Simple, Beautiful Words


It was an average day for Fluttershy. She was taking her daily stroll through the woods near her quiet forest cottage. The yellow mare took this walk daily for two reasons. One reason was just to enjoy the beautiful day given to all the ponies of Equestria by Celestia, the other reason being to look for any wayward animals in need of her assistance.

It's almost as if I'm a nurse making my rounds, she thought. She chuckled at her comparison, knowing that she would faint at the sight of injured ponies in a hospital.

So far her leisurely walk had been uneventful. The only thing that happened worth noting was her feeding a passing squirrel. Brushing her flowing pink mane put of the way of her turquoise eyes, Fluttershy sighed contently. Knowing her friends, she knew that quiet, peaceful moments like these were hard to come by. Usually, her days were filled with dragon hunting, fillysitting, or saving Equestria from one dark entity or another.

Fluttershy enjoyed her life very much, despite these often times dangerous adventures. They left fond memories and provided her and her friends with important lessons of friendship.

Just as Fluttershy was getting used to the peace, a young deer timidly stepped onto the path in front of her.

"Why hello there little fawn," Fluttershy said in her usual gentle, soothing voice. Despite her warm greeting, the fawn backed away.

"Oh don't worry little one, I won't hurt you. I just want to be friends," the mare said in hopes of drawing out the fawn. Noticing her gentle words, the fawn slowly came within leg-reach of Fluttershy.

"That's a good little fawn. Would you like to come to my cottage? I have lots of tasty snacks for all kinds of animals. You can make all kinds of new friends."

Suddenly, the fawn's head shot to the left. Seeing some unknown danger the fawn ran off, leaving Fluttershy alone on the trail. With a shrill squeal Fluttershy dove into the nearest bush and hid. Several silent minutes passed.

"U-um excuse me, but is, um, anypony out there," questioned Fluttershy, fear evident in her voice.

No response came so the mare rose from the bushes and shook herself free from any lingering debris in her fur.

How odd. Somepony or something scared away that cute fawn. What could it have been? Not that I need to know, as long as it's far away from here.

Lost in thought, Fluttershy didn't notice that she had left the path and was now at the edge of a large empty field. Well, almost empty. The expanse of grass was empty except for the colt sitting in the middle of it.

Fluttershy looked up and let out a squeak of surprise and dove into another bush. The colt apparently hadn't heard her. He just continued to stare into space.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What I do, thought Fluttershy as she peeked out from inside the bush.

She had never seen the colt before. He had a light gray coat and a stark white mane and tail while his eyes were dark blue. Most curious about him was his cutie mark. It was a book with an old pen on overlapping it.

I guess his talent is writing, the nervous mare thought, M-maybe I should say h-hello.

Timidly, Fluttershy emerged from her hiding spot and headed towards the mysterious colt. As she approached, the mare stepped on a twig witch snapped quite loudly. Fluttershy let out her instinctual squeak in surprise.

The colt turned his head at the two sudden noises and caught sight of the shy mare. Without a word the colt stood up and ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

That just left a confused Fluttershy standing alone in the field.

That's my first fanfic, hoped you enjoyed it. Sorry if my grammar was off, I'm new to this. Any reviews or feedback is much appreciated. On a last note- HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!