The twitch of his green ear to the soothing music coming from his alarm clock radio slowly made him come into consciousness; again the green changeling was waking, ready to start a new day. However, today he was waking far earlier than he normally would just so he could get everything sorted out. He knew they all owed it to him. The Titans knew how much Beast Boy wanted that day to himself and his closest friends.

So there was no way he was going to let them refuse his idea of a vacation. But he had a lot of work to do today before he got what he wanted. He crept up, hours earlier than he'd ever wake up on a normal day, silently making his way towards the shower. His plan was quite simple. First, in the few hours before the day began, he'd find temporary replacement Titans to watch Jump City while they had some much-needed rest and relaxation. Beast Boy couldn't even recall the last time they had any amount of prolonged personal time. Even heroes need to relax.

After his shower was complete and he was dressed in his usual attire, he crept to the kitchen, making sure not to wake the other residents of the tower. If he was doing a lot of work today, he'd need a strong and healthy breakfast to give him enough energy to work through the day. He was proud of himself; he actually had a plan to get to where he wanted. He pulled out a piece of paper and laid it on the table as he started up a frying pan with some tofu bacon. As he let it sizzle, he sat at the table and looked at the paper, with the title "Operation Super Awesome Vacation Plan". A name he was proud of.

He was going to assemble a team, consisting of Kid Flash, Herald, and Jinx. These were the only honourary Titans at the time that were more freelance and didn't have a set team to be with. He did figure the team was just a little small, but he couldn't help it and that brought a slight frown to his lips. "They'll be okay, they're very experienced," he re-assured himself in a light whisper. His brow furrowed in concentration as he figured out how he was going to approach each of his temporary Titans when a smell of slight burning entered his nostrils.

"AHH!" he expressed, perhaps just a little too loudly and rushed to the frying pan, removing it from the stove. He dumped the tofu bacon onto a plate he had set aside before he had started to prepare his breakfast. He brought it to the counter and set it down quietly and began to eat. Moments later, the door to the common room opened and appeared Raven, with a slightly aggravated expression on her face.

She inched slowly towards him but he didn't notice, his focus on eating and his paper. "Operation Super Awesome Vacation Plan?" she droned out in a monotone, and to her amusement, watched Beast Boy jump with shock and scoop up the sheet and hold it to his chest like a newborn infant.

"Rae!" he spoke in a hushed whisper. "What are you doing awake?"

Ignoring his comment momentarily, she put a kettle on for her morning tea. "I was in a peaceful sleep, until a certain green-skinned changeling managed to yell and wake me up. Even if you annoy me a lot less, one thing I still dislike is waking up earlier than I planned to. Especially after a patrol."

Beast Boy gulped. "Sorry," was the only thing he could muster. But Raven's irritation seemed to dissipate as her tea finished and she sat at the table with him.

"It's fine, I'll live." The two sat in silence as Raven continued drinking her tea, waiting. She was curious about this 'operation' of his, and waited for him to speak. After all, patience was not one of Beast Boy's stronger traits.

Beast Boy was beginning to feel a little off under Raven's seemingly intimidating presence. Or was he just paranoid, thinking too much? What if she thinks his plan his stupid? What if Robin won't allow it? What if they end up hating the vacation? Why doesn't Raven eat?

Beast Boy shook the last thought from his head with a blink and then finally cracked. He didn't understand why he was so nervous anyway. "Aren't you going to meditate or something?"

"You want to ask me something else. I'll wait here, until you ask it." Those were the only words she spoke as she had another sip of her tea.

"What if I don't ask it, Rae?" She just shrugged and got up, with her cup still clutched in her hands.

"Then I'll just go meditate, you'll ask later." The purple haired Titan started to turn, but he spoke before she got anywhere.

"Wait! Okay, sit down." She just smirked, unbeknownst to him, and sat down again.

"Well, since we didn't get to do anything awesome or crazy last night for New Year's, I figured we can do something else for the new year. Take a vacation! We haven't done anything like this for as long as I can remember and you all know how much I was looking forward to New Year's, so I think it's kinda owed to me. Plus, we're going to Egypt," he explained, all too seemingly happy.

The last line in particular took Raven's attention. "Egypt?"

"Yeah! I think it will be pretty awesome!" He smiled a large smile at Raven. She blinked. "What?"

"Egypt has been a place I've always wanted to visit, but the life of a superhero makes it rather... difficult to visit other countries. But Egypt isn't a conventional vacation spot." She narrowed her eyes towards Beast Boy, thinking something wasn't exactly right. He smiled under her intense gaze.

"About that. Knew I'd have to spill the beans one day. Uhm, two years ago for your birthday, do you remember how I got you that custom-made Azarathian charm?" She nodded slowly, listening closely. "I guess you never figured out how I knew to get you something like that. I kind of... went into your mirror. And uh, found it out when I was in your mind and stuff."

Raven blinked, unsure if she should be angry that he intruded on one of her most personal inner sanctuaries or flattered that he'd go through such lengths in such an odd, twisted place just to make her happy on her birthday. And she was very happy. She decided on the latter. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. I'm looking forward to the vacation, then." She gave him a small smile, then floated away, the tea cup placing itself in the dishwasher through use of her powers.

Beast Boy waited until the door closed, then stood up and danced, silently singing to himself. "Oh yeah Beast Boy, you're the freaking man! Got her to go AND she wasn't mad!"

Unknown to him, Raven was on the other side of the door, straining to hear him. She just laughed quietly to herself as she returned to her room, hopefully to catch some more sleep.

The green man's plan was off to a good start, and he planned on ending it in the same manner. He pulled out his communicator and immediately dialled Kid Flash. The moment the dial went through, it was answered.

"Kid Flash here. Hey Beast Boy, what's the situation?"

"Hey Kid Flash!" he smiled brightly, as he explained his previous situation to the fastest person in the world. After he had his earful, Kid Flash rubbed his chin.

"How long do you plan to be out of Jump for?" he inquired.

"About a week. Could be two, though. It all depends on how long they want to stay."

"Alright, B. I can do that. You said Jinx and Herald will be with me? Hey listen, consider it an apology from me. I'll talk them into watching the city while you guys are gone." The huge grin on Beast Boy's face did not betray anything.

"Thanks dude! You are the best!" Kid Flash saluted, then shut his communicator.

Beast Boy looked out the window, and noticed it was raining. He got on a rain coat that seemed too over-sized for him, a hat, and took off, going to get the plane tickets for his grand vacation. There was no way he was going to let them say no.