave would have sighed. "Why are you not at your post?!"

"Monitoring Autobot activity," he replied, simply. "Scans indicate high amounts of energon output. Mobile. They are planning something. Monitoring from orbit no longer acceptable." There was silence from the other end of the communication.

"Well, find out what they're doing!" the current Decepticon leader demanded. "If they have energon stockpiled, it can mean only two things. Either they plan to leave the planet, or they plan to power a weapon." Once the communication was cut, Soundwave just shook his head.

"Or perhaps a human has help restore the Allspark," he thought to himself. Had he not seen it for himself already, he never would have believed it. Starscream would not have either. However, it wouldn't be the first time a human had managed to find and reconstitute a Cybertronian artifact. So lost was the Decepticon in his thoughts, that he barely registered Rumble's gleeful cheer.

Looking to what had made the smaller bot so happy, he gazed at the face of his master, beginning to poke its way out of the earth around it. He instructed Rumble to continue digging, but to be careful. At full power, Megatron was nigh invulnerable. But after being deactivated for so long, his body in disrepair, excavating the massive Decepticon would be a challenge. But Soundwave was very, very patient. He could wait it out. Whether it took ten minutes or a milennia, he would find the child of the Allspark and force him to revive his fallen leader.


Naruto, in his vehicle form of a Cybertronian jet, admired the now-winged Arcee. Apparently, Karin still had full consciousness, and while they were combined, was tapped into Arcee's consciousness as well. It did quite a but to put her at ease. She had at first begun to freak out, not knowing what she herself was doing, nor understanding how she knew how to perform the act of Power-linking. However, joining with Arcee gave her a level of insight into her new form, in particular, her 'programming.'

Unlike almost all other forms of life, the Cybertronians did not rely on DNA. They weren't particularly sure themselves how it all worked. Almost like a non-organic genetic instinct, which allowed them to transform without much conscious thought. Kind of fascinating, honestly. She'd have to discuss it further with Ratchet later. The medic would be the most likely to answer her questions capably. While Arcee had control of their combined form, Karin had been relegated to what amounted to a voice inside the Autobot's head.

Naruto did a barrel-roll, trying to get the most out of his new form as he could, while in his mind, he contemplated what Karin had discovered. He realized that the reason he bore fierce resemblance to Megatron, and minorly so to Optimus himself, was probably because they were the last two cybertronians to interact with the Allspark. Megatron more-so, as the cube had been united with his spark, ultimately killing him. Not permanently, of course, but for the first time. If this imprinted their cybernetic coding into the shard that merged with his body, it only made sense that he take on a similar appearance. But his designation. What Primus had called him. Multorum Prime. The first of many...

Was that his destiny now? To turn others into beings like he and Karin? Replace flesh with metal? He certainly didn't want that, nor did he expect that anyone he knew would want it either. This brought up another problem, however, as while Karin did seem certain Konoha would want her information regarding this Orochimaru person, Naruto wasn't so sure they'd be allowed to explain themselves. He had continued to grow in the time since his trans-metal transformation, and would now tower over most people in the village, looking like some metal monster. He had already terrified Sakura back in wave. Who was ever going to believe that he was once one of them?

"How far are we from your village?" Arcee asked, seeing nothing but trees. Far taller than the trees used to be the last time she was active. If there was a village, it would definitely be hidden among these leaves.

"Not far!" Naruto announced. Sweeping low, just above the tree-tops, Naruto instinctively transformed back to his humanoid form for a moment, using foot thrusters to keep himself aloft as he reached out with his hands to brush the lush foliage, before, he regained altitude and reverted to his jet mode. "When we get there, you'll know."

Arcee didn't need to ponder his meaning for long, as upon the horizon, a large mountain began to come into view. Not overly large, but still big enough to tower over the trees. There was something about the side, however. And then she saw the wall. It swept around the settlement, a massive barricade acting as a testament to the prowess and skill of the builders. "We'll come in low, over the Hokage Mountain. It'll be a lot harder for them to spot us with the monument in the way, so long as we stay within the trees."

"Is that such a good idea?" Arcee asked after a moment to think about that plan. "If we're trying to sneak in, won't going in low make it easier for them to spot us?" Naruto laughed.

