Maybe you're a reader of my stories, maybe you're not. Anyway, I've never actually lost my interest in Teen Titans, just never found a will to continue writing the stories I have in-progress. Sad to say but nothing I have will probably see a completion. I'm hoping I can go somewhere with this and I hope it will generate an interest from the general Titans fanbase. I've been needing something new to write for a while in terms of Teen Titans. Something that's new and great. Hopefully this will document my maturity as a writer, too; when you look back to read my works of years ago and read this you will notice a (hopefully) drastic improvement. Anyway, I'll do my best here to please. Enjoy.

The hum of his alarm clock caused a twitch in his green ear. He grinned widely as he rubbed his eyes slowly, and sat up. "Finally," he breathed out. It was New Year's Eve. But it wasn't just any particular New Year's Eve. It was the first one where all the Titans in the tower were of legal age; that magic number that allowed them to have no legal consequences if they let their inner party animal cry out. Beast Boy had been awaiting this day for as long as he could remember, and he was going to make the most of it with his best friends. He hopped out of his bed and instantly bolted for the shower, grabbing his uniform on the way. He let the hot water pour over his body as he sung out random songs off tune, loudly. The moment he finished and dressed, he moved to the common which was, to his surprise, empty this early. He shrugged and prepared his tofu breakfast, consisting of tofu eggs and a glass of soy milk. He looked to the door when it opened and Robin walked in, his face buried deep in today's newspaper.

"Robin!" Beast Boy cried to him. Robin nodded slightly as he poured a glass of water and sat down, reading the paper still. Beast Boy waited a bit longer before he began to grow impatient. But before he could speak, Robin opened his mouth.

"Incredible. Someone in our very own city gave birth to sextuplets."

"Robin isn't it like, you know... too early to be thinking about sex?" Beast Boy bellowed to him. Robin lowered his newspaper and gave him a deadpan stare. Beast Boy grinned. Over the years his jokes have became more sharp and his wit certainly has grown to be something almost appreciative. He still has moments but Robin knew Beast Boy was screwing with him. He just continued.

"Three boys and three girls, a perfect split. All pretty healthy babies too."

"Can you imagine if you and Starfire had six babies, when you get her pregnant?" Robin blushed just a tiny bit, but forced it away and glared at Beast Boy.

"We haven't even moved that far in our relationship yet," he spoke, remaining calm.

"You mean you haven't got her pregnant yet? Well I'd hope so. You SO aren't ready for a baby yet."

"Wha- no! I meant not having sex! And what do you mean, not ready for a baby yet?" Robin was slightly hysterical at this moment; it is true over the years Beast Boy has learned a fine art of comedy and humiliation. He had mastered it to the point where he could humiliate, embarrass, and cause the apprentice of the world's greatest detective himself to show signs of discomfort.

"Think about it dude. When the baby starts crying, you'll go all hyper-analyze mode to figure out what's wrong when it just pooped itself and made a diaper change!" Bellowing laughter came from the door as Cyborg walked in, holding his chest. He wiped a fake tear from his eye and sat down for a moment to compose himself.

"Oh man you got that damn straight! Ol' Robby boy here couldn't figure out his way from being elbow-deep in baby poo! Hahaha!" Another round of laughter spouted from Beast Boy and Cyborg, as they high-fived each other at Robin's expense.

"You guys suck!" Were the only words he spoke before he got up and half-ran dejectedly out of the room, bumping into Raven as the door opened. A muttered 'sorry' escaped his lips and he took off. Raven just looked a moment to him, then to a laughing Beast Boy and Cyborg.

"Manage to make the resident hard-ass ashamed of himself again?" A small giggle came from Raven but disappeared as quickly as it showed up as she prepared her traditional cup of tea with an apple. Since long ago, Raven has opened up just a little bit more to everyone; she comes out of her room more. She talks about the books she reads. She even laughs at Beast Boy's jokes... sometimes.

"Rae I still can't decide whose ass is harder – yours or Robin's. Though if I touched yours..." Beast Boy also became a bit more of a flirt with the passing years. Or stupider, to Cyborg's musing. Raven didn't miss a beat though.

"This ass is way out of your league." A smirk accompanied her statement as she took her tea and apple, levitated by her powers, and disappeared to the roof.

