Hello my Darlings! I have fresh meat for you Teen Titan lovers! This idea come to be because my dear friend got me into roll playing on Tumblr and so the Iris West verion of Kid Flash has become this little voice in the back of my head that tells me what to do. This is not healthy, I know, but it's so much fun! Anyways, I hope you enjoy my little adventure as much as I do! ~ Tygger3389 AKA .com

PS. I don't actually own anything but the plot and, frankly, most of Iris' personality. DC left her very flat in the books, I gave her life!

Kid Flash X Teen Titans

A Once And Future Hero

Chapter 1

Iris frowned at her friend, "What are you trying to do anyways?"

"Just a quick little wish granting spell," Mar'i grinned, "Zach lent me the book. One little spell and I'll be passing my midterms with flying colours!"

"Or you could just study." The red head told her, disapprovingly, "I don't think messing about with magic is such a great idea."

"Nonsense!" Mar'i scoffed, "If Zach can do this stuff, so can I!"

"Zach's family has a long history of magical talent." Iris reminded her, hating that she sounded so much like her dad at the moment, "Your family has a long history of being gymnasts and aliens."

"But with this we could grant any wish!" Mar'i whined, then smirked, knowing Iris had just fought with her father no more than half an hour before, "Are you telling me that if you had the chance, you wouldn't want to show up your dad? Maybe even prove they you're better than he was at your age?"

"Well…" The wheels started turning in Iris' mind, "I guess…"

"Look, all I have to do is throw this powder on the floor, like this," She dropped a handful of lime green powder on the carpet, "And say Imperium!"

"No…!" Iris stumbled backwards, suddenly overcome by the feeling that she was going to vomit. Once she determined that her lunch would be sticking around, she started to get angry, "Mar'i, what the hell…!"

She trailed off as she looked around. She didn't seem to have moved, she was still in the common room in the Justice League Head Quarters, but she was now face to face with the original team of Titans. They were young, far younger than she knew them to be, in fact, Mar'i's father seemed no more than seventeen. A young version of her Uncle Gar tilted his head at her, "Who are you?"

"WHAT!" She shrieked, looking around wildly for her friend, "Oh I'm going to kill that little skank!"

Starfire stepped back, looking shocked, "I do not understand, who is this "Skank" you wish to murder?"

"And again," Raven frowned, ignoring her red haired friend, "Who are you?"

"I'm…" Iris glanced down at her school uniform, "Kid Flash."

"I think you're a little confused," Robin informed her, "We know Kid Flash and you're not him."

"Wally West?" She blurted out without thinking and watched the team's jaws drop. She blushed deeply, "I kinda will know him, too, someday."

"Someday?" Cyborg laughed, "What are you from the future or something?"

Him and Beast Boy started laughing, but trailed off when the others didn't join in. Robin frowned, "Are you?"

"I don't know how this happened!" Iris explained, "My friend Mar'i was just trying this stupid wish spell so she could pass her midterm exams without studying and… poof! I told her to leave the magic to the Zataras! They know what they're doing!"

"So you're Kid Flash from the future?" Beast Boy grinned, "We could call you, like, Kid Flash Jr. or KF 2!"

"This is why we don't let you name things," Iris laughed, "If Wally's about and it's going to be confusing, you can just call me Impulse."

Robin raised an eyebrow, "Impulse?"

"What were you expecting?" She scoffed, "My real name? That kinda defeats the point in a secret identity."

"That's fair," Raven agreed, "Why should she tell us her real name if we won't tell her ours, besides, even something as simple as her name could screw up to time line."

Iris seemed to ponder this, "You know, I was going for the, Superheroes have secret identities, thing, rather than the whole Tit for Tat thing. After all, I already know an awful lot about you guys."

"Are you saying you know our real names?" Beast Boy looked a little panicked.

"I'm from the future," She smirked, "I know all of you when you're old and going grey."

Robin frowned, curiously, "How do you know us so well?"

"My dad's a member of the Justice League." She told them, unintentionally making it sound like this should be obvious, "I was, for the most part, raised at team head quarters."

"What's the Justice League got to do with us?" Beast Boy piped up again, rather confused.

"It's the next generation." Iris grinned, "My friends and I, we're the Teen Titans. You are the Justice League."

The Titans were quiet for a moment before Cyborg and Beast Boy started practically vibrating with excitement, "Dude! That's totally awesome!"

"And a total spoiler," She reminded him, "So keep it to yourselves."

Starfire smiled at her friends, "I see you are very happy and I am not sure I understand. What is this League of Justice of which you speak?"

"It's a larger team," Raven explained to her female team mate, "Of older, adult, heroes. They're the best."

Robin looked at Iris and raised an eyebrow, "I take it you're going to need somewhere to stay? Since you're sort of from out of town."

