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I slept, and dreamed; and in my dream I walked, far leagues, even for an Ent. My feet carried me past forests of elm and oak, rowan and ash. In the distance I saw a great white light; and it seemed that a voice called to me.

Bregalad, Bregalad.

I was not frightened, though I did not know who spoke. From the light walked a tall woman of beauty surpassing all that I had seen, though my years were many. Her form was that of a human, but she was not only human: it seemed that all the fair things, in all the trees and flowers and growing things I had ever seen were held within her… she flickered, holding beauty like a beacon of light. Around her there was the smell of flowers growing.

She came and walked with me in my dream, and the moon shone; we walked many miles, and my heart was glad of the company. We reached a silent grove, and together we lay under the moonlight, and my heart was glad.

I woke in the light of the morning and knew that it had been but a dream; but my heart could not forget it. Yavanna, the wind whispered to me. Yavanna.

After many days I dreamed again; the woman- Yavanna- came to me, and we embraced.

Smiling, she held out a small child- ours. I picked her up gently, careful not to harm her with my gnarled hands. She was beautiful as her mother, hair brown with golden lights and hazel eyes shining with the lights of two captured stars.

And I knew that it had been no dream...

* * *

Part II: Yavanna

I hold the baby- my child- in my arms. She sleeps peacefully, her tiny chest rising and falling. She gurgles a little, and though I have spent long years in the wonder of Valinor, I know that this is the truest beauty I have ever seen.

I do not know why I chose this Ent to sire my babe; perhaps it was the loneliness I felt in his dreams, the ache that drove him to walk so far whilst he was asleep. Perhaps it was the silver of the moonlight. It does not matter. Now she is here, alive--alive as a seedling, a tree, a plant, yet different somehow. She has taken a part of my heart and welded it to her own…

I know that she cannot live with me in Valinor, much as I desire it. She must choose her own path, and something tells me that there is yet something for her in Middle-Earth.

I think of the Ents and the pain of their loss, the separation from the Entwives that left for different fields. Perhaps-- perhaps that is her destiny. To bring hope to Middle-Earth even now that the Elves have left, to bring a beauty back that was lost long ago…

I will call her Entling. Entling for the hope and the burden she will bear, Entling for the chance of return.

I will wait for the time that I can call her to me, and have my heart whole again in Valinor.