Son of the Universe

Chapter One

"My son…" a man chocked out. He was clothed in a simmering cloak that had white specks which seemed to erupt from the shadowy depths of the unique piece of clothing. On closer inspection, the "white specks" in the cloak can be identified as stars and galaxies concluding that this man, this ordinarily looking man was in fact the creator of the universe, Chaos, and Chaos at this exact moment was gazing into what seemed like a washing basin filled with liquid.

Within the swirling mass of blue liquid that Chaos was so intently watching, there was a boy with ruffled black hair, curled up into a ball on cement floor. His hands were feebly tearing at his hair but when Chaos muttered out those two words, he glanced up for a second; a colour of sea green flashed. The forgotten hero, the "son of Poseidon", went back to weeping pitifully at himself.

+ flashback +

Percy's POV

Everything went wrong, well at least for me when Jayden came, my newly found half-brother, at first I was so excited by the concept of having a sibling. Thinking of all the fun things I would show him, how to control water, talk to horses, and most exciting, walk on water like Jesus! Phh, how wrong was I, when the perfect son of Poseidon came with the blessing of Hera and already determined (apparently dad had to send three pegisi flying around Jayden to inform everyone that Jayden was his son), he was swept up and honoured by everyone at camp, and even Dionysus called Jayden by his real name and not something like James or um, Jimmie.

He hadn't even done anything yet, didn't know how to hold a sword, didn't know the properties of water at all (how dare he even call himself a son of Poseidon!) and I being the ever stupid person decided to show him the ropes and teach him all I knew. Next thing I know before he even grasped the basics of fighting properly he ran out of camp to search for a monster to kill, and being the ever loyal and caring (not to mention stupid) brother, I ran after him hoping to save his sorry ass.

The position I found him in was amusing, covering in a corner of a cave with a hydra looming over him, how idiotic can that guy get? Obviously I had to save him otherwise dad would have my head! So the moment the hydra turned its attention to me, (well getting feeling burning water scorching you head, um heads would certainly attract anyone's attention), the little rat ran out screaming "I killed a hydra!" Actually I was the one who was stuck in the cave with a pissed hydra trying to bite MY head off! Ok, yes I admit I am quite proud of myself for killing the hydra in record time, though Jayden was the one who got the credit and all I got was a filthy look from my "loyal" girlfriend Annabeth and a yelling from dad for leaving Jayden alone to deal with a hydra!

Slowly people in camp started to shield away from me, (obviously from the rumours Jayden spread of me) and the only people I guess I could trust on in my 'Greek mythology world" were Nico, Thalia, Grover, surprisingly Clarisse and of course Annabeth. Unfortunately, Nico ever busy underground doing hell knows what (get it underworld, hell, oh never mind…), Thalia was always running around the world with the Hunters, Grover with his hands full trying to save the environment and Clarisse who was afraid of showing me her support in case her father decided to spear her due to Ares and my … interesting history. I guess I only really had Annabeth, which is until I found her snogging Jayden senseless on the beach of Camp Half-Blood…

To say I was angry would be the biggest understatement of the year! Ok I may have lost control and broke Jayden's nose, broke up with Annabeth and nearly (of course by accident) flooded the camp. And to say when Poseidon found out which was a second later as he was coming to visit his favourite son (which was not me) was not happy when he found said son clutching his nose while rolling on the ground. Apparently Poseidon had come with news that all demigods who fought in the Titan war were to be honoured with the gift of becoming immortal, and as only a second ago I had punched the daylights out of the "Saviour of Olympus" I most probably would not be receiving this generous gift. Not that I cared at that particular second, I wonder why!

Next thing I knew, I was disowned and was given a day to pack my bags and get out of camp.

+ End of Flashback +

And that is how I ended up on the floor of my now stripped room, courtesy of my loving dad, crying my eyes out and tearing at my hair (pretty similar to a lunatic). I was sure I was bonkers when I heard a traumatised voice calling me their son in my head, but that idea was dismissed quite quickly when I remembered what my DAD had just done to me within the hour.

No bringing anything from this place as it would remind me of memories, I walked out of my ex-cabin and just as I was about to step over the boundaries of camp, my hand reached into my pocket and felt my every trustworthy weapon, riptide. No the memories were too painful, I can't find a new life for myself if I have any reminisce of this old life. My hand reached into my pocket and slowly I placed riptide within a newly dug hole next to Thalia's pine. Look after Riptide well, Thalia, please, for me.

I walked away, nothing and no one to miss here, but I knew I was only trying to convince myself.