Ranma-chan, the Cat

~Noy Telinú~

Warning: not all fanfiction is the same. Neither is all fiction. Generalizing is bad, M'kay?

Caution: this fic has a long, long way to go before it's finished. A long, long way. As it is only one of many being written by Noy, expect some delays, sorry.

Notice: that this is an update, and it will not be abandoned. The TEXT has spoken!

You have been warned….


IIII: Awkward!

Ranma crossed her arms as she stared down her opponent.

"I have finally found you, Ranma!" the figure spoke coldly. "At last I will have my revenge."

Ranma, meanwhile, was thinking up a storm. 'What was his name? What's his name, name, name, why can't I remember his name!?'

The figure didn't waste any time and attacked.

Ranma easily back flipped away, avoiding the giant spatula that the figure wielded.

That's when it hit her.

"Ucchan!" Ranma said suddenly. "Ukyo Kuonji! Oh, MAN! It's so good to see you! Where have you been these last… ten years? I didn't think I would see you again!"

Ukyo growled. "What do you THINK I was doing, JACKASS!? After you and your father abandoned me, my life was RUINED!"

Ranma scratched her head. "What are you talking about?"

Ukyo answered with a strike that was easily avoided.

"Stay still, JACKASS!" Ukyo yelled.

The pigtailed girl didn't, however.

"Look, Ukyo, why are you so mad?" Ranma asked. "I didn't want to leave the area, but Pops said… stuff… Besides, things are different now…"

Ukyo took out three small spatulas. "DIFFERENT? HOW!?"

Ranma dodged the small spatulas Ukyo threw at her and frowned. "OK, stop this. It's ridiculous."

Ukyo seethed and charged, slashing madly.

After a minute, Ranma had enough and knocked the giant spatula skyward.

"Ucchan, what has gotten into you!?" Ranma grabbed her old friend by the shoulders. "So we couldn't stay around. It doesn't mean you have to kill me!"

Ukyo looked down at Ranma, being four inches taller. "YOU don't care, do you!? Being ditched by your…"

That is when the spatula came down right between them, tearing both their shirts open at once.

Both figures gasped at once and exclaimed in unison, "YOU'RE A GIRL!?"

Lightning struck nearby, the flash illuminating both figures.


Ranma and Ukyo were seated back to back in the lot, each in deep thought.

"So…" Ranma broke the silence. "Whatcha been up to these last ten years?"

Ukyo sighed. "Oh, just living by myself, forsaking my femininity, and training by the sea to get my revenge on you. And yourself?"

"Not allowed to HAVE any femininity, training and being abused by my dad and living as a boy." Ranma let out her breath. "Well, this is awkward."

Ukyo nodded. "Yeah… I guess it is…"

They were quiet for a while, both not noticing that the storm had passed.

"So… this revenge thing, what was that all about?" Ranma asked.

"Nothing anymore." Ukyo lowered her head. "I was just going to beat you up a little for ditching me."

"I wanted to stay," Ranma admitted. "Pops didn't want me to. Sorry, Ucchan."

Ukyo shook her head. "No need to, it was stupid anyway. I should have known you were a girl…"

Ranma laughed. "Ucchan, don't feel bad. I didn't know I was a girl until much later."

"How?" Ukyo raised an eyebrow. "How can you not know that you're a girl?"

Ranma shrugged. "Pops never told me the difference. Not to mention we stayed away from people for the most part."

"I see…" Ukyo sighed once more. "Guess we're more alike than we thought, huh, Ran-chan? At least I chose to do this…"

"I still don't understand… WHY did you do this?" Ranma wondered. "Why give up being a girl?"

Ukyo blew some hair out of her eyes. "Figures he didn't tell you. We're engaged, Ran-chan; you were supposed to take me with you. The cart was my dowry."

Ranma cringed, her mind racing. 'We… we're engaged!? That means… Alright, play it cool, Ranma. She might not swing that way.'

"That's why I wanted revenge." Ukyo facepalmed. "All the girls mocked me for not being to hold onto my fiancé. So I gave up being a girl."

"You're good at it, that's for sure," Ranma admitted. "So, what now?"

"I don't know…" Ukyo looked down to the ground. "I don't think I can go back and live like a girl anymore anyway. Not after all of this."

"There's nothing wrong with what you're doing, Ucchan." Ranma turned around. "I'm doing the same thing, really. And even learning that I'm a girl, I'm not going to be like the rest."

Ukyo sighed. "It's all I know anyway. I'm such a tomboy."

Ranma hugged Ukyo from behind. "But you're also my friend, Ucchan. I got your back."

Ukyo managed to smile. "And I got your back. Come on, let's get off the ground."

They both got to their feet and faced each other, each noticing that their breasts were slightly exposed.

"Hard to see you like a boy this way, Ucchan." Ranma smiled.

"Same here." Ukyo smirked. "You're so short."

Ranma rolled her eyes. "Oh ha, ha, never heard that before. You're not so tall either."

Ukyo crossed her arms. "I'm close enough."