"I used to spend all my free time on that mountaintop. It might be home to the ANBU headquarters, but that doesn't necessarily help security. The village doesn't think there need to be guards there because of the ANBU, and the ANBU don't think anyone would be stupid enough to try and access the village there," he said.

"And you're just stupid enough," replied Arcee, rolling her optics.

"Hey!" Naruto cried indignantly. "Could you focus please? The ANBU headquarters is on the south-eastern portion of the mountain. If we come in from the northern end, and keep noise to a minimum, we should be able to get in undetected. We have to get to the Hokage's office quickly and quietly. From there we can explain that we aren't a threat."

"Yes, because breaking into a fortress city is exactly the kind of thing people find non-threatening," deadpanned Arcee, but all the same, she adjusted her course, silently signaling for Karin to be ready to uncouple. The moment they had reached the mountain was the moment the signal was given.

"Now!" sent Naruto over the more secure channel, unheard to anyone who might be within listening distance, which to a shinobi, was quite far. The one-time human and the linked females fell into a nose-dive, losing altitude rapidly. At the last second, they pulled up, flying only feet from the ground. Giving the new bird-bot a signal, the two disconnected from one another, Karin taking her avian from, while Arcee tucked into a roll, shifting into her motorcycle form to break her fall, before returning to robot-mode to hopefully make less noise as the three shot through the forest. Of course, at the speed they were going, it would be difficult for anyone, shinobi or not, to capture them. Even with the trees hindering their path, they passed through them rather quickly. Karin, as a bird with flexible wings was easily capable of maneuvering through the mass of trees, and while Naruto's form was much more rigid, his guidance and targeting systems allowed him to project a path through the forest without so much as scraping a wing on the bark.

As they neared the edge of the forested area, Naruto filled them in on the rest of his plan. "Karin, you and Arcee provide a distraction. While you do that, I'll try and make my way to the Hokage's tower. If I can prove I am who I say I am, then the ninja of this village will cease to view you as a threat."

"How can you be sure," Karin inquired, twirling gracefully through the wood and leaves, as care-free as an actual bird.

"The old man Hokage has always treated me like a grandson. I trust him more than anyone else in the world." While Arcee had doubts, Karin heard the conviction in his tone, and it set her at ease. "Alright," Naruto continued. "This is where we separate. Fly around and get the attention of the village, but do not harm anyone. I'll try and get to the Hokage tower." On his signal, Naruto transformed, skidding to a halt just at the edge of the woods, but not close enough to the edge of the cliff to be visible down below." The two ladies, on the other hand, continued moving. Arcee made a mighty leap off the mountain. She twirled in midair, noting that off in the distance there were several massive faces carved into the side of the cliff. As she began to plummet, Karin darted out of the woods, and off the cliff, her thrusters easily closing the distance. Before the two could smash into the buildings below, Karin once more linked to the motorcycle-bot, allowing Arcee to easily pull out of freefall.

Naruto watched as the girls swept low, garnering the attention of several civilians, and sending them into a panic, which the shinobi of the village attempted to quell, while higher-ranked ninja began to follow the flying metal lady. Naruto hopped it would provide a proper distraction, and allow him to make the journey to the Hokage's tower unseen and unscathed. "Old man," he muttered, slinking back into the shadows of the treeline. "Have I got a story for you..."

Chapter end

Not ideal, nor is it long. It is, however, and update, and be glad of that. I had some recent inspiration, and I ran with it. You will continue to note, this is an alternate timeline to the movie. Oh, and Age of to be disregarded. Did not happen in this timeline. Basically, after DotM, the Autobots were seen as heroes, as they were meant to be, rather than cast out and hunted.

As for Arcee, I decided to update her from her movie-verse design to something more akin to her Transformers Prime design. Sleek, stealthy, and kick-ass.

Also, our final note, as I said last time, Karin is not going to be in the pairing, however, she does have an important role as one of the Neo Primes. So far, the three currently chosen are as follows.

Naruto - Multorum Prime. The progenitor of a new race of transformers.

Karin – Lazara Prime. The bird of fire. The healer of the new race.

Kimimaro – Vindex Prime. Loyal defender and guardian of the new race.

The rest have yet to be chosen.

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