"Man," Cyborg scratched his head.

"What's up?" replied Beast Boy.

"How do you say stuff like that to her and not manage to get disintegrated?" Beast Boy only smiled a big smile.

"I got an awesomely charming smile? The ladies love me?" Cyborg only snorted. "What?"

"You keep thinking that green man."

"Whatever dude. You know today's New Years Eve, right?" He nodded in response. "Got plans? 'cause I was thinking of having a party, just the five of us. What do you say?"

Cyborg frowned at Beast Boy and he knew his best friend's answer wasn't going to be good. "I'm sorry B, but Jinx and I are going out tonight. Just the two of us." Beast Boy heaved a sigh.

"Alright... but you two better have as much fun out as you would have here. Promise me!" He glared jokingly at Cyborg and he just laughed.

"No problem man, we'll have a great time." With that he went to get his breakfast ready and the last of the Titan's residents entered the room, her feet off the ground as she levitated happily over to her friends.

"Glorious morning friends! Did you all have a good sleep? I dreamt all last night of many delicious foods from my home planet which I will have to make for you all to enjoy at some points! There were Glotas, Zorka Glotas, and," Beast Boy decided to interrupt before she could continue.

"Star that sounds great! I bet Cy would be the first one to try your delicious sounding food!" He had a sadistic grin on his lips, noticing the whistling from Cyborg stop completely.

"Oh Cyborg! I will make sure to make all my food for you to taste first! Then to the rest of the team."

"Uh... sure, Star. But tomorrow, I got plans tonight."

"Of course, I understand. Being the Year of New, Robin and I had a wonderful night planned together!" Beast Boy's ears dropped and Starfire didn't miss it. "Beast Boy, is there something wrong?"

"Well I kind of had plans for us all tonight but if you're going to spend it with Robin that's okay. I guess it will just be Raven and I. And hey I'm not totally complaining about that. Just won't be as special." He still smiled through it.

"I am truly sorry, Beast Boy. I will make it up to you with Tamaranian food! I promise!" She smiled big and pulled him into a bone crushing hug. "You will have fun with Raven at least. And Cyborg?"

Beast Boy spoke through ragged breathes as he managed to hug her back. "He's... busy... Star... breathe..."

"Oops! I do not know my own strength!" She giggled and blushed as she let him go. "Oh! I must go prepare something special for Robin! I will return!" And with that she flew off, doing who-knows-what.

"Yeah I gotta go get things ready too," Cyborg mentioned after he finished his breakfast and disappeared, leaving Beast Boy there in silence. He sat for a moment, bored, thinking. And what best does Beast Boy do when he's bored?

"Hey Raaaavennnn," he bellowed out as he opened the door to the roof, seeing the hooded girl sit on the edge of the tower with her legs dangling. "Can I come sit?" No reply from her signified a yes to Beast Boy, so he plopped down beside her but remained silent.

"I know what you're up here for already."

"Eh? You do? But I haven't even said anything!"

"I know it's not to bug me, Beast Boy. Calm down. I won't throw you off the tower," she smirked slightly. It had been a very long time since she's done that.

"Oh like that scares me anymore Rae. You stopped scaring me a long time ago." She shrugged.

"Because I stopped trying to scare you. There's no reason to." She sipped the last of her tea and then set the cup down.

"I know Rae. So... since you know what I'm up here for?"

"Unfortunately, Beast Boy, I have other matters I have to deal with." Beast Boy pouted.


"I was lucky enough to get this year's patrol," she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry. I'd much rather be with you guys for New Years then watch out for crime that's more than likely not going to happen."

"Aw damn it. Everything's so unfair. I'm going to my room." Raven frowned as she watched her green, seemingly blue, friend trudge away, going to perhaps his room.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise..." she whispered to herself and turned away. She knew how much he was looking forward to this day and it pained her to had to have said that to him, but it was the truth. Raven also knew that no one else was available to do anything with him tonight. She could only do her job and wait.


Beast Boy lie in his bed, staring at his roof. "Damn it! This sucks. The only other day I've looked forward to this much was my twenty first birthday." He pouted and sulked for a bit before he came up with a brilliant idea. He smiled, knowing that it would do his team good. He was going to take them on a vacation. Whether they liked it or not; first thing in the new year.