Hello everyone and happy New Year! GirlFromTheWest here. Just a little one-shot that goes a couple of years into the future. A post-Daddies, post-We Found Us kind of a story. This one had been burning in my brain over the holidays, so it was best to just get it on paper.

So, here's how I see Blaine and Kurt as grandparents. Enjoy!

ps-Glee is not mine. Weep, weep.


Kurt felt a small hand patting his shoulder. His eyes flew open when he heard, "Papa? Papa, I need a drink of water."

"Hayden, sweetheart, what are you doing up?" Kurt asked his four year old granddaughter. He sat up, rubbed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, before lifting her up for a hug.

"Papa, I'm thirsty and I need a drink of water," Hayden said in her sweet voice.

"Well, we can take care of that, can't we?" Kurt stood up from the bed, awakening Blaine.

"Everything okay?" Blaine asked, after coming up to the surface.

"Hi Grandpa!" Hayden said, smiling and waving.

"Well, hi Hayds! Watcha doing up? Are you sick?" Blaine asked, instantly worried.

"Nope. Papa's going to get me a drink of water," Hayden said, holding Kurt's hand.

"Hayden," Kurt asked, "You know your daddies are in the room next to yours. Did you try to wake them up?"

"No," Hayden said, a shy smile on her face. "I want YOU to get my drink of water!" Kurt smiled, and Blaine, who was still warm in bed, laughed.

"Someone is wrapped around a very small little finger, I'd say," Blaine said. Kurt knew he was smiling, even though their room was dark.

"And I'm not ashamed to admit it," Kurt said before leading his granddaughter to the kitchen.


"And then the pony got scared and started running and the fairies came and lifted me off the saddle and flew me to their house in the woods, but it was too tiny and I couldn't fit in so they brought a table and chairs out and we had lunch but I couldn't sit in the chairs because I was too big so I sat on the ground and did you know that fairies only eat jelly beans for lunch, only the red ones and then I woke up and it was a weird dream Papa." Hayden looked at Kurt, who was mesmerized by his granddaughter's vivid recall of her dream, the one that woke her up and lead her to needing a drink of water.

"Hayden, that sounds like a really good story. Maybe you should write it down and make it a book, like Grandpa does," Kurt encouraged.

"Okay! I've got my notebook and my pencils in my room. I'll go get them and we can…"

"Whoa, there Cowgirl, It's 2:30 in the morning! This is the time that all good girls and old grandpas are in their beds, sleeping and getting energy to have a really fun day tomorrow!" Kurt said.

"But Papa, what if I forget the story by morning? Sometimes that happens and I don't remember what I dreamed," Hayden added, hoping her Papa would give in (because truthfully, he usually did). "Maybe instead we could play with my new Christmas presents. I'll go get the game with the hippos," Hayden said, beginning to slip to the floor from the kitchen chair.

A tall, lanky figure, clad in pajama pants and a t-shirt, stepped into the kitchen and grinned. "So, this is where the party is! And once again, the daddy was not invited!"

"Hey Daddy! Me and Grandpa were just talking and having a drink of water!" Hayden got up from the kitchen table and jumped into AJ's arms. "Want some water? And want to play the hippo game with us?"

"No, thank you. Look here, monkey-girl, it's pretty late to be up, chatting with Papa! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, which means we'll be up really late. Why didn't you wake me or Daddy up if you needed water?" AJ asked.

"Because I wanted Papa!" Hayden said, as if her reasoning should be understood by all. Kurt smiled and AJ laughed.

"Okay, Hayden, finish your drink and then off to bed. Sorry, Dad," AJ said, looking at his father and smiling. "She adores you, you know."

"Well, I am her number one fan!" Kurt replied. He stood up, kissed his granddaughter and son on their cheeks and headed back up the stairs.


As the sunrise illuminated the Hummel-Anderson's backyard, Kurt became aware of a tiny pinching on his left thigh. He also realized that he was sleeping dangerously close to the edge of the bed and that with one false move, he'd find himself on the floor. Looking up carefully, he laughed at what he saw.

