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This fic takes place after episode 03x08 'Hold on to sixteen' and is my idea about a girls versus boys in glee club and Blaine wondering why Kurt chooses to join the girls rather than the boys.

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Girls vs Boys

"Hey guys!" Mr Schuester came into the rehearsal room of the glee club as enthusiastic as always and clapped his hands eagerly to get everyone's attention. "First of all I want to say that I'm so proud of you all! You did really well at Sectionals! Let me hear some noise!"

Now that was something that needed not to be said twice, so the New Directions kids cheered as loud as they could.

"But no rest for the wicked!" Mr Schue went on. "Now that we have our girls back," he smiled fondly at Mercedes, Santana and Brittany, "I'd love to do another girls versus boys competition!"

"Yay!" Kurt gave a happy little cheer and clapped his hands in anticipation. Blaine turned from where he was sitting in front of Kurt with a smile and his boyfriend beamed down at him. A rush of affection took hold of Blaine. He loved to see Kurt being giddy with happiness, it was just so cute.

Blaine only wished he could see his boyfriend like this more often. The last time he'd seen Kurt grin happily from ear to ear was when he told him he'd transferred to McKinley and Kurt had hugged him drunken with joy. Reliving that particular wonderful moment in his head, Blaine was smiling like an idiot to himself.

"All girls to the left please, and boys over to the right," Mr Schue instructed them and everybody got to their feet and talked excitedly about the prospect of doing another girls vs boys competition.

"I bet you've got a bunch of song ideas piling up in your head already," Blaine said standing up and lending his boyfriend a hand.

"You can bet your life on it!" Kurt said with sparkling eyes as he gratefully took hold of Blaine's hand and stepped down between the chairs. His white boots clunked loudly on the wood until he reached the floor. Kurt squeezed Blaine's hand affectionately before he released it and moved to straighten his vest.

Blaine's eyes followed Kurt's hands flutter over his clothes, in his mind he was puzzling about how many layers Kurt was wearing today and he imagined taking all of them off. A tall order, indeed, but he wasn't one to reject a challenge.

He knew that the one thing Kurt loved the most about having left Dalton for good was being able to wear his own clothes again. And now that Blaine had joined him at McKinley, he had the delight of being constantly surprised by his boyfriend's ever changing wardrobe choices. Every day it was a pleasure to fantasize about undressing him, imagining his fingers unbuttoning Kurt's shirts, unzipping his pants, unlacing his boots...

Have you ever had the urge to rip each other's clothes off and get dirty?

Kurt's words were haunting in his head. Oh if Kurt only knew!

The truth was, Blaine was undressing Kurt every day with his eyes, not violently and full of relish, but slowly, sensuously, his mind was always figuring out the best way to carefully undo a lacing, to gently pull off a vest, to unknot a tie tenderly and accidently brush Kurt's soft skin with his fingers or place a kiss on every part of revealed skin...

"Gosh, all the months I spend in Dalton you cannot imagine how much I longed for this!" Kurt sighed dramatically and Blaine looked up, smiling fondly at his boyfriend and trying to get his X-rated thoughts out of his head before they showed. He was glad he didn't have many classes together with Kurt, because he wouldn't be able to concentrate on class when Kurt was in the same room and he was bound to be constantly daydreaming about his boyfriend.

"You have?" Blaine went ahead to follow Finn's lead into the boys corner and found himself puzzling over Kurt's strange comment. Did he mean he had been longing to do a girls versus boys back in Dalton? Was it that much fun to compete against girls? Well, Blaine wouldn't know. According to Wesley's records the Warblers had done such a challenge only once with the glee club of their sister school, but that was a few years back before Blaine had joined the Warblers. Afterwards, the Warblers had refused to ever repeat the competition, because apparently the girls had played an unfair game by distracting the boys with super-short skirts and other female qualities and the boys had lost. So, to compete against a group of girls was new ground to Blaine.

Also Blaine was of the opinion that it wasn't quite accurate to compare a boys performance with a girls performance. How was it possible to say who was better when the competition parties were so clearly different? Well, apparently it must be fun or else Kurt wouldn't be so excited about it.

