Well… in summary, Transfiguration was really fun. Professor McGonagall told us all about how to change different objects into cups. Like for instance, I think that I was the only one in the class that was actually able to change Patches into a furry cup, and I know that that wasn't exactly the desired outcome, but it was fine for me. But I was much happier when my adorable kitten was restored to her original state. Professor McGonagall was very happy with the result, and was surprised because I was muggleborn and had never done magic before, and now here I am thinking to myself in the middle of lunch with Elise talking to me, rambling about some boy that she met. And how wonderful her was and how he helped her with changing her owl into a cup, and how wonderful he is and blah blah blah. I don't know why, but that Riddle boy kept on looking at me. I think he's in 5th year, but I'm not 100% sure… Lily and I were in some classes together, and Elise, Alice, Lily and I sat together, but Lily's friend Violet sat on the other side of the classroom from us. I don't know what she has against Slytherin's, but it's something serious, and it's possibly not good for Lily, because Violet might change Lily's perspective, or even worse, turn Lily against me. No. Stop thinking about that Emily. Don't think of the worst, don't be negative. No pessimistic attitudes.

Yeah. But if you could tell, I've been called negative in my life before.

Maybe a little bit.

But that doesn't matter.

Because I've conquered that!
Yeah… right.

Not really.

Well I'm just currently walking with Elise talking about something or other, rambling on about some boy or some teacher, or some person, or some class.

I don't know, because if you couldn't notice, I'm not really paying any attention.

Oh look, I'm at the potions classroom now! Yay!

Okay, walking in, and Elise runs off to go and fine Alice, her and Alice have become really close now. I'm not jealous or anything, I kind of like being alone.

I look around for a seat. Oh crap. There are no seats left.

I think that Professor Slughorn can tell, maybe because I'm looking quite distressed.

That would have given it away. I think to myself.

He pulled me soothingly to a seat. And without realizing my surroundings, I put all of my books down and smiled at the Professor.

Then I took the time to realize my surroundings.

I was by myself at a table. Sitting next to the one and only Severus Snape.

Great. That's just perfect.

Well I guess the only way to just ignore him was to just get on with my work.

I open up my textbook to page 49 and start on the potion, but Snape keeps on checking up on me and seeing if I'm doing everything right.

He looks like he's about to talk, and then I look at him with such a death stare that he just opens and closes his mouth like a little fish.

"Thank-you. Now if you don't mind, I would like to do my work by myself now" I say, huffed, because I don't need his help.

I start mixing, and then the pot makes a little noise, as if it was gurgling. I life my head to look to the bubbling red mixture.

"It's not supposed to look like that" I say to myself, looking at the book's diagram, and back over to the cauldron.


Well. Bugger.

"Listen, I don't know why you hate me Evans, but I need to help you with this" Severus said, grabbing a black cloth out of his carry bag. He started dabbing at my face, trying to get the red potion out of my eyes.
"It stings. Oww! Stingy stingy!"

"It's okay, you'll be fine, nearly done" he said soothingly.

It felt like my eyeballs were being pulled out of their sockets and they were dying in front of me, with the nerve receptors still attached, they were melting in a vat of acid.

Yeah. It hurt.

"Professor Slughorn!" Severus called, surprisingly quite urgently.

Professor came running over.

"Oh now Emily, what have you done now?" he said.

Wow, he must of sensed that I was a klutz when I walked into the room.

"I don't know Sir, I did everything as instructed, then kaboom!"

"It's okay Sir, I think we can handle this"

"Okay Severus, take Emily to the Infirmary"

"Yes Sir"
"But Sir, I'm fine really, I'm not blind. I promise!" I try to convince him, whilst apparently being blinded and pulled out of the room by the one and only Severus Snape.

"You didn't do it all right by the way" He said quietly.

"Excuse me?"

"I said that you did the potion a little bit wrong"

"How so?"

"Well, for starters, you chopped 11 horned sluggers, not 13, and they were supposed to be crushed"

"And, I didn't see you crushing any horned what-ever-you-call-them! And how do you know all this stuff. It did say chop, and eleven on my textbook"
"Well, I know how to make the potion, and you didn't make it write, no offence"
"None taken at all"
"We're here"

He pulled me to the door and let go of my arm.

"Oh," I said, unfortunately sounding more upset than I intended to.

"are you going back to class now?"

"I think, unless, do you want me to stay?"

Wait. Is he flirting with me? No that can't be right. No one flirts with Emily. Emily is not able to be flirted with. Emily is-

"Does Emily also speak in third person?" Severus asked.


"You were talking aloud. Maybe a little bit…"

"Ahhhhhh" I said, now gaping at him, unable to form. Do I do that all the time? Do I actually say what I'm thinking out-loud all of the time?

"It's okay," He said, "I'll stay if you want me too" he finished, winking at me. And I practically ran with him through the door to the Infirmary and Poppy looks at me, and immediately goes and gets a bandage and some ice.

As soon as she comes back, I smile at her, or where ever I think she is, and say 'thank you'.

She puts this potion in my eyes, and nearly immediately, the pain stops.

"Ahh" I say in pleasure.

Poppy chuckled, "That's the usual reaction"

Then she made me drink this vile potion, and gave me some ice and said that I was free to go.

I walked out of the infirmary with Severus, and being able to see again, I looked over at him.

He was staring at the ground, and shaking his head as if he was talking to himself.

"Hey, thank you for taking me to the infirmary." I say, quite truthfully. It seems as if I don't feel as much hate towards him now. Now ain't that a surprise!

"Oh, it's okay. Now that you're better, I think we should head back to class, but lunch is nearly on and by the time we get there, it'll be lunch"
"Oh okay. Cool. Yep, let's do that"

After that, we walk back in silence.

We get to class that our classmates were just walking out.

Lily looked at me while she was walking out, and winked at me.

"I'll tell you what you missed at lunch okay?"
"Yep okay, see you soon"

Severus was looking our little exchange and stared in question.

"Oh, we're sisters" I said, trying to make it sound as natural as possible. But little was he aware that I knew about his huge crush on my twin sister.

"Oh, right. I knew that" He said with a smirk.

"EMILY! You're okay! OH wow! I was so worried about you! Are you going to be okay? What did he do to you? What are you going to do to hi-"
"ELISE! I love you alright, but seriously. Breath sometime soon okay?" I tell her with worry.

"Oh, okay. I'll see you at lunch okay?"

"Okay" I reply with a smile and a hug.

I watch Elise walk out of the room skipping, and singing something about cats.

"Listen," Severus starts, "I-"

"Emily! How are your eyes?" Professor Slughorn asks, walking into the room.

"Oh, um, they're fine thank you Professor"

"Oh good, good. Have a nice day now. No more mischief!"

"Yes sir" surprisingly both Severus and I replied.

Professor Slughorn walked out of the room and suddenly Severus and I started to burst out in a giggling fit.

When we stopped laughing, we both had tears in our eyes, and we just smiled at each other as we picked up our books.

"I'm going to head to lunch now, you?" I asked with interest.

"Yeah. I'll meet you there. Is it alright if I sit with you and Elise? She's a little crazy, but then again, so am I" He said with a grin.

"Cool. See you!"

And with that we parted ways and I don't know why, but I couldn't wait until he came to lunch.