I have been spending too much time with Junebuggz... She helped me form this horrendous thing you have before you XD!

This is an idea that has haunted my mind for some time now. I just recently got into guitar hero and I am in LOVE with it. But while playing it, I sprang a random idea of what could happen if the Inuyasha clan had a little… band? Sooo this is what I think would happen if Inuyasha had a band… And YES his brother (His sexxxy brother) Sesshomaru is in it as well.

Okay, enough drabble let's get started.

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WARNING: Strong Language ahead (and if you don't like it, I am sorry, but it is M rated for a reason…) I am not used to using such obscure language, so bare with me here…


"Sesshomaru… Please try to understand. I-"


"Please… I still love you,"


"I just… It's just…"

"You've found someone else to fuck." He shrugs as he sits with his hands elevating his head. He looks to the woman that he once found to be one of the most beautiful he had ever laid his eyes on, but not after this… He stands almost twice her height, darting her soul with only the pain in his, once emotionless eyes. The black haired beauty, without a thought, lunges herself forward to him thriving an embrace, regretting her betrayal to him, but he only steps back in refusal only to see her fall to her knees and start to cry.

"Sesshomaru… I'm sorry… I –"

"Cut the pity crap Kikyo and go crawl to Neraku. You are nothing but a night crawler just like him." He says pointing to the door.

"God no, I don't want to. I want to be with you." She continues to cry as she stands. "I love you." she holds a hand to her heart. as she tries to hug him once more.

"I would say 'go fuck yourself', but you already have someone to do that for you, don't you?" he rhetorically asks standing at her insolence. "Not only are you a backstabbing bitch, but you are a lazy whore as well." his words mentally kick her as her tears flood her eyes. "So pathetic," he says, pulling her up by the arm. "I'm surprised that this relationship didn't end sooner." he heads for the door. "Here you are ending it, and you are the one in tears." he shoves her to the door then turns to walk away.

"Sesshomaru!" her tone suddenly changes... almost in anger. "Don't do this to me." she simply states, suddenly stopping her tears. She deeply inhales and looks to piercing eyes. He turns to see her sudden change in tone. "Sesshomaru, sweetheart," she says as she starts to walk towards him as almost a completely different person. She's gotta be PMSing... "Don't do this, you love me, and you know you do. You are going to regret it. What I did was only because I was upset at you. You can't be mad at me for someone else taking advantage of me in a weakened state." she is inches away from him now. "Stay with me, Sesshomaru." she almost sounds seductive, as she lightly rises her hands to his face. "I love you." she smiles as she rises to kiss him.

But he is swift, and shoves her away from him. "I refuse to become some sick and sadistic toy that you strap to a wall for your twisted enjoyment." he shoves her to the floor and looks towards his door. "Don't let the door hit you on the way out, might enjoy it too much." with that, only silence remained in the room as she walked towards the entrance.

"You will regret this Sesshomaru. I swear-" he slams the door in her face before she can say another word.


"That's it! I've had it! No more chick guitarists!" Inuyasha shouted in a mad rage as he plopped in his seat in the circle for the little band meeting consisting of Sango and Kagome, the only other band members who actually showed up. "God, you chicks can be such pains in the ass, I swear!" he says with and all too open mouth, expecting a punch in the arm or a stomp in the foot.

"You got that right." Kagome states as she leans back.

"Man, we can be so stupid." Sango adds to Inuyasha's surprise.

"When are we going to find someone who wont cause so much damn drama?" Inuyasha asks.

"Well, it can't be a chick... We cause a shit-load." Sango agrees with Inuyasha. "And it can't be people that we know either. There is a lot to be said about not working with people that we know... and who are single,"

"...Or desperate." Inuyasha adds.

"Or anyone under the age of 18, SANGO!" Kagome suddenly yells with attitude. "I don't want to have to do a background check on everyone that comes and goes so we don't end up with some freakin' restraining order! AGAIN!" nonchalantly, she brings up their ever-haunting past.

"Hey, okay, how the hell was I supposed to know that Kanna wasn't of age? She acted like she was, like, 25!" Sango became defensive.

"And, how did you meet her?" Kagome sarcastically asks knowing the answer.

"Kirara..." Sango dangles her head down in shame.

"Hmm... So, you met a 15 year old through... a 15 year old... Shocker," Kagome overacts.

"Okay, will you kindly give it a rest already? It was like 2 years ago! And my sister, like, never lies to me! You can bet a pretty penny that I got her ass grounded for a long time."

"But that doesn't change the fact that -"

Inuyasha stops Kagome's ranting. "Kagome... Please... Don't go down that road again." he mellows out.

"What do you care? You didn't do anything wrong." Kagome corners her eyes to him.

"Yeah, but I live with it every day."

"But how were we supposed to know that she was a total horndog and was trying to get into everyone's pants at "Battle of the Bands"?" Sango laughs.

