I've known her since I was a little girl. Since I was four to be exact, my dad was her dads doctor. She was fourteen when I met her and even though her father was passing away she always seemed to seem happy around me. She became an older sister to me over the months we spent together. My mother was never around so I had to travel to work alongside my father.

After her father passed we kept in touch for awhile but eventually when she became a big star I became the little person, literally. I'm fourteen now and only about just 4 foot 8. Don't get me wrong I still think she's an amazing person she's still my best friend. My father trust her with my life, that's why since he's getting older and I'm still only fourteen we're moving to California to be closer to her so I guess if something happens she'd be there for me.

Who is this magical lady I've been talking about you ask? Her name is Heather Morris. Yes the girl who toured with a famous pop star. Yes this is the TV star from glee and this is the girl who would be come the most important person in my life. And I will always love her for that.

Two Weeks Later, Arrival at New Apartment.

It was mid September when we moved to our new California apartment. I was less then thrilled that we moved during the school year. I'd be the new student do a school I had no idea how to get around. That was not going to be a fun time along with the fact that I'm a dwarf and not the cutest cabbage patch kid around.

When we got to the apartment building our moving van was close behind. They drove all the way from Arizona, me and father took a plane. It was a quick trip but I also hate planes so today has just not been up to par so far. I think the only thing that's keeping me from going into a complete utter terrible mood is Heather coming over to help with the apartment.

The place was nice and I guess I could get used to it after a couple of days or so. I just don't do change. Daddy insisted this was for the best, for both of us. He needed a better piece of mind and I needed a change. Well lets just hope daddy dearest is correct.

I wondered around the apartment and thought that the kitchen was perfect for daddy. It was just the right size and was equipped with all the things he needed to make the best foods. The living room was open to the dining room. Open and spacey, perfect for daddy hosting hospital functions. If you went upstairs there were four doors. One led to the master bedroom, another to a guest and I assume the only one with pain on the walls was going to be mine. Only leaving the fourth door as a bathroom.

"Mackenzie! Come outside and help unload the truck."

Venturing down the stairs I went down to the truck and went to grab a box witch was probably twice my weight and height.

"Wow be careful tiny you might fall over trying to carry that." An all to familiar voice teased softly behind me. That could only be one person. Heather.

"Hemo!" I ran and gave her the biggest hug ever.

"I missed you Tiny."

"Is that why you haven't talked to me in forever?" I asked with a bit a bite. I regretted it as soon as it left my mouth. I was happy to see her and all, its been way to long, but I was still mad she left.

Heather being Heather simply just raised her brow at me. Something I knew she only did when I screwed up. Well by screwed up I mean gave her or shown disrespect.

"Kenzie, she's a very busy person you know that. She works very hard and look where she's at. You should take after her. She's a good example."

"whatever dad." I uttered under my breath.

I grabbed a smaller box labeled for my room and headed for it. Getting away from these crazy people. I hopped up to my new bedroom and set it down ready to turn on my heal when once again I was met with Heather. "Easy there tiger" she sided stepped me and put a box towards the back wall.

"What are you doing?" I asked staring at her.

"Your dad asked me to help you guys unpack. You knew that already, did you dad tell you that? I don't understand why you're being so weird about it. Let alone giving your elder attitude about it."


I started to walk out to retrieve another box with her on my tale. If there's one thing I learned over time is that she's persistent. If Hemo wants something she'll go and get it.

"No you're not. So here's your options here kid. One, you tell me what's with the attitude. Or two you don't get to meet my friends from GLEE your choice."

"Yes because I want to meet the people who took away my best friend, every girls dream. Thank you for the choices so its clear I choose the second one. Thank you."

As I was going out the door she grabbed me by the waist and hoisted me over her shoulder. "Heather put me down!" Ignoring my request she walked into the Kitchen and set me down on the counter, standing in front of me. Great, you would block any and all exits.

"Talk to me. Why are you so angry?"

"I'm not angry, I don't understand why your thinking that way you've only been here for like five minutes."

"In those five minutes you managed to give me all the attitude in the world and if your dad wasn't so hard with the hearing I'm pretty sure he'd be mad too. So you have twenty minutes before the gang from the show come down here to help move in. You and your father need all the help you can get. So don't even argue."