"Whatever." Ranma looked over the lot. "I was here to get stuff that Mom buried. Can you help me find it?"

Ukyo shrugged. "Sure, why not?"

Ranma's stomach growled.

"…" Ukyo smiled. "Then I'll make you something to eat. I did say that my first Okonomiyaki would be yours, didn't I?"

Ranma smiled in return.


"Thanks for letting me use this cart, Ucchan." Ranma smiled as she tested the cart carrying all the stuff that was buried in the lot.

"Don't mention it," Ukyo waved it off. "Now, let's get you something to eat."

Ranma giddily entered Ukyo's restaurant.

"So, what will it be?" Uktyo asked. "Pork? Shrimp?"

"You know what I like." Ranma smirked.

Ukyo nodded. "Everything, got it."

As the grill was fired up, Ranma took a look around the restaurant.

It wasn't that big, and most of the seats were around the grill. But it had the family-run look of a humble restaurant that people seemed to love. And the pigtailed girl seated at the counter agreed with that.

"Okonomiyaki Ucchan's?" Ranma smiled. "You really did miss me, after all…"

Ukyo shrugged. "I guess I did. I haven't made many friends in years."

Ranma sighed. "Me neither… I can count them on one hand. Wait, with you starting a restaurant here… that means you're staying, aren't ya?"

"Yes. Yes, I am," Ukyo answered. "I needed a new start and with all the things here, well, I figured, why not?"

"So that means I can visit you every day here…" Ranma smiled.

"I suppose so," Ukyo agreed. "Although I'm thinking about going to school here, so I'll only be opened in the morning and after school."

Ranma rubbed her chin. "Furinkan High?"

Ukyo nodded.

"I thought about going as well…" Ranma smiled. "With Mom here, she'll want me to get a good education."

Ukyo smirked. "I'd love to see you in one of those school uniforms. That way I can know you're a girl for sure."

Ranma blanched. "No thanks. I prefer them on other girls…"

Ukyo raised an eyebrow at that.

Ranma sighed. "I'm just not used to it, you know? Besides, there's one guy that's a giant pervert. There's no way I want to be on his list of cute girls he wants to get to 'know better.'"

Ukyo finished the okonomiyaki. "I see… Boys can be crazed perverts, let me tell ya. Sharing a locker room with them lets you really get to know how guys think."

"You can say that again." Ranma rolled her eyes. "Thanks, Ucchan!"

Ukyo laughed as Ranma gobbled up her snack. "Anytime, Ran-chan."


Nodoka was asleep by the table, dreaming sweet things about being a mother.

Akane was there as well, watching her sleep. It wasn't creepy; it was just a sign of patience and company. Not to mention Akane wanted to wait up for her new friend.

But as the hours passed, Akane was getting sleepy.

After a long while, her eyes finally closed as her head landed in Nodoka's lap.

Of course, that's when Ranma came in.

'Aw… that's so cute.' Ranma grinned. 'Now, I knew that there was a camera in here… Aha!'

*FLASH* A bright light shone upon Akane and Nodoka.

"What?" Akane woke up, rubbing her eye. "Ranma! There you are! What took you so long?"

The pigtailed girl rolled her eyes. "The map I had was terrible. But I got it. How's my mother?"

Akane shrugged as she stood up. "Tired. She's been sleeping this whole time."

"Guess I should let her sleep," Ranma mused. "But do you have a room to put her in, or…?"

"We can use the room you were going to use." Akane shrugged.

"Yeah… let's do that…" Ranma nodded.

With that, the girls carried Nodoka up into the guest room. After a few trips, so was all the stuff Ranma and Ukyo found in the lot.

Akane yawned. "I'm going to bed. Good night."

"Night." Ranma smiled.

After watching Akane walk away, Ranma looked at her mother sleeping.

'She looks so peaceful…' Ranma thought.

After watching for a few moments, Ranma got an idea.

Ranma stripped out of all her clothes and put them away before leaving the room for the kitchen.

Cupping her hands with water from the sink, Ranma splashed herself with the cold water, turning into a tiny red cat.

"Nya!" Ranma hurriedly dashed off upstairs to the room and got into her mother's sleeping arms.

'Goodnight, Mom,' Ranma thought as she slept like a cat with her mother.


The next morning, Nodoka woke up early, very early. So early that the sun hadn't risen yet.

Nodoka stretched. "Ah! I haven't felt this good in a long while… Where am I?"

The room, she noticed, was spacious. There was a neat pile of many objects she recognized in one corner, however.

"The last thing I remember was…" Nodoka's eyes widened as she felt movement between her breasts.

Nodoka looked down to see a red cat poking its sleeping head out into the air.

"Nyaaa…" it nyaed sleepily.

'So cute!' Nodoka thought. "Little cat, wake up."

Ranma opened her eyes to see her mother smiling at her. "Nyama!"

The little cat was now hugging Nodoka's face.

"Aww…" Nodoka smiled. "You're so cute… Where'd you come from, little cat?"

Ranma sweatdropped. "Nyan…"

"Something about you seems familiar…" Nodoka tapped her lips.

