AN: Recently, I seem to have run out of words, which is quite unusual of me. I'm reverting to my home turf of Doctor Who to try and break out of this slump. This here is a quick drabble of Rose's emotions towards the end of "Doomsday", set just after the Doctor leaves that last sentence hanging.

Disclaimer: As with everyone else on this site, I don't own the characters, or the setting. Just the words.

He fades from sight, words unspoken dying on his lips, and Rose's heart clenches and stops. All these months she's waited, frozen, but with hope still giving her warmth enough to continue, to wash away the memories of that empty, hateful white wall.

But now he's gone, and he's left her with nothing. No words of comfort, only "you can't" and an endless nothing. She loves him, and she promised him forever, and whether or not he's here right now, she intends to keep that promise. That was the thought that held her together. That was her hope.

She was frozen before.

Now she shatters.