I don't want to see them. They took her away from me. Well not them exactly but I don't care.

"Okay." I answered vocally only because it pisses Heather the hell off when you aren't vocal with her.

"Not okay tiny." She softened her tone and leaned her forehead to mine. "What's going on. I know I've been gone for awhile but your forgetting I know you. Tell your favorite older sister all your worries. I'll try and make them go away."

"I'm just mad that you went away." I said breaking the eye contact. "I feel like these people did that, but I know its not true. Now you're here again but I still feel angry at you for leaving."

"I never left babe. I'm still here, I'll always be here. You know that, why do you think you and daddy dearest moved here?" she nudge me a little "I'm here to look out for my favorite midget. So can we please get over this? Drop the attitude little girl?"

"Yeah." I smiled a little.

"Good now give me a hug and lets help out your old brittle dad." Only to please my favorite blond I leaned over and wrapped my arms around her neck only to have her hoist me up onto her hip.

"I really hate when you do that." She chuckled. "And I love holding you tiny."

A couple hours later and a whole lot of help we got the job done. The apartment was filled with me and fathers stuff. Heathers friends were very nice, I mean for like adults and stuff. Naya is just like heather just cooler I guess. Don't tell Heather I said that. Di is super nice. I mean they were all so chill. I can kind of see why heather would leave to go be with them.

"Babe you okay?" I looked up from Heathers shoulder to meet her eyes.

"Yeah, just tired. You adults are crazy."

They all seemed to think I was joking because they all started to laugh. Clearly they had no idea I was being serious. They were mega crazy. Talking about stuff I had no idea what was about and laughing about random things its just all to much for my small fourteen year old mind.

"Hemo, really girl this kid is to cute. You need to bring her to set one day." I heard Naya say as I lay back down on my personal pillow.

"I don't know Nay this kid can get hella annoying." She jokingly nudge me, whistles I whined and pinched her arm.

"See hemo kids cute. If your gonna insult her then at least let me cuddle with the cute little fur ball."

"Excuse me I am not some cuddly teddy bear to be shared! I'm mature adult!" I insisted half asleep.

Okay so maybe saying you're a mature adult while sitting on someone's lap and falling asleep isn't you best case.

"Sure kenzie, sure. Now come here and let me getz my cuddlez on." Naya used her Lima Heights voiced. Even spending time with her for a while that will always scare the shit out of me. Removing myself from heathers warm lap I moved over to Naya's.

"Scaring her isn't always going to work NayNay." She said with what I think was a pointed look. I was to busy getting my cuddle on.

"your just as comfortable as Heather, but you're so much warmer."

Once again everyone laughed and all I heard was Heather say "I told you she could be annoying." But at the same time Naya said "She's so cute."

I think about five minutes after that I feel asleep because I remember waking up the couch. Almost everyone else had left, expect Naya who was in the kitchen with Heather. I tried to whip the sleep from my eyes and look for a clock. After the sleep wore off I figured I had my phone in my pocket and checked and saw it was 11:30. My dad was probably asleep, he slept a lot more lately, that's what being old gets you.

I heard Heather laughing quite loudly from the kitchen and I groaned. What do you have to do to get some sleep around here? Shoot it's not even her house and she's already causing trouble. That's Hemo for you. I rolled off the couch and dragged my feet towards the kitchen. Once in the door way I gave Heather a glare. She and her friend saw it and started to crack up once again.

"Heather…" I whined like I always did when she'd wake me up and it was still just way to early to be coherent.

"Mackenzie…" She mimicked me with a slight smirk playing on her lips.

I gave her another glare, they both were trying to hold in a laugh only causing me to both shoot them deep daggers then before. I turned on my heal and started to climb the stairs when I heard Heather call from the kitchen. "Is there something you need baby?"

Oh so now you ask, Kenzie thought. "I'm not a baby!" I yell back at her reaching my room.

I love heather I do, she's the nicest person I ever met but golly gee I am not a baby. I'm fourteen years of age. That's practically and adult. I do not need to babied. I closed my door and realized that no one set up my bed. The mattress was all there and the put together and what not but my pillows weren't there nor was my blankets. Worst of all I couldn't find my favorite stuffed zebra, I couldn't fall asleep without the thing.