"Naynayya!" Ranma jumped off her face and headed for the bathroom.

"I know that cat… I know it…" Nodoka got up and left the room.

As Ranma ran to get hot water, Kasumi was coming out of her room, humming.

"Good morning, Ranma-kitty." Kasumi smiled as she saw Ranma race down the stairs.

Nodoka walked into the hallway soon after.

"Why, good morning, Mrs. Saotome," Kasumi said with a smile.

Nodoka's eyes shot open as her memories of the day before rushed back in.

"Is that cat… my daughter?" Nodoka shook.

Kasumi tilted her head a bit confused. "Yes. Are you feeling alright?"

Nodoka nodded. "I feel… better… Thank you for your hospitality."

"No trouble at all, Mrs. Saotome." Kasumi closed her eyes.

"Please…" Nodoka stood up straight. "Call me Auntie…"

Kasumi nodded. "Alright, Auntie."


Ranma, meanwhile, was heating the furo, bored and impatient as she waited for the water to warm up.

Her simple cat mind couldn't hold too many human thoughts thanks to what her father did to her. Nevertheless, her mind had started to adapt since she was cursed, but it would take a while before she could be as competent as she was as… herself.

So it was to no surprise that she found the trashcan incredibly interesting.

That's what Nodoka saw as she entered the bathroom: her cat of a daughter sitting in the trashcan, purring.

"…" Nodoka held back a giggle. "Ranma, please come out of the trashcan."

Ranma nyaed at her and climbed out.

Nodoka noticed that the furo was heating up. "Are you trying to be human again?"

Ranma nodded.

Her mother felt the water and thought it was warm enough.

"Want to get in?" Nodoka smiled.

Ranma responded by jumping into the furo.

"Hi, Mom!" Ranma said as she pushed her hair out of her eyes. "Sleep well?"

Nodoka smiled. "Yes. Although having a cat in your clothes does complicate things…"

Ranma laughed.

Nodoka got undressed and started washing herself. "Now that I am feeling better, we have a few things to discuss…"

Ranma let out a breath. "Yeah… like school?"

Nodoka nodded. "Yes. Kasumi told me this morning that you waited until I came to make a decision about going to high school."

"…" Ranma sighed. "And that's a yes, isn't it?"

"Indeed." Nodoka got into the furo with her daughter. "You'll be going to the same school as the two youngest Tendos."

Ranma gulped, fear rushing through her body. "Did you sign me up yet?"

Nodoka blinked. "No… I just learned about it today."

'Good,' Ranma sighed mentally. "I was just thinking that I would turn in the forms. You know, save you the trouble and all."

Nodoka pursed her lips. "I suppose so…"

Ranma relaxed.

"... I can't wait to see you in your uniform!" Nodoka smiled joyously.

Ranma flinched. "Um… Mom?"

"What is it, my daughter?" Nodoka sighed in contentment.

"Um… well… you see… uh…" Ranma twiddled her fingers.

"What?" Nodoka was now concerned.

Ranma swallowed and turned away. "You see… I'm not… going to wear the uniform…"

"…" Nodoka's eyes went wide. "WHAT?!"


Genma couldn't help but smile.

Soun looked at his friend oddly. "What is it, Saotome?"

[I don't know. I feel like smiling, that's all… Like my SON is getting what he deserves…] his sign read.

Soun sweatdropped. "You're a bad parent, you know that?"

[Blasphemy!] Genma's sign proclaimed. [I am the standard of great parenting!]

"Right…" Soun sighed. "We should keep moving. Get out of the river, Saotome."

[Not until you commend my parenting skills as the best ever!] Genma crossed his arms defiantly.

"You're so immature, Saotome…" Soun rubbed his temples.

[At least I don't cry all the time!] Genma growled.

"SAOTOME!" Soun yelled as he chased Genma yet again.


Ukyo woke up and stretched, loosening muscles and alleviating her morning aches.

"First day of my new life… I guess." Ukyo shrugged and got up.

The girl took a shower and got dressed, ready for her first day of school. Of course, seeing as she would (as she had for the last ten years) masquerade as a he, it wasn't a skirt or a jumper in which she dressed.

With her breasts bound and her hair in a ponytail, she looked like a young man.

'Whoa, I'm hot,' Ukyo thought to herself as she stood in front of the mirror. "Huh, no wonder Ran-chan thought that…"

Shaking her head, Ukyo got her ingredients out and got ready to open shop for an hour or two.

'Wonder how Ran-chan is doing…' were Ukyo's thoughts as she prepared for the day.


Ranma tried to steady herself as she sat in the furo with her mother.

"Say that again…" Nodoka couldn't believe what she just heard.

'You can do this, you can do this, you can do this…' Ranma closed her eyes and repeated to herself with as much confidence that she could muster. "I am not wearing a uniform to school."

Nodoka narrowed her eyes. "That's what I thought you said."

Ranma's mind raced to figure out a way to counter what she knew her mother was going to say.

"This decision that you made is disrespectful, daughter." Nodoka resisted scowling. "It is not honorable at all."

