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This is when it starts, From the beating of your heart
Till the streetlamps talk to you.
Jumping off of the edge, Oversleeping your head,
Everything's turning dark to you.

I went to pick up the parts, The doctor's hiding the charts,
He won't let me see this side of you.
It's on the tip of my tongue, You know you're way too young
To have someone lie to you.

I'm not the one, I'm not the one who wants to hurt you.
I'm not the one, I'm not the one who wants to hurt you.
You'd better find somebody else and get a hold of yourself.
I'm not the one, I'm not the one who wants to hurt you.

You're way too young to be broken, You're way too young to fall apart.
You're way too young to play these games,
But you'd better start, But you'd better start.

It was the second I lit your first cigarette; I forget who you used to be.
And I bit my lip the second you sipped the poison that was mixed for me.


Drink the poison lightly,
'Cause there are deeper and darker things than you.
I know 'cause I've been there too.
I know it might seem frightening
To have the world fall apart right under your shoes.
Trust me, You'll make it through…


"Gay. Straight. Straight. Dyke. Straight. Straight. Straight. Gay. Dyke. Straight. Gay fer tha tall straight guy I jus' pointed out. Gay. Gay fer anyone who wants some cuz he's a slut. As fer tha guy he's followin', ugh everyone wishes! Straigh—"

"I don't care!"

The albino smirked,

"Jus' lettin' ya know wha' yer choices are big brother. Fucked 'im once—"

"Dude, I could really care less where your dick has been. I don't need your help and I don't want it, even if I did then you are the last—" he was cut off by a squeal as the cross dressed albino nearly dived at an extremely stoic looking guy who wrapped his arms around the scantily clad man. One hand rested on his lower back as the other came to a not so still rest on the back of the white haired man's thigh, slowly rising.

"Good morning to you too, Shiro," the wavy haired man licked Shiro's bottom lip much to his pleasure and his red headed twin's disgust. Shirosaki Kurosaki was the younger of the two, they were twins but Shirosaki was born with the albino gene and had a fondness of cross dressing. No one really knew how he managed to get a hold of the girls' school uniforms, but with his long white hair, make-up, and feminine figure he sure looked like a girl. The man hummed,

"Strawberry. What ever happened to cherry?" His hand was now under the redhead's little brothers skirt, openly groping his behind.

"Popped it, 'member Tensa?" He kissed the brunettes cheek as he mumbled something like "do you?" Shiro giggled and pressed his way farther into his boyfriends' arms.

"'S a tribute!"

"A tribute? Someone die?" Tensa uttered, clearly not understanding where Shiro was leading the conversation. Although he couldn't have cared that much seeing as his attention was being spent on peppering kisses up and down Shiro's pale neck, his other hand sliding down to accompany the other under Shiro's skirt. Someone walking by yelled out "Slut!"

"Thank ya!" Shiro yelled back proudly, not bothering to look at who said it.

"Tribute's fer mah brother, not some dead guy!" he tilted his head back in a gesture to the very uncomfortable ginger behind him, who felt strangely like a third wheel. Or a pervert. Tensa, who'd been more occupied in sprinkling the bared neck with more kisses, glanced up briefly and muttered a "'sup." before going back to his task.

"Tha's Ichigo," Shiro smiled, "ain' 'e cute?"

Tensa came to a stop at the question and looked up at Ichigo. His eyes raked up and down Ichigo's frame before he locked eyes with the uncomfortable redhead. He raised an eyebrow and smirked,

"Only if I get a threesome out of it," he went back to making out with Shiro's neck as said albino giggled and Ichigo groaned, bringing his hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. Pervert.

"Can we get to class already Shiro?"

Tensa chose that moment to rock his hips forward and start sucking on his boyfriend's neck, rather then just kissing and nipping at it. Shiro moaned, quite loudly actually drawing several glances in their direction as well as dirty looks.

"We're skippin' Ichi!"

"Gross." He picked up his bag and went to walk away with the deep voice of the brunette made him freeze,

"Wanna skip with us?" Ichigo turned around slowly with a horrified look on his face,

"That is my brother! No!"

"C'mon, Ichi! We c'n show 'im how we experimented!"

"We never experimented; I don't know which brother you did that with!" The twins had four siblings, their younger sisters Karin and Yuzu, also twins, and two older brothers Kaien and Shuuhei. Karin and Yuzu were in their freshman year in Karakura High. Yuzu had been happy because it meant she could see her brothers more often, and Karin had been happy because she could be reunited with her boyfriend of two years, Toushiro Hitsugaya. He was a year ahead of her, having skipped the eighth grade. Kaien was in college to be a bomb technician, of all things. When he had the time though he took the whole family out for ice cream or lunch. Shuuhei was a different story. He was in his senior year and openly disgusted by Ichigo, ashamed that he'd spent a year at Yokohama. He would degrade Ichigo at home and shove him into walls, so Ichigo was prepared for him to do the same in public.

"…oh. Well we can experiment, see if yer gay. Maybe we can hook ya up with a nice guy ta take yer virginity. Yer cute so—"

"I'm not a virgin though!"

"You little slut!" Tensa stopped what he was doing and pulled away from Shiro. Both Ichigo and him were looking at the albino as if he grew three more heads and started yelling that he was straight. There was about a minute of silence as Shiro looked at his brother and boyfriend looking at him in disbelief, and amusement on Tensa's part. He sighed melodramatically,

"Okay, fine. Yer not a slut. Who was it?" Ichigo snorted,

"I know exactly who he is, and I'll let you know who once you figure out who took yours!" Tensa chuckled, knowing the white haired boy in his arms didn't know who it was.

"I know who took it!" Ichigo raised an eyebrow and Tensa's brow scrunched up.


"That… guy… Ya know. That guy that adopted tha little orphan whose parents were part o' a circus th'ng wit' him but they were killed in front a him..."

"…Bruce Wayne?" Shiro snapped his manicured fingers as if suddenly remembering the name.

"Yeah, him!"

"…Batman stole your virginity." It was more of a statement than a question. Shiro blushed a pale shade of red,

"Ya know jealousy ain't very cute on ya, Ichi!" He grabbed Tensa's wrist and dragged him off to the bathroom as Ichigo sighed and made his way to class. And he thought he was supposed to be the crazy twin.