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Chapter 2

Mar'i paced back and forth in Zach's room as he flipped through books, "What's taking so long?"

"Don't rush me!" He snapped, "This is complicated! Now we know what she was thinking about, but we still have no idea when she went back to or even where! Uncle Wally was an Honorary Titan when he was Iris' age, he traveled a lot!"

"Don't you have a spell that can find her?" Mar'i whined, pouting at her friend.

"No!" He rolled his eyes, "If we just search for her in the past, we'll drag up her entire childhood! Which, you know, we were kind of there for… mostly."

"What were you mostly there for?" Mar'i and Zach jumped, staring wide eyed at Nightwing as he pushed the door open, grinning at them.

Mar'i smiled awkwardly, "Daddy… you're home early."

Pulling off his mask, Dick Grayson took one look at his daughter and his expression turned to one of concern, "Yes, we finished up our rounds early. Why? What did you do that you don't want me to know about?"

"Do?" Mar'i did her best to look shocked and laugh casually, "I didn't do anything! Why would you think that?"

"You've usually done something," He pointed out, narrowing his eyes, "It's only a matter of time before I find out what."

Wally stuck his head through the door, "Have you two seen Iris? Barry says he hasn't seen her all morning."

Mar'i's face paled a whole two shades and Dick let out a horrified moan, "Oh no."

Iris poured over a map of Jump City, it had been a while since her last visit and the city would change drastically in the years leading up to her birth. She glared at the colourful lines on the paper, searching for some sort of familiar land mark other than the tower. She felt a slight breeze and the hair on the back of her neck rose as a yellow and red clad teen whizzed behind her. She didn't even look up, hiding her irritated expression, though it was obvious in her voice, "What do you want?"

"Just to see what you're up to." Wally frowned, wrinkling up his nose, "What's with the attitude? You're perfectly nice to everyone else."

"Well maybe I was fighting with you before I left my time," She glared at the other red head, somehow even just his presence got her nerves, "Or maybe you're just never very nice to me when you do happen to be around."

"What do you mean when I happen to be around?" He glared back, offended, "I'm always right where I need to be."

"You're always late," She countered, "And you've missed every important family function since I thirteen!"

"I'm probably saving innocent people!" He snapped.

"You're over compensating! You just feel guilty because you couldn't save…!" She trailed off and snapped her mouth shut, realizing that she'd said too much.

Wally's face went a little pale, "What? I couldn't save someone? Who couldn't I save?"

"No one!" She snapped quickly, "It doesn't matter."

"It does matter!" he countered, "Someone's going to die!"

She felt the anger go out of her and she deflated a little, "Not for a long time yet."

He stood in silence for a moment, unsure of what to do before he finally reached out and put his hand lightly on her shoulder, "I'm… I'm really sorry. This person meant a lot to you, didn't they?"

Iris nodded slightly, feeling numb and longing for a woman she couldn't remember, "She was my mother."

"Let me get this straight," Wally growled, pacing Zach's room, one hand on his forehead, "You were experimenting with magic to help you get your grades up and now my daughter is lost in the past?"

Mar'i was frozen, he sounded really angry. Zach cleared this throat nervously, "We, um, we were going to just go and get her, but we didn't know when she'd gone to."

Wally looked as if he was about to take the boy's head off with his bare hands, so Dick stepped in, informing his friend of the bright side, "Easy Wally, the kids don't know when she's gone back to, but I do."

The red haired man looked at him in surprise, "You do?"

"You did once as well." Dick nodded, "But you won't remember it now."

"What is that supposed to mean?" He frowned at his friend.

"Remember when you asked Zatanna if it was possible to use magic to block or even change a person's memories?" The ginger man nodded, so Dick continued, "She only knew she could because she did it to you once. Iris has traveled to the past and met us, but we had Zatanna remove certain details from our heads."

Wally stared at him in disbelief, "And she removed the entire incident from my mind? You let her change my mind like that?"

"Like you're one to talk, after what you did to…" He trailed off and glanced at his daughter and Zach, "Um, perhaps we'd better call Damian to come and watch these two."

"Why can't Barry do it?" Wally wondered, always defensive of his son.

Dick raised an eye brow, "Yeah, because he did such a good job of keeping an eye on them this morning. I'll call Damian, you call Zatanna. The sooner we get to the past and bring Iris home, the better."

Iris and The Titans were all gathered around the computer in the living room of the tower, mulling over a map with several blinking lights on it. Iris pointed to the light closest to the edge of the city, "So this was the first break in?"

Robin nodded, "All these locations are medical labs, pharmacies, doctor's offices and a pharmaceutical company. Whoever this guy is, I don't want to know what he's going to do with all those drugs."

Cyborg frowned, "How do we know this guy's not just a junky looking for a fix?"

"Junkies rob corner shops and grocery stores," Raven pointed out, "This is too complicated for an addict."

Iris agreed, "I think we're safe in assuming that the drugs aren't for him."

Robin squinted at the list of drugs that had been taken, "Something feels familiar about this list of compounds; I just can't put my finger on it."

Suddenly the room was filled with flashing lights and screaming alarms. Iris yelped, nearly jumping out of her skin, "What is that?"

Robin brought up a floor plan of the building, identifying four heat signatures in one of the rooms on the floor below them, "Perimeter breech!"

"How did they get this far with out tripping the other alarms?" Cyborg fumed.

"It doesn't matter," Robin snapped, "Titans, Go!"