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In Sinnoh, a certain Boy named Paul in his home in veilstone was thinking about a very special rival. Well, extremely special to him. They are now friends(but he could hope for more than that, right?) after Paul lost to him in the Sinnoh League, and Paul was kinder to people boy was none other than Ash from Pallet Town, which is in Kanto. Quite far away from Sinnoh. Paul knew where he lived and wanted to visit him. Why? Paul missed Ash. He wouldn't admit it though. Ash fascinated him somehow. The way Ash never gave up in battles, always trying to become friends him and his 'Oh-so-comforting' smile that he rarely saw as he acted harshly to Ash before was fascinating to Paul. Paul saw his smile often after they became friends…. Until he went home. Paul did phone Ash's home a month laer, but his mother said he went to… a region named Unova. Paul badly wanted to go and search for him, but he didn't know where Unova was, he never heard of it before. Paul was miserable but never told his brother about anything. Until One day…

"Paul! I got a free ticket to a region called Unova! Do u want it? I can't go as I have to work!" Reggie exclaimed once he came home from working at the breeding centre.

Paul froze when he heard the word 'Unova'.He was surprised and thought he had heard Reggie wrongly. So he asked to confirm.

"Did u say Unova?"

"Yes, I said I got a free ticket to Unova, One of the visitors there gave it to me as a reward for taking care of his mareep. You might want to consider going there as I see u have been kinda sad lately, u might need a holiday to lighten up and relax! Staying home all day will not do u any good…" Reggie said, still taking of his shoes and didn't notice the bright smile on Paul's face.

When Reggie looked up and saw the bright smile on Paul's face, he began the questioning.

"Why are u so happy? Is there someone in Unova u want to see or meet? Or… u just wanted a holiday break and u finally got your wish?"

"Well, I might as well tell you about it." Paul replied.

"Yes, Yes. I need to know what is bugging you the past few weeks! It is irritating…" Reggie said.

Paul told Reggie everything. That he was in loved with Ash, who is in Unova now. Reggie was okay with it. He was not angry or embarrassed. Paul was slightly surprised that Reggie was not angry or he asked Reggie for his explanation,he said...

"It doesn't matter if you like boys, nothing to be embarrassed of. Yeah, some people might stare weirdly at you,but who cares if you are with the person whom you loved? Of course,Paul, Ash may not return your feelings but don't worry about it. Live is like that. You are a human like the others, after all. Just be careful and take it slowly with Ash, kay?"

Paul blushed slightly, and replied with a nod.

Reggie offered to help Paul find information about Unova and where Ash should be headed next week as the ticket for the flight to Unova was next week. After a few hours of checking up on Unova, The two siblings were exhausted. They checked if they had all the information they needed. When they did, they packed up and went to their bedrooms respectively.

That night, Paul was happy that he would be seeing Ash wondered if Ash would be surprised to see him. The first thing Paul wanted to do when he saw Ash was to hug him. Maybe he wouldn't do it. It's embarrassing to him or maybe he would. Paul drifted off to sleep, thinking about the trip to Unova next week, and thinking about Ash of course...

sweet dreams, Paul!

End or Chapter one. Did u like it? Sorry that it's short…It will be longer next time! If there are any mistakes, feel free to let me know. I will try to change it in future. Review? XD