Dawn slowly covered the land, marking the first sun rise of the year. A familiar ship sails to shore, cheers, music laughter and joy can be heard.

Petals dances with the wind, nine figures approached the two cold looking graves, beautiful flowers were placed around the bottom and rums were poured over the smaller one while a big barrel sits in front the larger one.

The pirate captain placed his hat over his heart, lowering his head.

"Here's to another great year." He grins, ear to ear.

The straw hat pirates each showed their respect, before bidding farewell and returned to the ship, giving their captain some quality time with his late brother.

A voice seems to echo in his head, 'Luffy, it is okay to cry…' it said. It was comforting… so comforting.

"So, how's it been?" He spoke to no one in particular, sitting down Indian style and helps himself to the remaining liquid in the bottle, only to spit it out again, "Blah! It still tastes like piss! I bet you drink this every day, huh?"

Luffy started asking questions, one after another.

"How's it like being a Whitebeard pirate?"

No answer.

"Meet any interesting people?"

Still nothing.

"You must be glad not seeing gramps face anymore, huh?"

A breeze of wind blew by.

"I'll take that as a yes."

Occasionally a butterfly would fly circle around him before flying away, he assumed that as an answer from the death man and only nodded back. He sighed, remembering the old words spoken, he tears up at the good memories, covering his eyes and laugh at his own comments at times.

"I wish you're still here. I missed you." He sobbed. "You and Sabo both."

Chuckling, Luffy shook his head. He pushed himself up and smiled, putting his hat back on he made a final vow.

"Happy birthday, Ace. I'll be back next year." He said. "And the next… and the year after."

Words trail away; silence was yet again bought back. This is one promised he would and will keep forever, until the day of his own death.