I never asked for any of this. Any of it. I never asked to be born into a regal family of bloodsucking undead beings. I never asked to be betrothed at birth. I never asked to be different. But for some reason, I was.

I had always stood out slightly. I was a bit smarter than the rest. I simply took no resetment in the fact that education was a necessity of life. I accepted it so I did better. When I was Glee Club, I got some odd looks and a few comments but nothing I couldn't handle. I was always a little bigger than the other girls. I had darker hair and eyes than the rest. But no one ever bothered me too much about it. Someone did, a long time ago but a right hook took care of that. Needless to say, once a twelve year old girl knocked a boy twice her size out cold, I was left alone about my "weight issues." I, like everyone else, believed I had them. Until Lucius opened my eyes to the real me; the person I could be, the person I was destined to be.

I never knew Antanasia Dragomir until Lucius introduced a whole separate part of me that I never knew existed. I don't even know Jessica Packwood anymore.