Harry Potter

And the

Wizards Lanterns:

Peace falls and a new Dark Lord Risers

By Potterformers

Chapter 1-Problems start to show

It has been 7 years since the final confrontation with Voldemort and Harry and Ron now worked as Auror captains (Harry is a trained curse breaker and Ron is a Beast tamer), Hermione is now the head of the Magical creature liaison and Ginny is the new seeker for her favorite Quidditch team the Holyhead Harpies which had won 10 world cups since her start.

A year later Harry and Ginny got married in a large ceremony at the Burrow, on Hermiones 21st Birthday Ron had purposed and she had said, "Yes," and began making plans to marry in the spring.

As the years went on Harry had sometimes took up the post of Defense Professor when the last retired or Played Professional Quidditch for the Arrows team (his second favorite, first been his wives team).

Draco had made the most changes in his life starting after his 7th year as an Auror trainee and moving to captain 3 years later, along with providing Intel on known Death Eaters that did not change their ways (including his father whom lost all rights to the name Malfoy to his Son). Now as the head of the house he dissolved a Betrothal contract with the Parkinsons after which he married Astoria Greengrass the woman he loved.

August 15th 2011 was the date set for a raid on a Dark Wizard strong hold and dark items cash. As Harry, Ron and Draco led their teams threw the underground labyrinth capturing the various enemies with ease, they stumble into an anti-chamber where on throne, stood 5'10" dark skinned man with a medium built upper body wearing a sickly yellow robe, this man then exclaims, "Who Dares, enter the chamber of the Dark Lord Paradox," Harry, Ron and Draco just stared at each other, then Harry sum it up nice with, "Shit not again," then paused for a moment and continued, "Aurors Potter, Weasley and Malfoy, your under arrest."

Chapter 2-All hell breaks loose

"I don't think so," said the new Dark Lord, as he threw a sickly green curse only to be met by a golden wall. As the battle raged the Auror trio had the upper hand as they had more maneuverability, when more dark wizards appeared and joined the fight to allow their master time to escape. After along battle, all the dark wizards had been captured, after searching for the dark lord and found nothing, Harry says, "Well Shit," as the others nodded their agreement.

15 minutes later the rest of the Aurors joined Harry, Ron and Draco, where Blaise asked, "What happen, Harry?" "It looks as though we've got a Voldemort replacement! Ladies and gentlemen," Harry replied, then mutters under his breath, "I hope there is no prophecies that are need tell us vaguely how to defeat him," after which he raised his ring projecting a rope of red energy that tied around their captives and they all aparated or teleported to the Ministry of Magic.

Arriving at the entrance of the Ministry, Harry turned to the group and commanded, "Diesel, move them to a holding cell," the one called Diesel shuffled the captives away, then Harry continued, "Draco, notify Minister Shacklebolt," paused as Draco nodded, then Harry turned to Ron, "Ron lets go talk to Albus, the rest of get your paperwork fill out and hand it to Scrimingeor."

In the Headmasters office of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore had been reviewing the latest fourth year results to determine who is a Fifth prefect for the coming semester, when 2 columns of light flashed and left Harry and Ron in its place, "Albus, reassemble the Order, there is a new Dark Lord," Harry said immediately, after a moment he finished, "Calling himself, Lord Paradox," with just that declaration Albus launched to some instruments waving his wand making them glow gold.

At the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, people had started to gather in the meeting hall; there were Auror Captains Harry Potter (and His wife), Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy, Department head Hermione Weasley, the Professors of Hogwarts and the Heads various light sided families, "Very well, we are here to discuss to the presents of the new dark lord Paradox," with the exception of Harry, Ron, Draco, the ministry heads and Albus groaned.

As the order talked about Paradox, planning way to defeat him and return to the peaceful way of life. Then silver animals flew in the meeting room, then speaking with frantic voices, "Aurors Potter, Weasley and Malfoy, Paradox has broken the death eaters out of Azkaban, emergency action required," with that the said three changed into their Lantern battle robes including Draco whom had Green and silver snake like robes (he found a lantern ring after his seventh year) kissed their wives and left for the Ministry.

Chapter 3-Briefing the fighters

Headquarters of the Aurors was in frenzy, when the Auror captains show, "Report?" they all commanded, get the desired effect as they all were silenced and then Dawlish stepped forward handing a report to Ron.

After moving to their office Harry, Ron and Draco read the following:

[Case: Azkaban Breakout.

Time: 0300hrs.

Auror Names (superiors): Tonks-Lupin, Percy Weasley and Audrey Timms.

Scene: we arrived on the scene, and then we fell under attack by the Chaos Eaters.

Injured: Everhart, Transon and Bones.

