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Time flies when you are in school, that is what I have realised, I remember just yesterday being in love with reading the Percy Jackson series and their fanfics. However I find myself presently unable to continue this fanfiction, no longer rereading the series, I have forgotten many of the characters and due to not updating for such a long period of time, well, my style of writing has changed immensely and I don't believe I would be able to write in the same way I did _ years ago.

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Thank you for all the reviews posted, I remember furiously checking my email and reading them with excitement and then eagerly racing back to the next chapter and typing it up. And here, the final chapter from me...

Son of the Universe

Chapter Ten

Percy's POV

Hey and guess who I got for Secret Santa?


Not telling you!

Percy's POV

No I'm kidding, I picked out Ethan, great (no sarcasm included) I know exactly what to get him, I know he will absolutely love it! As we were about to split up to find the gifts for Secret Santa, Selena suddenly pipped up about seeing Annabeth when they were out shopping…Annabeth, that name still causes my heart pain no matter how much I wish I have forgotten about her. Anyway, what are the chances of me bumping into her, like one in (insert population of New York)?! Seriously, she might have already left this area and gone back to camp for all I know.

I've got to stop stressing about idle little unimportant facts, and start looking fo – Ouch, when I don't concentrate on where I am going, I always bump into things or people or … Annabeth?! You've got to be kidding me, there before my eyes, in all her glory, sprawled on the floor in the middle of a shopping mall … my ex-girlfriend.

Wait, rewind…HOLY CHAOS! WHAT DO I DO? She looks a bit dazed at being sent crashing onto the floor, (must have felt like crashing into a brick wall, well done muscles, seems like all that hard work on bulking them up has not gone to waste) maybe I should make a run for it…I don't think she has noticed me yet, but that's really rude…nah, who cares about common courtesy when there might soon be an ex-girlfriend with murderous intensions after your neck!

Suddenly a hand dropped on my shoulders, automatically my hand reached into my pocket where I knew my trusty sword resided and thank goodness my reflexes did not include bringing it out and slashing everything near me (like a madman)with my sword. I turned around, fearful on what was to come and was met with …

"EXCUSE ME, SIR. But I believe you are being extremely rude bumping into people and not apologising, how dare you not even offer to help me up and what do you do instead? You stand there like a moron looking like your trying to find the solution for world peace. What is it with people th– Percy? Is that you?"

"Um…sorry about before and who is this Percy?" Please Dad be on my side for once, let this bluff work! I promise I will try and cause less mischief and annoy the teachers less and…

"Oh…oh, sorry, you just really look like someone that I used to know…" and she just walked away but as she walked away, I could hear her muttering under her breath…"what is wrong with me today, first I think I see Zoe who is obviously dead, the constellation of the hunter proves it and then…I see Percy?! …" And she disappeared around the corner…like she was never here.

Wait…what just happened…that happened way too fast. Where's the "Heavens, you're still alive Jackson, I obviously foresaw that there was a possibility that you were alive. Athen's children ALWAYS have a plan. Well that's good cause I will tell precious Jaydon to come and beat you into a little pulp." Or the screaming, running away and shouting that Hades must be slacking on his job and that a ghost has escaped from the Underworld…I will never get girls, whatever, got more important things to concentrate about anyways. Now where's the two dollar shop…

An hour later

Seems like everyone got here on time. How I realised this, well firstly because I have eyes and is smart enough to count, but also because my arms feel like dropping off and abandoning me to the influx of shopping bags that is slowly starting to drown me and the rest of the gang due to the kindness of Selena. Finally get to go home! No more shopping , no more new Yorkers, and especially no more accidental meetings with Annabeth!

First thing I see when we get back home…Chaos. No not utter confusion or disorder or whatever the dictionary definition for "chaos" is…I see my father, Chaos (with a capital C) standing in front of us, appearing to seemingly to float on top of the shopping bags. The look on his face said "Hey sorry son, but seems like Lady Luck has decided to abandon you again". I was not looking forward to the news that he was going to tell me soon.

For those interested, I had planned the following to happen next, let your imagination run free and imagine your own next chapter to this story:

Open presents early

Trip to earth/mount Olympus

Find out new problem, gaia is starting to wake and her forces are stronger than ever

Has to train camp half blood

Everyone still enraptured by Jaydon, some are slowly falling out of his "spell", first to see it, children of minor gods

Interview with "Herosdaily" alien newspaper

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