Ranma stood her ground. "I have my reasons, Mom."

Nodoka crossed her arms. "What are they?"

The girl forced her body to relax before speaking. "First of all, due to Pops being the selfish crazed monster that he is, I was raised to be a boy and was in the dark about my own sex for most of my life. I only found out I was a girl fairly recently."

Nodoka's face softened a tad. 'Genma, why?'

"Secondly, because of that, I'm extremely uncomfortable being around a bunch of others as a girl. My only experience was two days ago and it kinda didn't go so well…" Ranma rubbed the back of her head.

"You mean to tell me you are going to go to school as a boy?" Nodoka asked heatedly.

Ranma sighed. "Yes… yes, I am."

Nodoka didn't like it. "It's not proper to do this, to lie to the school and your classmates."

"Proper?" Ranma was in disbelief. "Mom, I've been doing it this way for as long as I can remember. Besides, if I want any chance of being accepted as a student, I need to use my transcripts from last year… where it says 'male' on it since it's from an all-boys school."

Nodoka clenched her jaw. "This is not very ladylike."

"Well, boys are creepy." Ranma shrugged. "It's what I'm doing. I'm more comfortable that way."

Nodoka turned her head and thought it over while Ranma sat and waited in the water.


Akane felt sunlight hit her face, forcing her to open her eyes…

*Flop* Akane flipped over, facing away from the sun.

… Or not.

'Go away, sun. Don't bother me,' Akane thought as she tried to cover her face with a pillow.

Birds chirped near her window.

With a moan, Akane scooted over more, unknowingly letting her leg go over the edge of her bed.

The blue-haired girl, in between sleeping and not, was dreaming about falling…

*THUMP* Akane's body hit the floor.

"Alright, alright, I'm up!" Akane mumbled on the floor.

That's when Kasumi opened the door.

"Akane, it's time to get up." Kasumi smiled sweetly.

Kasumi blinked as she saw Akane on the floor with her blankets draped over her.

"…" Kasumi closed the door slowly.

"…" Akane tried to say something, but couldn't and just got ready instead.


Nodoka was about to voice her decision when Ranma blurted something.

"Mr. Tendo gave his daughters money to pay for my schooling once they 'found' me. Pops wants me to go as a boy, of course." Ranma looked away.

Nodoka's jaw nearly dropped. "That… complicates things."

"It's not that I'm scared of Pops, but… he's Pops…" Ranma leaned her head back. "Alright, I'm scared of him; happy?"

"But… by doing what he wants?" Nodoka asked. "Isn't that going backwards?"

"I just… can't go as a girl, Mom," Ranma sighed. "It might be selfish or subservient or whatever, but I just won't go as a girl. I don't even FEEL like a girl anyway."

"Ranma…" Nodoka closed her eyes.

"Plus, there's my curse, Mom," Ranma reminded. "Do you want a lot of guys trying to turn me into a cat just so they can change me back and see me naked?"

Nodoka took a deep breath. "I… I'll allow you to do this. Mostly due to the difficulties of changing your records, mind you. However, I have many years of parenting to do, young lady. Your father's influence has made this especially hard."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"What do you know about being a woman, Ranma?" Nodoka asked, putting her child on the spot.

"Not much…" Ranma admitted. "I want to know stuff but still be me, you know?"

Nodoka sighed. 'This is going to be harder than I thought.'

"Hello? Anyone in there?" Akane asked.

Ranma managed to smile. "Come in, Akane. There's room for you!"

Nodoka shook her head. "You've soaked enough, daughter. We need to fill out those forms."

"Alright," Ranma sighed and got out.


Nabiki slowly pulled herself out of bed and down the stairs, her feet dragging and eyes half closed.

"Good morning, Nabiki." Kasumi smiled… as usual.

"Mmmrnn…" Nabiki mumbled as she got to the table and sat down.

Nodoka came into the room and sat down next to the nearly sleeping girl. "Good morning, Nabiki."

"Yeah…" Nabiki nodded. "Tired…."

"I see…" Nodoka paused. "Nabiki, what do you think of my daughter?"

Nabiki rubbed her eyes. "Cat…"

Nodoka nodded. "Yes, she is a cat at times. Do you require something to be fully awake?"

"It'll help," Nabiki drawled. "Didn't get much sleep last night."

Kasumi walked in with tea. "Here, Nabiki; drink up."

"Thanks." Nabiki drank her tea.

Silence washed over the room. The sounds of nature in the morning presented a peaceful atmosphere. A serene peace seemed to be present.

Too bad it wouldn't last.

"My daughter wants to go to school as a boy," Nodoka said as Nabiki looked fully awake.

"…" Nabiki blinked. "That is… interesting… Shouldn't be surprised, though."

Nodoka raised her left eyebrow. "Really? Why do you think so?"

The middle Tendo daughter shrugged. "Just a hunch. She looks like a boy, she talks like a boy, and our fathers even got her engaged to one of us. She was raised like that. Heck, when she goes to AKANE for advice on acting like a girl, you know SOMETHING is off with her."