"Yeah, that would be nice." She nodded, "Thanks."

Mar'i panicked, her friend had vanished, poof, gone, just like that. Wally was going to kill her! Wally suffered from what she had dubbed O.P.D.S. or Over Protective Dad Syndrome. She needed to find Zachary, she decided, they could sort this all out before their parents came home! As quietly as she could, she sped down the hall to Zach's bedroom door, hoping she wouldn't bump into Barry or anyone else who would ask after Irey along the way. She knocked quietly on the door, "Zach? Zach are you in there?"

"No," The boy's voice +answered, "I'm over here."

"Ahhhh!" Mar'i whipped around to see Zach lurking behind her, "Zach! Don't do that! You scared the life out of me!"

"Sorry," He smirked at her, "Couldn't resist. Did your spell work?"

"Um…" She scuffed her foot on the carpet, "I don't know if it worked yet but…"

"But?" He frowned, suddenly concerned.

"Well something definitely happened!" She spat, "Iris disappeared!"

"You did it with Iris in the room?" He exploded, "Who knows what weird things go through her head? She could be anywhere!"

Mar'i bit her lip, "What do you mean?"

"The spell has a radius of three feet," Zach growled, "Meaning anyone within three feet of you when you cast it had the first wish off the top of their head granted! Who knows what Iris was thinking at the time?"

"Oh…" She looked sheepish, remembering their conversation, "Actually…"

He rose an eyebrow at her, annoyed, "What did you do?"

Iris pulled her long red hair into a pony-tail like she usually did when she wore her Kid Flash Costume. They were going to recognize the costume, there was no way around that, but it was way better than prancing around in her school uniform. Her room was across the hall from Raven's, she noted, still remembering where everyone used to sleep from when her dad was a titan. Their way of keeping an eye on her, she knew, it would frustrate them when they figured out that her Aunt Raven had taught her to block mind readers when she was a child. Balancing her sunglasses on the top of her head, she headed back to the tower's living area where she knew the team was assembled.

They looked up at her as she entered the room and Beast Boy smirked, "Some one should tell Kid Flash that you look better in his costume than he does."

"Thank you," She smiled, "However, he doesn't agree."

Robin looked like he was going to ask then bit his tough, "Of course, I forgot, you know him in the future, too."

"Quite well." She winced, "He can be a bit of an ass."

Suddenly, she felt a breeze on the back of her neck, like something moving very quickly had passed behind her and a familiar, if younger, voice chuckled in her ear, "Who's a bit of an ass?"

She jumped at the sight of the younger version of her father, skipping back a few steps and glaring at the Titans, "Oh no! Did you call him?"

"Well, he's kinda involved in this." Cyborg pointed out.

She rubbed her forehead and flopped her glasses down onto her nose, "But his being here complicates things even more!"

"Why do I make things more complicated?" Wally wondered, "And why are you wearing my costume?"

A coy grin played across his face, "Well, it looks pretty damn good on you."

"Excuse me?" She raised an eyebrow.

"I'm just saying," He shrugged, smirking, "It highlights all your best features."

"What are you doing?" She looked disgusted, "Don't flirt with me! You don't know who I am! And I'm taken, you pig!"

"The more people I know that I come into contact with in my past, the more of a chance I have of accidentally messing up the present… your future. Especially people I may or may no know well!" She explained irritated, "And it's my costume now!"

"Touchy," Wally teased, speeding around her and tugging her pony-tail.

"Leave her alone, KF." Raven scolded.

Wally grinned cheekily, dashing around her to do it again, "Why?"

"Stop it!" Iris snapped, whipping around and grabbing his arm as he reached for her hair. Wally and the other Titans looked at her in shock at her as she stared the young version of her father down, "Don't touch me."

"How…?" He pulled his arm out of her grasp, "You're a speedster."

"Of course I'm a speedster." She sighed, calming herself down, "I'm Kid Flash! Hence the costume!"

Wally stared at her for a good long moment, "B-but it's… the…"

"Spit it out, Wally," She frowned, feeling odd about using her father's first name.

"It's genetic, right?" He finally managed, "The speed, I mean. My cousin's got it from… but so you must have got it from someone, too?"

She bit her lip, "My Father's a speedster, yes, if that's what you're getting at."

"Not for years, yet." He reassured himself, "You're Don's kid?"

Relaxing a little Iris shrugged casually, "I'll neither deny nor confirm anything you say."

Wally sighed and relaxed, apparently taking this as a yes. Beast Boy looked amused by this information, "Dude! So you two are, like, related?"

"Yes," She admitted, "We shouldn't really be talking about this."

"Well then," Robin changed the subject, "While you're here, you may as well help us out with some hero work."

Her face lit up with a smile, "Sure, what are you working on?"