Ivan and Sadik looked at each other miserably. It was finally happening, their son Arkady was being taken away. They knew that sooner or later it would happen. With Russia and Turkey on opposite ends of the world, they boxed in every country between them. With all the wars that had occurred Europe had become terrified of anything that could remotely look like the beginnings of World War 3. America had jumped in solely because he knew it would make Ivan suffer. The two still had a deep loathing of each other; though now it wore a thin mask of civility. Alfred had offered to take the boy which brought roaring protests from both parents but Arthur stated that it was Europe that had more to worry about so a European country would take the child. The debate over who had taken hours but in the end it needed to be someone who could resist any pity attempts. It needed to be someone who hated the two. Therefore Hercules stood over Sadik, smiling smugly as the former Ottoman Empire said goodbye to his little one.

Sadik hugged his boy close to his chest and buried his nose in the silvery hair. He could hear Arkady sniffle and sob into his shoulder as he pulled the boy in tighter.

"Shh don't cry Ark…shh be strong my little one and know that no matter what we love you. We love you Benim küçük melek (My Little Angel)" Ivan knelt down beside Sadik and wrapped his arms around the boy as well, unable to say only a single goodbye.

"We're sorry Arkady really we are but…we'll see each other again. So don't cry Мое драгоценное сокровище (My Precious Treasure)." The only answer they received was a strangled sob as he tried to snuggle deeper into the embrace while grabbing fistfuls of their shirts. Hercules snorted.

"It's doubtful that you'll be seeing him any time soon. Now wrap this pathetic scene up our flight's leaving soon." The two fixed the other nations with utter hatred but said nothing, preferring to press kisses to the boy's temples. A slightly muffled whimper could be heard as he felt the arms of the two nations beginning to remove themselves. He clung all the tighter. Alfred walked up and seized the back of the child's shirt. The two nearly broke at the sight of those beautiful green eyes, Sadik's eyes, overflowing.

"No! Baba (Papa) папа (Papa)! I'm sorry! Whatever I did wrong, I'm sorry! Just don't take me away from them! Please! Please let me go home!" He looked around at the surrounding nations, none of whom offered him any pity. Ivan tore through those present to kneel before his son again and took the boy's face in his hands.

"Arkady Braginski-Adnan understand this if nothing else. None of this is your fault. You did nothing wrong my little one." Ivan pressed another kiss to Arkady's forehead before he was hauled away by Alfred and Gilbert. He could slightly hear Gilbert mocking him, the albino hated him with a deeper passion than Alfred could ever muster, but he could focus solely on the sound of his son's voice. The voice pleading to be brought back to his parents in an odd mix of Russian and Turkish. He felt Alfred and Gilbert being wrestled off of him and then Sadik's searing embrace as he was tucked into the Turk's chest. He felt Sadik hurrying them out of the building, felt him rushing them home but above all he felt the hot mind numbing pain in his chest. His baby was gone and he could do nothing about it. The tears had started without consent but it was only when they reached his mansion on the outskirts of Moscow that he allowed himself to completely break, allowed himself to scream his agony into Sadik's chest and plead for his son to be brought back. Sadik tightened his hold and, as tears slid down his face from under his mask, whispered what he hoped were words of comfort to his distraught love. All the while he remained unaware of his own pleading.

Arkady wiped his cheeks harshly with the sleeve of his coat while he stared out the window of the plane. His baba had told him to be strong and he would be though inside he was still trembling. The entire way through security he had screamed, in Russian? Turkish? He really didn't know, to be taken back. All he wanted was to go home. Was that really asking too much? He had debated telling the flight attendants that the Greek was kidnapping him. To drive the point home he was even going to say that Hercules had molested him. He could certainly pull off such a story, he was distraught enough. But strong countries don't run away from an enemy, strong countries crush them into dust. Despite this thought he still boarded the plane with his arms wrapped around himself, desperate to hold onto the security that his final hug from his parents had created. He closed his eyes and attempted to reign in his emotions.

Hercules sat beside the boy with satisfaction. He had finally hurt that damn Turk and he would ensure that the pain lasted for at least as long as he had been stuck under that bastard's rule. He turned his head slightly to study his prize. He looked almost exactly like Ivan with his soft silver hair and pale skin not yet tanned by the Mediterranean sun. Hercules could tell that when the boy was older he would around Sadik's size and to his surprise he could see the small curl that Sadik possessed. Hercules was relieved in a way; the less the child looked like Sadik the less Hercules had to see that face every day. On the other hand it meant that when the child suffered that it would be Ivan that Hercules saw in his mind not Sadik. Deciding it didn't matter he figured that it would be a good idea to go over some basic house rules.

"Achilles." No answer. "Achilles." He prodded the boy with his foot. He jumped slightly when the boy's eyes snapped open and glared at him. Sadik's eyes, those were Sadik's eyes.

"That's not my name." The simple sentence contained enough malice to stun the nation briefly. Hercules smirked, so the boy was going to fight him.

"It is now. I'm not having anything that that originates from the Turkish bastard under my roof. You're Greek now." The boy frowned.

"But Arkady is Russ-" Hercules cut him off.

"So you will not speak Turkish at all and Russian will be kept to a minimum. I expect most of your speech to be in Greek."

"But I don't know any Gre-" He was cut off again.

"You will not mention anything to do with Turkey or Russia nor will you eat any of their food or participate in any activities related to them. Understand that you are not a guest you are a conquered…well I guess you're not even a nation are you? At any rate you'll be joining the staff at my house. Any questions? No? Good." Hercules shifted until he felt comfortable and the fell asleep. Arkady stared at him. He could feel tears wanting to make another appearance but he hurriedly blinked them back.

Sadik sighed as he lay in bed with his Russian lover beside him and smirked at the irony of it all. Just weeks ago, the two were wishing that they had some alone time. Sadik missed the times when he could tie up his beautiful lover and tease him to the point of insanity when he couldn't even beg, then to pleasure him until the sun broke the horizon. He missed the times when afterwards Ivan would be so sensitive to his every fleeting touch. Once Arkady had come along, those times dropped drastically in numbers. Now he stared at the ceiling, wishing that the reason he was awake was because Arkady had a nightmare and had come crawling into their bed. But it was just the two of them and the bedroom down the hall would be empty for a very long time. He sighed again and allowed exhaustion to claim him and carry him into an uneasy sleep. Unknown to the Turk, their son lay on an old mattress in Greece, his face buried in the shirt he had been wearing that still had traces of his baba's scent clinging to the fabric.