Sighing I went back down the stairs to the kitchen, Naya and Heather were still talking and they took noticed to my appearance. Heather had an amused look on her face and Naya was trying to hide a smirk. I don't find either of this funny.

"Where are the blankets?" I asked Heather, I figured she'd know more then Naya.

"In the closet, your pillows are in a box in your room." She replied, "Do you want help tiny?"

"No." me be the stubborn teenager did not want help from her. I was tired and just wanted to go to sleep and I didn't want her to help me. I could do it, I'm not a child.

"Hemo lets help the kid." I heard Naya by the time I was half way up the stairs.

To tired to argue with the adults in the room I allowed them to make my bed while searched for my pillows. I found them in a matter of minutes, I found them before they even started my bed. The thing I couldn't find was my zebra. I wont be able to sleep without it. Heather gave it to me, she thought I out grew it about two years ago, little did she know I still slept with the animal. I needed it to sleep, I've tried to sleep without it, I don't sleep.

"What are you looking for Mackenzie?" I jumped at the sound of her voice.

"God Heather don't do that!" I snapped, letting my fatigue get the best of me. "Sorry." I mumbled as an after thought.

"Its okay, why don't you just go to bed."

I climbed into bed and Heather told Naya to meet her in the living room so they could plan for tomorrow. Apparently they didn't have to go to set tomorrow and were taking me sight seeing while my dad got things settled at his new work place.

"Okay Kenzie if you need anything I'll be down stairs okay? Naya is taking the extra guest bedroom and I'm taking the couch. So don't go waking your father, just come see me okay? He has to get up early and we all know your dad is getting to old to deal with you okay?" she sent a wink my way before kissing my forehead and going down stairs.

I layed in my bed for what seemed to be forever. I tried to go to sleep I really did. I tossed and turned I even tried to the old method of counting sheep. Nothing worked, nothing at all. It was the worst thing ever. I didn't even want to admit the fact I needed Heather. I didn't want to admit that I was scared. This whole move has been pretty intense. It's been scary, I needed my older sister but I didn't want to admit the fact that I was younger then I wished I was.

Finally giving up I made my way down stairs, it had to be at least one in my morning. I really hope Naya went to bed so she wouldn't see me like this. As I walked into the living room I let out a sigh of relief seeing that Heather was by herself a sleep on the futon. I stopped by the coffee table and just stared at her. "Hemo." I softly called out. When she didn't wake up I kind of nudge her with my foot. "Heather, wake up."

It took about five minutes but Mackenzie got Heather to wake up, she liked to call heather a log. She literally could sleep threw anything. "What's wrong tiny?" she asked as she ran a hand through her long blond hair as she forced herself to sit up.

"I can't sleep."

"Did you have a nightmare or something?" she asked still not fully awake.

"I lost it." I croaked out, I don't know why I was getting emotional over this. I loved the zebra and all, I had it for ten years but I didn't think I would cry about it. But here I stand, tears coming out of my eyes at 1 in the morning over a lost stuffed animal.

"Lost what babe?" she opened her arms for an invitation for me to crawl into them but I stay immobile. I just stood there.

"I lost the Zebra you gave me. I can't sleep without it." My voiced cracked this time and Heather didn't wait for me to come to her. She pulled me to her and held me close, allowing me to bury myself in her all to familiar frame.

"It's okay, it's okay, calm down kenzie." She whispered in my ear. "You can just stay here with me okay? You don't need to get upset over it. I'm sure your zebra is in a box somewhere. We'll find it tomorrow okay baby?" I nodded into her shoulder.

She pulled us a part for a moment and wiped my tears with her thumb and then pulled the covers open for me to join her on the futon. I climbed in and snuggled straight into her side like I used to do when I was younger. Heather's familiar scent allowed me to be pulled into a deep sleep feeling safe and sound.

Okay so I know I shouldn't have started a knew story but, but the idea came and I'll totally try an update perfect in your imperfections tomorrow. Which brings me to say this. I love how honest you are about saying how I need to be more real. I understand the whole adoption thing was wrong but could you blame me? I mean who didn't want to see them happy as a family? But for the future I'll try and be more real. If you have any ideas for the story I'll totally look into them. If you have any ideas for any of my stories I'll look into them. I love ideas! So feel free to help a sister out with her stories :)