Nodoka pressed her lips in a thin line. "When you put it like that…"

"Makes a cute-looking guy too," Nabiki noted. "I don't blame her wanting to go as a boy to school, though. She'd be even more popular than Akane if she tried to go as a girl. Ranma is just so awkward in feminine clothes, and being a martial artist… Kuno-baby wouldn't be able to keep his hands off her."

THAT made Nodoka think.

Kasumi started bringing in breakfast.

Nabiki drank more tea. "What is she doing right now? Hmm? Is it something feminine? Traditional?"

Nodoka sighed. "No… she's doing… something else."

"Martial arts in the dojo," Nabiki answered more clearly. "'Bout time someone uses that besides Akane."

Nodoka looked over towards the dojo. "Do you think it's a good idea? Being such… a tomboy?"

"And that's-s-s-s-s bad?" Nabiki raised an eyebrow.

"Well, yes," Nodoka answered. "It is not proper. These girls today, losing their femininity…"

Nabiki laughed. "Proper? So what? Girls can only be one thing?"

Nodoka shook her head. "No. Not that at all."

"Can't be too careful," Nabiki clarified. "I get enough flack as it is. Being a businesswoman isn't bad, but boy, mothers seem to be pissed at me. *sigh* I would have a much better time being a boy, really."

Akane came in right then. "Good morning."

"Good morning, little sister." Kasumi smiled and finished bringing out the food. "Would you mind getting Ranma?"

"Sure." Akane walked to the dojo.

"You can do whatever you want to Akane, though." Nabiki smirked. "Her cooking REALLY needs improving."

"Nabiki!" Kasumi frowned.

Nabiki shrugged.


Ranma walked on the fence next to Akane and Nabiki as they made their way to school. The pigtailed girl didn't even look like a girl, however.

"Why do you do that?" Akane asked, curious.

Ranma shrugged. "I feel more confident higher up."

"Being short and all," Nabiki finished.

Ranma glared at her, which only met a smirk.

Akane changed subjects. "Anyway… I'm glad you're coming to school with us, but… why as a boy?"

The girl on the fence sighed. "I'm not even comfortable being a girl outside of you guys. Besides, I do NOT want to be on Kuno's list of cute girls."

Akane growled. "Stupid Kuno. Still, he's after me, so I doubt you'll have problems."

Nabiki laughed. "Oh, sis! That's hilarious!"

"What?" Akane asked. "Why?"

"Last year, Kuno-baby had his eyes set on all the martial arts girls at school. It was like he was trying to get his own personal harem," Nabiki chuckled. "It was so bad, they all left and transferred to girls-only schools. It's why you're the only martial arts chick in school."

Ranma whistled. "Wow."

Akane shivered. "That pervert…"

"Mm hmmm…" Nabiki nodded. "And with Ranma's personality, it'd take only a day until she beat up a guy going after her."

"Hey!" Ranma protested.

Nabiki shrugged. "It's true."

Akane huffed. "How would you know?"

Nabiki rolled her eyes. "Remember the last transfer girl?"

"You mean last week?" Akane verified.

"Yep. Remember how she was sexually molested all day until you saw it?" Nabiki smirked.

Akane grit her teeth. "Oh, I remember!"

"It was only because she was so nervous and submissive looking," Nabiki clarified. "The boys had a field day with a temptation like that."

Ranma steamed. "I wouldn't be like THAT!"

Nabiki rolled her eyes. "No, you would be shaking and looking around so much that once a guy tried to talk to you, you would send him through the roof. THAT'S when Kuno would pounce on you. The guy's a masochist and an Amazon chaser."

Ranma nearly lost her breakfast. "That's SICK!"

"I'll say!" Akane growled.

Nabiki looked ahead. "Well, we're early; that's good for you, Ranma. I'll show you where to sign up. Akane, you'd better let off your steam and go pay a certain someone a visit."

Ranma raised an eyebrow while Akane fidgeted.

"I… Uh… I'll see you two later!" Akane started walking towards a certain clinic…

"What was THAT all about?" Ranma wondered aloud.

Nabiki smirked. "I'll tell you for 9,000 yen."

"…" Ranma sweatdropped. "No thanks, I'll figure it out myself."

Nabiki shrugged. "Suit yourself."


"Everything seems to be in order…" the administrator person told Ranma. "Although… living with the Tendos?"

Ranma nodded, bored. "Pops is friends with Mr. Tendo. My mom and I are staying there for now."

"I see." The administrator person shrugged. "Oh well. Here's your homeroom number. Any questions?"

"Yeah, where's the principal?" Ranma scratched her head.

The administrator person laughed. "Hell if I know. It's a good thing he's gone, though. That menace is insane. No one has seen him in three years."

Ranma found this a bit suspicious but she didn't really care. "Alright, then. Thank you."

"No problem at all, Mr. Saotome." The person smiled. "There is something… off… though…"

Ranma nearly flinched. 'Can he see through me?!'

The administrator person rubbed his chin. "Aren't you a little short for a high schooler?"

Ranma facefaulted. "WHAT?!"

