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Synopsis: Ten years after the Great War the wizarding world seems to be in a state of utopia, but things aren't always what they seem.

Warnings: First of all this will contain slash for those of you who are not a fan you will be disappointed, for those of you who want it to happen now, or even in the next few chapters you also will be disappointed. This is the first book of a trilogy that Smaddox and I have mapped out already. This is not a lovey feel good story, there will be death, there will be gore, there will be fowl language and most likely at least one explicit M/M sex scene. This story is not an AU in the truest sense of the word it will be DH complaint although we disregard the epilog. Please do not tell us we have our facts wrong all of the changes we have made will be explained by the end of the book. We promise.

Reperio verum

Book one of the

Verum Increbresco


Chapter one

Northmanni Vicis

For when the night breaks on a new day there will be a peace so complete that the masses will throng with jubilation. They will not see suffering, will not know fear, yet it will still live on the edge of society. This will last until the one voice cries out in the kingdom, a cry for justice for the oppressed, a cry for reparations for the infirm. Yet no man will heed his call so great will be the imagined peace that the suffering of the outside world will break away in the wake of it. But a day will come when the one voice will become two, then three, then a multitude and the roar of their cries will break the peace, the utopia, shattering the world into chaos. For where there is one hurt, one sorrow or one insurmountable obstacle there cannot be true serenity. – Matilda Grace, Seer: The book of revelations.

Ten years had passed in the wake of the Great War, Voldemort was gone and the wizarding world was finally at peace. Life could continue and it did in great ways. It was a decade of decadence, of friendship and laughter. The Wizarding people were free in a way they had not been for decades. Diagon Ally once again filled with the sounds of children at play, chatting women and the occasional good natured Quidditch argument.

The Weasley's prospered, Ron married Hermione and they had their first baby on the way. Mr. Weasley was promoted within the ministry and now ran the office for the control of magical artifacts. George's shop prospered and he recently married his shop assistant Jessica. Ginny jet set around the world working for the Holly Head Harpy's and Percy, well he and Penelope came round once a week.

Andromeda and Teddy lived a comfortable life as far from the lime light as Harry could manage. Although that task had become difficult in the last year as Teddy started his first year at Hogwarts.

As for Harry, he was being groomed to be the next Minister for Magic, and currently was very successful as the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

He should have been happy, jovial even. Yet, there was something about this total peace that unsettled him. Hermione scolded him, saying he worked much too hard and deserved a break. Ron figured it had something to do with his hero complex. But Harry couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

The feeling had started a year earlier at one of the many functions held in his honor Mrs. Weasley and Hermione always drug him to. He had been dancing with a relatively pretty blond witch when he had the strangest feeling of dejavu. She looked so familiar, Platinum blond hair, an heir of superiority that made her face look like a statue. A flash of grey eyes filled with fear, Malfoy Manor and then… nothing Harry shook his head to clear his mind what was he thinking she had blue eyes like the may sky not grey not grey at all. He smiled charmingly at the startled witch. He was being silly he would have remembered meeting someone with such unusual eyes.

That day had been the beginning of his flashes of memories that were not his own: a red head with ridiculously long hair and an earring, another with scarred hands and a face that reminded him of Ron, a pretty blond witch with a hypnotic voice and warm laughter. They all seemed familiar but he could not recall names, or where he may have met any of them. The blond with unusual eyes was his most frequent visitor; he came to Harry in his dreams crying out for help for justice. Accusing him of forgetting about them, about the promise they made.

Sending Teddy off to school had been difficult for Andromeda, Harry knew that. The house he had commissioned for them after the war was large and airy, but it was too great a space for one woman to live in alone with any sort of comfort. For that reason Harry had taken up fulltime residence with Andromeda at the Potter estate as Teddy has christened the building and its spacious grounds.

Mornings at the estate were quiet now that teddy was gone. He and Andromeda took breakfast every morning in Harry's study in front of the expansive bay windows that gave them a beautiful view of the rose gardens against the brilliance of sunrise. Every morning Kreacher brought Harry two pieces of toast, a poached egg, a pile of kippers and the Daily Prophet. After breakfast he and Andromeda would drink tea as he read the paper aloud to break the silence. That morning's paper gave Harry pause only for its normality, one piece in particular sitting demurely on the front page made him roll his eyes in exasperation.

Daring in down town

By Rita Skeeter

The afternoon of 12 January started out as a normal day in Diagon Ally. But soon the public would know the terrible truth about one Mr. Robert Mcainy of 14 Doppler Place London.. He was found to be in possession of a bewitched Muggle doll that spat rude phrases and generally made a nuisance of its self. The authorities have fined him 100 Galleons and confiscated the doll but this reporter questions whether such a light punishment will be enough to ward off other less than reputable wizards from doing the same.

It was Harry surmised yet another slow news day. Was there really nothing else Rita could write about? At this point he might be willing to give her an interview if she asked if only to break the string of ridiculous stories she had been spouting lately. If Andromeda's giggle was any indication she found the article less than page turning as well. Harry sighed, finished his now luke warm tea and stood to leave, it was time to start another day at the office.

