Chapter 6. Warning. Coma shipping, Ash x Paul! Shounen Ai. Don't like it, don't read it!
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As Ash walked out of the cosy Pokémon Centre and along the well-lit streets without his exhausted partner, he can't help promising that he would find Paul.

Paul isn't just a friend to me, right? Or I wouldn't be getting so worried..

Mulling over the thought of finding Paul, Ash slowly paced down the next street, passing by the shopping mall, where the shops were getting ready to close down. Was it really that late already?

Stopping by the local convenience store for a snack, Ash spotted a forest not far ahead. He tilted his head, examining the surroundings of the forest, and considering if Paul would be in there training.

I should go check it out..

Gobbling down his snack bar and grabbing his bottle of Mineral water, he dashed to the clearing, only to be blocked by a long, never ending line of bushes. And the bushes were full of prickly thorns that might hurt the skin at touch.

How do I even get out of this place?

Sighing, Paul shoved his hands in his pockets on his shirt. He was getting irritated, and without Ash around him, it made his mood worse. The surroundings were full of greens. Trees, bushes, grass, flowers.. even grass Pokémon that he has never seen before. It was the first time he had been to Unova after all. It made him think about Ash and his cool attitude.

That boy is so cheerful and confident all the time. He keeps a cool head, and he has never ending energy. So why isn't he here now..? He always appears out of nowhere. Is it different this time?

Sighing and kicking a rock harshly, Paul began finding a way out on his own. He didn't know if he was taking the right path or not, he just kept walking. Muttering to himself, he blamed himself for daydreaming while walking, as the cause for him getting lost.

Thorny bushes everywhere. How can he get past this without getting pricked? He left his Poke balls back at the centre too, and he didn't want to run back and grab them, it is about 9 Blocks away, probably a Kilometre or so. Frankly speaking, it wouldn't be far for him, as he has great stamina, but he was afraid that something bad will happen to Paul if he doesn't find him soon.

Here I go.

Without a moment's hesitation, Ash ran and leaped past the thorny, wide bushes. At least he saved one-third of the prickly pain. Running as fast as he could, trying to ignore the pain on his bare legs, he closed his eyes and zoomed across. People at the other side of the road stared at him with gaping mouths, describing him as 'An insane boy that loved prickly bushes', and 'A boy with no sense of touch'. He didn't hear them, but he knew people were staring. It boosted his eagerness to get out of the long trail of bushes though. Slowly, he disappeared into the forest, away from the passers-by's sight.

Finally, the trail ended. An exhausted Ash plopped down on the ground, slowly caressing his aching, slightly bleeding, bare legs. Groaning slightly, he attempted to stand, and barely stood. He managed, though, and sprinted towards the large forest.

The forest was… Very Quiet. It wasn't unusual, since it was getting dark after all, and all the Pokémon probably went to sleep for the night.

Turning around, he thought he heard the faint sound of a rustle. He wasn't afraid, no. It just surprised him when a noise is made, since it was so quiet. He wasn't used to this. Not at all. He would rather be in the cosy bed of the Pokémon centre, drinking a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate, hearing the nurses and their Pokémon scampering about healing sick Pokémon.. And being with Ash in the same room. Knowing that he was not alone. Knowing that someone out there cares. He felt more secure.

Thinking back, why was he acting so mean to others, when they just want to befriend him? He too, had no idea why.

Sitting down in front if a big tree, he decided to rest for a while. All the walking and getting nowhere closer to an exit was tiring him out. He just stared at the full moon, round and bright, shining at everything, as if it was trying to show someone's true colours. For Paul, was…he just wanted people to notice him, and care. Ash was the first person to befriend him.

Why am I thinking about Ash again?

Shaking his head the clear his mind, Paul's cheeks reddened slightly, illuminated by the moon.



Ash searched through the bushes that were in the forest itself.

Rustle. Rustle.

Ash dashed across the tall grasses that were tickling his feet.

Rustle. Rustle. Rustle.

Ash spotted a big tree. Would Paul be there?Probably not. Ash kept walking, making faint rustles due to all the searching. Seeing a path, he walked down it, only to find out that the path led to two other different paths. It's either to make the choice to go to the right, or to the left. After mulling it over for a while, he chose the left path.


There it was again.

Rustle. Rustle. Rustle.

It sounded close. Was it Team Rocket? Wild Pokémon? Meh.. He was too tired to care. However, as the noises were heard again, he decided to get up and check it out due to curiosity. After he got up though, the noises vanished.


He thought he saw a faint shadow. Paul blamed his curiosity. It was probably nothing at all, just the wind and trees. Now he couldn't go back and rest, he was wide awake. Walking to try to find his way out again, he spied a path in front. Finally. A path that would lead the way out, hopefully. Walking down the path, he realised that the end separated into two other paths. The right path, and the left path. Sighing, he decided to choose the direction to his writing hand. He was a right-hander, so he chose the right path.


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