"Sorry, sorry! I just thought maybe you were one of those young super genius kids. That's all!" The person sweated. "I mean, you do look a bit young and, well, some kids do skip grades and all. Not as much as in America, but still…"

Ranma's head veins popped, crisscrossed. "I am sixteen years old!"

"Shutting up now." The person tried to hide as Ranma was very intimidating.

Ranma growled and stormed off.

The person sighed in relief. 'Must have a Napoleon complex….'


Ranma reached the classroom easily enough. Students were starting to get to class and didn't bother her at all.

Walking into the classroom, Ranma immediately noticed Ukyo, who was talking to the teacher.

'Ucchan and I are in the same class?' Ranma resisted a laugh. 'Awesome.'

The pigtailed girl looked around the room and noticed that, strangely, nearly everyone was by the windows, staring down into the courtyard.

'Wonder what they're looking at…' Ranma thought as she walked over to an open window.

What she saw made her eyes widen.

Akane was beating up boys left and right, many in various types of sports equipment.

'Guess she's not too bad, after all…' Ranma thought to herself before turning away and walking over to the teacher.

"Yes, I'm serious. Owning your own restaurant at your age is amazing," the teacher complimented Ukyo. "Young men like you are very rare these days, Mr. Kuonji."

Ranma nearly snickered while Ukyo smiled.

"I just stick with what I do best, that's all…" Ukyo shrugged. "But that means you don't mind me selling my okonomiyaki at lunch, then?"

The teacher smiled. "I don't care and neither will any of the other teachers. Besides, you don't look like someone I'd want to cross, so… do your thing."

"Good enough for me." Ukyo bowed and looked to Ranma with a smirk.

The teacher looked over at Ranma. "I haven't seen you before…"

The pigtailed girl shrugged. "I'm new here. Starting today."

"Oh, the OTHER transfer student." The teacher checked his papers. "Mr. Saotome, I presume?"

"Yep," Ranma answered.

The teacher tapped his lips. "I THINK I know where to put you… Though I'm a bit nervous due to…"

"LOOK OUT!" a girl screamed as she ran from the windows.

*CRASH* A tall boy flew through a window of the classroom, sending students ducking for cover as he crashed into the desks.

The teacher sweatdropped as the boy picked himself up, looking unharmed.

"Such fierceness today…" he said in awe. "The Blue Thunder hasn't seen her this ferocious in a long while."

"'Blue Thunder'?" a boy asked.

"I thought he called himself Shooting Star?" a girl wondered aloud.

Ranma and Ukyo blinked and stared at the intruder.

The teacher sighed. "Mr. Kuno, please leave this classroom…"

Kuno did so, talking all the way. "Why, of course, for the Fierce Tigress still has my sword. I need to retrieve it at once and prepare for our date!"

"…" Ranma sweatdropped. "What. The. Hell?"

"You got me." Ukyo scratched her head.

The teacher sighed. "That's Kuno. He's captain of the kendo team, but is annoying to many, many people."

"And the biggest pervert in school!" a boy added from under a table.

The other classmates nodded in agreement.

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "So, he just flies through windows, then?"

"Not usually," a girl clarified. "Akane must have sent him flying."

Ranma raised another eyebrow.

"Yes, Akane is who you'll be sitting next to," the teacher sighed. "We've been trying to keep that seat empty because, well…"

"She hates boys!" a boy interrupted.

The teacher narrowed his eyes. "Don't…"

"I heard she's a lesbian!" a girl spoke up.

Others agreed.

"Hey! That's not nice!" a different girl objected, getting to her feet. "Stop making fun of Akane!"

"You tell 'em, Yuka!" another girl shouted.

"But it's true! Right?" a boy whined.

"CLASS!" the teacher scolded. "Behave!"

Ukyo sweatdropped while cogs were turning inside Ranma's head.

The class mostly quieted down, filling the classroom with mumbles.

The teacher let out a breath. "Anyway, class starts in two minutes. You will introduce yourself after Mr. Kuonji here and sit next to him and Akane."

Ranma struggled not to smile widely as she asked, "So… how would I know her?"

That's when the door opened to reveal Akane, looking calm and pristine.

The youngest Tendo had everyone's eyes on her.

"…" Akane blinked. "What?"

Everyone else was silent for a moment.

Akane looked around the room, confused.

The teacher coughed into his hand. "Good morning, Akane. Now, everyone take their seats. Class is about to begin-"


"… Now," he finished.


Ukyo fired up her portable grill and made an okonomiyaki as she introduced herself.

"The name's Ukyo Kuonji. I own my own restaurant, Okonomiyaki Ucchan's. I'm the best okonomiyaki chef in the world!" Ukyo boasted as she flipped the finished food to the teacher, who took a bite out of it.

"Wow… impressive," the teacher praised.

Ukyo turned off the grill and sat down at her seat, getting some looks from a few girls.

"And this is our other new student," the teacher announced.

"Ranma Saotome." Ranma smirked. "Just came back from China on a trip."

A few oohs were heard from the class.

"Anything else?" the teacher asked.