Blaine, too, was sleeping on the very edge of the bed on the opposite side, clutching to his pillow like it was a life raft. Between the two men, lying diagonally, was their four year old grandson, Ellison. His curly head fit right into Blaine's armpit and his toes reached Kurt's thigh, hence the pinching Kurt felt as Ellison curled his toes in his sleep. Kurt marveled at how one small child could commandeer 95 percent of a bed.

Ellison's arm flailed and hit Blaine square on the nose, instantly awakening him. Realizing that Kurt was already awake and grinning at him, Blaine smiled and rubbed his eyes. "Morning," he said to Kurt.

"Well, isn't this cute?" Kurt said, waving his hand at the situation before him. "I see part two of 'Let's Wake Up Our Grandparents' was a success!"

"I tried to get him back to his bed but he pleaded and…well…you know that I'm a big softie," Blaine said.

"And obviously he does too!" Kurt said, laughing quietly.

"Says the Papa who got up at his granddaughter's beck and call and stayed up with her how late? Just chatting with her in the kitchen? Am I right? How many rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos did you play with her?" Blaine shot back with a grin.

"None. Our fun got cut off when AJ found the party. Okay. Fine. We love our grandkids and they know how to get whatever they want. Isn't that our jobs at this point? Spoil them rotten? Give in to their every demand? And really, with them living in New Hampshire, we don't get to see them very often," Kurt whispered.

"True, but I don't think…" Blaine was cut off when another tall figure appeared in the doorway to their bedroom.

"Hey, has anyone seen…ah. There's the boy who is missing-in-action. Sorry about that, Dads," Gavin said, reaching for his son. "I got up to use the bathroom and stopped to check in on the twins. Ellison is famous for making his way into our bed, so I was pretty sure he was with you. So, how was that sleeping on the very edge of the mattress?" Gavin asked, laughing quietly.

"Seriously, how can a child that small take up so much space?" Kurt asked, knowing the answer full well, because AJ had done the very same thing when he was a small child.

"The only time I mind is when his feet aren't on me because those little toes pinch and it hurts like the devil!" Gavin said.

"So I found out!" Kurt said.

"It's still early and I think I can get him to keep sleeping. We'll be on our way. Sorry again! We'll talk to the kids in the morning about waking us up instead of you. I understand Miss Hayden got you up for one of her famous 2 am talks," Gavin said, looking at Kurt.

"Gavin, really, we don't mind. We love having them, having all of you, here, and these little unplanned moments are important to us," Blaine said.

"See you in the…morning? It is morning. How about see you in a while?" Gavin said, as he left the room, a sleeping Ellison resting his head on his daddy's shoulder.

With the room quiet again, Blaine and Kurt met in the middle of their bed, arms and legs tangled around each other. "I'm exhausted," Kurt said. "How in the world did we deal with irregular sleep when AJ was little?"

"Well, my love, we were a lot younger," Blaine said, kissing Kurt's forehead, "and it was an adjustment. Remember when we brought AJ home? Remember those nights when he was colicky and we had to call Grandma Carol to get us through? Those were some tough evenings, yet we survived! The boys are amazing parents, and I'm sure they are running on empty most of the time, but it's just part of raising kids."

"You are right. And one of the best parts about being a grandparent is to have those loving, adorable children around to dote upon…and then to give them right back to their daddies for the fun stuff, like laundry and putting toys away and wiping noses and breaking ups spats over who gets to have the blue plate at dinner," Kurt said, snuggling closer to Blaine, who laughed.

"You are exactly right, my dear husband," Blaine said. "And as much as I miss having kids around 24/7, I'm glad we are where we are right now, just the two of us, right where we started all those years ago. Do you ever wonder…" Blaine stopped talking when he realized that the deep and steady breathing he heard meant Kurt had gone back to sleep. Blaine looked at his husband, who slept with a small smile of contentment on his face, planted a gentle kiss on his forehead, and closed his own eyes. "No one should be this lucky," Blaine said to himself, as he closed his eyes for a few more hours of sleep.


All the best to you, dear readers. May the coming year be outrageously inspirational, amazingly meaningful, and just plain fun! Make this year the one where you find your passion and live life in the way that makes you happy to be alive!

GirlFromTheWest xxoo