Kisuke leaned closer to the screen in front of him, grey eyes opened a bit wider than normal in surprise. He changed the angle. It was still there. Kisuke had just found a tunnel like thing that linked their universe to a parallel universe, exactly the same shape, angles, everything was the same. Well at least at the surface the blonde could see. "Mayuri" he called over the other scientist.

Kisuke pointed out the tunnel and the two of them started to try and figure out why there was a tunnel in the first place and if the people they had been at war with could be from the other universe, using the tunnel to come over.

Ichie had taken Ichigo to her room, making him sit on the bed. After noticing his diverted glance and deep blush, Ichie quickly got dressed to make him more comfortable. The orangette plopped down on the bed, looking over the nervous male. "Calm down Ichigo, you are gonna end up hurting the kid" Ichie stated.

Ichigo stiffed, jerking his head to look at the worried woman next to him. He wanted to deny his pregnancy. The orangette sighed softly, pulling Ichigo into a gentle hug. Ichigo stiffed before eventually relaxing. She was spreading her calm, even, soothing reiatsu over his body. "You okay?" she asked softly.

Ichigo nodded slowly. Then he felt a pulsing pain in his head. He pulled away from Ichie, groaning in pain. "Ichigo" she started.

Ichigo's hands flew up to cover his ears, eyes screwing shut. It felt like something was tearing at his heart, at his brain, at everything. He could hear a loud scream echoing through the vast lands of his mind.

Ichie laid him down on the bed. She gently moved his hands from his ears. She started to murmur soothing things to the disturbed male.

It took a while but Ichie finally calm down the oranget and got him to sleep. She sighed, running her fingers through Ichigo's silky locks in a comforting manner. "Guess she and he will be born around the same time" she muttered softly. Ichigo's child was developing extremely fast, taking a good amount of Ichigo's reiatsu which is probably why the male had slept so long. Sometimes a child would develop a little faster if one of its parents were strong, a bit faster if both were but this development was insane and pretty much impossible.

Ichie sighed softly. She would have Szayel and Sza look over him again and see if they could help, which they probably couldn't.

Ichie thought about going to sleep as well when a loud knocking interrupted her train of thought. "Come in" she called.

The door opened and Ichie's face lit up at seeing her two best friends, Ruki and Ren. "Hey guys" she chirped. The red haired busty woman and small black haired male raced over, smothering Ichie in a death grip hug. "Don't kill Queeny" Seppen whined from the doorway.

"I'm fine Seppen" Ichie rolled her eyes.

"Why's King in here?" the albino asked.

"Someone was letting Grimmjow watch him" the orangette replied.

"Ah" the albino snorted. "Well one less stop I guess" she added.

"Why?" Ichie asked.

"Surprise…Ren, Ruki can you help Queeny there, she's having reiatsu flicks" Seppen stated as she walked over to the bed and scooped up the oranget.

Ruki and Ren took position on either side of Ichie, holding her hands and supporting her.

The group walked in a comfortable silence down the halls. Ichie was a bit surprised when she saw a room with a few guards posted outside the door.

Seppen waved the guards away and they entered the room. Shin and Ki were sitting on the bed, talking with Shiro who had Tensa sitting behind him, glaring at the girls.

When Shiro heard the door open, he looked over at the group. He growled when he saw Seppen holding his King. The female albino walked over and dumped the oranget onto Shiro's lap.

Shiro hugged the sleeping male close to his chest and Tensa smiled before fading back to Ichigo's mind. Ichie smirked slightly. "I will assume this is Shiro, Ichigo's boyfriend and the father of that child" Ichie stated.

"Well unless we made a mistake, then yes this is Shiro" Shin replied.

"I highly doubt it would be a mistake…he looks too similar to Ichigo to NOT be Shiro" Ki added.

"You two are idiots" Ren stated.

"We know they are…we are gonna go now, Seppen make sure there are guards posted at the doors and windows" the orangette commanded. "…and tell Grimmjow to come to my room, I have to speak to him" Ichie added.

Seppen nodded. Ichie quickly left the room with the help of Ren and Ruki. Ki and Shin followed a moment or so later. Seppen smiled at Shiro. "Be careful with the King…he's a bit unstable and scared" she stated. "Good horsey" she added before she left the room.

Shiro looked down at Ichigo who was curled up in his arms, asleep. He laid Ichigo on the bed and gently shook him awake. Ichigo groaned, trying to burrow his head in his arm to continue his sleep. Shiro's eyes softened at the cute display. He cupped Ichigo's face, leaning over and kissing Ichigo's nose.

Ichigo's eyes blinked open and he gasped, smiling when he saw his loving boyfriend. Ichigo sat up, throwing his arms around Shiro's neck and burying his head into Shiro's neck. "Shiro, I missed you" the oranget breathed.

"I missed you too King…I was so worried" Shiro purred, hugging Ichigo tightly.

"…Shiro…I have something to tell you" Ichigo breathed.

"What?" Shiro asked.

"I'm pregnant"

"…Since when?!"

"Since you got me pregnant I guess" Ichigo blushed.

"But…I thought human guys couldn't get pregnant!?" Shiro nearly screamed.

Ichigo shrunk back, his hands flying down to protect his stomach. Shiro instantly softened. "I'm not mad, just surprised," He explained. The oranget nodded. Shiro leaned over, capturing Ichigo's lips softly. "I missed you so much, I love you." He purred. Ichigo smiled and nodded, saying it back.

The lovers laid down, curling together. They fell asleep, wrapped up in their loving embrace.

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