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Chapter 1. First doubts and suspicions

"Thanks everyone, nice job!" Ittoki Otoya shouted joyfully, patting on the back for some reason only Tokiya, and the latter had already become angry because of that.

But it was difficult to say whether he was irritated by his friend's patting or by his eternal positive and cheerful state, in which he always resided. Tokiya himself grew weary very easily; besides, it still was difficult for him to work in a team. He often caught himself thinking that he behaved too selfishly toward other group members, and sometimes hogged the covers, and, to his credit, every time he tried to mend his ways. Nanami put him wise about the world around him, taught to listen to others and treat them as equals, and he was grateful to her for this, but there was still a lot that he had to achieve on his own.

He had had the stressful condition to this day, even after Tokiya ceased to live a double life. Now he was haunted by journalists. Yes, him in particular, cause he drew attention to his person more than others in their group - a former singer, Hayato, who suddenly appeared under his real name, and not alone, but with a group! Tokiya had to admit that he felt himself quite flattered by the attention to him, but at the same time he was irritated by all of this a lot more. He felt safe only in the Saotome Academy, where all six boys continued their education, leaving its walls from time to time for shooting, interviews, photoshoots and other stuff.

And Ichinose Tokiya usually was a rare guest at such events, preferring to stay alone in his room with his own thoughts. At such times he could write, but in these latter days even this turned out in an off hand way, according to his standards. Nanami had given him strength and inspiration to continue his career as a singer, but now it wasn't enough to write songs. Tokiya couldn't find a source of inspiration, no matter how much he looked for it.

"Hey, Tokiya, listen!" Tokiya distinguished a familiar voice somewhere very close to his ear, which often sounded like the background noise and occasionally broadcasted something worthwhile.

"Why?" Tokiya gave his roommate a questioning look, trying to sound as friendly as possible. He failed sometimes.

"I know that you're trying to think up something." Otoya winked and gave Tokiya a dig with elbow in his ribs. Before now he didn't allow himself such liberties, but since Tokiya had relented towards others, Otoya quite forgot what is "private space".

"So?" Tokiya asked blankly.

"Well, when I want to write something, I always listen to this melody. It sets a romantic mood and inspires me. I want you to listen, too." he persistently tucked his headphones into Tokiya's hands.

He just looked blankly at Otoya, but didn't argue with him and obediently put them on. The melody sounded nicely. It neither was sad nor funny, slightly melancholic, but at the same time ... light, carrying hope.

Tokiya little by little began to understand what Otoya meant, speaking of the inspiration. When the tune ended, Tokiya removed the headphones and nodded to the guy next to him. That was enough for Otoya to burst in delight.

"I told you, I told you! It is wonderful, isn't it? I throw off on you the player! I'm even just wondering what you imagined when you heard it! You can download it to your player lately! I'm even wondering what you imagined when you were listening to it!" Otoya was almost jumping on the bed, but Tokiya didn't pay any attention to such demonstration of puppyish vitality of his roommate.

"This melody conjures up thoughts of love. Perhaps, the young man tries to explain his feelings for his sweetheart and shows her the future, which they could face together..." Tokiya involuntarily closed his eyes, trying to accurately convey his emotions. Then, as if coming down to earth, he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the face of Otoya. Not so smiling, as usual - perhaps he recalled his impression?

"What do you imagine?" Tokiya asked counterquestion.

Otoya suddenly shuddered, his eyes were absently tossing from one thing to another in the room.

"Ahh, nothing specific. As soon as I concretize, it immediately prevents me to create… "Otoya awkwardly scratched his head and laughed.

Tokiya just sighed and thought that it would be useful for him to listen to this tune several times, alone.

It doesn't work.

Something is still missing.

Or is it because he felt a tug at his heartstrings? Tokiya loosened his tie and stretched his legs on the bed. Otoya wasn't here, so he enjoyed the solitude and he was listening to this beautiful melody during the last few minutes, but the inspiration hadn't come. Blue haired guy got out of bed and headed for one of the music rooms of the Academy. While he was walking along the corridor, Natsuki darted past, shouting, "I'll catch you anyway!" and Syo, shouting, "Get off me, pervert!" Tokiya couldn't understand what kind of relationship these two had, but he didn't want to know the details – he wanted to have a heavy sleep. When he reached the music room, Tokiya stopped, because he heard a familiar voice.

"Nanami is gorgeous as always! It's me who's a piece of work. I had to sing it higher!"

"No, you're not, Ittoki-kun. I will just play this part in the octave lower."

Tokiya could see through the open door, as Otoya impulsively bent over Haruka and gently squeezed her shoulder, as if to cheer up. Haruka blushed to the roots of hair, face turned to Otoya. Their faces were inches apart, and Tokiya involuntarily took a step back not to see this. For some reason he felt sick, the tie squeezed his throat, though it had already been loosened, his cheeks were burning. He couldn't explain it. Perhaps, this guy imagined himself and Nanami together, when he heard this melody, suddenly came a thought to Tokiya's mind.

Standing under cold water, Tokiya was trying to figure out what caused the unpleasant feeling of what he saw and why it was replaced by a mysterious feeling of free-floating anxiety. He remembered the face of Haruka, when she told him that she needed his songs... After all, she was a fan of Hayato. Apparently, he just didn't like the fact that, by all appearances, she liked Otoya. 'But it's weird,' Tokiya thought, coming out of the shower, 'I never thought about Nanami as a girl, so why now it suddenly has become my care?' He didn't notice that he crashed into someone (apparently into Otoya, whom else he could run into in his room?). Otoya recoiled from him, red as a lobster, and left the room. Tokiya for some time was looking in surprise at the door which banged after him, then sighed. Apparently, Otoya was in the overexcited state after a recent conversation with Haruka. Tokiya fiercely threw the towel on the bed and began furiously put on his pants. He couldn't understand this causeless anger, which passed off after a while and was replaced by something like a melancholy because of the loneliness he felt. Didn't he like it? Previously, he would have given much if this troublesome red haired guy hit the road somewhere, but now the fact of his absence didn't please Tokiya. He went away too often lately, and didn't always report on this to his roommate. Maybe he decided that Tokiya didn't care? That might have been so, but ... It was already 11 p.m. Where had he dashed over to so late at night? Tokiya closed his eyes, knowing that he won't have sleep for a long time this night.