Floo travel was still a less than pleasant experience for Harry although he tried to get used to it he couldn't seem to make himself okay with spinning like a top for several seconds. He always emerged soot smudged and disoriented although he could now keep his feet. He brushed his slacks off as he strode from the fireplace and in to the cavernous atrium passing familiar smiling faces and waving to a few of his old school mates as he made his way to the lifts. The ride to his office was less than comfortable, the lifts were packed with harried looking witches and wizards as well as a multitude of flying memos. He wondered, not for the first time, why they could not find a better way to send information throughout the ministry.

The door dinged and opened graciously on to his floor sending a swarm of memo's in his wake. Harry smiled kindly to the intern that was attacked by half of the swarm just though the lift doors and made his way down the corridor to his office.

Sitting painting a fresh coat of lacquer on to her nails was his receptionist and assistant Cassi Longbottom. Her pretty blue eyes blinked up at him as he cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow.

"Is that official nail polishing?" He ask gravely.

"Oh yes sir Mr. Potter I assure you none of my work would ever get done if I had to stare at less than perfectly polished nails all day." She replied with a what can I do shrug and an impish grin.

Harry laughed and walked towards the door that lead to his office. "Send in my first appointment in ten minutes I need to catch up on who it is I am seeing." Harry called back waving one hand as he entered the massive sitting room where he did interviews and headed to yet another door that lead to his private office.

Three hours later Harry fell in to his leather chair in exhaustion the meetings had been going none stop since he came in and he still had a pile of paper work at least as tall as his desk to deal with before the end of the day. Idly he wondered if he could force one of his employees to read all of it for him, but he knew Hermione would scold him for skipping work and the monotony of paper work was better than Hermiones ire any day. Sighing he picked up the first piece of paper work he could find and began to read.

Harry had severely under estimated the ministries ability to create mind numbing paper work as he was only halfway through the mountainous pile when Ron stuck his head in to remind him about lunch.

"You know lunch mate." Ron cajoled, "It's the time in the middle of the day when you get to eat food away from your desk." The red head laughed ah Harry's indignant look.

"I am your boss you know." Harry shot back throwing on his cloak. "You could act like it every once in a while.

"I could," Ron agreed lumbering ahead of Harry, "But that sounds less fun."

The Leaky Cauldron was relatively slow that afternoon, a smattering of patrons eating in quiet pairs and trios dotted the small room. Ron lead the way to their usual table greeting a few of the other Aurors that frequented the pub. Harry smiled and nodded to his employees and sat gratefully in a side booth across from Ron. Tom was there in an instant taking their orders and giving them a free round of butter beer,

"I still can't believe Kingsley bailed on us again." Ron grumbled from behind his butter beer.

Harry laughed and shook his head in reproach, "if you had a woman like Andromeda requesting you presence at lunch could you refuse her?" He asked winking, the look on Rons face made Harry feel as though he would burst with laughter.

"That's gross Harry she is as old as my mum."Ron whined and sunk in his chair, Harry tried his best not to he really did but Ron's face was too much and he burst out with a short loud laugh that had the entire pub looking at him.

Ron rolled his eyes but forgot Harry's faults as plates of warm food were placed on the table. He dug in with a ferocity Harry remembered from his schooldays but couldn't seem to muster any more. Spitting small flecks of food as he spoke Ron made small talk about Hermiones pregnancy, work and when Harry would be round for dinner again.

"I'll come by tomorrow evening okay?" Harry acquiesced as Ron looked at him with his soulful brown kicked puppy stare. "And I'll even bring some of those chocolate covered chips Hermione likes so much." Harry finished watching his friends face light up in glee.

"Oh Harry mate you're a life saver she will be so happy with those she won't even notice Kreacher doing the cooking!" Ron exclaimed as he tucked in to his bread pudding.

Harry grinned and continued to eat his own meal at a much slower pace,

The clock in Harry's office chimed five as he signed the last piece of parchment on his desk. Another day done, and it was a fairly productive one all things considered Harry thought to himself as he grabbed his cloak and threw it around his shoulders. He headed for the door to his outer chamber and then out in to Cassis cubical. She was finishing a memo to another department and didn't seem to notice him behind her.

"I'm heading home Cassi, would you like me to walk you to the floo?" He asked standing next to her neat desk and placing a hand on her shoulder.

Cassi smiled up at him and shook her head slowly, "No Mr. Potter but thank you, I have a date with Jenkins from spell damage this evening and we are meeting up here."

Harry nodded and gestured to the door behind them. "Feel free to use the sitting room to change Cassi, and you have a nice evening." He said walking towards the lift with a backwards wave.

"Thank you Mr. Potter" she called, and Harry heard the click of a door closing directly after words. She did know how to get what she wanted. He snorted as he stepped in the lift and sighed as it was blissfully free of flying memos.

Dinner that evening was livelier than breakfast had been with the addition of Kinsgley to their table. Harry told them about how Hermione was doing and made the ministers day with his impression of Fredrick Montar a particularly drab ministry official. The night might have ended in this way leaving Harry happy and warm in the company of people he loved but for a tawny owl that chose that moment to drop a summons from Minerva on his lap. He was needed at Hogwarts tomorrow; Teddy it seemed was following in his footsteps.