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Chapter 5. 1000% confidence

Tokiya in astonishment watched as the red haired guy ran out of the canteen, almost in tears. Did he get the wrong idea? There was a great tension in the air, so he probably didn't. Did he overdo it? But the words had fallen from lips before he was able to think properly; it was a defensive reaction in response to anxieties that had appeared in Tokiya's mind that night. He was afraid of Otoya, and this morning he had decided to try to avoid him, but he had never thought of how his friend might react to such a behavior. Of course, Tokiya assumed that he would be offended (he himself was irritated when Otoya avoided him), but that guy had reacted so strongly... STOP. First, Otoya was avoiding him, but now he is avoiding Otoya? A wild guess popped up in is mind. No, that cannot be true.

Without pausing to think, Tokiya jumped from his seat, not saying anything to others, and in unusual very rapid pace went to his room. 'If Otoya isn't there, it will take God knows how much time to find him!' Tokiya thought irritatingly, hardly knowing what he is doing and what he wants. To hear the real reason why he had avoided him? To make sure of himself and his feelings? He felt a rush of adrenaline, as it wasn't logical and could have not so good effects, but he had decided. When he saw his pained face and tears in his eyes, when his heart ached because of the pain he had inflicted on him...

"Otoya?" he called, opening the door. There was only silence in response, but he wasn't surprised. Entering the room, he immediately saw Otoya; he was sitting on his bed, his face was buried in his hands and he didn't respond to the appearance of his friend.

"Look, I said absolutely not what I actually thought..." Tokiya awkwardly began, coming closer to him.

"I'm fine!" suddenly cried Otoya, jumping off the bed and smiling his usual smile. However, the eyes glistened with tears and his trembling voice betrayed him. None of this escaped Tokiya's attention. "You're right, I always barge in when not wanted, I see..."

To his own surprise, Tokiya grabbed Otoya's wrist and dangerously began to move closer to him. The red haired guy's smile slowly disappeared.

"Indeed, you're very often butting into my business," Tokiya said slowly, watching his friend's fright, "And also strangely behaving lately. And damn it I want you to tell me the reason!" after saying that, Tokiya pressed Otoya against the wall, still holding his wrist and fixing him with his eye. They were very close, and Tokiya noticed that Otoya's cheeks had begun to blush; now he seemed more confused than scared. Tokiya felt the warmth overflowing his body, as his irritation was melting away…

"I've just…" Otoya looked away from Tokiya and his free hand gripped the shirt of another guy, "I've just realized that… I love you."

Tokiya felt at the same time relief, astonishment and confusion. Otoya loves him? Did he hear it right? Which is to say that the reason he was avoiding Otoya was similar to the reason for Otoya to avoid him?

"Oh shit, I didn't want to tell you this!" Otoya was clearly going to get into a tantrum, he gripped Tokiya's shirt even worse than before. The latter, not thinking about anything, instinctively pressed his lips against Otoya's, without giving him an opportunity to say a single word. Otoya froze in shock from what was happening, but his reaction didn't stop Tokiya. He demandingly traced his tongue first along his lower lip, and then tried to get inside. He didn't know whether Otoya was still in shock, but he let Tokiya's tongue in, allowing it to freely explore himself. Tokiya wasn't sure what he was doing, but he knew perfectly well what he wanted. He wanted Otoya, all of him, utterly and completely. Right now. Now, when everything had straightened out, he felt an endless stream of tenderness towards his friend, who was always ready to help with all his heart and worried about him so much. The flow of tenderness mixed with the flow of passion, caused by the desire to possess him.

"I don't know whether it is love or not," Tokiya breathed out into his lips, breaking the kiss and looking into Otoya's wide eyes, "But I want to find out," and again he pressed his lips against Otoya's, this time the red haired guy returned the kiss forcefully. Otoya hold him with his hands, and Tokiya realized he had been already aroused. He pressed against Otoya even more, feeling the touch of their members through the fabric of trousers, which had clearly become needless. Otoya moaned into his mouth without breaking their kiss; he was also aroused. When Tokiya realized it, he smiled slightly and dragged nonresistant Otoya toward the bed. A few seconds later they were already lying; Tokiya on top, continuing to hold the initiative in his hands.

"To…Tokiya," Otoya gasped, trying to move over a bit. Tokiya stopped kissing him and stared questioningly at the red haired guy.

"Do you want me to stop?" misinterpreted Otoya's actions Tokiya.

"N-n-no, quite the opposite…" his already red from embarrassment cheeks reddened even more, "Don't stop…and I'm hot…" he muttered incoherently, running fingers through blue hair and clinging to Tokiya's body. He didn't hesitate, realizing what his lover was trying to say.

He quickly began to unbutton Otoya's shirt, and when he finally did it, he started kissing him slowly from his ear and lower, stopping near the navel, and Otoya shuddered and couldn't keep moaning.

"So good," Otoya gasped, his hands tightened on Tokiya's hair.

"Are you still able to talk?" Tokiya asked with a grin, trying to hide his own growing desire behind this.

He began to unbutton his shirt, after having thrown off his tie, but Otoya suddenly raised himself and grabbed his wrists. Tokiya swallowed, as a look of Otoya was indescribable; fuzzy hair, half-lidded eyes and parted lips, blush on his cheeks...

