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Do you spend your days counting the hours you're awake?
And when night covers the sky you find yourself doing the same
There's a burden you've been bearing in spite of all your prayers
There's a light turned off inside your heart
Can you remember what it's like to care?

Knees are weak, hands are shaking, I can't breathe…


Ichigo sighed heavily as he stepped into his first period class room. The silence he'd walked into was immediately consumed with whispers of rumors and tall tales of his addiction and where he had been and what happened to him while he was there. His teacher was the same one he'd had last year, Mrs. Ochi. She had initially taken a liking to him, but that eventually turned into a deep hatred once he started skipping school, showing up late, sleeping in class, letting his grades drop, and occasionally showing up under the influence. The woman was now looking at him with a harsh scowl, clearly as thrilled as Ichigo was to be in the same class room first thing in the morning every day.

"Grimmjow!" She barked and was answered with a casual "yo." Eyes not leaving Ichigo, she tilted her head in the voices direction, silently directing the redhead to sit in whatever empty seat was close to him. Of course, Ichigo didn't necessarily want to sit next to the blue haired, blue eyed brute.

Grimmjow Aizen was the fifth eldest offspring that Sosuke Aizen, the school's asshole principal, spawned. Grimmjow could be seen as generally laid-back and irreverent, but once you got past that he was impulsive, excessively violent and short tempered. In four words to describe him, the words sadistic, blunt, sarcastic, and perverted came to Ichigo's mind. Grimmjow and his older twin brother were the only two of the Aizen siblings to be in Ichigo's grade.

Stark Coyote-Aizen was in college for the second time around. He was 23, had adopted a 14 year old named Lilynette, and owned a fairly popular club that was meant for people 18 and older. Due to the connection Ichigo had with his family he was allowed in with his brother. Of course, he allows his own under aged brothers in, as long as they follow his given rules. Any one kicked out was blacklisted. The Aizen family were the only ones who were allowed to whitelist people, which gave people a small (extremely small) discount on drinks, and access to the VIP area. On Fridays and weekends Stark's younger sister, Neliel Tu Oderschvank-Aizen, helped him run the club.

Nel was 18 years old, a senior in Karakura High School. While working the bar she was mature, composed, sophisticated, and intellectual whereas in school she was cheerful, energetic, and relatively childish when it came to Ichigo. Nel and Ichigo met at a party that Shirosaki and he had crashed and ended up making out with her on a couch. When his hand had gone up her shirt and hers had gone down his pants, they had both froze and came to the realization that what their respective hands were on just wasn't grabbing their interest. After a few awkward seconds they removed their hands, sat back, and held a decent conversation. They'd been best friends ever since and occasionally joked about how they turned each other gay. For the past two years Nel had been dating one of Stark's friends, Tia Halibel. She was 21 and made Ichigo nervous with her distinctive lack of clothing.

Nnoitra Jiruga-Aizen was born a month after Nel was; Aizen had been cheating on his mother with Nel's. Sosuke Aizen was some what of a drug lord, who raised his kids to go on with the "family business." Only 11 people knew that Aizen was completely aware of what his children did; 9 of those people being his current wife and kids. Nel, Wonderweiss and Stark had nothing to do with it, Stark because he was too lazy, Nel because Sosuke didn't want his "little girl" getting her hands or her records dirty, and Wonderweiss because he was a three year old baby. One of his sons made them, Szayel-Aporro Aizen, while the other helped, Ilforte Aizen. Only one was known as the dealer. Said dealer was Nnoitra, Grimmjow and his twin handing off the drugs when Nnoitra was unavailable. Nnoitra was extremely rude and lecherous with perverted attitude. Little knew that he was bisexual, mainly because of how he treated his "number one fan," Tesla Lindocruz, a sophomore who pretty much stalked him.

Szayel-Aporro, although everyone called him Szayel, was a pink haired sophomore who was highly narcissistic, extremely flamboyant, homophobe towards anyone who he seems to think is making a pass at him. He was a science genius, he skipped a grade and was taking college classes in chemistry. His little brother Ilforte, who was only nine months younger than him, helped his with making whatever drugs he made. He had a crush on Yuzu, Ichigo's freshman sister, but refused to say anything (though everyone was already aware of it) because she's been supposedly interested in his best friend Jinta Abarai.

And that left the last sibling, Grimmjow's older twin brother and the fourth eldest; Ulquiorra, the only Aizen sibling that ever went to rehab. Ulquiorra was very cold, callous, and dispassionate. His look was broody, and indifferent, with a certain melancholy that attached his look to his personality. He went to rehab for his own addiction, the drugs he was on had just about permanently paled his skin to a near white shade.

"Hey berry, we missed ya at home," Grimmjow uttered to Ichigo as he walked behind him and sat down.

"I'm sure you did, Grimm. How's Nel?"

"Tch. Her fuckin' tits need ta stop growin'," he growled. "She's been stealin' my shirts cuz hers are too small fer her! She missed ya though. Know who else did?"

"I don't know, Halibel? Your cat? Oh I know, is it your da—"

"Nnoitra." Ichigo froze. He felt ice seeping through his veins at the mention of the eye patched man. Nnoi… Nnoitra. Oh god, Nnoitra! He'd completely forgotten about the long haired pusher. His breath hitched in embarrassment as he remembered everything he'd done for the man in payment for a hit. He remembered how he disregarded who saw or where they were when the time came around that he needed the dope. He remembered how he only remembered half of their meetings, and how they'd been walked in on more times then he cared to count. His fists clenched as the shorter black haired brother flashed through his mind, emerald green eyes, messy black hair and all.

"And, uh…" Ichigo swallowed. "What about…?"

"Meh," Grimmjow shrugged. "Still pink."

"Not him… the other one…" Grimmjow turned around, a solemn look in his eyes,

"You could always just ask 'im yerself, Ichi." Light blue eyes jolted to the left side of the room, farthest away from the door and closest to the windows. Two rows to Ichigo's left, not a line ahead or behind him, sat Ulquiorra. Their eyes met momentarily, soft brown meeting striking emerald. Those cat-like eyes turned back towards the windows and Ichigo suddenly wanted to go home. He didn't know how many days he could handle being in the same room with a teacher who had a personal vendetta against him, as well as the person who's fault it was that he was sent off to rehab for in the first place.