Ranma shrugged. "I'm a martial artist. That's… all I can think of, at any rate…"

A few ahs came from the class.

"Is it because you're so short?" a random boy asked with a snicker.

Ranma glared at him. "Say that again. I dare you."

The teacher intervened. "Now, now, don't fight in class, please. Take your seat, Mr. Saotome."

Ranma did as she was told and sat between Akane and Ukyo.

Class started rather boringly.

It wasn't long until a note hit Ukyo in the back of the head.

After looking to see who threw it and finding nothing, Ukyo opened it.

'"Are you single?"' Ukyo facepalmed. 'Great, just great. All I needed.'

She pocketed the note and continued paying attention.

As the class dragged on, Ukyo got more notes from girls wanting to date her.

Ranma, meanwhile, minded her own business and ignored what went around her.

Akane's eye was twitching due to many notes asking her when she would do something against Ranma once a perverted situation occurred.

The tenseness was finally relived once the teachers switched.

Akane stood up and glared at the people behind her. "Stop sending me notes! It's annoying!"

Ukyo silently agreed with her.

Ranma just had her hands behind her head, bored.

A boy walked up to Ranma's desk, a smirk on his face.

"Hey, shorty," he mocked. "Think you're too good for a school uniform?"

Most people in the room cringed. The boy was a giant in Japanese terms; a sumo wrestler, to be precise. Most considered him smart enough not to fight Akane daily (or he didn't think she was worth the attention).

Ukyo and Akane, however, struggled not to laugh.

"Depends," Ranma said, still with a bored expression. "Does being too good mean being stronger than everyone else? If so, then yes."

The big fat guy chuckled. "Big mouth for someone so puny."

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "How long is it until the next teacher comes?"

"Two more minutes," Akane answered, trying to make it sound offhand.

"Way too much time," Ranma sighed.

The fat guy cracked his knuckles. "Yeah, too much time for me to kick your a-"

He was cut off by a punch to the stomach.

As the fat guy fell to the floor, Ranma looked down at him and shook her head. "Just shut up."

The fat guy struggled to his feet. "Lucky shot, but if you think I'll let you get away-"

Ranma threw him towards the back of the room where he hit the wall with a thump and fell unconscious.

"Not worth my time," Ranma said casually as she put her hands back behind her head and looked bored once more.

The other classmates looked back and forth, many seeing if the boy was alright.

"Whoa…" a boy whistled. "Well, that's another person on my 'not to mess with' list."

Others agreed, more or less.

Seeing that they were alone-ish for a second, Ranma quickly whispered to Akane. "Meet on the roof."

Akane raised an eyebrow, but nodded.

Ranma turned to Ukyo. "Meet me on the roof."

Ukyo agreed.

That's when the next teacher came in.

"Hey! Get back to your seats!" she yelled.

Ranma smiled.


Lunch finally came, not a moment too soon for Ranma.

On the roof, three girls came together.

"Alright…" Ranma looked at Akane and Ukyo. "Ukyo, Akane; Akane, Ukyo. I'm staying at Akane's house at the moment."

Ukyo and Akane looked at each other and bowed.

"Alright, good thing we got that out of the way," Ranma sighed.

Akane tilted her head. "Ukyo… Ukyo… That name sounds familiar…"

Ranma blinked. "As I was saying, you should know something…"

Akane snapped her fingers. "I remember! Didn't you have a crush on- OOP!"

The blue-haired girl covered her mouth with embarrassment.

Ranma sweatdropped. "I… err… um…"

Ukyo laughed. "I thought so, Ran-chan. It makes way too much sense…"

"Sorry about that…" Akane apologized.

Ranma sighed. "Well, the funny thing about that is-"

That's when it started raining.

A now feline Ranma wriggled out of her clothes. "Nyan!"

Ukyo's eyes widened to an insane degree.

Akane facepalmed. "Yes, the thing is that Ranma turns into a cat."

"How?" Ukyo stared in disbelief.

Akane sighed. "I'll explain after we get hot water…"

Ranma put all her now wet clothes in her bag and went inside, followed by the two girls.

With a bit of sneakiness, the trio got into a storage closet as Akane explained.

"I don't remember the details exactly, but Ranma got a curse in China that turns her into a cat with cold water. Hot water reverses it," Akane said with a sigh. "Now, uh, turn around. I have to change Ranma back."

Ukyo smirked and did so. "Sure, why not?"

"Aw, man… Now I got coffee all over myself," Ranma groaned.

"Hey, it was the closest hot water I could find," Akane explained. "Now, we need to get you new clothes…"

Ranma looked around. "Would you look at that? School uniforms. Hey, Ucchan, maybe you can get some for this school too."

Ukyo turned around to see Ranma's backside as she looked through school uniforms.

Akane flipped out. "What are you doing?! Stop it!"

Ukyo smirked and responded by taking off her shirt, revealing her bound breasts. "Stop what, sugar? We're all girls here."

Akane's eye twitched as Ukyo winked at her.

"So, what size are you, Ucchan?" Ranma asked as they dug through the school uniforms.