"Let me do it," said this amazing creature, and Tokiya just continued casting greedy eyes upon his "friend", because he had never seen him like this before. If he had, he would jump on him long ago. Otoya's timid fingers were struggling with buttons on his shirt, but Tokiya didn't worry about it; he liked the process, liked the fact that Otoya is undressing him, that he wants him... It was written on his face, it was in his trembling hands and in his breath that came out in pants. Pinning his arms to Otoya's sides, Tokiya whispered into his ear.

"Otoya, you look incredibly sexy right now," he could feel how it got shivers up Otoya's spine. At that moment the last button was done with, and both of them finally managed to get rid of their shirts. To Tokiya's astonishment, Otoya reached for his belt and after he coped with it, he ran his hand under his underwear and wrapped his fingers around his member. Tokiya felt it was the limit and he couldn't stay in this position, therefore, still holding Otoya with his hands, he again laid him down on the bed, removing Otoya's hand from his pants. Otoya didn't react to this action, because he simply didn't have enough time for it; Tokiya's hand harshly sripped the belt off, and without hesitation pulled the pants and then the underwear down.

Feeling that he lost his last defense, Otoya turned away shyly, his breathing was barely audible.

"Come on," Tokiya poked his nose into his cheek, his breath was hot, "Don't turn your beautiful face away from me, I want to see it," he bit slightly Otoya's earlobe, "I want to see your eyes," he ran his tongue along the auricle, "I want to hear your moans," Tokiya turned his attention to the neck, leaving the small love bites. Something between a sigh and a groan came from Otoya's mouth, he put his arms around Tokiya's back and turned his head to face him. At the same time Tokiya moved his hands to the ass cheeks, eagerly seizing them. Otoya instinctively spread his legs, allowing Tokiya lie comfortably between them.

"Are you sure you want me to continue?" Tokiya whispered, meeting the glance of ruby eyes.

"Are you still hesitating? After driving me to such a state?" Otoya smiled slightly, clasping Tokiya's waist with his feet.

"It will be painful ... I do not want to hurt you, especially since I have already hurt you today," Tokiya said bitterly.

"You'll hurt me, if you stop now," Otoya whispered, clinging more to him.

Tokiya couldn't continue to bear it any longer, particularly now that he was given the green light.

He caressed Otoya's cheek, enjoying the softness of his skin, then traced his thumb over his lips, and Otoya slightly opened them in response. That was exactly what Tokiya was waiting for. He put his middle and index fingers into his mouth, and Otoya immediately wrapped his lips around them, closed his eyes and started to suck them carefully. Tokiya began to breathe heavily and barely controlled himself so as not to moan. Finally, he pulled his fingers and looked at Otoya, who slightly opened his eyes once more, and then gently inserted a finger into the back passage. Otoya immediately shuddered and grabbed Tokiya painfully, but bravely held on, trying not to scream. Tokiya gritted his teeth and frowned intently, trying to be very careful and not to cause more pain. Otoya suddenly twisted his lips into a smile:

"You're… so serious in everything, Tokiya, aren't ya?" the guy tried to joke, "But that's what I always liked in y…haaaa!"

His sentence was interrupted by the second finger, which Tokiya had inserted. He found out that Otoya remained himself in every situation, and this was what he always liked about him, too... Continuing to move it, Tokii finally managed to reach the magic spot, because Otoya suddenly bulged out, and not a cry of pain, but a loud groan of pleasure fell from his lips. Tokiya pulled out his fingers immediately, while Otoya didn't have time to come to his senses, and replaced them with his member. These feelings were incomparable; embracing Otoya, holding him tightly in his hands, listening to his sexy moans and irregular breathing and, most importantly, feeling the warmth of his body and being inside him…is this what he lacked in his life? Because now he felt as he had never felt before. He didn't want it to come to the end, didn't want to let him go...

"You're so…tight," Tokiya whispered into his lips and kissed him with all lust that he felt in an attempt to distract Otoya from the pain. He began to move inside him, and Otoya's body immediately responded to his movements; he leaned his hips forward, pressing even closer to him. A tear stole down his cheek, and Tokiya immediately licked it, whispering:

"I'm sorry…"

Otoya smiled slightly.

"That's alright, Tokiya, sto…haaa!"

Judging by the reaction of Otoya, Tokiya hit his prostate again. He began to increase the pace, and within a few minutes there were only loud moans of Otoya and Tokiya's quiet pants, who also couldn't restrain himself any longer.

"I'm…close…" Otoya whispered in his ear, and the white liquid spilled on his stomach. Tokiya came almost immediately, exhaling loudly in the end, and then kissed the red, slightly swollen from kissing lips of Otoya, but quickly moved over and lied down next to him. Without saying a word to each other, they were lying like this for several minutes, recovering consciousness after orgasm and trying to catch their breath.

"Don't you regret?" Tokiya was the first to break the silence; he was looking at his lover.

"I think it was the most wonderful moment in my life," Otoya answered honestly, his hand tightened on Tokiya's, "And you… Have you found out...what you wanted to find out?"

"That is what's bothering you?" Tokiya smiled, "I think I have. No, I'm hundred per cent sure."

"Hundred or thousand?" Otoya couldn't help joking a little.

"If you want, then thousand. Everything will be as you wish, my love."

The end

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