Dead (enemy): Nott, Lestrange – Bellatrix, Lestrange – Rodophus, Avery and Umbridge.

Escaped: All Death Eaters but above.

Structure Damage cost: 100,000,000,000 galleons.

Case status: Open.]

"Well fuck," summed up by Harry. As the trio discussed their plans on the criminals capture, the inefficiency of their subordinates and the next Order meeting. "Harry, Lets call a briefing and start collecting information," suggested Draco, Harry nods, presses the intercom and saying, "All Aurors to the Briefing room," then Draco, Harry and Ron stood and left the room.

An hour later, Harry, Draco and Ron entered the briefing room. "Alright, let's start the meeting," said Draco, as the Aurors all took their seats and Harry continued, "As you know there is a new Dark lord calling himself Paradox," they all nodded, Ron piped up with, "now before you start flinching at the name, he can be defeated and his supporters captured," and then Draco finished, "Besides, Fearing ones name only increases the fear of the true thing, now we will discuss this before you head out on patrol," as they spent the next 2 hours talking.

Chapter 4-The calm, but no storm

As September 1st came around there had been no word on what Paradox was doing. As the Aurors that were assigned to the guard of the Hogwarts Express got bored from inactivity as the students boarded the train without any major incident.

Meanwhile the Auror Trio had started an apprenticeship program to start to bolster their forces, and then stripped the laws on ostracizing the different groups of magical beings and even recruiting Werewolves and Vampires etc to work as spies and fighters having also started to fund the development of the a new wolfsbane potion and vampire serum. (A/N the new Wolfsbane potion is more a cure for the werewolves by turning them into humanoid wolf animagi which allows them the keep their strengths but no weakness)

Chapter 5-Raids, raids, raids

As the year went on the werewolf spies uncovered a facility for crafting and manufacturing Dark tools and spells. So the plans were set by Harry, Ron and Draco to seize the warehouse and arrest the crafters.

The night of the raid Harry and Ron met Draco at the formers manor in full Lantern and Auror gear. Teleported to the warehouse, once there Harry asked, "So, who wants to knock on the front door?" his answer came from Draco and Ron whom blasted the door off the hinges, as they entered taking cover behind storage crates and pillars. Soon they were dispatching their targets with stunners and binding spells then Harry became his Leonidas form as he fought threw five levels of the storage house.

Once finished Harry returned to human form and teleported their captives to ministry holding cells. Then Harry led a contingent of Cursebreakers threw the building examining the evidence for the trails coming up.

Chapter 6-Relax its Christmas

The December after the raid was quiet, which made Harry nervous, when Ron said, "Lighten up Bro, lets jump go do how Christmas shopping done and prepare for Christmas," with that they left for Diagon Alley.

Harry had a set list of presents for his family and friends which were:

1. Muggle model vehicles for Arthur.

2. International cookbooks for Molly.

3. Quidditch tickets for Sirius.

4. New wardrobe for Remus.

5. Updated ward sensing charms for Bill.

6. French style robes – casual and formal for Fleur.

7. Dragonproof work robes for Charlie. (Different Style each year)

8. Book on rare magic and tools for Percy and Hermione.

9. Joke item ideas for the twins. (Final Fantasy this time)

10. Firebolt 1000 for Ginny, Victor, Ron and Draco. (changes if necessary)

11. Guide to newly discovered plants for Neville and Hannah.

12. Book on Rare and extinct creatures for Luna and Rolf.

After collecting the presents Harry went home and wrapped them.

The weeks leading up to Christmas went by fast. Christmas Eve Harry and Ginny decided to stay at Weasley Manor along with Ron and Hermione. Waking to the sound of Ron yelling, "Presents!" Harry and Ginny groaned then the later found him and cast, "Baits Mocus," with seconds Ron was fending off bat bogies, then Harry and Ginny went back to sleep.

After 2 extra hours of sleep Harry and Ginny woke up, got changed and went down for breakfast, "Morning mum," they said in unison as they were greeted with Molly cooking breakfast, then Harry started to help her as Ginny set the table. After everyone came down they dug into their breakfast and after clearing the table move the living room. The opening of presents was a Weasley fan-fair of excitement as Harry got: a Weasley Sweater from Molly, a Welsh Green dragonhide jacket from Arthur, a Firebolt 1000 from Sirius, a pair of Heberdian black dragonhide gloves with matching boots, Book on ancient wards from Bill, Hungarian Horntail battle robe with Welsh green dragonhide accents from Charlie, Rare D.A.D.A. books from Percy and Hermione, new Auror line joke products from the twins, Quidditch season tickets from Ron and Draco, Bulgarian Rune blade from Victor, a book on rare plants from the Neville and Hannah, a book on creature from Luna and Rolf and finally a golden dragon pendant from Ginny.

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