Kagome giggles along. "Yeah, especially -"

"Give it a rest!"

Sango continues, "Then her dad found out she got prego and got all legal on us because she's daddy's fuckin' little girl."

"Oh, God," Inuyasha buys his face in his hand.

"Yeah, and I heard that she was the one that got forceful on the guy anyway!" Kagome replies.

"That's surprising with it being -"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Inuyahsa yelled!

...Utter silence...

Sango changes the subject, "Then her sister came along."

"Oh, dang, Kagura? The witch bitch? The chick who, like, worshiped Sesshomaru! That was so priceless. It scared the shit outta him!" Inuyasha fell to the floor in his giggles.

"That reminds me, is she out of rehab yet?" Kagome asks out of the blue.

"Last I heard, she had six more months." Sango, had pity for the girl.

Then, Kikyo suddenly came walking silently down the stairs of the Inutakahashi home.

"And then came Kikyo," Inuyasha mentally called out to her. The girls fell silent as they saw her. "Bitch,"

"Inuyasha, that's not necessary." Kagome punched his arm. Kikyo stared down the half demon before walking out of the home and slamming the door in rage. "Sleesy tramp walks out on us for Neraku's crap-ass band."

"When the hell did he start a band anyway?" Sango asked continually staring at the door.

"It was very recent, so I hear." Kagome said trying to ignore the woman that just left her never-ending presence.

"So... What are we going to do with this crisis? The Battle of the Bands is only a week away. There is no way we will be able to find a replacement who can learn the shit that Sesshomaru comes up with in a week!" Inuyasha says throwing his hands up in the air.

"Well, what else can a band do with a crisis like this?" Sango says.

"Set up auditions," says a familiar voice from behind Sango. With a harsh blush, she feels a warm hand grasp onto her shoulder as the body came around her seat and sat next to her. "What are we talking about?" he smiles as he lunges an arm around Sango.

"Fashionably late as always, Miroku." Inuyasha huffed. "Where the hell did you come from?" he asked as the front door was clearly behind him and in front of Sango. "Why can't you show up on time for once, dang is that too much to ask?" Inuyasha was calmed by the tug of the ear by Kagome as he pulled him back.

*insert anime sweat drop on Miroku's head*

"Don't mind him, he is just a little upset with the pickle that we find ourselves in. Again." She sighs as she pets Inuyasha's head.

"We lost another guitarist?" he sighed as Sango lie back on him. "Where is Sesshomaru in this discussion? Where does he stand? He is the lead guitarist, is he not?"

"Why do you think that she's gone? He caught her fuckin' Neraku, and he just finished "persuading" her to leave the band. I hope that he got a good bitch slap outta that one, heh."




"Keep your big-ass mouth shut dog boy, or you will be sleeping in the damn dog house!" Kagome has had it.

"I'm sorry!" he said covering his head in pain.

"So, here we are, with no melody, we will have to get, yet another brand new member, and Battle of the Bands is in a week." Sango says staking another sip of her drink.

'"Where the hell are we going to find someone who can learn and perfect the crazy shit the Sesshomaru has written and get them ready for next week?"

"Hey, what about my little brother Shippo? He's younger, but man he can rip the seams on the guitar. He has learned everything he could of our songs, and is pretty epic for a teen." Miroku sprang the idea.

"How old is he?" Kagome rose in hope?

"17," everyone sighs in annoyance. TOO YOUNG!

"Well, we will just have to have the auditions this weekend, wont we? And what better place than the university?" Kagome said as she stood in a victorious pose. "Sango and I will make fliers, post them, and we can have try-outs in the Gymnasium or something. I mean, we should be able to find at least, someone decent enough over there!" She said as she tip-toed over Inuyasha and ran out the door. "See ya!" Inuyasha stands in pain and starts going after Kagome.

"What the hell Kagome! You tell me to sit and leave me?" then mumbles about women being typical. All that is left is the two seemingly happy couple sitting in the love seat. With nothing but the depraved thoughts of the hippie and the empty room full of comfy lounge chairs, Miroku's hands became extremely bold before Sango rushed up and ran off.

"Kagome! Don't leave me here with him!"


Okay, so how was that for a first chapter?

Weird seeing Sesshomaru and Kikyo together, I know. But that is quite the intriguing fanbase, and I was wondering how it would feel... (It doesn't feel very good to me), but it is nice to write about someone OTHER than Kagura. Don't get me wrong, I love her, I do, A LOT more than Kikyo, but EVERYONE uses her, so I will be using someone rather strange and fresh ^_^

I know, I know. There wasn't much Sesshomaru and Rin stuff... But she will be coming veeeeeeery soon; the next chapter in fact, in which, I just CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE! YAY! I do hope that you enjoyed this little thing I threw together. I only re-wrote this chapter 4 times lol!

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