Akane facepalmed. "HONESTLY!"


"Two orders of pork, three shrimp, got it." Ukyo took orders from her new customers in the classroom, where there were many more people than normal due to the rain.

Akane, meanwhile, was chatting with her friends, trying to explain what was going on.

"I said I won't tell anyone, Akane. Give me more credit than that." Yuka rolled her eyes.

Sayuri agreed. "We're not gossip queens."

"Like your sister," Yuka added.

Akane sighed. "Nabiki is not… Fine… Do NOT tell anyone, though."

The blue-haired girl looked left, right, under the desks and up at the ceiling before whispering into her friends' ears.

"…" Both of them had their eyes go wide.

"You don't mean…" Yuka started.

Akane nodded.

"B- but that's…" Sayuri stuttered.

Akane glared.

Yuka and Sayuri looked at each other.

Ranma walked by with okonomiyaki in her mouth.

Yuka looked at Ranma as if trying to see it. "But that… it… he… she…"

Akane nodded. "Raised like that. Great martial artist."

Sayuri looked down. "So… are you really a lesbian then?"

Akane had crisscross veins popping on her head. "Sayuri…"

"Sorry, sorry!" Sayuri waved her arms. "It's just that… well… you only get along with girls and you hate boys, so…"

Akane sighed. "Just because there are no good boys here doesn't mean I'm a lesbian."

Yuka moaned. "I know what you mean. There are no decent guys here… Well, except…"

Akane held her head as Yuka looked dreamily at Ukyo. 'Let them have that one. At least until I get a reason WHY.'

Yuka hit the desk with her head as Ranma got another okonomiyaki. "Why? Why?"

As her friend sobbed, Sayuri tried to comfort her.

Akane facepalmed.


"Well, this sucks," Ranma muttered as she looked out the door with rain still pouring.

Ukyo nodded. "You will NOT be able to stay dry going out there."

"Good luck," Akane said as she walked out the door with the umbrella.

Ranma and Ukyo stared out the door as people left, some without umbrellas.

That's when Kuno came through.

"Such rain, the heavens do cry out in sorrow for the Blue Thunder. While I am quite flattered, it is unnecessary, for Akane Tendo shall soon be mine," Kuno spewed.

Ranma rolled her eyes while Ukyo raised her eyebrow.

Kuno bumped into Ranma. "Hmm? I did not see you there, for thou art too short and not beautiful…"

Ranma grit her teeth. "THAT'S IT!"

Grabbing his shoulders, Ranma pulled him to her level. "STOP IT WITH THE SHORT JOKES!"

People started to gather around as they saw some short guy mess with Kuno.

Nabiki walked to them and grabbed Kuno. "Come on, Kuno-baby. I need you…"

Kuno was going to protest when Nabiki flashed a photo of Akane that had been promised to him. "Short one, I shall deal with thee on the morrow."

Ranma fumed as Nabiki dragged Kuno away.

"Whoa, who is she?" Ukyo asked.

With a roar, Ranma punched a locker, her hand going straight through it. "Stupid Kuno, stupid short, I'll show HIM!"

That out of the way, Ranma opened the doors and ran as fast as she could.

"…" Ukyo shook her head. "Crazy…"


When Ukyo got to her restaurant, she saw Ranma, as a cat with a knapsack on, sitting by the door out of the rain.

Ukyo smiled. "Well, hello there."

"Nyan…" Ranma responded.

"Yes, yes, I know. I'm getting the door opened and you can stay here until the weather calms down." Ukyo raised an eyebrow. "So, why did you run off like that? I could have sworn you had an umbrella."

"Nyanya…" Ranma jumped onto Ukyo's head.

"Hey! You're still wet!" Ukyo complained.

Ranma purred in response.

With a sigh, Ukyo opened her restaurant and walked in, Ranma on her head.

"I'll warm up some water," Ukyo told Ranma. "Now GET OFF MY HEAD!"

Ranma did so, taking a seat at the grill.

Ukyo nearly laughed at the scene and soon got to work.

As a cat, Ranma got bored quickly and took a nap like the cat she was.

The chef didn't mind as she looked at the sleeping Ranma. 'She looks so cute. So… huggable… I wonder what being a cat is like?'

Ranma only woke when she heard the kettle go off.

"Nya!" Ranma leapt up.

"Yes, yes, get over here." Ukyo pointed to behind the grill.

Ranma did so and was promptly turned back. "Thanks, Ucchan."

"No problem." Ukyo smiled. "Ran-chan, what is it like being a cat?"

Ranma got dressed on the floor. "A bit weird. Hard to describe."

Ukyo sighed. "Well, I have a restaurant to open… Look, the sun is out."

"Yes, it is…" Ranma stood and then suddenly glomped Ukyo. "It's nice getting my buddy back… See you tomorrow, Ucchan!"

Ukyo nodded her head. "See ya."

With that, Ranma left for her temporary home.


Author's notes: yes, an update! It's insane! YAY! More to come eventually! Things get better, I know it, cuz I'm the TEXT! Hero in a cup wins! Yay! It was Ukyo!