Blaine was thrilled of course by the idea of an all boys group performance once again. As much as he enjoyed dancing with the girls whenever he got the chance to in a performance, he missed hanging out with a bunch of guys. He wasn't used to be around girls so much and found them quite irritating at times, especially girls like Rachel or Brittany.

Walking over to join the boys, Blaine noticed that the other guys seemed to be very pleased to be by themselves. Sam had draped his arms around Puck's and Rory's shoulders and they were laughing about something and Artie was wheeling next to Finn, trying to get the giant's attention, while Finn was heading to the drums, his drum sticks already whirling in his hands.

As Blaine approached the group of boys he turned to address his boyfriend again, and did a double take. "Kurt? Where...?"

He had expected Kurt to be walking just behind him, but was surprised to find him standing at the piano where the girls had gathered up. He was chatting vividly with Rachel, waving expressively with his hands while she was shaking her head in clear protest to whatever he was saying.

Blaine was frozen on the spot, staring over at Kurt, not really getting what was happening. He felt like he was missing out on something important here. What was Kurt doing over there? Maybe he just needed to talk to Rachel about something before he came over?

"Hey Blaine!" Blaine flinched slightly when Mike patted his shoulder and asked with a laugh, "Are you looking for Kurt? He always tries to join the girls, but Mr Schue usually calls him back."

"You mean, Kurt always puts himself in with the girls?" Blaine asked for clarification, a look of plain irritation on his features.

As if on cue Kurt spoke up to their teacher with a challenge in his voice. "Is there a problem, Mr Schue?"

"Nope! Everything's fine, Kurt," Mr Schue said without looking up while writing the names of the group members on the chalkboard.

Blaine watched Kurt raising an eyebrow in surprise and then smiling smugly, raising his hand to do the gay high five with a broadly grinning Rachel.

Now Blaine's gaze found the chalkboard as well and he stared at it with his mouth hanging open.

There were two columns. One titled Boys and one titled Girls.

The Boys column read: Finn, Sam, Artie, Noah, Blaine, Rory, Mike

The Girls column read: Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, Quinn, Santana, Brittany

"...the other day with Blaine and we just love this song, right, honey? Blaine?" Kurt's voice was floating over to him and Blaine turned just in time to see his boyfriend whirling around on his heels, clearly expecting him to be standing close to him as always. There was a fleeting look of wonder on Kurt's face as he realized that Blaine wasn't there.

Then Kurt's blue eyes searched the choir room and found Blaine standing rooted just across the room. Immediately Kurt's eyes lit up and he lifted his chin and motioned for him to come over, but Rachel nudged Kurt's arm and Blaine could hear her saying, "I don't think he wants to join the girls."

Kurt tilted his head and a visible 'Oh' was forming his lips and Blaine – still unmoveable, with both feet stuck on the floor – expected his boyfriend to be disappointed or annoyed, but instead Kurt cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted "Have fun!" and then even blew him a kiss. With a loving smile that made Blaine's knees weak Kurt winked at him and eventually turned away again to talk with the girls.

"Hey, we've got two groups of seven!" Mr Schue announced excitedly. "Now, that's what I call a lucky number, guys!"

For a moment Blaine was really tempted to hurry across the room and claim his place right next to Kurt, to tell Mr Schue to cross out his name on the boys column and sign him up with the girls as well, because he didn't want to miss one word out of his boyfriend's mouth, he didn't want to miss one single move, he didn't want to miss anything concerning Kurt.

And maybe also because he was a little bit uncomfortable by the prospect of being alone with the New Direction boys without having his boyfriend around. But then Mike casually flung his arm around Blaine's shoulders and dragged him along. "Come on, Blaine. We've got work to do if we wanna show those girls who wears the pants!"

Next chapter:

Mr Schue explains some rules for the girls vs boys competition and reveals the judges. Also Blaine will confront Kurt about why he rather joins the girls than the boys!

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