Ichigo walked down the street quietly. He held hands with the albino next to him. The albino had slightly glowing golden on black eyes. "…Shi?" the orangette muttered.

"Yes King?" the albino asked.

"Was it really smart running like that?" Ichigo asked.

"I don't know…but we have each other…I watch your ass and you watch mine" Shiro replied.

"I think its back you pervert" Ichigo blushed.

"I like watching your ass though…it's perfect…soft but firm and well rounded" Shiro teased, firmly squeezing Ichigo's ass to get a squeak. Which he got along with a painful smack to the head. Ichigo pulled away a bit but didn't let go of his white twin's hand as they continued to walk to their apartment. They had been living like this for about a half year.

About 1 ½ years after the war, Ichigo regained his powers thus his Hollow. Not only that but became close to him, gaining a friend and a sex buddy at the same time. The Soul Society frowned on that but Ichigo dealed with it for a year before finally breaking and trying to distance him from his Hollow who he had named Shiro. It wasn't till Shiro admitted he was in love with Ichigo that Ichigo did it. Ichigo turned in his badge and ran away. No one knew where he was. Probably because Ichigo moved to America. But he was happy with his boyfriend in America, despite messing his friends and family.

"What's ya thinkin' about Kingy?" Shiro asked, glancing sideways.

"…Just how we ended up like this" Ichigo sighed, smiling slightly.

Shiro kissed Ichigo's head. "That was an odd story wasn't it Kingy" Shiro sighed.

Ichigo nodded, suddenly being scooped up by his Hollow. Shiro only grinned at Ichigo's reaction to being carried bridal style. Shiro glanced around before flashing to their apartment. As soon as they were in, Ichigo was dumped on the couch. Only to have his Hollow lover crawled on top of him and start playing at his neck. Ichigo groaned. "S-shi" Ichigo stuttered.

"Hmmm?" Shiro hummed against Ichigo's neck.

"I will play with you later but get off" Ichigo whined.

"Why not now?" Shiro asked.

"Cuz I need to make dinner" Ichigo replied.

"I am good with just eatin' you my King" Shiro teased.

"Shi" Ichigo snapped, blushing.

"Do I at least get a kiss?" Shiro asked.

Ichigo sighed before nodding. Less than a second later, his lips were attacked. Shiro kissed him roughly and passionately. Ichigo moaned into the kiss, getting a wet blue muscle in the mouth. Ichigo's tongue attacked, slowly losing the battle. Shiro's blue tongue slipped around the mouth, exploring and marking the familiar territory. They kissed for what seemed like forever, Ichigo's vision flicking with lack of oxygen, Shiro broke the kiss. Ichigo stared at him through half lidded eyes. "You have been so clingy and horny lately" Ichigo murmured.

"Just want to make sure you know I love ya King…I love ya more than anythin' else" Shiro stated, kissing Ichigo's neck again.

Ichigo groaned. "Shi, I really need to fix dinner" Ichigo panted.

Shiro released Ichigo's neck, letting his counterpart up. Ichigo slipped away from him, heading to the kitchen. They lived in a nice little apartment. A good sized kitchen with a living room connected with a hall that led to the bedroom, guest room, and bathroom. Shiro followed Ichigo to the kitchen, smiling at his boyfriend cooking. Shiro resisted the urge to jump him; Ichigo didn't like being bent over the counters.

Ichigo woke up, yawning as he barely remembered the night before. Shiro just pulled him closer in his deep sleep. Ichigo sighed happily. He glanced at the clock, eyes widen. The orangette wiggled in Shiro's hold. "Wha'" Shiro yawned, still refusing to release Ichigo.

"It's almost noon…we are gonna be late for work" Ichigo snapped.

That woke Shiro up. Ichigo slipped away from his partner. Ichigo was happy Shiro had the civil idea to clean up after their nightly activities. Ichigo quickly got dressed in his uniform, a plain white button up with pink, yes pink pants and Neko ears/tail. He was a waiter at a nice local diner, Kitty Cat's Meow. Yes it was a girly restaurant but Ichigo got great tips. Shiro worked at a music shop down the street. His uniform was the store's shirt and clean pants. Ichigo squeaked when Shiro played with his ears and tugged on his tail. "SHI" Ichigo snapped, pulling away from Shiro. "We are both gonna be late if we play around now" Ichigo blushed.

"Yes my King" Shiro sighed, kissing Ichigo's head.

Both of the males went to work. Neither would have guessed that their serene time was about to end and a new enemy was about to arise. Their bond was about to test a brutal, painful, sorrowful, even deadly time. No one or thing could prepare them for this devious enemy.

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